Edward Collier's Letter Rack, (1698)


What is Quillette?

Quillette is an Australian based online magazine that focuses on long-form analysis and cultural commentary. We are politically non-partisan, but rely on reason, science, and humanism as our guiding values.

Quillette hosts the Quillette Podcast and the Quillette Circle, a community-based discussion forum.

Who owns Quillette?

Quillette was founded by Claire Lehmann in 2015, and incorporated in 2018. In 2022, she remains the sole director of Quillette Pty Ltd, a private company held in Australia.

Where is Quillette edited?

Quillette is an Australian-based, but internationally focused magazine with senior editors in Sydney, London, and Toronto.

How is Quillette funded?

Quillette's revenue comes from our readers. We are a grassroots organisation that relies on voluntary subscriptions and community membership as our primary revenue stream.

How can I write for Quillette?

Please see our Contribute page here.

How can I support Quillette?

You can support Quillette by becoming a subscriber today.