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Quillette has been proud to offer an independent source of unorthodox commentary since November 2015. With your support we wish to increase the frequency and variety of commentary available to you.

Jerry Coyne has described us as a site you should be bookmarking. Think of it as Slate, but more serious, more intellectual, and without any Regressive Leftism.”

We’ve hosted distinguished writers such as Jamie Palmer, Brian Boutwell, Jeffrey Tayler, Toni Airaksinen, Brian Earp, Cathy Young, Sumantra Maitra, W. Kevin Campbell and Heather Mac Donald. We’ve published articles on a range of challenging political issues including free speechpolitical correctness, Islam, immigrationfeminismforeign policy, and crime. And we’ve published a number of expert articles on scientific topics such as genetics, evolution, psychology, Bayesian statistics and technology.

An open-minded readership has found Quillette and we are grateful to you for your loyalty and feedback. But we are now asking for small contributions to grow and improve the website. And we would also like your input. We would like to know what works and what doesn’t, and which type of content is most valued.

We would love to be able to offer all of our writers modest compensation, as well as fund an additional part-time editor. We currently survive with no government grants and no other sponsorship apart from modest advertising revenue. To grow our ‘platform for free thought’ we are going to need your support on Patreon —


Road map for 2017

With your help we will endeavour to continue to provide a high quality reading experience, including:

  • a greater number of articles concerning popular topics such as feminism and Islam
  • more book reviews
  • further exploration of contentious scientific and bioethical topics
  • updated analysis of global Trumpism and Brexit
  • your suggestions here

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We’re excited about what 2017 will bring. Have a wonderful new year.

Claire Lehmann
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  1. alexandra Moffat says

    any attention to the dangers of and need to eliminate nuclear weapons is important – the MSM pays it too little heed and no reminder of the horrors is offered to the public

  2. This page has published multiple articles that restored my sanity after being dunked in the nonsense of modern politics. I’ll definitely contribute soon.

  3. HI Claire, I went to make a contribution but the options and costs stopped me. I’d like to contribute to your site. I make contributions to another site as I see you both as an intelligent light in the darkness.

    Can you make the contributions more open? Understand if you say NO!

    Happy New Year to you and yours.


    • Hi Ardy,

      Thanks for your comment and kind words!
      Patreon allows people to make pledges of any amount — the reward tiers listed are only suggestions, and we’ve received several $1 pledges so far.
      It is also possible to make a once off donation via PayPal if preferred: https://www.paypal.com/ClaireLehmann

      Thanks so much for reading!

      Best wishes,

      • Hi Claire – sorry to bother you again but that PP link seems to want to transfer money to Gavin Height! Now I have seen your photo and unless you are doing a great job you are not of the alphabet soup.

        Is Gavin right ? or do you have another link?

      • JESÚS MARTÍNEZ says

        Hi, Claire
        I will use this PayPal option.

        Thank you very much for Quillette.

        Best wishes, and happy new year.
        Jesús Martínez

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  5. Scorth says

    Hey, I discovered this website only 2 months ago and I find it really interesting. I pretty enjoy the “almost-neutral” point-of-view and the many sources available in order to check the facts.
    I have 2 points of improvements to give to you :
    – some articles especially dealing with the media seem to not have a path to follow, a beginning, but no conclusion (I know I am not helping much, but I’ll be more accurate later)
    – you should asbolutely think about your comment system which is very simple, and very bad. I advise you to check this one : https://graphcomment.com/en/
    -> you have to create an account in order to comment, but the system highlights good comments and good commentators and bash away trolls. There is a free version, so take a tour !

    Hello from France !

    PS : I apologize for any fault of language.

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  7. Victor Rivera says

    I just signed up! Hooray! I really love the content here at Quillette and look forward to what’s in store 🙂

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