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How Sweden’s Blind Altruism Is Harming Migrants

The 15-year-old boy was standing outside the police station, late one night during the immigration wave of 2015. I was meeting youths like him almost every day, as they came to the station to apply for asylum. Sweden was the country in Europe that took in most immigrants per capita during the crisis, with numbers up to over 160,000 by the end of the year. 35,000 of them, mostly Afghans, claimed refugee status as unaccompanied minors. Linköping is a small town and I was the only police officer there who spoke their language, Dari.

As we sat down to go through routine questioning, I started thinking about my own memories of coming to Sweden from Afghanistan with my parents and siblings. I was a few years younger than the boy sitting across the table from me.

I wanted to tell him that he had come to an amazing country. I wanted to tell him that he had all the opportunity in the world to build a better future for himself. That he no longer had to be afraid. But I didn’t have time to say any of those things before the boy broke down before me. He couldn’t stop crying.

He told me that he had lost his mother and big brother among hundreds of other migrants in the Turkish mountains. Suddenly on his own, he had managed to travel through Germany and Denmark before finally reaching Sweden. He had just gotten off the train.

He asked me through his tears if he would ever see his mother again.

I realized that this kid wasn’t thinking about his education, or his future. He just wanted his Mom.

*   *   *

I have quit my job as a policeman since then, and I now work full-time meeting, talking and giving lectures to unaccompanied Afghans in Sweden. I want to do my part to help them integrate into their new home country—a process that is often anything but easy.

To me, coming to Sweden from Taliban-run Afghanistan in 1997 was like winning the lottery. Sweden may well have saved my life. And at the same time, there were so many things about my new country that I found puzzling and even shocking.

Why would the Swedish state sell alcohol to the public? How could boys and girls date, without bringing shame on their families? And why the hell would anyone drink milk with their food?

Another thing I couldn’t begin to understand was how two men could marry each other under Swedish law. The way I saw it, that was just morally wrong.

Many of the Afghan youths I meet today are just as puzzled—which should come as no surprise. The World Value Survey maps social, cultural, moral, religious norms in different parts of the world. Year after year, our little country far to the north ends up at the upper right-hand corner of that map. Only Japan is more secular than Sweden. But no other country is as individualistic as ours. In that sense, Sweden might be the most extreme country in the world.

But it is also striking that most of the migrants that Sweden has received in recent years come from the far-left corner of the map. In terms of culture, Afghanistan is the opposite of Sweden. And this has brought problems that Swedish authorities first failed to foresee, and then for a long time failed to acknowledge even when they had become all-too-obvious to the public. 

Inglehart–Welzel World Values Survey cultural map wave 6 (2010–14)

In the wake of the mass attacks on women in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve of 2015, it turned out that a similar phenomenon had occurred in Sweden. At a yearly youth music festival in central Stockholm, groups of boys and young men had encircled and sexually assaulted a number of young girls. Two hundred boys were expelled from the festival area in 2015. Eventually, the Stockholm police had to admit that these incidents were kept from the public because of fears of “playing into the hands of the Sweden Democrats,” which is Sweden’s anti-immigration party. 

Similar reports came from public swimming pools in different parts of Sweden. It later transpired that most suspects at the music festival, as well as many suspects at public baths, were “unaccompanied minors”—a polite way of pointing out young Afghans. Suddenly, authorities were promising to educate the newcomers in “Swedish values.” Often it came down to me, the policeman who spoke Dari, to meet these youths and talk to them about Swedish norms.

Many of the Afghans I meet wish for nothing else but to integrate into Swedish society. But it is equally clear that a minority of these newcomers are not interested in living by the norms of their new home country. As the Swedish police concluded in a recent report on sexual assault in the country: “The suspects of crimes carried out by a large group of offenders, in public, were mostly people with foreign citizenship. Regarding crimes reported in public swimming pools, the alleged perpetrators were mainly asylum-seeking boys.”

I believe that these problems reflect three facts: First, indeed, a difference in values, especially when it comes to views on sexuality, nudity and women’s rights. Remember the World Values Survey cultural map, and where the so-called African-Islamic values are found compared to liberal Sweden. Afghanistan has been found to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women.

Second, unaccompanied youths from Afghanistan are thrust into an environment where they are suddenly no longer under the control of their family, clan or a patriarch. When I ask the youths why these attacks happen, one common response is: “There’s too much freedom in Sweden, which many of us simply can’t handle.”

Third, the Swedish state has been utterly unprepared to deal with the problem. Sweden has famously liberal laws, and norms are expressed in an understated way, which reflects the peaceful nature of Swedish society.

Still, the youths I meet today are at stage in their lives where they are receptive to, and curious for, new impressions. I tell them about the laws that make up the Swedish constitution. I talk to them about the fundamental cultural values, such as women’s rights, equality, and each and every person’s right to make their own life choices, irrespective of the wishes of their family. I talk to them about freedom of speech, including the right to blaspheme. I answer their questions about everything from the Swedish labor market to how to use a condom (yes, we Swedes believe in talking about such things with teenagers who ask).

But there is also another side of the problem, which has to do with the nature of the asylum laws for unaccompanied minors.

*   *   *

The numbers of unaccompanied minors began to rise sharply in Sweden throughout the 2000s. To many Swedes, news of this growing flow of “unaccompanied children”—as they were called in the media—evoked images of the children who were saved from Finland during the Finnish-Russian war (80,000 children were sent from Finland to live in Swedish foster homes between 1939 and 1944). The laws surrounding the asylum process rested on the idea of the unaccompanied minor as a child, alone in the world—like the 15-year-old boy I met that night at the Linköping police station.

Finnish children en route to Sweden in 1941

For a number of years, individuals who claimed to be unaccompanied minors could usually expect to get a residence permit in Sweden. There were no medical checks of their age. Minors received housing during the asylum process, either in homes with professional staff, or with Swedish families, and were sent to school with Swedish children. That is part of the reason why this particular asylum wave has been so expensive for Sweden—with costs at 2.8 billion USD in 2015 alone. Sweden’s defense budget that year was 4.5 billion USD (26 billion Kronor and 42 billion Kronor respectively).

In the city of Uppsala, one-in-six youths aged between 16 and 18 is now an unaccompanied minor, according to official statistics (but note that many can be expected to be older). Valerie Hudson, professor at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University, has calculated that this particular immigration flow has created a male to female ratio of 123:100 among those registered as 16 to 17-year-olds in Sweden. On January 5, 2016, Hudson wrote of Sweden’s gender imbalance in Politico:

In China, long the most gender-imbalanced country in the world, the male-to-female ratio of approximately 117 boys for every 100 girls in this age group now comes up short of Sweden’s gender gap. China’s sex ratios are still more abnormal across other age groups; the imbalances there extend all the way down to birth sex ratios due to the country’s severe birth restrictions, while Sweden’s abnormalities do not. But young adult sex ratios are arguably the most crucial of all for social stability.

