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Joe Rogan is the Walter Cronkite of Our Era

It is always tempting to believe that we live in historic times. It strokes the ego to think that decades from now, people will look back on current events as the starting point of some dramatic, epochal change. As a comedian, professionally cynical and distrustful of epic narratives, I usually dismiss such notions as the delusions of grandeur of an increasingly narcissistic generation. Yet as I sat glued to my computer last week, watching Joe Rogan and Tim Pool interrogate Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde (the company’s global lead for legal, policy, and trust and safety), I could not shake the feeling that I was witnessing a historic moment.

It has long been an open secret that the mainstream media (MSM) is dying. Of all America’s major institutions and industries, only the U.S. Congress is trusted less by the public than the media. The MSM’s one saving grace was its ability to engage in high-end, investigative journalism by pouring millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours into complex, wide-ranging and secretive operations in the hope of uncovering political and corporate malfeasance.

And yet, as I joined over a million people in watching Tim Pool grill Twitter executives under Rogan’s watchful eye for three-and-a-half hours it struck me that even that one argument in favor of the MSM is no longer valid: not one established newspaper or broadcaster can now compete with a popular YouTube host conducting a conversation from his self-funded studio.

Our faith in a cadre of well-trained media professionals, able to set aside their biases to report on and analyze the big stories of our age, hasn’t just eroded. We no longer have any confidence that such impartiality is possible. Into this breach have stepped the YouTubers and podcasters who clearly and openly state their biases, who do not pretend to be impartial but rather acknowledge their ideological starting points and then seek to have good-faith discussions with people from across the spectrum.

More damagingly still, just as the people have lost our faith in the media, the media has also lost faith in us. The average duration of a TV soundbite has shrunk from minutes in the 1960s to a handful of seconds today. The big feet of the media increasingly believe that we are too busy, stupid or, at best, uninterested to pay attention and they have addressed this by feeding us a nauseating diet of informational cocktail sausages when what we really crave is a side of beef. The success of long-form publications like Quillette and YouTube shows like the Joe Rogan Experience and the Rubin Report is a testament to our desire to move away from the political talking heads, screaming over each other like children in a playground. We want grown-up conversations and we will reward the people that bring them to our screens.

Another distinction between the MSM and new media is the incredible gulf between them in accountability. Rogan spoke to the Twitter CEO only weeks earlier, prompting a fierce backlash from his fans over a lack of preparation and the perception that he pussyfooted around instead of taking Dorsey to task for Twitter’s leftist bias and unfair treatment of conservative voices. Unlike the world’s leading publications, which frequently cover up or even double down on their failings—the Covington kids story, the Jussie Smollett hoax—Rogan acknowledged his faults and not only invited Twitter executives back, but also brought along an expert to question them. It is worth noting that Tim Pool was picked not only for his knowledge but also because he had criticized Rogan himself. Podcasters and YouTubers are vulnerable to their audiences in a way that monolithic media institutions are not. This vulnerability makes them responsive: it is a strength, not a weakness.

It says something about the shift in the balance of power that the CEO of one of the world’s largest tech companies feels the best way to address the concerns of his customers is to appear on Rogan rather than write an opinion piece in a major newspaper or give a TV interview to a network talk show.

No television channel in the world would set aside three-and-a-half hours for an interview—and to do so live would be unimaginable. More tellingly, no CEO would volunteer for a public grilling of that length on live TV. Jack Dorsey was willing to speak to Rogan and Pool because he could expect a fair hearing, something the MSM no longer offers.

While Dorsey’s and Gadde’s answers were not always satisfactory, one of the most powerful moments in the conversation was Gadde admitting that Twitter has room for improvement and thanking Pool for the “feedback.” Even though her answer was mocked extensively (and hilariously) online, a response of this kind would never have happened on the mainstream media.

As we saw in Jordan Peterson’s infamous interview with Cathy Newman, the MSM doesn’t see its job as teasing out the truth. Instead, it’s all about gotcha journalism, promoting orthodoxy and expressing faux outrage whenever anyone departs from it. This abrasive, combative style backs the interviewee into a corner, making them defensive rather than honest.

While Rogan should be commended for creating the space for this conversation and Pool deserves kudos for his tenacious questioning, credit should also go to Dorsey for offering himself and his company up for public scrutiny. The discussion was not perfect and we don’t know what effect it will have on Twitter’s policies, but conversations like this can reduce the temperature of our increasingly frenzied, polarized politics. We know we can’t trust the old media to deliver that soothing balm—let’s hope the new media can.

Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British comedian based in the U.K. and the co-host of 
TRIGGERnometry. You can follow him on Twitter @KonstantinKisin.


  1. Great article, very true to the attitudes of the majority of people.

    Whether or not future historians will analyse these events will depend on how well we protect their freedom to do so.

    In a time when the public have an abundance of information, the average person is increasingly silenced

    • PS, I do occasionally watch Triggernometry, depending on the guest, but your opinions on abortion disgust me.

      I have, thanks to your recommendation, watched the Joe Rogan episode, I too used to enjoy Joe Rogan, until he had a guest who not only advocated late term abortions, but post birth abortion, he (Joe) didn’t blink or argue.

      The offence of Jack was Tim Pool, it was terrifying to see somebody so left of centre trying to defend western freedoms, and being shut down by lizard talk.

      And totally chilling, for anybody, even left of centre, in, say, 1980.

