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Antifa’s Brutal Assault on Andy Ngo Is a Wake-Up Call—for Authorities and Journalists Alike

All revolutionary movements seek to sanctify their lawless behaviour as a spontaneous eruption of righteous fury. In some cases, such as the Euromaidan movement in Ukraine, this conceit is justified. But usually their violence is a pre-meditated tactic to intimidate adversaries. Or as Bolshevik theorist Nikolai Bukharin put it, “In revolution, he will be victorious who cracks the other’s skull.”

The Antifa thugs who attacked Quillette editor and photojournalist Andy Ngo in Portland yesterday did not quite manage to crack his skull. But they did manage to induce a brain hemorrhage that required Ngo’s overnight hospitalization. (For those seeking to support Ngo financially as he recovers, there is a third-party fundraising campaign.) The scene was captured by local reporter Jim Ryan, whose video can be accessed at the link below. We caution readers that it is an unsettling spectacle—by which we mean not only the violence itself, but the unconstrained glee this pack of mostly young men exhibit as they brutalize a journalist whom they’d spent months demonizing on social media, and whom they’d explicitly singled out for attack.

Andy Ngo is an elfin, soft-spoken man. He also happens to be the gay son of Vietnamese immigrants—salient details, given Antifa’s absurd slogans about smashing the heteronormative white supremacist patriarchy. Like schoolboy characters out of Lord of the Flies, these cosplay revolutionaries stomp around, imagining themselves to be heroes stalking the great beast of fascism. But when the beast proves elusive, they gladly settle for beating up journalists, harassing the elderly or engaging in random physical destruction.

Antifa’s first prominent appearance was in 2017, when black-clad protestors at Berkeley used violence to shut down an appearance by provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. This set a pattern whereby their rallies have been presented as counter-demonstrations aimed at “taking back the streets” from right-wing groups. But more and more, this conceit has dissolved into farce—as in Washington last year, when Antifa gangs showed up to protest largely non-existent conservative protestors. “Again and again, small groups of Antifa members harassed, threatened and occasionally jostled reporters,” the Washington Post reported. “The activists demanded not to be photographed as they marched down public streets—even as many of them hoisted their own phone cameras and staged their own photo ops.”

This vignette is telling, because it points to the base motivations of many Antifa members—which seem to consist of glorifying themselves as freedom fighters on social media, and shutting down anyone who challenges their vainglorious narrative. Which brings us back to the reason Antifa activists were so eager to beat up our colleague Andy Ngo, a Portland resident who has been relentless in exposing the true face of Antifa. They attacked him for the simple reason that he has challenged their ideological propaganda—an Antifa tactic that any true fascist would recognize and applaud.

Given the widespread support for Ngo that has manifested itself over the last 24 hours—and the corresponding disgust with his attackers—we hope that these events will herald new policies to protect the public (including journalists) from those who claim the right to use violence as a form of political expression. Following the hate-killing of Heather Heyer by James A. Fields Jr. in Charlottesville, Virginia two years ago, attention was drawn to the problem of right-wing political violence. And rightly so. But this attitude of vigilance must be broadened to include all radical groups. It shouldn’t require an actual fatality to goad Portland’s mayor and police into real action. Surely, a brain hemorrhage should be enough.

We also are hoping that our fellow journalists might awaken from the delusion that Antifa is a well-intentioned band of anti-fascists with a few bad apples sullying the cause. As Quillette reported last month, a simple statistical study serves to show that the journalists who cover Antifa most often and most energetically have turned their outlets into pro-Antifa propaganda organs. Indeed, this bias is so entrenched that some left-wing media responded to our report not with introspection, but with paranoid and maudlin claims that Quillette and its authors must be secretly in league with Antifa’s fascist enemies. One might hope that the brutality inflicted on one of Quillette’s editors will help disabuse them of such conspiracy theories.

But it’s hard to be sure. Anna Slatz of The Post Millennial has assembled a list of prominent liberal journalists who have responded to the vicious assault on Ngo with either snarky dissembling or outright celebration. And a journalist at Vox, Carlos Maza, has even cheered on the practice of assaulting people with milkshakes, such as the kind used to douse Ngo. These are the same people who would (rightly) respond with howls of outrage if a journalist were assaulted by right-wing protestors. And it is appalling that anyone in our industry would excuse violence against a journalist on the basis of political orientation.

We wish our colleague Andy Ngo a speedy recovery. For more details about the attack he endured, interested readers can follow him on Twitter at @MrAndyNgo. Although we lament his ordeal, we salute his journalistic courage in exposing a movement that seeks to crack skulls under cover of fighting fascism.




  1. Winter time says

    Antifa only attacks fascists. If you got beaten up by them…well…maybe take a good, hard look at yourself and what you’ve become.

    • Robert says

      Best wishes to Andy. Anybody who does a modicum of research can see that this is a group of dangerous thugs and losers.

      • Wil Cheung says

        Last time I checked, physically assaulting anyone, anyone, is against the law.

        Your attempt to justify the actions of thugs putting quick-drying cement into milkshakes and throwing them as a weapon against a lone person taking pictures is disgusting.

        Unless he was assaulting you first, you have no right to physically attack someone.

        Brain hemorrhage is attempted murder.

        Antifa does not get to decide who is a fascist, much less inflict violence on them.

        It’s you who should take a good, hard look in the mirror.

        • nobaddog says

          He couldn’t know right from wrong because he wasn’t taught at home and the public school that babysat him only fed him soy burgers.

        • Aurle says

          Yes. When Amerixa fought real fasscists – the ones intent on genocide – they did not use acid attacks (which is what quick-dry cement in milkshakes is) – because that is against the rule of warfare.

          Think about that.

          • Mike McCabe says

            acid attacks…got an historical link or just a failed hope?

        • LKL says

          The article, correctly, did not repeat the unsubstantiated rumor that there was concrete in the milk shakes because PPD received nothing but an ‘anonymous tip’ that it was so. There was no actual evidence of concrete in the milkshakes, and many people drank theirs according to multiple witnesses. Quillette is known for being a relatively intelligent, careful, and factually correct source; please hold yourself to the same standard.

          • Andy Cutler says

            So because the milkshakes might not have had concrete in them the violence is OK. Got it.

          • Jack B. Nimble says


            Here’s an article about how the rumor of ‘cement’ started and how it was picked up and repeated by NBC, CBS, ABC, etc.:


            Despite calls from the police, no one has still provided any evidence for this claim. “…..It appears that one officer’s recognition that a coconut milkshake looks a little like wet cement convinced PPB to issue the worrisome tweet. …..”

          • Alex says

            Hi LKL, concrete or not, the reason Andy got milkshaked is that antifa goons were there with milkshakes with the intention of milkshaking someone. If you think that milkshaking is all in good fun, please publish your name so that we can milshake you.

        • Jill says

          Wil is spot on. As a former 70’s anti war protester and socialist, and even Bernie Sanders supporter, I am astounded with today’s leftists and their military wing, Antifa. We can only hope that more and more Independents, liberals, and left oriented people will wake up and walk away from these terrible “people”. The Dem Party today is unrecognizable to me. They have lost anything that used to be good about them.

          • Polly styrene says

            They’ve lost their human centric focus. Now it’s about power.

          • Sydney says


            That’s what #blexit and #jexodus and #walkaway have been about. But it won’t be easy, because Western K-12 schools and universities are currently teaching yet more generations to hate Western history, culture, and values. Generations are being taught intersectional totalitarianism, which is necessarily anti-‘white’ racist, anti-male sexist, and virulently anti-Semitic.

            But you need to wake up, too, and see that the roots of this go back to the 70s and earlier. This is the fruit of the West-hating protests.

        • Marie Lucas Neff says

          Yes, what happened to him was definitely a felony and shame on the Portland Police for allowing this. No policeman I work with despite an order from the mayor would ever allow anyone to be harmed in front of them.

      • WH says

        That top comment is way too stupid to not be sarcastic.

      • Eileen Berti says

        Anyone with functioning eyes and a brain could see that they were very violent fascists before they attacked and injured Andy. To all innocent people: Please be careful when dealing with them or someone will get killed.

    • Antifa has never stopped the rise of fascism anywhere. It takes real men to do that, not a pack of larpers with tits.

      • ‘Antifa has never stopped the rise of fascism anywhere…’

        ! Of course not. ‘Antifa’ is itself fascism. What do you think fascism is? Look up what the original squadristi did.

      • Martin says

        “Antifa has never stopped the rise of fascism anywhere. It takes real men to do that, not a pack of larpers with tits.”

        These Antifa types haven’t even learned to support themselves; I’d wager over half of them depend on welfare or their parents to cover their monthly food and housing costs.

    • Shaniqua says

      They’ve hurt journalists and disabled bystanders with their actions, but keep pretending they are entirely a well-intentioned group.

    • Shane Simmons says

      You mean they only attack people they think are fascists, right? Which in this case means anyone remotely to the right of them on the political scale. No, these people are thugs, pure and simple, and you’re delusional if you think they’re justified in what they’re doing.

      They’re not simply thugs, either — they are, in fact, domestic terrorists.

      • nobaddog says

        Shane Simmons you have been deemed to be a fascist by antifa. All of your constitutional rights have been taken by the overweight unemployed members.

    • daemonmonkey says

      Antifa should be shot on sight. Because their definition of fascist is “all who are against us”!

      • 370H55V says

        Yes, including a couple of commenters above.

        • Emma says

          This is all neo liberal bs. Antifa is about disrupting fascist behavior by any means. It is an anarchist group which by definition means it does not care about the law. Further more, your golden boy Ngo has written op-Ed’s that are clearly rooted in fascist ideology. I know that you neo-liberals think everyone has the right to speech but have you ever thought well maybe people that hold discriminatory beliefs shouldn’t get to because they are inherently bad. Antifa is not a movement just to combat rich cis hey white men, the patriarchy had little to do with it. Antifa is a movement to combat fascist doings and ideology. And a friendly reminder, anyone can be a fascist, you don’t have to fall into a certain race religion or so on and you don’t even have to id as a fascist. If you do fascist behavior, you are a fascist.