At the same time, this particular immigration wave caused tensions in Swedish society. Media published reports on “unaccompanied children,” with images that quite clearly showed adult men. This doublespeak sparked resentment among Swedes, who felt that their country’s generosity was being abused.

It was becoming evident that the Swedish laws had created incentives for Afghan families and clans to send their sons to Sweden as an economic investment—an issue that became a taboo topic in Swedish political discourse. Indeed, zero percent of unaccompanied minors carried valid ID documents when they came to Sweden during the immigration wave, which suggests that a significant proportion may have lied about their age. Seventy-eight percent of those who eventually underwent age tests after such tests had been reintroduced were found to be adults.

There is still an ongoing debate in Sweden on the validity of those medical tests, which is why the figure 78 percent can be questioned. It is also important to note that only a minority of unaccompanied minors have undergone such tests.

But it is clear that many of the so-called “unaccompanied minors” were adults, and that many came from intact homes—a large-scale abuse of a system designed for children who are alone in the world.

Tensions rose further when Alexandra Mezher, a 22-year-old who worked at an asylum home for unaccompanied minors, was stabbed to death by one of the residents. Her killer, a Somali asylum seeker who had claimed to be 15 at the time, was eventually deemed to be an adult by a Swedish court.

The taboo finally broke when Sweden’s public radio, SR, aired a program about men, some in their thirties or even forties, posing as children to qualify as unaccompanied minors. The program revealed widespread abuse of the system, with men who shaved their arms to look younger, and who were sent to school with Swedish children.

I do not blame these men, because I can’t honestly say that I wouldn’t have done the same thing if I had been in their shoes. I know what life is like in Afghanistan. I also know that many of these men are sent to the West against their will by their families or elders. Some never chose to go to Sweden.

But the phenomenon of the “unaccompanied children” who were clearly men, undermined trust between the public on the one hand, and the media and politicians on the other who insisted that this was a legitimate phenomenon.

Nor will it help Afghans in their integration process.

Take, for instance, the “unaccompanied minor” I met together with his guardians, an elderly Swedish couple that had opened their home to him. During our meeting, they referred to him as “our dear child.” He went to a Swedish high school.

But the man was clearly in his mid-30s. While we were having coffee and cake, prepared by his foster Mom, he seemed to realize that I knew, and looked down in embarrassment.

How do you ever start integrating into a new country, when your entire life is based on such a blatant lie?

*   *   *

By 2015, the wave of unaccompanied minors had reached such a level that it clogged the system in a way that harmed actual children: I met a young Afghan girl who was clearly suffering abuse from the family she had been assigned by the Swedish authorities. During the height of the immigration wave, the Swedish state simply didn’t have time to make sure that children were safe.

There were also reports of boys being gang raped by other residents at homes for unaccompanied minors—an entirely new phenomenon in Sweden.

During my travels around the country, I have encountered a number of legal guardians, social workers, staff at homes for unaccompanied minors and foster parents who definitely should not be working with asylum seekers. I met a clearly bigoted man who tried to make Muslim asylum seekers eat pork because he claimed this was a “part of the integration process.” Still, he was entrusted with caring for minors.

Why? Because Sweden had no plan for how to receive those who came during the refugee wave. We wanted to do good, and our hearts were in the right place. But, as for the practicalities, the Swedish state just hoped for the best.

Last year, the Swedish Parliament issued an amnesty for a large group of Afghans whose asylum applications have been turned down—including adult men who had claimed to be minors. In short, the law means that those who came to Sweden and applied for asylum as unaccompanied minors before November 24, 2015, and who have waited more than 15 months for the asylum application, can receive a temporary residence permit if they intend to study at the high school level. After completing their studies, asylum seekers have six months to get a job. If they fail, they will have to leave the country—at least they will be obliged to in theory. I have met many Afghans who vow to stay illegally if Sweden decides to expel them.

Meanwhile, reports are piling up about young Afghans mired in homelessness, drug abuse and even prostitution. Suicide numbers are considerably higher among Afghans in Sweden, than among other Swedes. In the university city of Uppsala, a 40-minute train ride from Stockholm, police have identified some 90 unaccompanied minors who spend their days abusing heroin at the train station, while others are doing their best to learn the language and integrate into Swedish society.

I keep meeting as many of them as I can. I keep telling them that they have come to an amazing country, and that they have all the opportunity in the world to build a better future for themselves.


Mustafa Panshiri is an author and lecturer on issues of integration. He is a former police officer in Sweden.

Editor’s note: Mustafa Panshiri is no longer employed as a police officer. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of the Swedish Police.  Parts of this article have previously been published in the Swedish online magazine Kvartal.


  1. codadmin says

    Even the rescued must understand that the lifeboat can only hold so many.

  2. Peter from Oz says

    Interesting that the the authorities suppressed news for political reasons.
    SInce when is an anti-immigration party not dead set in the centre of the mainstream?
    This lie of the left that somehow their views are not political but ordinary morality must be questioned at every opportunity.

    • codadmin says

      A major tactic of the fascist left is to turn the extreme to the moderate…mass immigration for example is an extrmist position to hold, but they dilute it to mere ‘immigration’.

    • ZimZam says

      Yes, but center right in Sweden, that’s basically the black shirts for them 🙂

    • @ Peter from Oz

      Surely you jest. I see the mainstream media, in Australia, UK, Canada and France doing this constantly.

    • @ Peter from Oz

      Surely you jest? I see the mainstream media in Australia, UK ,Canada and France doing this constantly.

    • david of Kirkland says

      How can such an opposing party not even know what’s going on to report it themselves?

  3. Cheshire Cat says

    For what it’s worth, I have been following the development in Sweden during the last years very closely (I speak Swedish) and can attest that the author’s take on things is accurate. He’s become an interesting voice in Sweden as he speaks Dari and knows what the heck he’s talking about, and since he so very obviously has his heart in the right place & zero xenophobic agenda, his facts and critical observations are not easily dismissed.
    The cognitive dissonance between reality and what was purported in the majority of media was (and at times, still is) striking, and this has had an unbelievably detrimental effect on civil discourse and society.

    • Paolo Pagliaro says

      What is xenophobia? Being against unlimited immigration into your country? Being against the subversion of your culture, because YOU have to adapt to other mores?
      If so, I don’t understand any more why colonialism was morally wrong.

  4. en bee pee see says

    This abuse is now standard operating procedure. Western nations don’t have the capacity to properly investigate the overwhelming amount of asylum claims.