      • Mike Alex says

        The vietnamese can thank liars like Cronkite who have kept them in a Communist stagnation for decades.IF we had won the war the vietnamese would be like the S Koreans living in prosperity instead if 2k per year average with no chances of success.Thanks Cronkite,Ali,Jane Fonda and Leftists for subjugation in Vietnam.

        • I know we should have just been able to murder these people for their own good.

        • Ghatanathoah says

          @Mike Alex
          IF we had won the war the vietnamese would be like the S Koreans living in prosperity

          I believe the Spartans said it best:


          South Vietnam never had the kind of stable government and civil society that South Korea did. Staying in Vietnam would have the same result staying in Afghanistan has had, a corrupt government that collapses if you blow on it too hard. Think Thailand or Burma, not South Korea. Even if North Vietnam had been converted into radioactive glass South Vietnam would still have been a basket case.

      • Pirkka says

        You are of course free to listen to Rogan or not, but please consider the upside of him allowing his guests to talk their mind: now you know what the abortion guest was all about and you can act accordingly. In a hostile interview, a guest often cannot really articulate their position and you are left wondering if the problem was in the guest or the hostile questioning.

        There is of course an optimal amount of push back for every interview, but it is often very hard to find for an interviewer on the spot. So, I am very lenient towards interviewers as long as I feel that I got an understanding of what the guest was trying to say / really meaning.

        In Rogan’s first Twitter episode, the problem was that Jack only gave us corporate boilerplate so that we didn’t learn anything new. That is different compared to the interview you described as not liking.

        • Tim says

          Yeah, the first time around, Rogan thought it would be cool to interview Jack about starting a company that turned into Twitter and now being rich and famous etc.

          He massively discounted the impact of twitter to his listeners and the onesidedness. He fixed that ASAP.

          PS: The Dankula interview on triggernometry was brilliant.

      • Tee boner says

        If you can only enjoy people who dont believe in abortion being legal, I would expect there is very little media you consume.
        I assure you that murdering born babies is never going to happen.

        • @ Tee boner
          I didn’t say I never listen to their guests. And you would be surprised how many content providers exist who do not feel the need to promote the killing of babies as if it is a badge of honour.

          Not all English speaking states of the world have legal abortion either.

          And many US states are discussing, post birth abortion.

      • Brad Blumenstock says

        There’s no such thing as “post birth abortion.” Those terms are contradictory.

      • Um, are you referring to Alex Jones, who argued against such a thing? All the while Rogan, generally anti-abortion, was shocked and offended such a thing was being legalized.

  2. Headline: “Joe Rogan is the Walter Cronkite of Our Era”

    Count me among the Quillette readers old enough to have watched Walter Cronkite on TV before he died. Before he retired, even.

    For those who don’t know, Walter Cronkite was perhaps the closet thing to an American Jesus since Mahatma Gandhi, who was actually the Indian Jesus. Walter Cronkite is a sacred person, okay? Even in death.

    So I was really looking forward to reading how Joe Rogan is the Walter Cronkite of Our Era, because that would be like a really exciting kind of reincarnation.

    But there’s no mention of Walter Cronkite in the text of the article. There’s nothing about him at all. And if one is going to have a headline comparing Joe Rogan to Walter Cronkite, shouldn’t the name Walter Cronkite be mentioned somewhere? For the purpose of analysis, perhaps?

    Like, “Here’s why Joe Rogan is just like Walter Cronkite.” And then explain why being just like Walter Cronkite would be so incredible for anybody, not just Joe Rogan. And then maybe the article could say, “Walter Cronkite would have handled Jack Dorsey just the way Joe Rogan did.”

    And then the headline would make perfect sense. As it is, we’re left hanging.

      • John Ford says

        Rogan loses me with the mma and wrestling stuff. That being said, Cronkite was no anointed saint. Perhaps correctly noting that the Vietnam was unwinnable, following Tet. When in actuality, Tet was exactly what the US military was waiting for. For the VC and Vietnamese northern forces to ‘come out of their holes’ and fight a more traditional land battle. For them, this was the ‘unwinnable’ moment. Much like Murrow, who dragged his feet on McCarthy, but today is seen as another unalterable saint, Cronkite had his own windmills. I’m sure someone can dig up old tapes of Cronkite and Murrow that would send the SJW’s into a tweetstorm. Cronkite was no perfect broadcaster, he had his faults and walked the tightrope of supposed impartiality. Humans all of us, no saints among us, as far as I can see.

        • Mike Alex says

          Now the Vietnamese young people live in a stagnant society and could have been free like S Korea but for garbage people like Cronkite spreading lies.The young Vietnamese make about 2k per year under communism while S Koreans have KPOP culture in prosperity.May Cronkite rit in hell.

        • Thomas aurelius says

          You got this wrong. We beat back tet offensive, yes. What makes you think the vc and nva were going to try that again? It was unwinnable before and after, at least in terms of the willingness of the us soilders to fight.
          And idk if youre the same old guy from above, but take a look at a couple of the countries that “united” and brought “democracy” to. They doing real good?

        • Penxv says

          He’s a closet homosexual. It’s like gay porn for him. He’s got a beard family… the whole deal.

          Everybody knows he’s a fag.

          • david of Kirkland says

            @ Penxv – So? And he’s not a cigarette.

    • E. Olson says

      Good point Morgan – is Joe Rogan the “most trusted man in America” as Cronkite was reputed to be? What is Rogan’s reach in terms of % of US households compared to Cronkite on the top ranked CBS Evening News?

