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Jonathan Kay

Jonathan Kay is an editor and writer at Quillette, a TedX speaker, an op-ed columnist at National Post, and host of the Quillette podcast. His work has appeared recently in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Skeptic, Canadian Lawyer and Canadian Jewish News. His books include Among The Truthers (2011), Legacy: How French Canadians Shaped North America (2016), Your Move (2019), Panics and Persecutions (2020), and the forthcoming Magic in the Dark: One Family’s Century of Adventures in the Movie Business (2021).

Standing Up to the Gender Ideologues: a Quillette Editorial

On June 23rd, Britain’s Royal Academy of Arts put out a carefully worded five-paragraph media statement regarding German-born textile artist Jess de Wahls. “We have apologised to Jess de Wahls for the way we have treated her and do so again publicly now,” read the RA communiqué. “We had no right to judge her views … This betrayed our most important core value—the protection of free speech.” The controverted speech in question was contained in a 2019 blog post, in which de Wahls wrote that “a woman is an adult human female (not an identity or feeling),” and that trans women are “biological males [who] choose to live as a woman, or believe they actually are women.” These are statements that almost every person knows to be true, but which have become unfashionable to say out loud in highly progressive subcultures. And so, when a handful of people raised a fuss about de Wahls’ work being sold in the RA gift shop, Academy officials not only purged de Wahl from their inventory earlier this month, …

A Conversation with Daniel Elder, the Choral Music Composer Who Was Cancelled for Opposing Arson

On May 30th, 2020, amid an anti-police-brutality protest in Nashville, TN, several white protesters allegedly attempted to burn down the city’s Metro Courthouse. In response, choral music composer Daniel Elder, who lives nearby, wrote an Instagram post that read, “Enjoy burning it all down, you well-intentioned, blind people. I’m done.” As Robby Soave recently reported in Reason, this single post resulted in Elder being mobbed on social media, and effectively cancelled as a composer. In particular, his publisher, GIA Publications, publicly denounced Elder, and demanded that he communicate an apology (of GIA’s own composition) that read, in part: Over the weekend I made a post on my social media accounts that was insensitive and wrongly-worded. I deeply apologize for the anger, offense, and harm that this post caused. While this offense was not intended, it is what was created. For this I am truly sorry. There is no justification that I can offer for my post. So, rather than try to offer an excuse for what was done, I offer a promise for what I …

Colin Wright

Colin Wright is the Managing Editor of Quillette. He received his PhD in evolutionary biology from UC Santa Barbara in 2018, and founded Reality’s Last Stand, a publication and newsletter exploring the debate around sex and gender. Colin has bylines in The Wall Street Journal, Quillette, and The Times. You can follow him on Twitter @SwipeWright. Read Colin’s articles here: The New Evolution Deniers—Quillette (2018) No One Is Born in ‘The Wrong Body’—Quillette (2019) The Dangerous Denial of Sex—The Wall Street Journal (2020) JK Rowling Is Right—Sex Is Real and It Is Not a “Spectrum”—Quillette (2020) On Sex and Gender, The New England Journal of Medicine Has Abandoned Its Scientific Mission—Quillette (2020) Think Cancel Culture Doesn’t Exist? My Own ‘Lived Experience’ Says Otherwise—Quillette (2020)