    In many mains, illegal entry forces host governments to hear credible fear claims, pay for housing, welfare and education while they wait. The majority are based on economic desire, not existential threat to life. Many of those claims are fraudulent, it’s not hard to figure out the gist governments formula, definitely throw away your passport!

    The legal system is backlogged and often they don’t show up for their hearings, preferring rejection in absentia. Happy to live illegally and under the table.

    This trend is dangerous to democracy. Mr. Panshiri points out the obvious, from the perspective of an immigrant who followed his host nations laws, but many will reject his obvious truth in favor of humanitarian fallacy.

  5. Interesting that the hosts are not patriarchal but the new guests are entitled patriarchal males. Sweden didn’t understand Islam under the Taliban? My kin who worked in medical humanitarian aid in Afghanistan said the only hope she could see are from those who fled the Taliban in the 90’s and came back. They were Westernized and educated. (Sounds like the author) But they had a hard road ahead to even stay alive. They were less welcome than foreigners who gave them money.

  6. Farris says

    Ironic that it took an Afghan/Swede to tell the truth about what is happening with immigration there. Allowing unfettered access (or open borders) to any country is irresponsible and governmental malpractice.

    “How do you ever start integrating into a new country, when your entire life is based on such a blatant lie?”

    The same could be said regarding illegal immigrants to the United States or any other country. The idea that striving to know who is coming into a country is racist is absurd. Why can’t the allegedly compassionate Left see that those who break immigration laws harm immigrants who are trying to obey the law first and foremost?
    If it is illegal to enter a country without documentation why aren’t those who assist these illegal immigrants charged with aiding and abetting?

    • see pee bee en says

      “Unfettered access” might not be good for government, society or individuals within, but open borders must surely suit someone’s purposes.

      Hmm, like reducing wages and pumping cheap Chinese product to dollar generals in economic wastelands? Who ever could be the beneficiary?

      When increasing flows equal increasing profits and increasing profits means more money for political influence (lobbying), security and national identity are quickly overruled, overlooked and second class thinking.

      But this is conspiratorial, unsubstantiated thinking, so I digress.

      • Farris says

        @see pee

        In the U.S. the highest numbers of illegal immigrants is in California. In California the Republican Party is on life support. This correlation has not gone unnoticed. California requires no identification to vote. Open borders could also be named the California Plan.

      • @ see pee

        They are also very useful in keeping the price of housing high. And by increasing GDP, with their consumption, which includes government taxes, (never mind the fall in standard of living for host citizens ). That high GDP, increases the governments borrowing capacity.

        • Lert345 says


          They don’t keep housing high. I live in an area with a large number of illegal central americans. Because they are low wage, they can only afford to live 20 to a house.

  7. Constantin says

    This is all interesting, albeit largely known already. What caught my attention was the integration process that introduces “a right to blaspheme” . That is an interesting concept. In a largely secularized society, where religion has been kicked out of the public life, blasphemy really does not exist. It sounds rather peculiar to introduce this concept as a right to speak against God. I would be really curious to know how these conversations unfold. As to the rest, I have always suspected that Westerners (Swedes included) have reached a paroxism of abandoning reality in favor of a sick guilt ridden complex of superiority. The effect of this is a deep held belief that various minorities and immigrants from other cultures cannot perform at adult level, cannot succeed on their own, and at the very extreme that they are perpetual children. How else can one expect an older couple to adopt a man in his thirties and fuss over him as if he is a teenager? Is the author describing a failure in government or a national pathology?

    • @ Constantin

      Strange that they are taught of a right to blasphem, at a time when an Sustrian woman’s conviction of insulting Islam, has recently been upheld by the EU court?

      “a sick guilt ridden complex of superiority. ” I think you might be referring to fifty years of lefty rhetoric against western culture.

  8. The Evil Has Landed says

    Start building refugee housing in upper class neighborhoods and the problem will be dealt with immediately. Not until then.

  9. Alan Gore says

    Europe, after all those years of moral hauteur about the American insurgency problem, is getting an object lesson in what a stream of “undocumented” refugees really looks like. At least the people we’re getting are of one familiar ethnicity and religion.

  10. Stephanie says

    I applaud the author for his efforts, but I feel they will be in vain. If the children were surrounded by Swedes and exposed to nothing but Swedish culture, a good proportion might be expected to integrate. However, they have separated into their own communities.There are simply too many Muslims for the country to integrate.

    The author seems to recognise how incompatible Islamic culture is with Swedish culture. The claim that men are sexually assaulting girls because there is too much freedom is essentially an admission that Muslims are uncivilized. Is Sweden playing the colonial game now?

    If Sweden (and the West, more broadly) is to survive, we need to make entry without a valid visa an immediately deportable offense. I know everyone has their sob story, but we must acknowledge that it is the culture of these people that is the root of their problem and their country’s problem. Importing those problems is masochistic, and can no longer affect the root issue.

    Sweden is not the world’s mother, it should not be supporting, nurturing, and forgiving the delinquency of every stray that knocks on the door. Right now, they are begging for the death of their society. If they don’t smarten up soon, they’ll deserve it.

    • GrumpyBear says

      >>>The claim that men are sexually assaulting girls because there is too much freedom is essentially an admission that Muslims are uncivilized.

      No, it’s saying that they are civilized by different things – family honor, patriarchy, state enforcement of morality etc. Just like some would argue that westerners are civilized by Christian values or secular humanism.

      Any civilization will go to hell if whatever is holding it together is removed.

      • Stephanie says

        GrumpyBear, any culture that thinks sexual assault is appropriate is uncivilized.

    • Peter says

      Stephanie, I live in Sweden and totally agree. The government wants to keep on importing of the order 100,000 3rd world Muslims a year . This is demographic suicide
      I think there are many reasons why this is happening. On the Swedish side there is 1st world guilt, Do Gooders, The Left/Fools, Women. Even the Liberals are pro MultiCulti as a way to break Sweden’s excellent Welfare state. The Globablists of course love a deflationary underclass
      If you are conspiratorial (which I am becomming), the most insididious reason might be some kind of Jewish cabal that wants to mix the “European” out of Europe (after WW2?). It was mainly Jewish relief boats in the Med happily transporting to Europe. The amount of Jewish Muslim mixing would appear to be Zero. See Barbara Spectre on YT – apparently Europe cannot exist without MultiCulti and Jews will be cental to this transformation even if unwanted by its population. What a C**T

      • Jewish cabal? About half the Jews of Malmo have had to leave because of repeated physical attacks. Annika Hernroth Rothstein, a Swedish Jew, frequently writes about the difficult situation for Jews in Sweden and the need for armed guards at Jewish institutions. I doubt that there will be a lot of Jews left in Sweden in the near future. Don’t blame the Jews for Sweden’s problems; the Swedes have to take responsibility for their own inane policies.