      Cronkite was a total Leftist, but it emerged after he was retired from Evening News duties. Looking back you can see his Leftist slant on various issues of his day, but he was very subtle and gave the appearance of trying to be objective, particularly in comparison to Dan Rather who clearly wore his Leftism on his sleeve when he took over from Cronkite. Perhaps Cronkite’s relative balance came about because he didn’t attend journalism school, or perhaps because he was exposed to a full spectrum of people as a WWII correspondent (he rode some B-17 bomber missions over Germany), or as an amateur sports car racer in the 1950s, but whatever the reason he hid his Leftism very effectively, which is probably a much more effective way to promote Leftist causes than obvious partisan efforts that the mainstream media employs today.

      • Mark Cody says

        If he hid his leftism effectively and appeared objective than you have no case to pursue against him. We all are more inside than the public sees. Turning the observation around: if a closet fascist delivering the news appears to be liberal then isn’t that a win for liberal democratic society?

      • markbul says

        No doubt he was a secret Jew too. Take your meds.

    • Mike Alex says

      Walter Cronkite is NO cimplument.His lyung about Vietnam cost generations if Vietnamese to live under communism and 2k a year avg salary because People lukl Cronkite made us lose a winnable war and free Vietnam.Thanks for nothing Cronkite.

      • Evan says

        @Mike Alex here’s a crazy idea, how about you leave Vietnam to decide for themselves how they want to run their society. It’s not America’s job to determine for the Vietnamese how they should operate their country, and many of thousands of American lives (and many more Vietnamese) need not have been ruined or destroyed just because idiots like you think otherwise

        • GregS says

          how about you leave Vietnam to decide for themselves how they want to run their society.

          I don’t want to get into the whole ‘should we have continued the Vietnam war’ debate – but let’s not spout lefty revisionism here.

          The 60’s are dead, let them remain that way.

          But let’s talk about Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh was an unrepentant Stalinist whose sole mission was to make Vietnam a Soviet client state. In other words, a colony. He massacred tens of thousands of Vietnamese democrats, socialists, Buddhists and Catholics, long before turning on the French.

          After Ho died, Vietnam became so welded to the Soviet Union that it triggered a war with China to take pressure off its Soviet masters.

          But alas, history has treated the country with some kindness, the Soviet Union dissolved, China softened and despite the Party still controlling the reins of power, they didn’t go the way of Cambodia….though they tried by massacring anyone of Chinese decent. Think (Hoa) boat people,

      • Thomas aurelius says

        You better have been in that war. Otherwise you telling the soilders that didnt want to keep drying for another people, to keep doing so is pretty pathetic.
        Communism is not inherently better or worse than the fake democracy we have now. Representative democracy was made for a time when we had about a hundreth the population. And its even worse when the majority of our population are sheep or willingly ignorant.
        And you know who wouldnt be better off if we kept the war going? All the thousand or millions more that would be made into monsters from agent orange.

        • Aaron says

          Communism is not inherently better or worse? I would say that the communists murdering a million people a year for 100 years qualifies as somewhat worse off for those citizens.

    • Ray Andrews says

      @Morgan Foster

      “shouldn’t the name Walter Cronkite be mentioned somewhere”

      Or is it that Cronkite’s status remains so high in our collective memory that there is no need to mention him more than once?

    • Craig WIllms says

      In his time Cronkite was called ‘the most trusted man in America’ whether deserved or not. I was a kid then, but even as a kid he came across to me as a voice of honesty and integrity (again whether deserved or not). Can we compare Rogan to Cronkite? Maybe, but they didn’t/don’t do the same thing at all.

      The headline was misleading…

      Rogan is a smart guy despite his kind of meathead/party animal persona, but what strikes me is his honesty and integrity. He treats his guests with respect and does not attack – that includes the Dorsey interview. I didn’t fault him for that. When he has a guest that interests me I find it compelling and entertaining and I prefer it to almost any mainstream offering. Rogan asks remarkable good questions and I feel like I’ve learned something because of it.

    • Brooke says

      I understand your frustration. I believe the author was using the Cronkite name as shorthand, as a substitute for mainstream journalism.
      Could have just as easily ssid Rogan is the new Oprah, with debateable accuracy.

      • Rational Number says

        Joe doesnt have shoe shine experience. Now you on the other hand, “go get your shine box !! “

      • Right on Dan Lack. Wish this site had a up/down click. Rogan is too vulgar for me and doesn’t respect his guests or viewers by using F every other word.

    • Gandhi used to sleep naked with young girls to practice resisting temptation. He was a sick weirdo who happened to have done some good in the world in spite of his eccentricities.

    • markbul says

      “For those who don’t know, Walter Cronkite was perhaps the closet thing to an American Jesus since Mahatma Gandhi, ”

      Bwahahaha! Cronkite’s reputation today was made by his skepticism about Viet Nam. If not for that, yoiu wouldn’t remember him from Woody Woodpecker. Cronkite was just another talking head. He once finished first in a ‘most respected’ survey – because he had the name recognition to do so. The networks made that happen, not anything Cronkite ever did.

  3. Despite the sound and fury of current events, I don’t think we live in particularly historic times. And that’s a GOOD thing. Remember the old Chinese blessing. “May you live in boring times.”

    • Ned Flanders says

      I guarantee you we live in historic times. The policies and administrative infrastructure of all western countries are 50 years out of date. Regardless of how one feels about immigration, transforming of the demographics of the traditional global powers will have drastic, permanent implications. We are living off the fumes of the 20th century. When the conditions that will define the 21st century kick in, even you’ll feel it.