          • Alan Gore says

            ” And a friendly reminder, anyone can be a fascist, you don’t have to fall into a certain race religion or so on and you don’t even have to id as a fascist. If you do fascist behavior, you are a fascist.”

            Thanks for defining ‘fascist’ as any form of opposition to lefty thugs. And thanks, Antifa, for re-electing Trump in 2020.

          • Kencathedrus says

            @Emma: By your own logic Antifa do fascist behavior so are therefore fascist.

          • Adam Smith says

            A question: does hospitalising someone for a political disagreement count as “fascist” in your reality?

          • Jeremy says

            @ Emma
            I”m left to interpret your comment as saying the following:
            1) physically assaulting and injuring a journalist is okay, because Antifa “don’t care about the law”
            2) The journalist said “bad things”, so maybe free speech isn’t such a good idea, when the ideas are “bad”.
            3) Antifa did “good” here.

            If enforcement of the law were dependent on a subject’s/group’s “caring about the law” then you can’t have a society.
            Secondly, and you’ll forgive me for this but reading history (interwar period) can make one paranoid: I never support or agree with anyone who states that “bad ideas should be suppressed”. I know where that kind of thinking leads.
            To the third point, i think your standards are all messy:
            it does not matter what the ideology is, when people start using violence, they have stepped outside of what our society deems as acceptable (in the absence of self-defense). How can you possibly say that this is okay?

            Also, you don’t know what neo-liberal means, if you apply it to Quilette.

          • E Taph says

            All that’s left for you is to be in charge of what falls into the category of “fascist behavior” and damn, if you tell me to dance, I’m gonna have to dance, and if you tell me to drop and do 50 to prove I’m not a fascist, that’s exactly what I will have to do. Damn “neo liberal bs” trying to prevent stupid bullies like you from acting like communal police.

          • Charlie says

            Define fascism and it’s historical roots.

          • Gordon the Gopher says

            “anyone can be a fascist, you don’t have to fall into a certain race religion or so on and you don’t even have to id as a fascist. If you do fascist behavior, you are a fascist.”

            Correct, by your own definition you’ve just proved that antifa are fascist, because they act and believe like a fascist. Furthermore, your assertion that anyone who writes critically of identity politics is a fascist who deserves to be beaten up, shows you to be a fascist to. Now that I’ve determined your fascist credentials, I’m sure you’re ok with being beaten up. Other people have determined you are so you’re happy to be treated as such huh (only joking of course. I wouldn’t advocate violence to anyone).

          • Charles says

            How does a group that claims to oppose fascism become the Brownshirts? Read your last sentence, it applies to you

          • Joe Blow says

            You’re a confused child Emma, and will wind up in prison or dead if you continue to associate with this terrorist organization.

          • Shawn T says

            Emma. Deep thinker, are we? What would you guess is the role of women in a truly anarchist success story? Remember, no laws and all that.

            “maybe people that hold discriminatory beliefs shouldn’t get to because they are inherently bad.” Said the inquisition, the puritanic witch burners, the bookburners, the KKK, pogrom designers, kulak executioners, Maoist culture revolutionaries, and now…well, you. I believe that qualifies you as a neo-moron, clearly rooted in moronic ideology.

          • DiamondLil says

            Beating people up in the street is pretty much Fascism 101, Emma. By your own definition, YOU are a fascist who deserves to be beaten up. See how that works?

          • Neil Mcrobert says

            I would bet a week’s wages I would need to throw a slimfast at you for you to get your fat face out of your backside!

          • Sydney says


            Don’t tell me; let me guess. Your name pegs you as a ‘white,’ 80s millennial. You were raised by clueless, apolitical, vaguely liberal boomers who never experienced a moment of economic or life hardship, and neither did you.

            Schools inculcated you with a vaguely left-wing worldview, and your left-lib leanings drew you in. You believed that corrupt Hillary would be president, and you wept with your hysterically emotional BFFs when she lost. You bought a pink pussy hat (you hate capitalism but love to shop!), and hung on every word uttered by body-proud hero, Lena Dunham. You have a useless arts degree and lots of tattoos paid for by your parents, or by your juice-bar PT job (I’d be surprised if you actually work).

            If pressed, you would admit that you know nothing about world history, world politics, science, or of much of anything. None of your cohort actually know much about anything (fault of left-lib education system and sleepy parents), and you all giggle about it when you’re drunk. If anything challenges your dreamy worldview you get confused, experience cognitive dissonance and begin to utter slogans you heard repeatedly on campus by the political weirdos on the quad. You now yell lots of slogans that don’t mean anything to you.

            Am I close?

            Please go read some history on 20th-century fascism. Go read Jonathan Haidt. Read Dinesh D’Souza’s book on the Dem Party. Read Thomas Sowell. Do it in secret; none of your BFFs have to know.

            You need help if you can look at that photo and demonize [gay, POC, child of immigrants] Andy Ngo. Please get it.

          • ossicle88 says

            Emma, you’ll be linking to those fascist ideology-rooted op-eds any moment now, one assumes? Three, two, one…

          • David says

            No, Emma, I’ve never thought that “people [who] hold discriminatory beliefs shouldn’t get to because they are inherently bad”. Is that your grade school education speaking? Tell me where in the U.S. Constitution it says that only “inherently good people” (as decided by whom, exactly?) are entitled to exercise the right to free speech. Can you do this? And if it’s true that “Antifa is a movement to combat fascist doings and ideology”, and that “[I]f you do fascist behavior, you are a fascist”, then does this mean that when Antifa “does fascist behavior” it is behaving in a fascist manner?

            Have you ever actually seen a fascist in real life? I don’t mean in some comic books you read or pictures of German Nazis before and during WWII. I mean in real, actual, everyday life. Or are you just ignorant? I don’t believe, for one minute, that what you’ve written in your comment shows that you have even a basic education, let alone that you are willing to think and act for yourself.

            Truly, Emma, if you’re not already doing so, please move back in with your parents, live in their basement for a few more years, and come out when you can prove you’re an adult. There are already too many dangerous thugs like you running around, loose, in this country, spreading their hatred and lies and disingenuous b.s. Please don’t add to their numbers anymore than you already have. Please crawl back under that rock of ignorance from which you’ve somehow slithered and remain there until you’ve disabused yourself of your vile, juvenile, fascist notions.

          • Kauf Buch says

            Emma is your classic #NPC, replete with all the tired anarchist cliches to fill an empty head.

          • Dan Robinson says

            It is good to know that they don’t care about the law…because if I ever get milkshaked they will be met with a response they don’t care for….

          • Mïkl says

            I don’t know why so many people here took that comment seriously cause it reads like a parody.

            But it’s true: when you’re an irrational Antifa cult member everything outside the ideology of the cult must be rooted in fascism and has to be stopped by any means necessary, so everyone you attack had it coming because they’re Sinners in one way or another because they haven’t realized how fascist everything is.

            Anyone who joins the Antifa cult clearly has mental issues.

            It’s a religious cult, it’s a cult of stupid and violent moralists.

          • Raoul says

            communism and fascism are the sporn of marxism. the only moral stance is Antima; anti-Marxism.

          • Defenstrator says

            Absolutely true. And you are a fascist based on your behaviour. That’s why we don’t like you. Telling us you fight that bad guys is a very obvious excuse to beat up people who disagree with you, which is what fascists do. Telling us obvious propagandistic lies is what fascists do. Also Commies. Either way, we’re not ok with your scumbaggery, and we refuse to get away with the lie that you are a decent person.

          • Andio Ryan says

            Please define fascism and fascist behavior.

          • Anonymous says

            You say you don’t care about the law. Unless you lose a fight. Then your group is whining about hate crimes and demanding investigations.

          • Andy Cutler says

            @Emma — you might want to research what fascism is.

          • derek says

            Emma: what happened in Portland is aggravated assault, which likely will be prosecuted. I suspect there is evidence that it was a conspiracy as well. This is criminal behavior of the worst kind. And you are justifying it.

            But there won’t be any argument. Simply arrests. You don’t merit anything that.

          • veritas libertas says

            You lost me at “it does not care about the law.” Emma, you are a fascist.

          • bill53 says

            fascism n.
            A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
            A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.

            Where exactly on the “right” do you see these bogeymen? Fascism and Communism are the two sides to the same TOTALITARIAN coin. I only see this on the left in other words folks like you. You have sociopathic issues …….

          • Erica from the West Village says

            And yet, if you’re an idiot and do idiotic things, you are an idiot.

            And you …are an idiot.

          • CarolAnne says

            You have just identified Antifa as fascists. Here is a clue- if you are doing your “protesting” wearing a hood and mask, carrying a bike lock or brick or crowbar, you are the fascist.

          • I will assume that this is not a Tatiana McGrath style prank, but yes you are right “Emma”, anyone can be a fascist, regardless of race, creed and ethnicity, which of course means that so-called “Antifa” is objectively a fascist movement whose ideas and actions are clearly rooted in fascist ideology.

          • RO mits says

            I think that Hitler said that the Jews shouldn’t have their ideas and thoughts

          • RO mits says

            Just Emma lots of guts leave your whole name cockroaches like shadows

          • Bob says

            I’m genuinely confused about your use of the term neo-liberal. The only thing I can guess is that you’re confusing neo-liberal economics with the political right in general. This is a bit like referring to the political left en masse as single payers. Could you please clarify?

          • Ullrich Fischer says

            Wow. Spoken like an agent for the real fascists. This kind of intolerance and self-arrogation of the right to decide who it is ok to physically attack is exactly why the alt-right and the actual fascists in the USA and elsewhere are on the ascendancy. Far from combating fascism, this kind of behaviour is empowering it. Evidently, the most fundamentalist idiots in the Cult of the Woke have learned nothing from the rise of the Trumpettes.