        • Charleen Larson says

          Well put but I think you left the “s” out of “inane”.

        • Peter Cutting says

          Yes – Jewish (Globalist) Cabal. Maybe a Jewish exodus is part of the plan? Maybe the cabal just doesnt care about individual Jews who have left the fold (they can get in line or take their chances)

          Please explain Barbara Spectre (see YouTube) – a Jew (with her organisation and probably much more behind the scenes) who is actively working to import MultiCulti (read antisemitism) into Europe. She appears to be doing her fellow European Jews serious harm. She does it knowing that she is hated for it. Why would she do that? Unfortunately she does not say. I dont thing one can assume she is a foolish do-gooder

    • Paolo Pagliaro says

      What every single progressive establishment refuses to acknowledge is that Islam is a strong, independent and coherent religious and political system which will assert itself whenever its critical mass reaches a certain level.
      By “independent” I mean that they have a system of values which is very different than ours and, ironically, especially at odds with leftists positions. One never ceases to wonder at the ideological stupidity of the left: they always believe to be able to govern reality, but characteristically refuse to see any counter-evidence, since that would offend their precious intellectual pride; better to have everything destroyed than admit the hated “right” was right.

  11. William Conlon says

    This is the future of the United States.

    • Ned Flanders says

      At some point, American patriots will stand and fight. I’m not so sure about the Swedes.

  12. Serenity says

    Great article. Thank you.

    Mustafa Panshiri: “During my travels around the country, I have encountered a number of legal guardians, social workers, staff at homes for unaccompanied minors and foster parents who definitely should not be working with asylum seekers.”

    Cheshire Cat: “The cognitive dissonance between reality and what was purported in the majority of media was (and at times, still is) striking, and this has had an unbelievably detrimental effect on civil discourse and society”

    Farris: “Why can’t the allegedly compassionate Left see…?”

    Various patterns of psychopathic behaviour are the hallmarks of the most ardent progressive journalists, SJW, social workers, etc. – left-wing minority who call the tune:

    • Propensity for lying.

    • Denial of personal responsibility, shifting blame on others and claiming victimhood.

    • Lack of empathy and remorse.

    • Mastery of manipulation, power-building.

    • Manipulating information network.

    • Stirring and fueling negative emotions, bullying people and turning them against each other to enjoy and to exploit confrontations and fights.

    • The winner takes it all – unreasonable, exaggerated sense of entitlement – “they take what they want and do as they please”.

    Left-wing liberal psychopathy – traditionally leads the struggle in the name of the weak, minorities and the disadvantaged. It appeals and skillfully manipulates people’s compassion, generosity and moral values.

    “I’m a very feeling person. You can’t help but fall in love with these kids, “ said Genene Jones, convicted of murdering two infants and suspected of killing more than a dozen others. A San Antonio practical nurse, she administered life-threatening drugs to neonates in intense care unit in order to put herself in the role of hero by bringing them back from the “brink of death““. Her… air of supreme confidence and convincing demeanour, along with a shocking medical cover-up allowed her to ply her trade in spite of wide spread suspicions about her role in many infants deaths and near-fatal emergencies.
    In conversation with author Peter Elkind, Jones complained that she has being made a scapegoat because [she] was so abrasive. “My mouth got me into this“. “By the end of our conversation“ wrote Elkind, “Genene had completed an account of her life that was astonishingly different from what I had gathered from dozens of those who had known her… For her, the lines between truth and fiction, between good and evil, between right and wrong, did not matter.“ Robert D. Hare. “Without Conscience. The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths among us.”

    Like Genene Jones, liberal left-wing psychopathy uses the weak it defends merely as the means to advance personal / political ends of the defenders. Do they really want to see the weak getting stronger? The weaker they are, the needier they become – the more gratification, appreciation and job security for the perpetual saviours, for the Genene Jones’ of the radical left.

    • You know, I’d like to link this article, but the comments section isn’t really doing it any favours.

      • Serenity says

        I know, Morgan Allen, you don’t need to debunk my argument. Just call me “psychophobe”.

      • HsuYun says

        I understand you completely. I also never point someone towards quillette without giving the caveat that they should ignore the comment section. One would have hoped that a website that tries to foster open and honest discussion that does not end up in useless tribalist warfare would attract the same kind of discussion in the comment section. Oh well, at least it’s sometimes funny to see someone rant about how irrational “the left” is while spouting completely irrational right-wing non-sense. Pot, kettle, black.

          • HsuYun says

            Maybe I’m too dumb, but the connection between what I wrote and “it’s clear you don’t like free speech” eludes me. Or is this just your default response when you don’t have any arguments?

        • andrewilliamson says

          I think the signal to noise ratio is pretty good. It’s easy to gloss over the trolling and crazies.

          Quite often, there’s more of value in the comments than in the article itself.

          • HsuYun says

            Maybe it’s a bias in my perception, because I expected better discussions when I started to read quillette, but I don’t see a big difference to discussion forums of other magazines. Lots of angry people with one-sided opinions that they repeat over and over again.

          • GroundControlToMajorTom says

            I completely agree with your assessment of the signal to noise ratio here. I’ve only been reading Quillette for a couple weeks now, but the level of commentary is strikingly more intelligent than any other site I’ve been able to find, at least among those sites where commenters discuss taboo subjects.

            It’s good to find a place where free thought is still the order of the day.

        • GroundControlToMajorTom says


          Speaking as a neutral party who has never commented here before, it strikes me that your comment says more about you than it does about those whom you portray as, “…spouting completely irrational right-wing non-sense (sic)…”.

          That line, in particular, aligns you with current progressive orthodoxy, which refuses to engage in discourse and instead labels all who disagree as White Supremacists or Nazis.

          Present any arguments you like, but if you are going to complain about the level of discourse then live up to your own principles. If you don’t like a commenter’s points, refute them instead of literally making your first comment on the forum just another example of name-calling.

      • Harland says

        Again and again, we see this bizarre “you are disagreeing with the opinions I expected to see here, which makes me very disappointed and you will NOT meet with my approval.”

        Who the hell asked for your approval? It’s pathological that you just *expect* commenters to fall in line. Wondering where you usually comment.

        • HsuYun says

          I don’t expect anyone “to fall in line”, or to agree with my opinions, for that matter. It’s just that articles in quillette usually contain well thought-through lines of argumentation and try to avoid mis-representing other opinions. Which is really the whole point of quillette and a rare thing these days, so I enjoy reading them even if I don’t agree. It would be great if the comment sections were the same, but they are not. But commenting on that is apparently not allowed and “pathological”. Maybe because it interrupts the nice flow of one “Sweden is doomed” comment after another. Which, by the way, is obviously _not_ the opinion of the author of the article.