    • Ned Flanders says

      I guarantee you we live in historic times. The policies and administrative infrastructure of all western countries are based on ideas that are 50 years out of date. Regardless how one feels about it, the demographic replacement of the populations of the world’s traditional powers will have drastic, permanent consequences. We are living off the fumes of the 20th century. When the circumstances that will define the 21st century kick in, even you’ll notice.

  4. Bill Conlon says

    “Joe Rogan is the Walter Cronkite of Our Era” Still perpetrating the cult of personality myth of Walter Cronkite, once I saw this title the piece was ruined. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s my parents and their friends made it point not to watch lying Walter Cronkite. Frank Reynolds was their choice he was the anti-Walter Cronkite sans the liberal bias. Conservatives were never Cronkite fans…….

  5. Robert Paulson says

    “We want grown-up conversations and we will reward the people that bring them to our screens.”

    You sure about that?

    • Truthseeker says

      Joe Rogan gets millions of views on his podcast site. So the answer to your question is “Yes”.

    • Truthseeker says

      Joe Rogans gets millions of views for his podcast videos. So the answer to your question is “Yes”.

  6. Fickle Pickle says

    It could be said that some or many people who grew up in the Cronkite era felt that they were anchored to the media created consensus “reality” by his commanding and assuring presence. And that they (perhaps) felt some kind of dis-anchored panic when he no longer provided that anchoring.
    Perhaps in these 24/7 media mad times some people would like another reassuring anchoring media presence.
    Such is of course impossible.
    And to suggest that Joe Rogan is some kind of truth-telling assurance making anchoring presence is totality absurd.
    What was and is the function of the mainstream media any how?
    Does it have anything to do with enabling the people to be comprehensively informed about anything at all? Of course not.!
    The news and information media of popular culture has never ever invited the public to exercise discriminative intelligence about anything? On the contrary, the popular media has always thrived on and promoted hype or propagandized states of emotion and mind.
    Joe Rogan fits 100% into that category.

    Until the media that (mis)informs the masses of humanity begins to invite the individual to exercise discriminating intelligence in all matters, and until human beings in general become founded in a true and comprehensive Wisdom-Culture and thus by the intimate politics of authentic human existence, there can be no true wondering about the madness we inherit in the daily News.

    The News is one of the principal forms of modern popular entertainment. The Messenger (Cronkite/Rogan) is glamorized by the entertainment value of every kind of hyped Message. Therefore, the News exploits the vulgarity of ordinary daily events, and it also bastardizes the relatively rare achievements of superior men and women. Then why should there be any wondering if ordinary people follow false leaders, false ideologies, and destructive causes?

    When did you last see or hear a genuinely superior man or woman featured on TV?
    Non of the usually suspects that Joe Rogan has feastured fit into this category, including Jordan Peterson. Even the very concept of a superior man or woman is treated treated with derision and scorn in the media created popular mind (trance state)

    As nondiscriminating propaganda instruments, popular media (and Joe Rogan too) are themselves among the primary instruments that actively work against the freedom of human beings to transcend mob rule and to create a genuinely alternative intimate Wisdom-Culture.

    Until then the masses of humanity will always be the child of the Parental-State and all of the fake mind of popular culture. We all lie in wait for “official” (and Joe Rogan’s) permission to believe and know and feel and act. We await the theatrical cues that govern pre-patterned universal responses. We seek, or await permission to laugh, the authority to be unreasonably happy for no reason at all, and the right to incarnate the Fullness of Life.

    • E. Olson says

      FP – “When did you last see or hear a genuinely superior man or woman featured on TV?”

      Can you please name any of these superior men and women that are missing on TV? Reagan, FDR, Thatcher, Jefferson, and Lincoln are dead, so not surprising they get little air-time, so who among the living are you thinking of?

      • yandoodan says

        But that’s because Walter Cronkite is no longer around with “You Are There.”

        “What sort of day was it? A day like all days, filled with those events that alter and illuminate our times.”

    • Elizabeth says

      Well said. I’ve always struggled to explain that cheap feeling of predictability embedded in our reality that you so accurately described as “theatrical cues”. But if everybody realized that this is just more of the same pre-prescribed,steril, illusion of wisdom maybe humanity would begin to demand a better way.

    • Thomas aurelius says

      Idk who the we is you speak of, but no, I’m not part of your group. I wait for facts, or simply logic to do all those things.

  7. Max says

    Joe Rogan is one tier up from Alex Jones. Just because he has a few quality interviews doesn’t make up for the endless stream of conspiracy theorists, bullshitters, and average-joes making off-the-cuff statements. As a former long-time listener, The Joe Rogan Experience has been an art of finding a diamond in a turd heap.

    • @ Max,

      Are you a lizard person too, sorry just a joke.

      The writer of this article has expressed ideas repugnant to me. But they do provide “long form conversations ” with people I want to listen to.

      Alex Jones and Joe Rogan have done the same?

      So are you dogwhistling, your virtue?
      How many episodes have you watched of these individuals content?

      • Max says

        I may be a lizard person, I have been told I’m not woke enough so I assume I may not have noticed.

        They’re not identical, Jones and Rogan, however Jonew fabricated nonsense and Rogan amplifies it. I have become aware of more wingnut bullshit via Joe Rogan than anywhere else, from the survival of flat-earth theory to the the belief that space is fake, etc.

        I have watched a considerable number of his episodes, however I don’t listen to anywhere near as many as I used to.

      • Ray Andrews says


        What is a lizard person? Sorry for being behind the times.

  8. This is a great article for the perspective it provides. Great job.

    I think USA is reaching a tipping out in awareness, but there is still a long way to go. L

    • ** a tipping point

      That L at the end is really fitting for my grammar score in that comment.