          • doug deeper says

            You are the very definition of a violence enabling, totalitarian tyrant, or what reasonable people call a fascist. The fact that you believe you are the one who can identify fascist behavior in anyone with such conceit and back up your decisions by advocating violence against them is something a narcissistic psychopath would believe. Your patently “discriminatory beliefs” make you a fascist even by your own ludicrous definition.
            Emma, hopefully you will someday grow out of your leftist slogan-based view of politics and the world because now you are just another hollow hater who will only cause destruction and pain. As written by other commenters here, antifa has never defeated real fascists, but they sure do harm a lot of innocents.

          • bigedrules says

            I consider your post “inherently bad,” Emma. Should I disrupt you? With a milkshake? With a gas chamber? With secret police Soviet style? Should I make you disappear? Should I make your loved ones disappear as well? Stop and think just how arrogant and pretentious your thoughts are. In this country you don’t get to say what is “inherently bad.” Get. over. yourself.

          • Pat Henry says

            Emma, your are expressing the reasoning and conclusions of a person who–at best–has been severely mislead in her education.

            Anyone who has even casually studied the rise early twentieth century emergency of of fascism and its twin national socialism in Europe can recognize the flaws in your statements. Anyone who has read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany” by William L. Shirer can see that Antifa is using all of the same methods originally employed by the first brownshirts–many of whom were gay, including their first leader who was a staunch supporter of Hitler and Hitler’s vision of socialism and racism.

            But Antifa doesn’t stop at adopting brownshirt methods. Antifa appears to have a fetish for the Nazi look. Antifa’s colors are the same as the National Socialist German Workers Party. In German, this party name is abbreviated to NSDAP. An even shorter abbreviation, based on the German equivalent of National Socialism, brings us to Na Zi or simply Nazi. On top of this, Antifa members in their riot gear vaguely resemble cartoonish renditions of SS members in their uniforms.

            In short, Antifa is simply the latest expression of European-bred left-wing intolerance and left-wing hunger for power and government control over every aspect of a person’s life from cradle to grave. Since time immemorial, many Europeans have hungered for government control. We see this in Europe’s history of monarchies, autocracies, authoritarian governments, and left-wing totalitarian dictatorships–the last of which all sprouted from Marxism in the twentieth century.

            Which brings us to an important distinction between European and American political thought, experience, and terminology. In Europe, those political leaders who reacted to Marxist radicalism by trying to hold onto authoritarian monarchies and autocracies became known as reactionaries. Such reactionaries became known as the Right in Europe. In America, the Left (driven by Globalist aspirations and loyalty and support) attempts to confuse and muddy and paint over the crucial difference between what was historically the European Right and what has always been the American Right. The European Right historically tried to preserve monarchies and autocracies. In contrast, the American Right has always opposed those very things and, more broadly, any kind of strong, centralized government. The American Right has always favored self-determination, local and state government, and–above all–a weak federal government.

            Whenever Antifa and its overt and covert supporters try to equate the American Right with racism and whenever they try to equate American patriotism with racism, they are glossing over the facts that Hitler’s left-wing National Socialists were racist and that Soviet Russia–the communist worker’s paradise–was infamous for its treatment of Jews and any of the 120 cultural groups that were in the minority of that wretched Russian attempt at Marxism.

            That America’s political thought and institutions and expression and economic model are all superior to anything Europe has ever produced is beyond question. Otherwise, all those European immigrants would have stayed put in the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries and lived their lives under the misery of religious and political persecution and economic stagnation. The same can be said in relation to the Central and South American nations that have secretly and surreptitiously disgorged millions of their own across our borders for the past fifty years as the result of a subtle but very real form of modern slavery.

            Ever since the founding of the Republic, the American Right has opposed human enslavement to any kind of overlord for any reason. We even went through a civil war related to how this very topic should be resolved. Anyone who doubts or questions this commitment to individual liberty should ask himself or herself, “Why is it, then, that so many Americans believe that every person has a natural-born right to keep and bear weapons?”

            “The right to self defense is the first law of nature.” -St. George Tucker

          • Dylan says

            Lol. I find your post discriminatory and determine that you thereby have lost your right to free speech.

          • Eileen Berti says

            I’m not buying what you’re selling.

    • Wil Cheung says

      Last time I checked, physically assaulting anyone, anyone, is against the law.

      Your attempt to justify the actions of thugs putting quick-drying cement into milkshakes and throwing them as a weapon against a lone person taking pictures is disgusting.

      Unless he was assaulting you first, you have no right to physically attack someone.

      Brain hemorrhage is attempted murder.

      Antifa does not get to decide who is a fascist, much less inflict violence on them.

      It’s you who should take a good, hard look in the mirror.

    • Lee Ho says

      You are a part of the problem. Please never procreate.

    • Canadian Immigrant says

      Clearly false. You’re just making the word “fascist meaningless.”

    • Alice says

      Antifa does NOT only attack fascists. If you took the time to properly educate yourself, you’d find that Antifa actually primarily attacks relatively mainstream conservatives, as well as anyone who fundamentally disagrees with their ideology and tactics. You are beyond delusion and ignorance if you sincerely believe they attack fascists at all, actually.

      • I think that every western nation is at five minutes before the total collapse of the Roman Empire.
        Pockets will survive just as it did in the dark ages.

        I listened to an Australian podcaster speaking with an American on the traditional marriage veto (a boring medieval subject to many perhaps)

        But the best thing I’ve heard in many years was the suggestion that grandparents buy some acres in the bush, and when their grandkids reach 12-14 teach them to build a livable cabin, and when you think about it this is the most empowering thing.

        Your descendants will know they will never be homeless, and nor do they ever need to fear marriage and children, for surely if you alone built a cabin at 13, you will know you will be capable of building shelter for your family.

        I’ve known for a while we are at the end of of our civilization. As a lover of history, I also know that those who accept get to write the history.

    • Jeanette Victoria says

      You you are justified attempted murder because you don’t like what this journalist is writing? My aren’t you the good little fascist!

    • Aerth says

      I am sure they strongly believe they are “only attack facists”. They are the ones who define who facist is, after all.

    • Mike says

      @Winter time,

      I can’t tell if this is a joke/troll comment or not. Thus is the absurdity of modern times.

    • Benny says

      You are a disgrace. And I say that as a liberal.

    • Sydney says

      @Winter time

      You need to “take a good, hard look at yourself and what you’ve become.” Antifa IS fascism.

    • Grant says

      An outright lie, but that’s to be expected from someone like you, Winter. If anyone needs some mirror time it’s you and your violent, small minded friends.

    • Kevin Herman says

      Im guessing you wouldnt attack an old lady unless you had 10 scum backing you up. People like Antifa are the new French Revolution. They should be exterminated like vermin. Id happily volunteer to help with the job.

    • Liberal leftist says

      The word fascism loses power as you expand its meaning.

      Not everything does what it says on the tin. Just like the DPRK is not a democracy, antifa try to shut down people who aren’t actually fascist.

      Antifa are an authoritarian symptom of an unhealthy democracy.

    • Robert says

      I bet the KKK said something just like about assaulting blacks, but it does not surprise me seeing Democrats were the KKK and now Antifa.

    • Adam says

      That’s a fantastic way to dodge responsibility you’ve got there. “Look at what you made me do to you!” Does that look familiar at all?

    • Yessir Imafat says

      Tell me, which of these statements do you agree with:

      The formation of a National Council of Experts for Labor, for Industry, for Transportation, for Public Health, for Communications, etc. Selections to be made from the collective professional or of tradesmen with legislative powers, and elected directly to a General Commission with ministerial powers.

      A (living) minimum wage;

      The participation of workers’ representatives in the functions of industry commissions;

      To show the same confidence in the labor unions as is given to industry executives or public servants;

      A necessary modification of the insurance laws to invalidate the minimum retirement age; we proposed to lower it from 65 to 55 years of age;

      The nationalization of all military manufacturing;

      A strong progressive tax on capital that will truly expropriate a portion of all wealth;

      The seizure of the possessions of the religious congregations and the abolition of the bishoprics, which are an enormous liability on the Nation and on the privileges of the poor; and

      The review of all military contracts and seizure of 85 percent of the profits therein.

      Sounds a bit like the current policies of the Democratic party don’t they?

      These are edited sections of the Fascist Manifesto of Benito Mussolini.

      Who are the fascists/

      • Craig says

        A Few of those were in the National Socialist Workers Party manifesto as well.

        • I have found that the way to drive extreme left fascists insane goes something like this :
          Lefty posts ” A Nazi did xyz ……?
          ” Oh, an 120 year old National Socialist German Workers Party ” member did what? ”
          Let them send you all the Wikipedia quotes about somebody who said something?
          And then repeat the question?
          If the left call you a Nazi these days, you’re probably an outstanding citizen.

    • Cheryl55 says

      It does not MATTER who he is or where he came from! I want to know if they are IN JAIL and will they stay there? And if not why? ALL media have brought this on themselves! First by treating cowards like heroes! Second by not denouncing and demanding the removal of those like Maxine Waters, Corey Booker and too many Democrats to name who have publicly CALLED for VIOLENCE!! During the Trump rallies I SAW elderly people being spit on, teenagers being chased down and beaten with bottles and clubs, vehicles being destroyed, little children listening to VILE filthy language from the ANIMALS that the Democrat Party HIRED via Craigslist to go there and do exactly what they did!! They Paid for the buses, meals and gave them an hourly pay of 12.00 an hour to HURT AMERICANS! Where was law enforcement? Where were the lawmakers? Where the hell are the Americans that should be standing up against this?

      • Peter from Oz says

        Quick question. Is there no past tense of ”spit” in American english. In British english we would have said ”spat”.

        • Shawn T says

          Peter. I think the inclusion of the present continous “being” clouded it. Otherwise, “spat” flies as well here as anywhere.

        • Is this all you have to contribute to this issue? A grammer lession? This is all that you took away from this article? I feel for you, your life must be so empty.

