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Defending Democracy with Drew Pavlou: Quillette Cetera Episode 34

The student activist discusses the risks that Iran, China, and Russia, and their Western sympathisers, pose to liberal democracies.

· 1 min read
Drew Pavlou surrounded by Putin, Xi Jing Ping, Khameini and a "triggered" woke woman meme. Linked In/Wikimedia Commons/Canva.
Linked In/Wikimedia Commons/Canva.

Drew Pavlou is an Australian student and activist. He made international news after he led protests at the University of Queensland in Australia, supporting Hong Kong and criticizing the university's ties to China. His actions led to a high-profile disciplinary case against him by the university, and a $3.5 million lawsuit which was recently settled.

While his methods of protest have softened over the years, he remains a vocal advocate for liberal democratic values, attracting the ire of the far-Left and far-Right.

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