  9. Politics is Kayfabe so who gaf how it may shift? I similarly don’t care what Undertaker V7.0 is going to do next. Although, clearly, one could intrude on my life more than the other if it wanted.
    I like Joe and his show. I watched this live but may have missed the very beginning and did not go back to check if I missed anything because I did not. Jack and Jill were probably the best social media pair to include in this because they haven’t been implicated as heinously as the rest. ..yet.
    Spoiler alert you and I were not, in fact, witnessing “an historic moment.” Please note your own stated sometimes subconscious delusions of grandeur instead.
    2 important points and then an insult so you can censor my entire reply just to make this whole thing meta and laughable:
    1) Declaring that anyone is “better” or “more respected/trusted” than media (sorry, not just MSM) is just stupid. It is like saying more people enjoy drinking lemonade to gasoline. That is not an accomplishment.
    2) Last check this “1 week later 4 way Encore by Jack Dorsey” had 5 million views. Maybe up to even 6 million. Less than 1 week after that Joe and Alex Jones as guest with sidecar Eddie Bravo had twice as much. Whether 5 or 12 million no matter the number I could also find probably that many number of YouTube videos showing how stats can be misleading, usually intentionally but the notion that nuance and us “rewarding them for having grown up conversations ” might be a bit of a reach. Anywhere from 1-15m views isn’t even the massive number it keeps being made out to be. Even if that number was limited just to those in the US (it is not) and even if it was unique views aka 1 view per person max count (also not) it would still represent both 0.2% – 4% of the US Population which may seem large except also would miss cracking the Top 5 Most Viewed Justin Bieber Videos on that same platform by 66.66m:1.
    So finally the insult since I make good on my promises (when I can)… I have literally never once seen you or your “outlet” before in my life. Congrats on the proper cheat codes in your SEO to land in my feed. But if this pointless article is indicative of what it is, you do here, then trying to hang on to the streamers hanging off the PowerfulJRE bandwagon indicating you think you’re in the same boat is definitely more funny than Visay smirking to Tim Pool saying “We can look in to that more” which is code for “that was intentional and will never be changed no matter how much backlash. “

  10. Ben Sukromny says

    Considering that Jack and his lawyer really did not have to go on Rogan, I was saddened when people were so critical of them. It was actually a huge amount of transparency from a company that is in a very difficult situation. We should be grateful for their willingness to have a conversation.

    • @Ben Sukromny:
      You said Jack and Jill are transparent. Time to get your lawyers ready pal as you just misgendered them. The TransParent subsection of the LGBTCUTE community takes their identity and classifications very seriously. You may have also publicly outed them. Perhaps Jack hasn’t told anyone at all or maybe just very close family or friends that he feels he is TransParent.

      But on the real to summarize you think in 2019 “we” ought to be “grateful” with someone’s “willingness to have a conversation” is potentially 1 of the saddest signs of exactly where we are right now. Or, maybe you are right and I am wrong and we should be grateful that “Robert” R. Kelly was “willing to have a conversation” with Gayle.
      So brave. So brave. Obviously both in the running for Time’s Non-Gender NotAlwaysAPersonOrEvenLivingThing Of The Year. (Hope that new title was inclusive enough. I hear MSM like Time can be quite litigious when you Misidentify their trademarks.)

    • @ Ben Sukromny,


      They know they’re in trouble.

      Anybody right of a Trotsky, knows they are in a different sphere, they know they won’t get monetised.

      The lizards are getting annoyed.

      You obviously need to read deeper into the divide, to even understand the fear, and anger.

      Perhaps you are told what is acceptable to watch or read? Or you have been indoctrinated in what you can watch and say?

  11. Nakatomi Plaza says

    Is this sponsored content or just a ridiculous over-sell? If people listen to Rogan expecting anything like actual journalism they’re going to be sorely disappointed.

    • @Nakatomi:
      Is not sponsored content as JRE has never done that so if those are your only choices it would be the latter. Plus, Joe has probably pointed out in over 1000 different podcast episodes of his that he is not a journalist and not trying to be one. When it switched to a guest format from the original Q&A backstage he had who he wanted on and asked and talked about what he wanted. It doesn’t seem like this has changed much although perhaps his interests in guests and topics has. Seems to me to have “worked” and while it isn’t the “only” solid approach format to take, I wish more would do it and would be as good or better than Joe at listening since that is honestly the entire f888ing point for the audience.

    • @ Plaza?

      I apologize for my shortening of your name, I cannot recall that many characters (letters?)

      It seems you prefer some sponsored information over others?

      You draw attention to the fact that some msm has commercials, whilst some do not?

      This shows a preference for state control over people’s preferences?

      Remember in any society where the state funded news broadcasters are funded by the taxes of all citizens, the citizens have a right to object to the state broadcaster?

    • Craig WIllms says


      Who here is calling Joe Rogan an actual journalist? His show does inform, but he is not out to get the story and splash it all over. He does long interviews and informal discussions. Some of it is crap, but some is really, really good. But I’m not watching it to get my ‘news’

    • John Davis says

      “If people listen to Rogan expecting anything like actual journalism they’re going to be sorely disappointed.”

      True; but I’m not finding a whole lot of actual journalism on the mainstream media either lately. I’m not sure what it is that Rogan is actually providing, but it seems to have value and there seems to be a market for it.

  12. Saw file says

    @Unoffensive Name
    You might know what you were attempting to expound, in your tedious run-on comment, but even after a second reading I am still left clueless.
    Oh…..and you suck at basic mathematics.