          • Peter from Oz says

            If you’d bothered to read the comments, you will see that I have actually made a few comments on the issues of the article.
            Unlike you, I can actually stop sometimes to look at inresting things along the way. it seems that you are one of those boring, earnest Americans who can’t see any fun in anything.
            You have my pity.

      • Defenstrator says

        That is a fairly hyperbolic accusation. Do you have evidence to support it?

        • Nick Podmore says

          See the Project Veritas undercover report very enlightening insight into DNC tactics during the 2016 election…and before you say this is all lies and propaganda….it went to court as a slander/libel action and Veritas were accused of lying by the plaintiff….the judge and jury disagreed, found no such evidence and Veritas won…

        • Lydia says

          See Bob Creamer. He was one of the organizers for the DNC dispatching disrupters to Trump rallies often dressed as supporters.

      • Geoffrey7 says

        So this comment is utter nonsense. Card-carrying liberal here who is revolted by what has happened to this young man and doubly revolted by groups like antifa and social-justice types who violently shut down any speech or perspective they don’t like, regardless of how little or how far it diverges from their ideological orthodoxy. If we want that to stop, we have to begin by not pointing at what fringe groups and outlets are saying and suggest that this somehow implicates mainstream Democrats or liberals, anymore than a small number of extreme right-wing freaks or white supremacists should be held ups as exemplifying the beliefs of thoughtful mainstream conservatives. I mean — the idiots cited in The Post Millennial piece include the likes of :”Middle East Eye” (seriously??) Talia Ross and other unknown or already disgraced freelancers whose bylines have been featured someplace at some point—Who cares what they said or what they think? This isn’t exactly CNN, whose commentators have deplored antifa and this brutality against Mr. Ngo in no uncertain terms.

        • Lydia says

          Too late Geoffrey. you guys looked the other way or agreed with NO evidence for 15 years while we were being labeled as racist, xenophobic and homophobic. And that’s just by your political heroes who lumped us all into the “hate” category while you all controlled most of the institutions.

          Exactly what did you think would happen? Did you not think it would ever reach down and affect your own because you were a protected liberal and not one of those horrible conservatives? What made you think such things would not end up turning your own?

          Now you are saying it’s wrong to lump all liberals into one category. Welcome to the club.

          • Geoffrey7 says

            @Lydia, that’s also nonsense. Which of “my” political “heroes” are we talking about? And this particular situation isn’t “turning on my own”, much as you might like it to, darling. The guy who got beat up is a conservative writer with some strong points of view in that direction. But thanks for welcoming me to the club. That’s my whole point. Every right-thinking person has to stand up against this. And it’s sort of self-defeating for you to waste time striking out at people who are allied in that effort.

        • Sydney says


          You’re either unaware of how extreme the liberal mainstream has become, or else you’re unable to face it. These fascist Antifa thugs are the children of mainstream-lib, middle-class boomers.

          “…mainstream Democrats or liberals…” have become intersectional, racist, sexist, anti-Semitic fringe far-leftists. You haven’t kept up with Democrat congresswomen Rachida Tlaib, AOC, and Ilhan Omar? These monsters now represent the mainstream left. The mainstream liberal-left IS now extreme and fringe.

          Mainstream media now strains itself to make excuses for these thugs, whether they’re in Congress or in downtown Portland. CNN’s commentators haven’t indicated that they “deplore” the fascist Antifa thugs; to the contrary, they’ve soft-pedaled and looked for excuses for them. And CNN (just as an example) is full of racist, sexist, intersectional, anti-Semitic thugs…in suits and business-casualwear.

          Please wake up. It’s painful and requires some thought and new reading, but it’s possible and necessary. (I did it. I originally came from the far-left.)

        • @Geoffrey, if they are the fringe, then why have none of the Dem presidential candidates said a single word about this attack, except for Mr. Yang? Why have none of the major liberal outlets not written a single word about this attack (tweets by individual journalists don’t count)? Why have none of the major liberal TV shows or talk shows had Mr. Ngo on as a guest? You say cnn has ‘deplored antifa” in no uncertain terms. They have? Um, they said a single thing about Ngo. They have NOT deplored antifa in any terms, much less no uncertain ones.

          CBS, NBC, NYT, et al haven’t even acknowledged the event. An Asian gay immigrant journalist got a BRAIN BLEED from a mob of white men.

          CNN has spent literally 5 minutes on it total.

          However, Ngo was called a “conservative blogger”- he is neither a blogger nor a conservative , but I notice all the outlets that report on him, even Fox, say he is a ‘conservative’ as though to simply write for a non-left, independent journal, Quillete, makes one a ‘conservative.’ The way it was reported also implied he was somehow linked to the “Proud Boys.”

          Flip the perps and victims. Now imagine if the Right responded to an identical attack by a white supremacist group on a reporter this way. You have to imagine it because unlike antifa, there is no correlary among the crazy far-right and no one is justifying them if there were; they hold no positions in universities, have no one justifying them in congress or the media. IT’s toxic to simply not immediately condemn them. Nothing like that holds for Antifa, though Antifa is filled with white people who viciously attack old people, Asians, anyone the mob decides they want to beat up, while wearing black and black masks.

          If the mainstream Dems want to dissociate themselves from these ideological thugs, they need to condemn them. Loudly. Often. They need to arrest them. They need to order police to arrest them and – gasp – assist anyone who is attacked.

          Staying silent is a response. What you permit, you promote.

          • Geoffrey7 says

            The right routinely responds to attacks like this one by right-wing crazies and others in the same way (President “fine people on both sides” Trump, after a recently convicted white supremacist actually murdered a woman in Charlottesville), so we probably should go there. And people have been arrested in this incident, so you can stop clutching your pearls about that for the moment.

            But all that aside I basically agree with you and that’s my whole point. Sane people of any ideological stripe should condemn this act, regardless of whether they tend to agree or disagree with Mr. Ngo. In addition, when liberals and conservatives agree on key issues as they do on Quillette’s forums, it seems utterly self-defeating for the conservatives to immediately alienate allies with narrow, intemperate and mostly untrue anti-liberal rants in the comments section.

            In fact, this is exactly how the climate gets set in place that has now harmed Mr. Ngo. We have political factions that can’t tolerate any deviation from their orthodoxy, or who can’t stop licking their wounds over perceived past slights, and yeah, it’s not just on the left—although it is on the left. Ronald Reagan said that someone who agrees with you 80% of the time is your ally, not your enemy. I just think we’d all do well to keep that in mind.

      • DiamondLil says

        This is Portland, Cheryl55. Hate is love and violence is peace. Andy will probably be the one who goes to jail.

    • MMS says

      @Winter – You are either an idiot or you need to work on your sarcasm (too impervious)…

    • KaD says

      You’re an idiot. Antifa ARE the fascists. Wake the F up.

    • Ron S says

      To Winter time –

      Spoken like a true believer with blinders on. You’ve redefined “fascist” to suit your ideological interests.

    • E_ABZU says

      I’d happily bash your antifash head in. If it makes me a NAZI, so be it. Faggots like you need to be taught a lesson your friends will never forget. You however won’t remember because I will put you in a coma.

      • Who us garrba-ge? says

        You are human garbage for indiciting you would do extreme violence to others and furthermore propogating through your comment

    • Academy 23 says

      Winter Time – the only way to respond to idiots like you is ‘fk off ct’.

    • William says

      I think we know who the fascists are, they are the pathetic little creeps hiding behind the masks.

      • Abirdinthehand says

        They’re so brave they hide their faces and gang up on Asian journalists with slight builds and old men in wheelchairs. Ah, yes, they’re just like the boys on Omaha Beach!

        Anybody who defends Antifa is a garbage person.

    • Jason Nemeth says

      Aww, cute, it thinks it’s a grown up. Black and white thinking is for simpletons and children.

    • Paul says

      Oh fuck you, you worthless little fucking cunt. Antifa are a bunch of cowardly little fucking pussies, hiding behind their masks. Go suck a cock.

    • George Orwell Was Right says

      @Winter Time – You sound like the real fascist, and a sadist as well.

    • Bill says

      New omg they attack people with different opinions you loser. Do it to me and I’ll kill you bitch

    • Durwin Foster says

      this is projection, pure and simple.

    • Michael Johnston says

      It saddens me to see some of the responses to ‘Winter time’ expressing threats and abuse. Winter is probably a troll out for kicks, in which case ignoring him or her would be the best strategy. If one feels compelled to respond however, a temperate and dignified approach is the way to go. Never descend to the level of the mob.

      • Stephanie says

        I’m saddened by the number of responses to Winter, who has not responded to any of them. Why must people fill the comments board with the same responses to one trolling comment? They look like fools and the worst is, they don’t know it.

        • Rev. Wazoo! says

          @Micheal Johnston and Stephanie
          Spot on!
          Don’t feed the trolls and setting best example is can be the sweetest revenge.

        • Aristodemus says

          Got no problem with quality control and erasing asinine comments. Maybe to forestall screams of censorship, they could all be transposed to some other thread.

      • Eddie B says

        @Michael Johnston
        Here, here!

        Seems people in this thread want to become anti-antifa using the same violent tactics to respond to Winter.

        An elusive lesson for some it seems, and im betting the whole lot were asleep during government class.

        • Jesse says

          Eddie B,

          The commenters who dogpiled on Winter were gullible, but they weren’t using “violent” tactics. For all I know you’re a troll yourself and I’m being just as gullible as they were, but I will object strenuously any time I see someone try to characterize any speech as violent. Speech CANNOT be violent—at worst, it can INCITE violence (or it can threaten violence, in which case it is threatening, NOT violent). I will mercilessly ridicule idea that speech can even POSSIBLY be “violent” whenever and wherever I see it expressed.

          • Who us garrba-ge? says

            Speech with body lanuage cant be violent? Homestly like if i got my hand on a gun threating to kill but never do it… that isnt violent? How about if i pull it on you but never actually do anything just yell im gonna pull the trigger etc etc is that not violent?