          • Serenity says

            Oh no, HsuYun, I don’t want to disappoint you with one-sided analysis, although my thoughts below have no relevance to the article above.

            Psychopathic behaviour is a wide spread plague nowadays. On the right side of the political spectrum it manifests itself in the extremist activities of neo-nazi and white supremacist groups.

            Apart from criminal activities, bullying and harassment are very common psychopathic trends.

            The psychopathic pursuits of internet trolls is changing the nature of online blogs from an exchange of ideas and opinions to an exchange of personal insults, turning meaningful discourses into trivial and vicious punch-ups.

            Sounds familiar?

          • HsuYun says

            @Serenity, Psychopathy is not widespread, just look up the prevalence (which also does not seem to change over time as it has a strong genetic component). It only seems to be widespread if you assume that everyone who disagrees with you is a psychopath.
            Sounds familiar?
            Although my original comment was not directed even indirectly at you (I replied to Morgan Allen and in the mobile browser I don’t see the grouping), I think I should comment on your “psychoanalysis” of the left in general and Sweden in particular, maybe there can still be a meaningful discussion. Do you really think it makes sense to try to explain the issue in the article by some form of psychopathy, although it seems way easier to see it as the Swedes being too altruistic and naively underestimating the differences in culture, mixed with a little bit of western guilt complex? Especially considering the relatively broad support of the population. Same for Germany, still an astonishingly big support of taking in refugees in the general population.

          • Sean says

            As far as I’m aware, Quillette doesn’t censor comments. People who want to make comments on either side of an argument are free to do so. If you disagree with the comments here or want to make some different points, then feel free to do so. Quillette commenters will usually debate the points you make.

            Is it the commenters fault that more left wingers don’t make comments here? How many people are allowed to express a similar point of view before you have deemed it too many?

            “I also never point someone towards quillette without giving the caveat that they should ignore the comment section”. That just comes across as a childish put down by someone who thinks they are superior,

          • HsuYun says

            Sean, my issue is not that there are not enough “left wing” comments here. If a comment can be so easily identified as purely left wing, this would anyway imply that it is not written in a way that engages with the arguments of an article, but only to state someones ideological orientation. The internet is already filled with that.
            My issue is that in the comment section of basically every article on quillette you find comments by the same people where you already know the content of the comment when you just read the name, because they just use the articles as an excuse to tell the world their ever unchanging opinion again and again. They are free to do so, but I would really like to see someone even try to argue that this is interesting or useful or that it would be a bad thing if this would improve.
            And regarding my “childish” warning for people that I point to quillette. Find it childish all you want, but this is a real problem. What do you think would be of bigger benefit, someone reading the above article who is anyway sceptical about immigration from muslim countries, or someone who is naively positive about it and tries to ignore the problems? And just imagine how much easier it is for the latter person to dismiss the whole thing as racist after reading the comments.

        • HarpyBreakfast says

          Again and again, we see this bizarre “you are disagreeing with the opinions I expected to see here, which makes me very disappointed and you will NOT meet with my approval.”

          @Harland: The person you’re referring to has observed the same thing many, many visitors to Quillette see — thought-provoking, reasoned, well-argued and informed articles (which one may or may not agree with, but which mostly must at least be seriously engaged with), accompanied by a large number of base, intellectually stunted, irreflexive and provincial comments (which one may or may not agree with, but which mostly cannot be taken seriously.)

          The root of the problem seems to be that rather than attracting a majority of intellectually able readers, Quillette attracts hordes of vulgarian racists, xenophobes, homophobes and the like whose sole purpose is to find some sort of intellectual fig leaf with which to cover their primal, naked urges.

          • HsuYun says

            I feel your exasperation, but any name calling (while it might feel good) will just be used to dismiss the point you are making and play the “I’m insulted” game.
            And maybe the readership of quillette is more sane than it looks from the comments. Fun fact, I started reading quillette regularly after the James Damore Google Memo “drama” and so far have never commented here. I only wrote a comment yesterday, because I’m currently sick with a fever. Otherwise I wouldn’t spend time on it, because time is scarce with a full time job and being a father of two. Two comments later and I’m a psychopath and a serial internet troll.
            I think Hsu Yun retreats back to the mountain, being a hemite again, cloud hidden, whereabouts unknown.

          • Peter says


            the world is changing, haven’t you noticed? Intellectuals are deserting the sinking ship of postmodernism. What’s happening in Sweden could make anyone xenophobic, islamophobic and racist. Especially if the meaning of those terms is defined by the loony left.

  13. Ben Sukromny says

    Very sad. Interesting to see the two axes on the figure he presented – “Survival vs. Self-expression values” and “Traditional vs. Secular/Rational values”. Sweden is on the extreme end of both axes, suggesting they do not value survival nor traditional values. They are in a perfect position to be abused by a survival/traditional culture. This is a perfect sadist-masochist pairing. I predict swedes will soon shift to a survival mindset by choice or by force.

    • @ Ben Sukromny

      I recommend the novel “The Camp of the Saints”.
      Written in the 70s it prophetically predicts the fall of the west by mass immigration from the 3rd world. He predicted the attitudes of the media, rock stars, the Pope, even that a British prince would marry a “a coloured woman.,” along with the response by government to the existing citizens. Very chilling to read today.

      Before he died the author was interviewed on TV. When asked about how accurate his prediction had been, the elderly man had sadly lamented, “I got the number wrong. “

  14. Eero says

    Some people are of foreign cultures that are simply incompatible with other cultures, such as Muslim vs. Western or in this specific case Swedish. Comparing Afghan Muslim grown men pretending to be younger, from halfway around the world, to Finnish child refugees when Soviet Union invaded neighboring Finland?

    In 11th-12th century, “Swedish Crusades” conquered Finland, which became a fully integrated part of Sweden for over 600 years-known as Österland-“Eastland”-as it was simply eastern Sweden from Swedes’ perspective, until they lost territory to Russia in 19th century war. Swedes colonized Finland; Swedish was the language of administration, aristocracy, education to detriment of Finnish language for centuries. Swedes quite violently forcibly converted Finns to Christianity, first Roman Catholicism & then to the Swedish Lutheran Church. Since 1917 independence, Swedish is still official second language of Finland, and Finland retained the official Lutheran Church, though just like Sweden, Finland significantly secularized in 20th century, and likewise shares Nordic social democratic values.

    It makes perfect sense for Sweden to take in “unaccompanied child” refugees from a neighboring country with such close historical, cultural, religious, linguistic ties. From a moral obligation perspective, Sweden also had a long history of subjugating & exploiting Finns to atone for in such a basic way as taking in Finnish child refugees away from horrors of war in their now-independent neighboring nation.

