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Quillette Weekly

A media-fuelled social panic, Wikipedia bias, the metaverse, mafia, and more.

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Quillette Weekly
Quillette Weekly, Sunday, July 24th

Dear Reader,

We have some treats in store for you this week, with a special history-themed newsletter. You will find compelling essays on topics as wide ranging as the history of the antimafia movement in Italy, the attack on Nat King Cole in Birmingham Alabama, Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather 50 years on, and an exploration of the ways in which technology has freed us from exploitation and oppression (contrary to some popular narratives).

In our Science + Tech section this week, you will find two important articles on the proliferation of anti-scientific attitudes in different domains. The first is a report by a German academic on the growth of gender ideology in his country, with scientists suffering backlash for presenting basic biological facts to the public. The other is on an insidious anti-science campaign emerging in Wikipedia articles relating to human intelligence.

And finally, don't miss Jonathan Kay’s debunking of a recent media-fuelled social panic. In 2021, the New York Times reported that mass graves of children had been found at residential schools for Indigenous children in Canada. Yet to date, no evidence of graves or human remains has been found, and the reporting remains uncorrected.

Until next week,
Founding Editor

Art, Culture, and History

A Media-Fueled Social Panic Over Unmarked Graves
Not a single body has been unearthed. But Canadians wouldn’t know it from the false information reported in The New York Times.
Slavery and Steam
The dangers of forfeiting societal sustainability.
Assault in Alabama
Revisiting the attack on Nat King Cole.
Honorable Men
Falcone, Borsellino, and the legacy of Italy’s long and bitter war on organized crime.
The Delia Demolition
Why is the Atlantic slinging mud at the 72-year-old author of ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ on the eve of the film’s release?
“I Believe in America”
Fifty Years of ‘The Godfather‘
Stop Sharing Political Memes
They are a doorway into stupidity and misery.

Science + Tech

Gender Ideology Comes to Germany
In June, my co-authors and I published an article describing the reality of biological sex. The resulting controversy persists to this day.
Cognitive Distortions
How the culture wars came for Wikipedia’s articles about human intelligence.
The Metaverse: Science Fiction or Reality?
We tend to overestimate a technology’s abilities in the near term, and massively underestimate what it can do in the long term.


Podcast # 193: Understanding Wokeness as a Make-Work Strategy for the Privileged Class
Quillette podcast host Jonathan Kay speaks with Swedish Marxist Malcom Kyeyune, who argues that nominally progressive theories of race and gender are actually aimed at securing influence, employment, and prestige for underemployed university graduates.
‎27 Rouge: A Quillette Podcast: XVI: Classical Music’s Suicide Pact feat. Heather Mac Donald on Apple Podcasts
‎Show 27 Rouge: A Quillette Podcast, Ep XVI: Classical Music’s Suicide Pact feat. Heather Mac Donald - 18 July 2022

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