      • Polly styrene says

        Agreed. And if quillette was like Canada’s left wing media (take CBC or TVO) they’d not let the likes of “Winter time” post on their site. They do not give a platform, which is problem as yo don’t get to hear what they say. And what they say seems to be fairly peurile AND uninformed. So yes, troll. But a waste of bandwidth. Ignore is the best policy.

    • Peter says

      Who chooses who is to be attacked? The severity of the attack? What rules to follow to avoid such an attack? What can and can’t be said? What thoughts we can think? Who is big brother?

      • Who us garrba-ge? says

        Well if you watch the video the lone actor who physcially assualted the reporter was pulled back by other anitfia activists so i dont think they support violence and it was probably a lone actor considering a mob that big being physcially violent could have easily killed him by accident and unintentionally….

    • Nick says

      I hope you are beaten up by antifa so that you will define yourself as a fascist. After all, if it’s in their name, it MUST be true.

    • Todd Webb says

      If only Trump could round up Antifa and airdrop them over North Korea, Iran, Syria, Sudan, China… let them come face to face with a real fascist with a real army.

        • Azathoth says

          “antifa is in syria fighting FOR isis”


        • Fuzzy Headed Mang says

          TJ: great comment! I dig it.

    • Hestia says

      Antifa hooligans are the useful idiots of the left!! They are also dangerous idiots with no critical thinking skills. Brain washed idiots.

      • Lydia says

        I see them as the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party. as the Democratic party totalitarians want to micromanage and censor more and more areas of our lives, antifa is supposed to make us fear speaking out against such we see coming from Democrat Party and their rich benefactors. Especially Silicon Valley.

    • Boris Badinov says

      No, obviously antifa and their ilk are the violent Fascists, trying to silence any free speech they disagree with just like the Nazis and the Communist dictators have done. They are terrorists.

      • Polly styrene says

        True. And attacking journalists is becoming more prevalent. This happened in Toronto to a journalist who came to report on a Healing Lodge being built in a neighbourhood with children. The journalist (in an open community meeting) challenged the organizers. But th eorganizers had some militant type women who asked as a sort of security and the journalist was pulled out of the meeting — leaving her personal belongs behind. This is not a free society when this happens. Antifa people in this case robbed the community of good peple information they needed to understand what was being build in their neighbourhood. They clearly wanted nothing in their way to getting what they wanted.

        For context, a Healing Lodge housed a convicted sex predator woman who helped her boyfriend sexually abuse and kill a 10 year old. Not a drug addled loser but an actual physical predator. Journalist was doing her job, she was attacked and thrown out. The antifa don’t want to recognize the rights of others. They just want to get their way — by whatever means and almost always violence.

        These are thugs.

    • Todd Webb says

      Except Andy isn’t a fascist, YOU ARE, so you’re the one who should have your head kicked in, and then afterwards take a good, hard look at yourself and what you’ve become.

      • Myk3y says

        True. Andy is a bigot, not a fascist, but he does love to write editorials that mirror fascist ideology, so there’s that.

        • Fuzzy Headed Mang says

          myk3y so basically you’re saying he’s a fascist….. how do his editorials mirror fascist ideology, specifically? Can you give me one example? That’s a lot more persuasive than ad hominem arguments.

    • Clock says

      “If you’re confused why we attacked you, it’s because you haven’t figured out why you’re the problem yet.”

      You’re insane.

      • Polly styrene says

        Clock. Really. I’d advise not walking by psych wards or anything. There’s insane people there too, some of them probably good friends of yours.

    • Defenstrator says

      Antifa are fascists you stupid fool. They do everything fascists did to get power. I hold them in the same contempt as I hold neo-nazis. As should any moral person. If you are siding with them it is you who needs to take a good look at the asshole in your mirror.

    • JF says

      Just remember that by failing to defend Mr Ngo’s rights, you are also failing to defend your own. If you get what you say you want, then when you become the target, who will defend you?

    • Zessm Zessm says

      @WinterTime The problem, of course, is that the definition of “Fascist” is today wildly subjective and has taken on a meaning far removed from the 1930’s idea. Fascist, Racist, Homophobe, Misogynist, the list goes on. These terms have all become so so widely (and wildly) abused as to have no meaning anymore. Stop calling Antifa, “Anti-Fascists”. Call them what they (and you) really are; Fascists themselves and Anarchists.

    • Robert Reseigh says

      ANTIFA is not interested in facism. That is a red herring so that they can attack and intimidate any from the moderate left, centre, conservative populace for there own ends. ANTIFA is a classic facist group. Brownshirts in black.

    • Nick says

      Like the Jewish guy they beat up last year that was just a bystander or the Bernie supporter that was also beaten up by antifa.

      • Stacey Hershfiekd says

        This is insanity! Stay out of Portland. Nazi tactics. The police are cowards abd need to be investigated….people need to.lose tgeir jo bs. Bring in the Feds!

    • Rudi Van Desarzio says

      I’ve been trying to watch the George Clooney remake of catch-22 on Hulu. It’s somewhat fatally flawed, but one of the things that they try to bring through from the novel is the circular logic and double speak used by the brass.

      @Winter time has nailed it here, except he has no idea he’s being funny.

    • Geoff says

      We need a federal law and state laws against the wearing of disguises at political demonstrations, and we need to enforce such laws where they already exist. Similarly, we need federal and state laws against the release of people’s personal information for the purpose of subjecting them to intimidation or harassment (doxxing). My best wishes to Andy Ngo!

      • Polly styrene says

        A reasoned and reasonable response. People covering their face are looking to disguise actions they don’t want to be responsible for. They want to create anonymized destruction. They are agents of brutality who think they are agents of virtue. lllllllllll

      • Geoff,

        I agree that we should have laws against wearing JC masks in public, but I don’t agree that we should have “anti-doxxing” laws. Strictly speaking, discovering who is behind a pseudonym and then publishing that information is an act that is completely protected by the first amendment. If someone goes beyond that—if, for example, I not only figure out who you are but post your home address and suggest that you’re a bad person and bad things should happen to you—we already have laws to protect you. That’s harassment and intimidation, and we don’t need more restrictions on speech to police such bad behavior.

      • Who us garrba-ge? says

        So your anti personal freedom ?

    • Cenobite says

      @Winter time. A brief history lesson seems to be in order. When Benito Mussolini put forward his manifesto with Giovanni Gentile and then formed his government the first Antifa was formed. It was made up of international socialists (read Russian directed communists.) In response Mussolini created the black shirts. In Germany (Then the Weimar Republic) the Antifa gathered and started attacking any political party not pro socialist.

      In response Hitler formed the brown shirts, not before but after Antifa came to Weimar. When Hitler was made chancellor by Von Hindenburg, and then became Fuhrer after the Reichstag fire and Hindenburg died. Hitler started killing off is political enemies but many of the Antifa converted to Nazism to avoid death. The German’s of that age called them “Beef Steak Nazis,” because they were brown on the outside but red inside.

      Antifa does not attack fascists they create them. Before the Antifa attacked the Germans in Weimar Hitler’s party was fringe, small, and just annoying according to Hindenburg. Once Antifa started attacking Germans who didn’t agree with them politically Hitler and his party found a calling billing themselves as the defense against terrorists who took marching orders from Moscow. Hitler wrote that he enjoyed giving speeches in beer halls where people ate, drank and listened as he spoke over the sounds of his brown shirts beating Antifa.

      • Charlie says

        Excellent points. There needs to be far more explanation of the roots of political violence from the 1840s onwards and particularly post 1905 when Mussolini and Lenin were in Zurich..

    • Shadow says

      Antifa is a registered terrorist organization, both in the EU (where they tried to cause a train disaster in Germany) and in the USA. Anyone who supports them supports terrorism and should be regarded as such by authorities.

      • Who us garrba-ge? says

        Do some more research please

    • jimhaz says

      For everything there is an opposite reaction – in humans that opposite reaction may not be ‘equal’

      The more Antifa act like this the more chance there is of harm done to left based people. They are both stirring up existing hatred and creating hatred – as does Trump, the Great Polariser.

      The SJW left and even the Democrat party itself, needs to become more cognisant that they are asking for too much social change, concerning almost instinctual beliefs, to happen in too short a time period.

      I’m actually a little surprised that events similar to Anders Breivik mass murder has not occurred in the US. I’ve been expecting more strict right wing nobodies to crack.

      • DanV says

        Or maybe it’s not that the timeframe for these social changes is ‘too short’ – maybe its just that the changes the SJW Left and Democrats are asking for are harmful, retrogressive or outright impossible, irrespective of timeframe.

      • Sydney says


        Antifa can ONLY “act like this.” Violence, intimidation, and threat is its raison d’etre. Antifa is a group of thugs, so thuggery is its only way to act. Were you expecting them to take off their black hoodies and go find jobs?

        Antifa thugs don’t exist as a reaction to Trump. They exist because the far-left of schools, universities, and unions made Antifa’s worldview mainstream.

        Trump hasn’t polarized anything. He was simply the most viable candidate after Obama’s Long Reign of The Empty Suit. Blame polarization on Lyin’ Hillary. She was a far more pathological and schizophrenic political and social figure than Trump, who has been transparently himself for 30 public years.

        Why would a fringe white-supremacist be more likely than Antifa? Mainstream liberal boomers coddled and created Antifa. Nobody has been creating a wave of white supremacists.

    • Eddie B says

      Who is the judge and jury for who fits under the lable facist?

      All decided by antifa you say? Maybe even decided by a single member with no checks and balances? Surely such a well run organization like antifa never has a lapse in judgement. No innocent till proven guilty either?

      You don’t pethaps see a big ass red flag?
      Thats exactly why our government is structured the way it is, so no one has to live under anothers whim.

    • Nick Podmore says

      Antifa ARE the Fascists…and cowards at that……if the REAL far right decided to go up against Antifa, Antifa would not stand a snowballs chance in hell. Antifa restricts themselves to bullying defenceless and harmless people…mainly the elderly because there is not a real man …or woman among them….