    NONE of this applies to Muslims from Afghanistan or anywhere else in the Middle East or Africa. Human beings are not interchangeable. Finnish Lutheran children did not pose a threat to Sweden’s society, safety, economy, welfare state, culture or national identity. Afghan Muslims do. There is no reason why Sweden should be taking in mass numbers of migrants from foreign & hostile non-European & un-European Muslim fundamentalist countries & cultures.

    The title & premise of this article criticizing Swedish altruism…because it harms the poor misunderstood Muslim migrant murderers & rapists posing falsely as “unaccompanied youth” (who benefit from such altruism) as the real victims is quite an amazing spin on the situation.

    How about the Swedish victims of all the Muslim migrant gang rapes, sexual assaults, murders, and arrogant attempts to undermine secular Swedish culture & force Swedes to submit to totally foreign Stone Age Muslim fundamentalist Shariah law values & Taliban societal norms in their own country?

  15. Ghatanathoah says

    The thing that confuses me about the World Values survey chart is that that it labels one Axis “Survival vs. Self-Expression.” But from that chart, it looks like embracing survival values is antithetical to survival. All the places with high levels of “survival” values are places ravaged by war, poverty, famine, and disease. By contrast, if a society embraces “self-expression” values this seems to greatly increase the survival odds of its inhabitants. Most of the places with “self-expression” values are wealthy societies that have low levels of war, murder, and starvation.

    The only explanation I can think of is that these alleged “survival” values will help you survive in a society full of other people who practice them. This creates a Prisoner’s Dilemma scenario where if everyone cooperated to embrace “self-expression” values they would be more likely to survive, but if only some people do the defectors will kill and exploit everyone.

    In the spirit of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, maybe we should relabel “Self-Expression” values as “Cooperative” values and “Survival Values” as “Defective” values, which has a nice double-meaning.

    • Gallbladder says

      Ghatanathoah, I think there is no controversy here. “Survival” values are important in places where there is lots of ethnic, national and religious conflict, or even disease and hunger; you adopt these values because you realise you have a high need to survive as an individual and as a community. “Self-expression” can be described as having your focus higher up in Maslow hierarchy of needs.

      Compare for instance Sweden and Finland, mentioned in the article: the two countries have essentially similar society and legislation, and cultures resemble each other a lot. There is the shared history; some laws from 1700’s are still carried in the lawbooks of both. But Sweden has lived over 200 years of peace. Finland has had to fight for existence against USSR (and Nazi Germany) in face of total national and ethnic annihilation and genocide. There is a difference in mood when the people think of their defence, for instance.

      • gab.s says

        Self expression is only possible when survival needs have been met, societies will move between those states conditions change. What is interesting in the west is that there has never been such a long period of peace and prosperity allowing the ‘self expression’ mindset to reach previously unknown levels, we are in terra incognita which makes for interesting times, but no historical examples to guide us.

    • E. Olson says

      EGood comment Ghatanathoah – you are exactly right. Evolutionary history suggests that high levels of human capital have developed in Northern climates because cold winters required cooperation to grow, harvest, and store food during the short growing season for survival during the long winter. Hence societies developed that valued cooperation and intelligence, and over time this creates trusting societies high in “self-expression”. The other element needed for high social capital is isolation from less cooperative, but powerful neighbors, and/or having nothing very valuable for the less cooperative to steal (i.e. gold, diamonds, silver, fertile farmland), which are both generally true with most of the Nordic/Scandinavian countries (Russia has caused some problems with the Finns as an exception). Bring in loads of people from non-cooperative societies to a place like Sweden and all they see is easy pickings.

      • Amin says

        @ E. Olson

        “Evolutionary history suggests”

        Utter HorseShit. This is exactly what you do. Make it up! What follows is sheer nonsense.

        • E. Olson says

          Amin is back with his very thoughtful responses and colorful vocabulary!!! But please, enlighten use with your own research or theory about how Swedes living in a cold inhospitable climate managed to develop a trusting and productive culture that made them among the wealthiest and most generous nations on earth, while Afghanistans living in a difficult climate managed to develop a very tribal and violent culture that values rape and child molestation, which has made them among the poorest nations on earth, from which many wish to leave.

          • Daniel says

            E. Olson,
            Can you clarify your point regarding the difference between Sweden and Afghanistan? Both cold, inhospitable climates; check. Both countries without a ton of resources that others can steal; check.

            It seems that the biggest difference is cultural, rather than the factors you mention. Of all the influences on culture, I’d wager Afghans themselves would identify Islam as the biggest factor.

            Though I think globally speaking your two factors identify an important trend, religion seems to me to be the driving force behind this particular cultural conflict.


      • E. Olson says

        Daniel – Thanks for the question. From my understanding, culture evolves from the surroundings, and Afghanistan is land locked and consequently completely surrounded by other countries of different tribes, and has historically been on major trade-routes linking Persia, Asia, and Europe. It has been conquered and had differing leadership many, many times, and all this activity involving real and perceived threats from neighbors and nearby great powers is very different from Sweden, Norway, and Iceland who are historically the “end of the line” to nowhere (and to a lesser degree so are Finland and Denmark) . If you are always fighting or under threat you don’t/can’t devote resources to “intellectual development” or “economic development” and assortive mating patterns end up being very different (i.e. preference for brave warriors in tribal Afghanistan vs prosperous farmers in peaceful Scandinavia). Islam is also a conquer by military force and rape religion compared to Christianity, which no doubt also plays a major role in how the cultures develop differently.

    • E. Olson says

      BC – all the major historically important political parties in Sweden are “open border” supporters and agree on the goal of making Sweden the “humanitarian super power”. Only the Sweden Democrats party is anti-immigrant, and they are universally and unfairly portrayed in the media and by political rivals as the 2nd coming of Hitler, which tends to dampen their public appeal. Thus the Swedish voter is given the choice of voting for open borders or the Nazis – sort of like living in California.

      • Jay Salhi says

        @E. Olson

        Swedish voters have voted against open borders but the political dynamics of coalition government are more complex that your binary suggests.

        57% of Swedish voters voted for right of center parties in the last election. But two of those parties refuse to join a coalition that includes the Sweden Democrats (who got 18% of the vote). Hence, a weak, unstable coalition government headed by a left of center PM.

        • E. Olson says

          Jay – my understanding is that even the Right of Center parties (except Sweden Democrats) are pretty much for open borders, but I would be delighted to be wrong.

  16. E. Olson says

    Sorry if this is a repeat, but the comment system seem to be unreliable today.

    Questions that a native Swede cannot ask without risking a hate speech fine:

    1. How are thousands of poor, war ravaged “youths” with no money and no documents able to travel through 5+ countries and 3,500+ miles and arrive in Sweden? Is there some government agency or NGO that are providing travel money, buses, and instructions on how to get through borders?