    • @Saw file:
      I was not attempting to “expound” anything. Anyone even attempting to “expound” literally anything on a “tedious” “website” should be committed.

      But since I “suck at basic mathematics” (Mansplaining: For anyone unfamiliar with the term “mathematics” it is what “tedious” and “clueless” blokes like @saw file refer to what you simply call “math.”) …Here is a quick (wouldn’t wanna be “tedious”) breakdown of some of the mathes used in my numberings thinkings.

      15m / 350m ~ 4.286% So sure I took 2 liberties here of expanding (god forbid not “expounding” though) from the 324+m “documented” 2017 number and then instantly opting to round down as, I dunno, 4.29% even seemed closer to 4 than 5. But what do I know, I suck at The Mathes.

      1b/15m = 66.6666666666666666:1
      So if this is The Mathes you take issue with you would be correct in doing so however please complain to the device manufacturer more than me as the m included in my OP which still reads 66.66m:1 was unintentional and I cannot say for sure what happened there other than me willing to admit I have a bit of an aversion to seeing that many 6s together like that, especially unexpectedly, even if such an issue would arise for me I suppose whenever dividing 3 by 2.

      Tl;dr version:::: “cool story, bro”

    • Ray Andrews says

      @Saw file

      Damn, we seem to be picking up some static. The short ones you can just gloss over, but the longer ones, you can read for several minutes before you realize that it’s junk.

  13. Saw file says

    After years of you tube, I now have a list of about 100 solid channels. Every time something meaningful and/or pertinent happens in our world, I refrain from comment until I check it out on some of these channels.
    Nothing else screams ‘TRUTH’ like an uninterrupted non-edited video of an event.
    I don’t require a team of msm talking heads, to interpret what I just watched with my own eyes.

    • Peter Kriens says

      @Saw You must have a lot more time and money than I have … People have become so rich and powerful because we collaborated and could leverage each other’s work, not because we all did it ourselves. Main stream media worked quite well for a long time by providing a shared conversation. It is only recently that so many journalists turned into rebels without a skill. Making reason, logic, and objectivity subjugated to a cause and the self (of the journalist).

      But without delegating some of the work we won’t have time to do anything else.

      • @Peter Kriens
        This statement by you is flagrantly false. “Main stream media worked quite well for a long time by providing a shared conversation.”
        Msm has never worked, let alone “quite well” and so therefore clearly not “for a long time ” and out of all content created would be highly unlikely to find even 1% of it properly characterized as “(providing) a shared conversation.”

        I can understand why someone would erroneously think this way. But sadly, that view would almost invariably have been influenced (and not in a good way) towards bias in favor of the media by media (sidenote: Media is already plural. It is the plural of Medium, which is a singular form of Media and not a fraudulent self-described “psychic” who can talk to dead people for you. So those who enjoy “pluralizing” the word Media to things like Medias, etc. are complete morons. Feel free to blame your ignorance of Latin but it is an English word now so buy a clue.)

    • Ray Andrews says

      @Saw file

      Yup. I believe what I see with my own eyes. For example on the ubiquity of sexism, after about 50 years of having been consciously aware of this dreadful problem and after 50 years of having seen hardly any of it, and what I do see of it being thrown both ways about equally, I conclude that sexism isn’t nearly as big a problem as the Victimographers make it out to be.

      Or the Oppression of the Indians here in Canadistan: having never seen an Indian abused in any way, and rather having seen them shown every courtesy and given every advantage, I likewise conclude that the Oppression narrative is overdrawn. And so on.

  14. Saw file says

    @Noodle Plaza
    Rogan included Tim Pool in the podcast.
    Tim Pool is a journalist.
    Do you even read the articles, prior to injecting your ignorant and snide comments?
    Is your masochistic joy at receiving intellectual beat-downs the primary reason that you come to this site?

  15. Saw file says

    Thxs for the reply.
    Of course it takes the mutually shared skills and resources of the community to further the community. That’s basically what I was referring to.
    I personally don’t find the expenditure of my time terribly arduous, when it comes to reasonably educating myself on a topic.

    “Main stream media worked quite well for a long time by providing a shared conversation.”

    I suppose that that is one way of looking at it, but I can’t agree.
    For quite a long time, msm was the only game in town. It certainly was never about a “shared conversation.”
    The new breed of ‘citizen journalists’ are upholding to the ideals of the “shared conversation.” They know that they need to get their facts beak to butt.
    There is almost always another ‘citizen journalist’ on the scene, and if they screw up their audience will rightfully skewer them.

  16. Scott B says

    While the headline (which apparently wasn’t chosen by the author) is at best a distraction, I completely agree with all of this. Additionally non-journalists probably don’t appreciate that most hacks are playing journalism rather than being true to themselves (hence the needlessly arsey questions). Those people that try to position Rogan (and Quillette, for that matter) as some kind of gateway to the far right are simply authoritarian censors defaulting to the standard, tired ad hominem of our times. They can be safely disregarded without fear of missing anything useful.

  17. Stewie says

    Cronkite had a sac,. Joe didn’t get his till Tim Pool brought it along for him…….go watch Rogans softballing of @jack in the 1st interview

  18. Paolo says

    This was the most interesting conversation on the internet of 2019, in my opinion. I also felt this was a crucial encounter, and it was impressive how Pool (and Rogan) really went to the core of the matter, and explored all plausible side aspects of the Twitter policies discussed. Also, the Twitter side of the table didn’t strike me as dishonest, frankly, and much of the heat they got in comments I found exaggerated.
    Rogan is consistently impressive, one of the best things on the internet of our days.

