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Quillette's Best on Campus Crises

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Quillette's Best on Campus Crises
Protesters work to remove the head of the statue of Egerton Ryerson on Ryerson University campus, Toronto, Ontario, June 6, 2021. (Steve Russell via Getty Images)

The Hysterical Campus | Heather Mac Donald

"Hyperbole is part and parcel of political speech. But I would hope that there are some remaining faculty with enough of a lingering connection to reality who would realize that I and other conservatives are not a literal threat to minority students.”

Workers vs. Wokeness at Smith College: Campus Social Justice as a Luxury Good | Jonathan Kay

“‘Substantive class analysis’ has been ignored in favor of faddish ideological theories of race and gender, as illustrated by several recent campus confrontations that have pitted privileged students and academics against blue-collar campus-area workers.”

Ideology and Facts Collide at Oberlin College | Daniel McGraw

“This case was not about free expression and assembly or racial injustice and civil rights. It was about a cowardly college administration picking on a vulnerable business in an attempt to fend off accusations of racism it was facing from its own students.”

A Student Mob Took Over Bryn Mawr. The College Said Thank You | Minnie Doe

“In many cases, the ire was directed not only at administrators and non-ideologically-compliant faculty, but also at any student suspected of not supporting the strikers’ apocalyptic rhetoric, dramatic postures, and inflated demands.”

How a Single Anonymous Twitter Account Caused an ‘Indigenized’ Canadian University to Unravel | Jonathan Kay

“But when it comes to Indigenization, Canadian universities have made it clear that there are to be no conscientious objectors. The result is that, as the following case study shows, even tiny, symbolic acts of ideological resistance can spark wholesale institutional dysfunction.”

Race and Social Panic at Haverford: A Case Study in Educational Dysfunction | Jonathan Kay

“The mania that swept Haverford College in late October and early November 2020 lays bare, with unusual clarity, the fervid atmosphere of grievance and self-entitlement that has made the administration of elite colleges and universities so difficult.”

Georgetown's Cultural Revolution | Lama Abu-Odeh

“This is the cleverness of minoritarian rule: a coalition of minorities that, collectively, form a majority but that is nevertheless always able to invoke its minoritatian status to preserve its power.”

A Declaration of Independence by a Princeton Professor | Joshua T. Katz

“I am friends with many people who signed the Princeton letter, which requests and in some places demands a dizzying array of changes, and I support their right to speak as they see fit. But I am embarrassed for them.”

Evergreen State and the Battle for Modernity | Michael Aaron

“It is no coincidence that, while society outside the walls of campus looks on with disbelief, administrators to this point have been siding with the students. For if they were to repudiate the actions of the students, they would also need to repudiate the ideology with which they have been brainwashing them.”

The Free Speech Crisis on Campus Is Worse than People Think | Bradley Campbell

“The failure to understand the new moral culture for what it is leads to an unwarranted optimism about the future of the university. This is true of many of those who are mostly sympathetic to the new culture, those who are mostly hostile to it, and those who fall somewhere in–between.”

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