    2. Why are almost all these poor, war ravaged “youths” who arrive in Sweden male? If girls are left behind in their “war ravaged” countries, are the countries really dangerous enough to warrant refugee status?

    3. Who in Sweden benefits from the arrival of thousands of poor, illiterate, “war ravaged” “youths? Which government agencies are getting their budgets, staff, and political power expanded by the arrival and care needs of these “refugees”? Which NGOs are using the “refugee” crisis as a fund raising tool to fund expansion and staffing? Do any private sector actors benefit from the arrival of thousands of unemployable “refugees”?

    4. Upon arrival, almost all of these “youthful refugees” are given (at taxpayer expense) “free” housing, food, medical care, education, phones, and spending money. How many will ever be net contributors to the welfare state? What is the future of the welfare state when so many get benefits and so few pay taxes?

    5. Over many centuries, Sweden has developed very high levels of social capital built on trust between citizens, trust between the private and public sectors, and trust in the government and media. Swedes generally obey laws even when the police are not around, which has historically allowed the country to spend little on police, courts, and prisons. How will this social capital be impacted by knowledge that the government, major political parties, and the mainstream media have been colluding for years to hide the high welfare costs, high levels of crime, and low assimilation rates associated with “refugees”? How will trust be impacted when the government actively patrols social media for “hate crime” discussions against immigrants, and encourages neighbors to inform on neighbors if they hear any “anti-immigrant” viewpoints, and fines senior citizens for expressing fear about their “new neighbors”?

    6. How long before the cross on the Swedish flag is replaced by the Islam star and crescent?

    • George G says

      @ E Olson

      all good points. No 2. puts me in mind of this :

      The usual suspects, (guardian, huff po etc) were apoplectic in their outrage at a poster demonising “refugees” . However your point is also what struck me about the picture. If they are genuine refugees then they are all very forgetful because everyone of them forgot to bring, their mothers, wife’s, sisters and daughters.

      Or maybe all the women went to join the Kurdish YPJ whilst their men fled?

      • E. Olson says

        George – “woman and children first” does not seem to be a strongly held belief among Muslim refugees.

  17. Steve says

    Sweden’s behavior looks less like “generosity” than unconscious self-harm, if not cultural suicide.

    What sane person believes that it was a good idea to move massive numbers of young men from the world’s most conservative and repressive society into one of the world’s most libertarian (frankly, libertine) countries?

    It’s potentially lethal for Swedish culture, and deeply disrespectful of Islamic culture (i.e., to automatically assume their mores are always worse than Sweden’s sexual free-for-all).

    • @Steve

      One could ask what sane person thought it was a good idea for Europe itself to become a rescue shelter for the third world’s unwanted poor?

    • Anonymous says

      Cultural suicide is the most euphemistic way to describe this lunacy. This is national suicide and also European suicide.

  18. Anonymous says

    Anybody who has even the slightest doubt that Sweden is circling the toilet drain of suicidal progressivism need only look at the latest news.

    The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven is refusing to strip even RETURNING ISIS TERRORISTS of their Swedish citizenship.

    • david of Kirkland says

      You generally don’t lose citizenship for joining up with a bad organization, and one that they obviously support(ed). They should return and be subject to the law if they actually committed any crimes. Otherwise you disregard equal protection under the law and want to impose tyranny based on your feelings.

      • @david of Kirkland

        That is going to depend on the immigration laws of each country, as well as the manner in which a terrorist obtained citizenship in the first place.

        And I would certainly not put joining a local biker gang (“a bad organization”), for example, in the same category as leaving the country to join ISIS.

        With ISIS, I think banishment is too good for them.

        No, wait, I feel it’s too good for them. I both think and feel it’s too good for them at the same time.

        Surely it’s not wrong to feel at the same time one is thinking.

      • gda says

        A “bad” organization.

        Is that what ISIS was/is? A bad organization?

        Were you a supporter of this organization before you then subsequently realized it was “bad”? When did you realize it was “bad”? What exactly did you find “bad” about it? Were the elections for leadership fixed? Was it not run efficiently? Or was there something else that made it “bad”, as opposed to “evil” or “murderous”, say?

        Amazing – “bad” organization indeed!!!!!! That’s one for the book – shame on you.

    • Sydney says

      Hold my Canadian beer: Idiot under-educated far-left trust-fund jihad-flirt PM Justin Trudeau made that exact pledge about three years ago. He has since:

      – Opened our borders (we’re bleeding astonishing cash to give free lodging and cash handouts to all random migrants)
      – Declared Canada ‘post-national’
      – Signed the UN’s wrongheaded migrant pact
      – Bought out the nation’s mainstream media outlets so that all information regarding these issues can be tightly controlled
      – And there’s no question that ‘returning ISIS’ (as they’re called) are living among us and holding Canadian passports


      Sweden circling the toilet drain? Canada already flushed.

  19. david of Kirkland says

    It turns out liberty is hard for those born into free nations, too. The desire to control others is strong, and to be obedient is taught from birth.

    • @david of Kirkland

      I’ll admit, I have a strong desire that immigrants be controlled by others if they do not control themselves to the satisfaction of those who allowed them to become residents.

  20. Aerth says

    I would love to write I am shocked, but I think anyone who lived in real world and not under some bubble knows that it is not shocking. Sweden created a system full of holes so of course it was abused. That is problem with Left – they are so obsessed with showing how good persons they are that they are completely blind to issues.

    • @Aerth

      Here’s an issue that is never discussed to my satisfaction:

      Is there a human right to emigrate from one country to another?

      Most discussions are about how immigration is managed, as if the question of whether immigration is a right to begin with has been settled, and all we have left to do is quarrel about how to set limits on that right.

      I don’t believe that a majority of all the people on earth have ever agreed that immigration is a human right, was ever a human right, or should be a human right in the future.

      Immigration is, in my opinion, and I believe in the opinion of most of all the people on earth, a privilege, not a right. A privilege to be granted or revoked at the pleasure of the people of a country for any reason or no reason at all.

      A country such as Sweden.

      • stevengregg says

        Muslims are not immigrants, but colonists.

  21. Sean says

    One of the scariest phenomena that has occurred with respect to the recent mass immigration is how well the governments have been able to dictate what information gets made public and what doesn’t all with the consent of the mainstream media.
    Given how pro immigration the governments have been, I wonder why we don’t hear more success stories? I’m pretty sure the governments would be shouting the great triumphs from the rooftops.
    It’s also interesting that the Swedish government always says how well integration is going yet they have stepped up immigration controls on the borders.
    I think in time we will get the data on how much immigration has cost the country and how poorly integration has gone along with the crime statistics and we will be shocked at how badly and expensive it has gone. For sure, if the data was good, it would be out there by now.