    • A normal Guy says

      That’s as absurd as saying cat poison only kills cats. It’s a massified movement, and people have no idea of what fascism is. When individuals form groups their abilities to control themselves dissappear.

    • GRPalmer says

      Spoken like a true Alt-Left National Socialist.

      Classic Fascism

      Act like violent thug and slander your victims

      Hitler would be proud of you

      Note: Inciting criminal violence is a criminal offence.

      Enjoy you stay in a cell with a view and remember Comrade don’t drop your soap.

    • Yours is the same mindset that allowed Hitler to gain power and brainwash a whole nation, we are righteous and correct and the Jews are evil. Look in the mirror who is the real fascists.

    • AJ says

      @Winter Time
      “Antifa only attacks fascists. If you got beaten up by them…well…maybe take a good, hard look at yourself and what you’ve become.”

      Winter Time you obviously believe that Antifa beats up those it believes are fascists and is justified in doing so.
      This is rightly illegal and the antithesis of a liberal society. Ironically the supression of political opposition through violence is one of the hallmarks of fascism so perhaps Antifa shoulf beat themselves up.

      The aspect of your comment which is perhaps even more disturbing is that it is clear that you believe anyone attacked by Antifa are fascists because they have been attacked by Antifa, a frightening circular argument which leaves no room for the possibility of mistakes or uncertainty.

      Based on this statement Antifa are clearly a group who advocate political violence. Support of such activites shoudl result in significnat jail time.

    • Bart says

      You do realize this comment makes no logical sense, right?

    • Hermes says

      BwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHHHHahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Christ, I needed that, Thanks Winter Time, what neat humour!!!

    • Kencathedrus says

      @Winter time: what a mean-spirited hate-filled little goblinoid you are. Who are you to justify using violence against another human being? Take the log out of your own eye and apply your advice to yourself.

    • Heber the husband of Jael says

      Is this a joke? Antifa only attack fascists? The problem with Antifa is that they attack anyone who disagrees with or reports truthfully about them. Also Andy is a gay Vietnamese man who has covered antifa violence truthfully, and that is why antifa attacked him, cause he has exposed antifa in the past as the real fascists.

    • Will Raper says

      And I kill black masked thugs like you

      • Who us garrba-ge? says

        You are human garbage for indiciting you would do extreme violence to others and furthermore propogating violence through your comment

    • Iain says

      So we can call you a fascist and then cave your head in.

      Good to know. We’ll keep that in mind at the next protest.

    • gotchathistime says

      “Antifa” uses fascist tactics. You are who you behave as. Antifa is outraged at the idea that other people are allowed to have an opinion different than them. I was always surprised about how much hate, arson and violence it takes for “Love Trumps Hate” to work out. The left is always talking about how violent the right is while endorsing violence to shut up freedom of speech. There are over a hundred million americans with three hundred million firearms and over eight trillion rounds of ammo. If the right was as violent as the left claims there would be no left left. The left is egging on a civil war, just as they did at Fort Sumter to try to keep humans from freedom. I hope we never have a civil war because the innocent are the ones who lose the most.

      Your actions speak so loudly we cannot hear the words you use to justify them.

    • Paul Brooks says

      Yep that’s how the Nazis justified there attacks on Jewish people and gays and blacks and anyone who didn’t agree with them … you are a sad mistake person .

    • E Taph says

      If antifa only attacks facists, anything antifa attacks IS a fascist! QED

      All dogs have four paws, anything with four paws is a dog, my cat has four paws, ergo my cat is a dog and so are all cats, really! QED! Obviously a way more likely scenario than a bunch of red guard thugs sanctioning their own violence, then attacking a journalist who happened to report inconvenient details of their “freedom fighting” operation before trying to cover it up with that sort of rhetoric.

    • Dan says

      The German SA and SS arose out of attacks by the 1930’s German Antifa group AKA the Communists and Anarchists. When you militarize politics as Antifa imagines it can do, while the authorities of the state sit on their hands, the other side eventually mobilizes it’s own armed forces.

      The city of Portland and their flacid police department are agents of disorder and injustice. They will reap what they sow.

      • Charlie says

        Dan. The origins start with the attempted coup by the Marxists in 1919 in Berlin and Munich which was defeated by the Freikorps- former WW1 veterans . Many Freikorps joined the SA and the SS. The SS comprised many WW1 NCOs. Unemployed youth coming to manhood post WW1 either joined the communists, SA or various back to nature camping groups.

        The SA/SS were able to attract tougher men better at fighting than the communists, especially ex WW1 combat NCOs. As SA/SS started to win the street battles against the communists, they attracted many of their supporters. The SA were the public rowdies and the SS were in the background. When Hitler used the SS to supress the SA in 1933, he was praised by the Germans for restoring law and order.

    • teerover says

      …actually the answer by me would be to carry mace or pepper spray and return attack on the Antifa Thugs. The triggered little ones need a taste of their own medicine

      • veritas libertas says

        Mace? Pepper spray? More bullets will do the job nicely.

    • JacksonAshley says

      Lets see here: Antifa goes around marching wearing masks and black shirts. Carry flags, and demand adherence to a rigid code that puts the needs of the group ahead of the individual, and beating up anyone who gets in their way. Sounds like fascists to me.

    • Alx says

      Oh Really? Someone can declare that in their opinion you are a fascist and then beat you up?

      Well that is awfully Stalinist/fascist of you, unilaterally declare guilt then exert punishment.

    • Keith D Crosby says

      Oh…uh… they get to define who is a fascist…then become judge jury and, if they wish, judge, jury, and executioner. Antifa is the new Ku Klux Klan. And the left in support them is having an Orwellian Animal Farm moment—two legs bad… four legs good. Any one supporting Antifa should take a good long look in the mirror. They’ll find a hypocrite or a fascist or both.

    • Deeptoad says

      Wrong. Antifa attacks people on the street whom they know nothing about. They are to say who is a fascist? Cut me a break. It’s still assault, battery, attempted murder.

    • Kauf Buch says

      TO Winter time
      Hitler applauds you and your mental gymnastics in projecting your own Leftist behavior onto others. Seek mental help.

    • Kauf Buch says

      p.s. TO Winter time
      You and your ilk are the paramilitaristic arm of the Democrat Party…in other words, today’s KKK.
      Little-to-no different from Hitler’s Sturmabteilung (SA).

    • Rich Dilorenzo says

      Ever hear of the “Brown Shirts? I doubt you even have a clear definition in your mind as to what a fascist might be. What possible definition could encapsulate Antifa?

    • Victor Czerkasij says

      If you have to beat up someone, you are a fascist.

    • Mark says

      and only blacks who raped white women were lynched.

    • Justin van Noort says

      Dear jesus. I think the only person here who should take a long hard look at themselves is you. There are son many things wrong with ur statement it’s hard to know where to begin.

    • Anti-Antifa says

      Antifa ARE fascists as evident by their fascist tactics. You, Winter time, are either a fascist or a fascist sympathizer!

    • BadMoles says

      Bollocks. Antifa attacks anyone who disagrees with them and then post-fact labels them facists in order to get away with their reprehensible actions.

    • Joe Blow says

      What utter bullshit. Antifa is composer of a thousand little Brown Shirt wannabes. Want to see a fascist thug? You look in the mirror.

    • Andy Ngo Shits Cum says

      I am glad antifa beat up the fascist. Thank you, antifa!

      • Blackgriffin says

        Then, you’re a cowardly fascist, too.

      • Kauf Buch says

        TO ‘NGSC’
        Your cowardly, juvenile spitball post displays exactly the level of reasoning and maturity most of us expect from Leftists.

        I hope you receive the same treatment soon; it might make you think and learn, though I’m not holding my breath.

    • Shawn T says

      Winter. That clearly explains the masks and tactical gear. The brownshirts only attacked communist blackshirts, right? They represent more danger than any loony group of white supremacists spouting their nonsense in public ever could. Nothing says freedom like masked zealots throwing a riot…and democrats are good with that. Go figure.

    • bullslayerfrog says

      That was an ill informed comment. Even if your premise is correct, the Portland thugs still have no right to assault people.

    • GeorgeQTyrebyter says

      I’m hoping that people like you attract others who don’t agree and who will attack you. Physical attacks, with a stick, milkshake, or gun, should not be condoned or celebrated.

    • Prankishmanx21 says

      Yes, because ANTIFA are the arbiters of who’s the fascist and who’s not. /S

    • Kyle Collar says

      Antifa attacks anyone who disagrees with them. Dont even try to claim that a gay immigrant is a fasist.

    • Objective Observer says

      Antifa believes anarcho-capitalism is fascism. They are just ignorant thugs.

      Antifa is linked to the direct rise of the Nazis in Germany. Their violence silenced moderate voices on the right and left leaving Germany with two principle choices the violent communists they have been victimized by for year or the Nazis offered order in the midst of chaos.

      The SS was created as security for Nazi party meetings, rallies, and marches to protect their people from Antifa mob attacks.

      Antifa doesn’t fight fascism it cultivates it.

      A sign of dark days to come indeed!

    • Pam Brumfield-Uriarte says

      The problem with that is, they label everyone they disagree with a fascist. Most of them don’t even know what a fascist is, they cannot define fascism. To them it is “if I don’t like you, you are a fascist.” And an extremely small fraction of people actually are fascists in America. And right wingers are inherently against fascism. Their core beliefs are a total conflict with fascism.
      Antifa attacks anyone they dislike, for any reason, including hesitating to follow their orders when they are blocking traffic.

    • Neil Mcrobert says

      As someone from the UK who has seen similar atrocious behaviour from cretinous morons of the left in our country, you sir are talking bollocks, you are a pathetic excuse of a human being, who when push comes to shove , will soil your nappy & cry like the big baby you are, when it’s acid & Molotov cocktails that are thrown. You are suffering from cognitive dissonance & are behaving just like a facist & Nazi you purport to abhor…oh the irony you moronic twat!

    • Aaron King says

      They will push a little too hard one day (in the not too distant future.) Then they’ll wish they were never born.

