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Quillette Socials

Bringing the Quillette community together in cities across the globe.

Quillette Socials
Quillette Social Toronto, 2019. Photo by Jonathan Castellino

In an age of partisan groupthink, building social networks that support reason and open inquiry are more important than ever.

Founded in 2015, by Editor-in-Chief Claire Lehmann, Quillette is an internationally recognised publication, with a 2021 study finding Quillette's website to be the 14th most influential internet domain in Australia.

Quillette Social events gather academics, writers, intellectuals, and civic minded individuals who are committed to the principles that foster free thought. Network building events have been hosted in Toronto, London, Sydney, New Orleans, and Melbourne, and have attracted attendees from around the world.

Sponsorship of Quillette Social events help like-minded organisations to build brand awareness, reach a receptive audience while gaining international social media exposure.

Get in touch at for more information on how you can sponsor our next Quillette Social.

London, 2023

Photos by Stefan Jakubowski

Melbourne, 2023

Photos by Paul Huynh

New Orleans, 2023

Photos by Martin Totland

Sydney, 2022

Photos by Claire Lehmann

Toronto, 2019

Photo by Jonathan Castellino