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Edward Collier's Letter Rack, (1698) 

Quillette welcomes submissions, which may be directed by email to Interested authors should keep the following guidelines in mind:

The best way to determine if your submission may be suitable for Quillette is to familiarize yourself with the content we have already published. Quillette publishes essays, reviews, and book excerpts on a wide range of subjects—with a particular focus on issues related to academia, literature, science, technology, futurism, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psychology, communications, sex, gender, and human identity more broadly. Many of our most widely read articles combine fresh journalistic reporting with a strongly expressed point of view. We do not publish fiction or poetry. Nor do we publish articles focusing closely on partisan politics, or that are written in the style of daily newspaper op-eds.

Articles published in Quillette generally range in length between 1,500 and 10,000 words. While we occasionally accept longer articles, these are typically broken up into multiple parts and published in a serialized format.

Because Quillette is read in many parts of the English-speaking world, authors should ensure that submitted articles will be meaningful to an international audience. Submissions relating to local or regional controversies will not be suitable for Quillette unless the content is presented in relation to broadly shared ideas or concerns.

While many Quillette authors are academics and other subject-matter specialists, we expect all submissions to be fully accessible to lay readers. In cases where it is necessary to include technical content or specialized terminology, authors should explain its usage. Except in rare cases, we do not publish footnotes or endnotes. Citations and other external references should be embedded in the submitted article text with standard hyperlinks.

Except in rare cases, Quillette will not republish content that has appeared in other outlets, including personally curated blogs and social-media pages. However, articles that have been published by Quillette may be republished elsewhere (including in translated form) with the permission of both the author and Quillette.

Published authors will receive compensation for any published work. Our rates are negotiable and adjust according to the length of articles, their complexity and the research required.

Interested authors who email us should include their fully completed draft submission in the form of an attached file. Unfortunately, we cannot commission as-yet unwritten articles on a prospective basis.

Accepted articles will be reviewed by our staff editors—a process that may require the submission of further drafts by the author. In no case will Quillette publish an article before its author has approved the fully edited text for publication.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of content we receive at, we are unable to answer every submission. If you do not hear back from us within three working days, please feel free to resubmit elsewhere. We look forward to hearing from you.