  19. heinbender says

    “MSM doesn’t see its job as teasing out the truth. Instead, it’s all about gotcha journalism, promoting orthodoxy and expressing faux outrage whenever anyone departs from it.”

    This, my friend, has got to be the most dubious generalization ever to grace these pages – in fact, I’ve rarely read such Trumpspeak anywhere of late.

    While I appreciate, of course, Rogan’s merits and the role of the quality podcaster community worldwide, one mustn’t forget what YouTube is and what, alas, Joe Rogan is not. Cronkite was WW II war correspondent, worked out of Amsterdam and Brussels, covered the Nuremberg Trials and reported from Moscow during the Stalin years. Rogan’s a self-made alternative influencer who’s not usually interested in stuff outside the Anglosphere (or what do you think his “acknowledged bias” is on Subsaharan drought or the Kyrgyz Republic?) No. He’s no more Cronkite than YouTube is the NYT. As an ancillary voice form the bubble, though, he does a great job.

    But not more.

    • Javier villela says

      Joe rogan is a govt agent, not our friend, like his homie alex jones. Facts. Enemies.

    • Scott B says

      “He’s no more Cronkite than YouTube is the NYT”. Why don’t you compare their traffic?

  20. Javier villela says

    Cronkite my ass. Watch joe rogan exposed on YouTube… Look at his sponsors! Look at his style of performance. I used to think he was cool like most of you but now i see him for what he is. Scum dirt bag criminal.

  21. Jimmy McNulty says

    I will not accept ANYONE’S disapproval of Joe Rogan, unless that person has watched/listened to at least 10 episodes of his podcast. We live in an age in which people are way too quick to voice an opinion based on headlines alone, clickbait articles, and slam pieces.

  22. Randy McNally says

    Saw the interview as I am a semi regular viewer of Joe Rogan. I thought Tim Pool did an excellent job asking rapid fire well informed questions. All in all a very professional and informative show. I too am not fond of the mma content but overall it’s one of the best shows on any media platform.

  23. Peter Parker says

    Bar the title… this was very insightful. Obviously, the title was just clickbait… and probably the reason I’m here.. ?

  24. Lydia says

    Conkrite was an information gatekeeper. Along with his liberal media darlings who also had homes on Martha’s vineyard, he decided what was news for the nation. It’s one of the many reasons my parents subscribed to issue journals.
    Dorsey goes on Rogan, I suspect, because of his large following and he will get a hearing. It’s shocking the millions attracted to his show.

    But dive deeper on why he brought a Twitter lawyer. I was amused at cool IT people with the complicated lawyerese to explain away their censorship. They came off very disingenuous.

  25. Lydia says

    I do agree with the author about MSM. Cable News is on terminal illness watch.

  26. Mechan B says

    It always makes me laugh listening to lizards dismissing JRE as a tool of the “Man” as they gleefully type away on a computer built by the “Man” using computer programs built by the “Man”.
    If you are truly conspiratorial about JRE and everything else, please do me a favor and build a hut in the middle of nowhere

  27. Thatsmysecretcap says

    I love Rogan and watch about 1/3 of his podcasts. Joe is not a journalist, he’s not even conducting interviews most of the time. He’s an early adopter who has built a following and is leveraging that to go from strength to strength. He says himself that the podcasts are him having a conversation with someone he wants to talk to. That’s very different than an interview. Joe will never be a hard hitting investigative interviewer, he doesn’t have it in him. His strength is giving people room to tell stories, build context and become human in the mind of the listener. I wish he was more critical sometimes, but if he tried to go down that road, his guests would treat the situation differently and we would have a longer version of what we can get elsewhere – talking points. Joe should stay the goofy imperfect way he is. Just don’t swallow whole everything you here on the internet kids.

  28. allan says

    Joe is more the Steve Allen or Jack Parr of our era.

  29. Serenity says

    Thank you for the article. This interview was worth watching. Interesting change of narrative. Ever shifting definition of hate speech had been replaced with subjective perception of targeted harassment. For example, some account-holders had been punished just for posting #LearnCoding.

    In this interview Vijaya Gadde mentioned that twitter’s intent was to police a behaviour which they viewed as abuse and harassment.

    One of the most important points of discussion was the fact that Twitter has rules protecting specific sets of people, for example prohibiting misgendering. As a result, a user can be banned from the platform just for posting a letter ‘n’, meanwhile harassment of white people is rampant.

    Protecting designated victim groups based on reported incidents, Twitter channels harassment, bullying and trolling towards other users. Instead of prevention, these selective protections focus psychopathic abuse on political and ideological opponents.

    Totalitarian states use the same principle to control population – it directs grass-roots psychopathic behaviour towards dissent. Snitches, bullies and power freaks are endorsed, rewarded and provided with defenseless preys and sacred cause as a cover-up for harassment, back-stubbing, etc.

  30. Boris says

    Rogan spread the Set Rich conspiracy theory. And I don’t think Cronkite would have invited Alex Jones onto the news and allowed him to spread idiotic theories.

    • Seth was on his way to testify about what the Hillary campaign was doing in the democratic party when he was gunned down with nothing taken from him. A lot of people have died when they crossed the Clintons, why shouldn’t people question it?!!!

      • Boris says

        No, he was not going to testify against Hillary Clinton. Yes, I know you guys think Clinton is a killer. It’s pretty laughable. The right-wing brain rot is almost complete.