  22. Sad swede says

    E.Olsen You are so right! I am an swedish citizen since and my land is falling apart!
    The migrant pays nearly nothing at the doctor or dentist so they do as much they can. And it is legal but on the other hand our old people and the poor can’t even go to the dentist… We swedes that are not so Polical correct PC as we call it. Are clashing every day with our PC media leftie and try to get our message through that this is so unfair, I got alot more shootings, gangrapings never existed before they came. 5-6 men on a 10 year old?! That is not Sweden, they even do it with goats and horses in zoos filmed of course!
    Many of us is going to leave we voted for the swedemocrats and the islamic is already telling what food to eat in the schools etc we are doomed!

  23. Andrew Melville says

    The global asylum system is absurd. Western countries should close their borders to all asylum claimants regardless of the merits of their cases. First and foremost western countries must protect their borders and their own citizens. That means first keeping out, and then re-patriating third world savages who do not share their citizens’ heritage, culture, language and religion. Small homogeneous nations prosper in peace. Large heterogenous nations become ever more violent and authoritarian until they fragment. Learn the lesson.

    • Daniel says

      #Andrew Melville,
      Even considering this from just a third-world perspective, you may have a point. The biggest problems these countries face are arguably political, due to bad policy or corruption. The countries will not see change if all the able-bodied, highly-motivated young men are constantly leaving the country. (Say what you will about rioting mobs: they’re healthy enough to wreak havoc, and they’re demonstrating a high degree of motivation — during the riot, at least.)
      The current system of global asylum is serving nobody.

  24. Peter Schaeffer says

    My Swedish contacts know the guy (Mustafa Panshiri). They speak highly of him.

  25. Bjarne says

    Sweden is run by the PK people (Politically Correct). PK is based on two principles (1) an intense hatred of ‘old’ Sweden and (2) an equally strong desire to punish and terrorize the Swedish people. Lots of immigrants serve both needs. Otherwise the PK people do not give a damn about the immigrants.

  26. Anders says

    This is a strange article. In what way is Swedens altruism harming these youths? Does Mr Panshiri really means that the youths would be better of in Afghanistan than in Sweden!

    As for the attacks on women in Cologne, most of the perpetrators the police were able to identify were North Africans.
    Why Mr. Panshiri connects Cologne with Afghans is very unclear.

    Mr Panshiri has sadly brought about an article that lacks focus and which also suffers from poor research.

    • Daniel says

      You ask how Sweden’s altruism is harming these Afghan youths? It’s a good question, and it remains to be seen. I think the author was saying that in his experience, many of the youths are being funneled into lives of purposelessness on the margins of Swedish society, where discontent is known to fester and eventually explode. Has it harmed them yet, well maybe not most of them, but the author is indicating that it’s not heading in a good direction.
      Your point that his article suffers from poor research may be technically true, but he is making no scientific claims; rather, he’s relating a lifetime of first-hand experience. One may say that his experience is purely anecdotal, but someone who is devoting their life to helping with this problem, who interacts with these youths every day, deserves to have their experience taken seriously. A flood of anecdotes gives a problem a human texture and color in a way that dry numbers and a pie chart never could. I, for one, value the reminder that these Afghan immigrants are humans, with the same human problems and needs as anyone else.

  27. David V says

    Sweden is still hailed by Western “liberals” as a model paradise social-democratic welfare state, but this bears no resemblance to reality. There is little doubt that between say the 1950s and 1980s, Sweden was very much like that. Immigration levels were certainly more reasonable and migrants were expected to integrate into Swedish society. Incidentally, many of those came from Eastern Europe and latterly from Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and from what I know, many of them now are dismayed with the direction Swedish society has taken especially in terms of Political Correctness and appeasement of Islamism.

    But Sweden and Norway, however, have long been exponents of virtue-signalling not just domestically but also globally with disastrous results (given Norway’s membership of NATO, one must wonder if it can be seen as duplicity in face of supporting “liberation” movements detrimental to Western interests):

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  30. Ecoute Sauvage says

    The “cultural” map illustrating this absurd article was designed by a propagandist unfamiliar with both quantitative and qualitative data. Malta is NOT in Latin America, Albania is NOT Orthodox, Greece is NOT Catholic, Cyprus is NOT in South Asia – that’s where I stopped reading. Quillette should employ some editors – but if it did, it would never publish an article so transparently PC. Disgraceful.

    • You need to look at the cultural map again to understand what was done. There are two axes and they are placing different countries where they stand according to the x and y axis. It has nothing to do with geography. It is a little confusing because they do place Malta in a Latin American location but only because (according to the creator), Malta shares similar values to Latin America.

  31. kerstin hallert says

    There are some odd myths Swedes like so see as typical for them. I find two of them in the article, One is the suggestion that Sweden is utterly secular when in fact the Swedish public radio starts every weekday morning at 05.45 with a LUTHERAN religious service because its religious transmissions do in no way reflect today’ s very different religions in Sweden: Plus on weekends both radio and tv give more time to overwhelmingly Lutheran services. Let alone whenever a distressing situation occur you will find the archbishop or some lower members of the clergy in every tv program dealing with the situation. Not very secular an attitude.

    Another myth is that of Swedes being exceptionally individualistic when in Sweden there is an intense pressure on people to express only the “proper” i.e. politically correct attitude in a great many areas creating thereby a deafening conformity in the population. To make it worse the culture of debate is very poor indeed by European standards. The genre with ample time slots daily on European public service tv is practically non existant in Sweden in spite of the special duty for European public service media with a programming meant to strengthen democracy and diminish the gulf between the classes.

  32. Petersen says

    The Swedish situation in the asylum case is very similar to the German. Is it true that in Sweden the authorities still subdues critical (“negative”) reports about criminal refugees”?

    According to statistics, about 100 German citizens have been killed by men who came as refugees since 2015. Although there is much political talk about right-wing racism in Germany, not a single refugee stands against the 100 victims mentioned above.

  33. Wayne Smith says

    Politicians are the same everywhere. Always lying and covering up the truth for their failed political correctness propaganda machine. I have never voted to have a government and don’t want one. Most people don’t trust them and few want these criminals in charge. It’s time the masses rose up and killed the politicians. All of them.

  34. Ecoute Sauvage says

    Mr Mandell

    You have understood neither the axes nor the scale of the graph – still you claim that it’s consistent with Malta “culturally” belonging to Latin America. How, you don’t specify.

    But do you also propose to argue that Albania is Orthodox, Greece is Catholic, and Cyprus is in South Asia? If so, someone should assist you with a great deal more than geography.

    I don’t believe the author of the article for a moment. If he cared for Sweden he would have gone home to Central Asia and taken all his compatriots with him. That this has not happened is the reason Sweden had to reintroduce conscription and start training for civil insurrection. Won’t be long now.

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