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Quillette Podcast 21 – Stand-Up Comedian Andrew Doyle Talks About Titania McGrath, His Brilliant Satirical Creation on Twitter

Toby Young talks to Andrew Doyle, stand-up comedian and Spiked-online columnist, about Titania McGrath, his satirical creation on Twitter who describes herself as a “radical intersectionalist poet committed to feminism, social justice and armed peaceful protest.” Titania’s first book—Woke: A Guide to Social Justice—has just been published in the U.K.

Joe Rogan is the Walter Cronkite of Our Era

It is always tempting to believe that we live in historic times. It strokes the ego to think that decades from now, people will look back on current events as the starting point of some dramatic, epochal change. As a comedian, professionally cynical and distrustful of epic narratives, I usually dismiss such notions as the delusions of grandeur of an increasingly narcissistic generation. Yet as I sat glued to my computer last week, watching Joe Rogan and Tim Pool interrogate Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde (the company’s global lead for legal, policy, and trust and safety), I could not shake the feeling that I was witnessing a historic moment. It has long been an open secret that the mainstream media (MSM) is dying. Of all America’s major institutions and industries, only the U.S. Congress is trusted less by the public than the media. The MSM’s one saving grace was its ability to engage in high-end, investigative journalism by pouring millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours into complex, wide-ranging and secretive operations in …

Quillette Podcast 8 – Trans software developer Corinna Cohn explains why she disagrees with many trans orthodoxies

Canadian editor Jonathan Kay talks to Corinna Cohn, a trans woman and Indianapolis-based software developer who disagrees with Twitter’s policy of banning users who “deadname” trans people and, more generally, doesn’t believe she is obliged to support the causes associated with the Social Justice movement just because Social Justice Warriors support trans rights. Corinna tweets at @corinna_cohn.