        • Craig WIllms says

          yeah, and total leftwing brainwashing ( the part that bestows supreme arrogance) is complete. How many ways from Sunday does it need to be demonstrated that the Clinton machine, which included the entire DNC, is beyond corrupt. In that light the Seth Rich conspiracy is completely plausible

          The nation, the world, should be thanking President Trump for sparing us a Hillary Clinton presidency!

          • Boris says

            “Plausible” except there’s zero evidence and you’d have to believe the Washington, D. C. police department is in on it. Lack of evidence doens’t matter, though, if you believe your politcal opponents are pure evil.

  31. Nicolas says

    He may be a Cronkite, but he’s no Mencken, and neither is anyone else in today’s journalism.

  32. ga gamba says

    Probably the new Phil Donahue rather than Cronkite. Phil would talk to anyone and often hosted guests who loathed each other appear together.

  33. For all the hate Rogan gets from lefties, it remains a fact that putting on a 3-hour grilling of a CEO in an open conversation is a great public service and I don’t see anyone else doing anything like it.

    • tom darga says

      A 3 hour grilling of a CEO is precisely the behavior I would expect FROM lefties.

    • tom darga says

      Actually, a 3 hour session of whining to a CEO about how awful it is that his business “isn’t fair to me and my friends” is precisely the kind of behavior I would expect FROM leftists.

  34. tom darga says

    I was disappointed.

    I thought Tom Pool was a great example of how the problems with millennials are not confined to any ideology. Millenial “conservatives” emulate much of the whiny, entitled worldview of their SJW peers. When he suggested that twitter should be bound by the 1st amendment, I wanted to throw my phone. The belief that “freedom of speech” means that other people have to give you a platform is something I expect from entitled high schoolers.

    Twitter is a private platform trying to maximize revenue … and that requires them to keep users from fleeing. If they crack down too much, users could flee. OTOH, if they just allow people to do anything in the law, other users will also flee rather than put up with the bullshit. Twitter tried that and saw a theat to their business model. They have a right to do whatever they damn well want in a quest to find the optimum point between these two extremes. If they screw up then that’s on them too. They have no obligation to be perfectly balanced between liberals and conservatives. It’s in their interest to be pretty balanced but it’s entirely possible that the best point from a user-retention standpoint is slightly tilted to one side or the other … and that’s ok. If you don’t like it, sign off …. Or, I guess, whine like a bitch. Whatever floats your boat.

    As for #learntocode … journalists drive a lot of engagement and so are important to twitter. Therefore they have more clout than a lot of others. A lot of them didn’t like seeing their laid-off colleagues get shit on. And twitter responded because it wants to keep its status as a major toll of journalists. Fair? No. Business frequently ain’t fair. Since when did “conservative” “men” whine like hippie girls about it? Ugh! Millennials!

    • Ted Talks says

      Tim Pool isnt a conservative. He is a progressive. Progressives advocating for legislation to control corporations is not new. In fact, it is a defining characteristic.

  35. Dirk says

    This is a joke! Would Cronkite had given an hour worth of air time to the like of Alex Jones as Rogan did recently?

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  39. Joe Rogan has become a commentator I never miss. He showed – through the initial backlash to his first interview with Dorsey, to the subsequent interview with Pool & Gadde – that he has more integrity than pretty much all of the MSM put together.

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  41. Peter Schaeffer says

    “Joe Rogan is the Walter Cronkite of Our Era” I have watched a lot of JRE (and Tim Pool). They are not the “Walter Cronkite”s of our era. However, they are doing more substantive journalism than the MSM. The MSM is just the PC Fake News of our time.

  42. Sander Malschaert says

    Reading this article is like hearing myself think. Spot on analysis Konstantin, especially noting that all four participants behaved admiringly by doing this. Might I add I also really enjoy your own podcast triggernometry for exactly the same reasons.

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  44. James says

    If by Walter Cronkite you mean sodomy pusher I agree

  45. Mark says

    “The success of long-form publications like Quillette and YouTube shows like the Joe Rogan Experience and the Rubin Report is a testament to our desire to move away from the political talking heads, screaming over each other like children in a playground. We want grown-up conversations and we will reward the people that bring them to our screens.”

    Well a subset of people do. I think the reason Rogan et al survive is that the youtube platform is global so they can get a big enough audience. Given the reach, the actual viewership isn’t as large as it appears.

  46. Thylacine says

    “As a comedian, professionally cynical and distrustful of epic narratives…”

    ‘Cosmic’ is always in danger of losing its ‘s’. -Nabakov

  47. Regarding trans, of course they should not be bullied or abused. But, neither should straights be abused by now having to see male or female where they have always seen the opposite. It is forced insanity to turn our cultural upside down. I cannot support it, if I see a male, I am saying he. I don’t care what they want to be called.

    On another issue. it is absolutely shocking that Ben Shapiro has a following – he is a major bully and super obnoxious. A really ugly person. Shame of Rogan and the lot for supporting him.

  48. Ned Viper says

    I watch Joe but many times he doesn’t push his guests on any of their BS. I’m more inclined to watch Dave Rubin as he is a serious interviewer and will ask the hard questions.

  49. Area Man says

    I’ve listened to at least 100 hours of Rogan’s podcast. He’s intellectually curious. He’s earnest. He’s remarkably fair. And the long format podcast is one of the best ways to interview interesting people & cover interesting topics. All that said, Rogan is a meat head. He pushes supplements and Alt Med nonsense. I’d hope that Cronkite figured out that chiroprators weren’t “real doctors” before he was in his 50s.

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