    • David says

      Antefa IS fascist. “Think like I do or I’ll kill you” IS fascism.

    • Adolph says

      They are not beating up fascists. They are the fascists!

    • Jon says

      Antics: dress like fascists, act like Hitlers Brown shirts using the same tactics, communist thugs, shut down any criticism with violence. No they are the fascists. You can’t just label anyone who disagrees with you as a fascist and get license to use reckless violence. That is Fascism

    • Andy. Apply for a pistol permit buddy. Next time you will be able to protect yourself better. In this great country you have a right to protect yourself. USE IT

      • Ed,

        While I believe that everyone has the right to carry a concealed firearm if they choose to do so, I can’t see anything good coming from pulling a gun out while surrounded by hundreds of people who are aggressively hostile towards you. I mean, just think that one through.

    • Sharon Kume says

      Oh my. You went there.

      If a female relative or friend were assaulted, would you give her such counsel? My dear, take a good hard look at yourself and what you’ve become. The bleach blonde hair, the mini skirt, the tramp stamp tattoo. All that happened, you are at fault. You deserved it.

      Assault is a crime. Your sense of moral superiority does not allow you to attack someone. Not ever.

    • Theresa says

      Oh look Winter Blues is spewing the hateful garbage on a site outside of the Hll.

    • ADM64 says

      No one has a right to assault someone else, least of all over their political views – and that is assuming that the people in question are fascists (which they clearly are not). Otherwise, it’s okay for someone calling themselves Anticomma can define and attack communists, who as a political movement have far more blood on their hands than their fascist cousins – and presumably you’d be good with that, ’cause you’d be one of the guys getting beaten.

    • redfish says

      Fascists said something similar. The people who they beat up were all enemies of the people, so if you got beat up by a fascist, that must mean you’re a public enemy and deserved it.

      I’m not sure how people can lack so much self-awareness.

    • Your comment is so blithely malevolent. Have you ever read an article written by Mr. Ngo? That is a rhetorical question. I am sure you have not. His reporting concerns itself primarily with fact; he is not a firebrand. He is a slight, soft-spoken man who finds the behavior of Antifa to be disturbing and accurately describes them in action. If Mr. Ngo is a fascist, the term holds no meaning.

      Of course, it is quite easy to spot the fascist. What do you think is a fitting description of a group of masked political zealots who bully, threaten, intimidate and attack people who do not agree with them? Think about it. I’m sure an appropriate term will suggest itself.

      I also wonder if you watched the video of the gleeful attack on a man who was offering no aggression towards his assailants. Particularly sickening were those cowards who threw insults and projectiles at his back while he was trying to get away. A decent person is revolted by a display of such gratuitous violence. The fact that you are not suggests something is disturbed and broken within you. I offer you the same advice with which you conclude your posting: maybe take a good, hard look at yourself and what you’ve become.

    • Gramma Venomous says

      Everyone who has any right sided thinking is a fascist to antifa. They can imagine any slight and deem it to be justified with violent response. Andy has no power, can’t make law or policy. If that is the new facsist, then antifa has become meagre thought control bullies. Their parents should be slapped!

    • james3563 says

      ‘Antifa only attacks fascists.’ And how does one identify the fascists? They’re the ones being attacked by Antifa.

      It goes back to the ‘Punch Nazis’ thing. You’re entitled to do it. Heck, it’s right to do it! And you want to be right, don’t you?

      Sometimes Antifa’s “Office-Down-The-Hall” can be most helpful in identifying the Nazi/Fascists:



    • Marlene says

      You will never convince a right-brain/left-brain this way, or possibly any other. You’ve become the fascist, that which you most hate.

    • Trevor says

      Why don’t you be a man and identify yourself coward? Tie back your blue hair, over your rainbow tattoos, but at least identify yourself by name. My wife works in federal law enforcement and love and respect the constitution which allows protest but protects against assaults from anonymous cowards like you Zir!

    • Ardy says

      Wintertime: If you are one of these thugs in the video please explain why you are not in jail? If the police did there job then at least 20 Antifa thugs shown should be awaiting trial.

      This stuff has serious consequences, any one with the slightest idea of history knows what happens if you let this fascist stuff run loose.

    • ZZTX says

      You people ARE the fascists you dumbass!!!

    • Polly styrene says

      Winter time. You’re not seeing the situation clearly. If this is how you want to see it, you have lost your humanity. A troubling position for a leftist. There is no justification for an attack on a journalist.

    • “Antifa only attacks fascists” This is not only a childish take, its patently untrue.

      Antifa attacked Andy because he highlighted their hypocrisy and showed them for the violent animals that they are. They hate him because he revealed that Antifa themselves are fascists relying on violence and intimidation to silence people they disagree with or even people they assume they disagree with.

      If you think Antifa is in any way or form righteous, take a good, hard look at yourself and see the violent extremist you have become. Remember, Extremists too think they are in the right to justify their violence and killing.

    • Bonnie G. says

      That’s quite obviously not the case.

    • Saw file says

      The atypical antifa masquerade clown wouldn’t recognize a real fascist if they got jackboot heal-fkd in the face.
      Only criminals and cowards disguise themselves in public.

    • Man with the Axe says

      If I call you a fascist do I have the right to beat you up? Is that the world we live in now, where assholes hiding behind masks get to beat up whomever they want merely by calling them “fascist?”

    • Bruce says

      The Good Proud Courageous Vigilant Righteous National Socialist Brown Shirt only attacked fascists … oh, wait …

    • Kenneth Felton says

      You should read what Orwell said on the subject. maybe you could learn something. Your reasoning is the typical Marxist propaganda. We demonize and vilify the opposition to justify our abhorrent behavior. Anyone we label as a fascists is fair game. Words are violence and physical violence is appropriate. You should take a hard look at yourself for condoning violence. Andy Ngo is a small guy who threaten no one. The other two men put into hospitals, one hit from behind with a pipe, we’re not being provocative at all. antifa is the modern day KKK that the dems used back them and still support today. They’re used to attack, intimidate, and destroy property. Wheeler is a gutless coward for not stopping the violence and arresting anyone in a mask or carrying weapons.

    • Jared Robinette says

      You’re saying Andy is a fascist?

    • Anti fascist says

      @Winter time, spoken like a true fascist.

    • Joe Helorides says

      You’re full of shit. ANTIFA attacks anyone to the right of Stalin and Gramsci. I urge everyone here to find the petition to the Feds to wipe out these anarchies communist terrorist scum including inducting their donors.

      And carry legal defense and use it.

    • Mike McCabe says

      Antifa are fascists and only project it on others to deflect responsibility….they need to be brought down and maybe the commie winter time also

    • King Sturtevant says

      “In Italy, fascists divide themselves into two categories: fascists and antifascists” Ennio Flaiano.

      Can you please point out why Ngo is a Fascist? Or if I identify myself as Antifa, and attack you Winter Time? Because if I’m antifa and I assault you, you MUST be a Fascist, and you MUST have deserved the violence, right?

    • Richard says

      From Wikipedia: Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature and views political violence, war and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation.

    • Dude says

      Odd that antifa only attacks fascists in places where they know they will be allowed to get away with it. I wonder why that is?

    • Bepa says

      Antifa are thugs. Thugs by definition are violent and anti-social and so are criminals. Thugs need to be arrested, charged and tried for thuggery. Anything less aids and abets thuggery. Facscism is a political theory that made thuggery a weapon of state. It ultimately fails with disastrous loss of life and property and untold human suffering. Any other meaning is political rhetoric.

    • Matthew says

      @ Winter time Oh, please. Antifa is nothing more than an excuse for entitled, cowardly thugs to engage in violence under the pretense of being a hero. They are scum, and being beaten up by them is a sign of nothing except the mob didn’t like the look of you. Their judgement, like that of any mob, is suspect at best.

    • reason and calm says

      take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror. If you do not see a fascist, you’re not looking, your in denial. It is ok, there is support for you, you can be helped.

    • Gary Johnson says

      When you attack someone because they disagree with you then that makes you the true fascist.

    • Blackgriffin says

      The worthless thugs of Antifa are behaving EXACTLY like Brown Shirts and seem to ignorant to understand that. Disagreeing with someone is NOT a justification for physical violence and if you don’t know that, then I suggest you take a “good, hard look at yourself and what you’ve become.”

    • Summer Time says

      I donated to Mr. Ngo. he has all my respect.

    • Will says

      How do they know exactly…who’s a fascist and who’s not? In all the videos I’ve seen their judgement upon their victims is reactionary and swift. Do they possess omniscient power to determine these things? Of course not. Anyone who isn’t part of their mob instantly becomes a Nazi, white supremacist and/or fascist…even an elderly man driving his car in Portland who is being yelled at because he’s not turning in the direction the Antifa traffic thugs force him to. (didn’t we invent traffic lights for this kind of thing??) Bottom line, Antifa isn’t fighting fascism they’re bringing it with them wherever they go.

    • Tomasz Kaye says

      “antifa only attacks fascists’

      And the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is democratic.

    • So Andy Ngo, who is gay and Vietnamese, is a fascist?

      And the black-clad, masked people assaulting a gay vietnamese journalist who wasn’t wearing a mask are not fascists?

    • NOYB says

      Has anyone noticed that Antifa didn’t exist before Trumps campaign trail suggestion that his supporters beat up reporters and protestors.
      Now, you can say that Antifas behaviour is a reaction to that rhetoric; but it’s telling that this is the road extremists always go down. Trump doesn’t like the way he is treated in the press ( as in , honestly documenting his words and actions) so he seeks to intimidate them.
      Antifa doesn’t like the evidence of their behaviour being reported as negative, so they go after easy targets, people with cameras and microphones.

    • Roe V. Amazon says

      Hey Winter time,

      First off, fuck you.

      Second, there was nothing there for these pricks to protest so they reached out to a journalist who writes for the fucking online magazine you’re trolling. What is it with Jussie Smollett and these tossers? No real problems in their life so they either make shit up or gang up on a small gay Asian man on Pride weekend in the name of defeating white supremacy and cis-gender patriarchy.

