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Zoe Booth

Get to know Quillette author Zoe Booth.

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Zoe Booth

Zoe Booth is the Community Engagement Manager at Quillette and host of our Quillette Cetera podcast where she's interviewed guests including Holly Lawford-Smith, Graham Linehan, Claire Lehmann and more.

Zoe is responsible for communicating with our community of readers. Part of this includes organising Quillette’s socials, our gatherings where staff, readers, and writers of the magazine can come together and meet each other face-to-face when they otherwise might have only known each other online.

Zoe studied Arts (majoring in Politics and French) and Laws at University of Newcastle (Australia). On top of that, she studied at La Rochelle University in France as a Kelver Hartley Scholar and taught English in the Basque Country in Spain.

Zoe's dislike of herds and her desire for free speech and expression made her uncomfortable amongst the Millennial social justice scene she was a part of as a student and led her to the heterodox intellectual community of which Quillette has become pillar.

Zoe Booth - Quillette
Community Engagement Manager and host of the Quillette Cetera podcast.

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