The Question by Anna Demidova.


I can't post a comment in the Quillette Circle forum.

The forum is reserved for paid subscribers only. If you're a paid subscriber and would like to use the forum, you need to make an account here using the same email address you use for your Quillette account.

You'll then be able to log in and participate in the discussion. If you have any issues doing so, please email

Does my annual membership auto-renew?
Yes, it does. To stop it from renewing, you can cancel your membership the day after you sign up and will maintain all membership access for the entire year.

Why can't I pay in my native currency?
Multi-currency products are not possible at the moment. Ghost (the blogging platform we use) only supports charging for subscriptions in a single currency.

We chose USD because the majority of our readers are located in the United States. That being said, we have thousands of members in the United Kingdom, Australia, and beyond, who have no issues paying their membership with their local card.

Typically anyone can still purchase, even with a foreign card, and their bank will handle the currency conversion, often with zero conversion fee. Please check with your bank.

Can I pay my subscription with PayPal instead?

We prefer to take subscriptions through our website because we don't get charged a commission, meaning that 100% of your donation goes to keeping free thought alive. If for some reason you'd prefer to donate via PayPal, you can do so here.

I'm supporting you on Patreon, do I get member access?

When Quillette was founded in 2015, we used Patreon to grow. Patreon served us well for a time, but we now prefer subscriptions via our website for a number of reasons, not least the independence it provides us.

We are completely in charge of subscriptions on our website, whereas Patreon could shut down our account at any time for publishing heterodox ideas. See here and here for examples of what we'd like to avoid.

Subscribing via our website provides for a streamlined user experience, and we encourage Patreons to sign up. Please email if you have any further questions.