Author: Quillette Magazine

Slack Wars: Corporate America’s Woke Insurgency

Between 2008 and 2019, total newsroom employment in the United States declined by 23 percent. At newspapers, the drop has been more than 50 percent. Journalists are hardly to blame for the underlying causes of this contraction (which include the long-term shift from physical to digital media, and the growing ad-market share controlled by Google and Facebook). But they can be blamed for the gratuitous acts of self-sabotage that are exacerbating the industry’s woes. Many journalists—and even their unions—now seem more preoccupied with denouncing heresies among colleagues than with maintaining their audience and livelihoods. At the New York Times, to take one obvious case study, op-ed editor James Bennet was hounded out in June after publishing a column that reflected widespread frustration with violent social-justice protests. Bari Weiss, one of the newspaper’s brightest stars, decided to follow Bennett out after enduring an internal newsroom campaign of verbal bullying, which included bizarre claims that she was a racist and a Nazi (these slurs targeting a Jewish woman whose recent book is titled How to Fight Anti-Semitism). …

PODCAST 111: Suzi Jamil on Think Inc, Heterodox Thinking, and Australia’s Flourishing Intellectual Marketplace

Quillette Editor-in-Chief Claire Lehmann talks to Think Inc Founder Suzi Jamil about the rewards and challenges of bringing the world’s greatest thinkers to Sydney—and their new collaboration, Free Thought Live. You can reserve a spot at their first joint event on September 26th—in which the political satirist and television presenter Josh Szeps interviews Professor John McWhorter—here.