      The straight white guys that beat up this journalist are using the very white privilege they “hate” to get away with this shit. Therefore, perpetuating it.

      In closing, fuck you you fucking fuck.

    • Bob says

      First off, that’s a tautology. Second, victim blame much?

    • Johann Muller says

      “Hurr durr we call ourselves ANTIFASCISTS that means anyone we beat is a FASCIST by definition LUL”.

      Galaxy brain. It’s become obvious that Antifa’s range of targets go way beyond actual fascists. Ngo and the majority of Quillette writers could be described as being conservative at best (or worst depending on your point of view).

      Also let’s not forget that big-A Antifascism is about more than actual, casual antifascism (which I and most people support). Most self-described antifas are anarcho-communists and therefore are against more than just fascism. The only reason the Left isn’t moving beyond bruises and milkshakes is because it’s still too dangerous for them and would be bad PR, but the potential and will for it is here. You can see ancoms discussing what they will do to reactionaries if they win on Reddit,, etc.

      Take that from someone who had problems with actual fascists. Believe me, I have no warth towards them but at least they are correctly identified as a threat and fought by civil society.

    • DeftStyle says

      Poe’s law reaching critical level here…

    • Anti-Antifa says

      Winter time, you advocate violence. So be it.

    • Antifa is a fascist group, with an a propaganda wing to misdirect those who believe the double speak.

    • tommy mc donnell says

      what is the difference between a communist and a fascist and a Nazi? nothing!. Antifa is communist, Nazi and fascist all totalitarian political ideologies that you obviously love.

    • David says

      Antifa – whose name is an abbreviation for anti-fascism – is a fascist group. It’s not about what side of the political fence you’re on. It’s about how you try to force your views on others.

      Screw you, Antifa. You are a bunch of fascist hypocrites.

    • Gg says

      Clearly. Bored troll. Takes one to know one. Normally in a sane civilized place we don’t attack people except in physical self defense.

    • Boo says

      Probably still in therapy over trumps election.

    • RT says

      Great. By that logic, everyone should just allow Antifa members free reign to attack anyone they want, because after all, they’ll only beat people into the hospital who really deserve it, right? Since Andy Ngo was beaten by Antifa members, it must automatically mean he is a fascist. Your comment is a sterling example of unintentional irony.

      Antifa members aren’t “anti-fascist.” They are disgusting, hypocritical thugs who are fascist in everything but name.

    • Marie Lucas Neff says

      Have you read anything he has written? How dare you ever condone violence for a man doing his job and informing Americans. Guess that’s why you are intimidated. Antifa equals cowards.

    • C. Grosso says

      That’s really BS. No excuse for such brutal violence, by cowards hiding behind their masks. There should be a legal prohibition against wearing masks in protests & demonstrations. I you believe in something, have the guts to own it.

    • Geary Johansen says

      When did it happen, that people lost sight of the essential principle of compassion that demands that we treat our fellow human beings with dignity and respect? Perhaps it happened when Republicans and Democrats decided that the other sides ideology was so dangerous for the nation’s future, that winning at any cost was the only acceptable outcome and that all the political polarisation that was sure to follow was worth it. And it only now that we are beginning to see what those true costs might entail. Both it terms of journalists and elderly people assaulted for no reason, and sadly deluded young men with families, fighting demons of their own imagination, and presumably subjecting themselves to the tender mercies of the american criminal justice system, because they were lied to- quite systemically and fundamentally- and now see anyone to the Right of Pol Pot as a symptom of some vast and nefarious white, oppressive, cis male partriarchy.

      Now I’m going to say something really surprising. In SOME ways, I agree with them. Not about the violence- that’s abhorrent. But about the glaring inequalities that exist along racial lines in America, and to varying extents are mirrored in other Western countries. But here’s the thing- in almost ever instance, and in almost every way, these disparities exist for perverse, rather than pernicious reasons. I could give specific instances, such as the fact that in the criminal justice system, not trusting your lawyer enough to plead guilty and accept a deal, is one of the biggest drivers of sentencing disparities. Or make the case that having an overzealous bureaucracy policing liberal teachers for disproportionate disciplining of kids from poor, single parent families, who are far more likely to be disruptive or unruly, inevitably leads to these selfsame black or brown kids being expelled and ultimately shovelled into the school-to-prison pipeline. I could even cite IQ studies that show that siblings adopted into different socio-economic environments at an early age can tend to show up to 12-16 point IQ differences.

      But I won’t. Because, ultimately America and the West are facing a far more fundamental problem. It is simply this- by losing the ability to talk to one another, and discuss and debate ideas and policies- we have lost the ability to pull ourselves out of our ideological bunkers and exist within the space that transforms ideology into simple belief or far more benign political philosophies, and jerk us back from delusion and hatred of the other. What these young fools in Portland don’t realise is that by moving from protest to violence, they are forever closing off the possibility of solving the incredibly intractable difficulties that they purport to want to fix.

      Because once you really look at the single biggest problem that drives their angst and ire, and really look to the root causes and crime statistics that drive the American Criminal Justice System, you begin to see it as a systemic response to deep, deep structural problems. And the crazy thing is that each side has about 50% of the solution. Once you acknowledge that gangs are the single largest child-grooming enterprise in history, that they exist mainly under the purview of fatherlessness, inequality and the belief that the system is rigged against you- with teenage kids drawn into a life of crime through the desire to seek out the affirmation of less than ideal male role-models- you can begin to see the disproportionately high, violent crime rates amongst poor African American young men (both as offenders and victims), as a historical parallel to the once disproportionate levels of violence within the Irish American migrant community, in the 19th century.

      For the American Irish, the problem wasn’t fixed by political power- it was only once their political power was on the wane, that they began to move en masse towards economic parity, through the mechanism of prosperity. Unfortunately, the surplus requirement for labour in the American economy, with the ability to parley self-sacrifice and unskilled or semi-skilled labour into better economic opportunities no longer exists. You need to look to skilled labour markets, at least, to grab your kids a better life.

      Probably the best solution to this underlying crisis at the foundation-level of American politics, is to look at the way Pro-active policing has worked so successfully in the past with the Gary Slutkin approach to community resourcing, to break the cycle of violence and crime, within high crime communities. With a far greater emphasis on police using Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion programs to feed youthful offenders into volunteer organisations, rather than prisons; prudent investment of local government resources and most importantly the involvement of admirably responsible, older males acting as mentors- it could be possible to not only prevent teenage kids and young men from ever progressing further into gang-involvement, but also present it as a Tax Saving to the American Taxpayer.

      Similarly, by using a 4 cent tax on plastic bottles working in conjunction with Licensed User Programs, you could give the 10-20% of drug users who have become addicts, the opportunity to work in recycling to buy their drugs legally (on the condition that they undergo ‘whole life’ therapy)- you could effectively cut what some have estimated as an 150 billion dollar drug market for cartels, down to a 50 billion dollar market, within the space of months- or at least that’s what drinks industry marketing methodology and research would suggest. All done at literally a faction of the cost of conventional criminal justice and incarceration. A simple recognition that, using game theory, the only means of winning ‘A War On Drugs’ is to the redefine the conflict as a war against an unregulated market that can only be ‘won’ by economic means.

      These might not be the right solutions. I’m just a forty-something year old guy, sitting across the pond, typing into his computer- who just happens to have done a fair amount of research for an upcoming sci fi novel, as a means of avoiding starting it. But we’ll never really know what the real solutions are, unless we start to have far more deep, subtle and nuanced discussions, in the ideological no man’s land that exists between these two warring camps. Critically, I think that perhaps the most important realisation that we need to make, is that ultimately our politicians, whilst fundamentally good people, tend to spend far more time reacting than acting and that, whilst they consult the best advice at the time and the consent of the people- with hindsight, that ‘advice’ and consent can appear politically opportunistic at best, and at worst downright malign to the other side. Regardless, until something changes ordinary people are going to continue to get hurt on all sides.

      • Photondancer says

        Antifa don’t give a stuff about racial issues. They’re a pack of thugs who saw an opportunity to practice their favourite pastime of hurting people and have been allowed to get away with it.

    • Lucien says

      Very sick disgusting thing to say.
      Nobody has the right to beat or kill another person because you disagree with any part of that targets life.
      You better take a good hard look at yourself and realize what you are.

    • Lucien says

      What a disgusting thing to say.
      Nobody has the right to beat or kill another person no matter what it is you don’t like about your targets life.
      You need to take a good hard look at yourself and realize what you are.

    • Watsufizzi says

      This is flat out wrong. They attack anybody to the right of center. And by the way, attacking people for disagreeing is what the brown and black shirts did. You know, like the literal nazis and fascists…

    • DK says

      Who determines if someone is a fascist? Antifa?? A group whose tactics more resemble the brownshirts of pre WWII Germany. Exactly what is a fascist nowadays?? Anyone who openly opposes open borders, a globalist (ultra socialist ) agenda or someone who criticizes Islamic theology? Perhaps challenging fabricated hate crimes?

    • Caroline Bronstring says

      “Antifa only attacks fascists. If you got beaten up by them…well…maybe take a good, hard look at yourself and what you’ve become.”
      Yeah I get it. If you have a mother, sister or daughter remember that argument when they get raped or beaten up because according to you, it was their fault to begin with.

      Did I use the women card? Sorry about that, let’s just look at you then…
      If you get beaten up by some deranged excuse for a human being who thinks that beating the shit out of you is thé way to go to make you comply..

      No wait… let’s make it even more personal….
      If you get robbed by someone, by your reasoning it is your own fault as well. Not the anti-social, lawless individual who did nót decide to be an ok person but instead decided to beat/rob you just because he felt it was right for hím, no, it’s yóur fault.

      You obviously did not read (or even watched…) George Orwell’s animal farm or you would recognise that argument: “But some pigs are more equal.”

      Even if he wére a fascist, (Anti)fa are not allowed to use violence against this reporter. But you go sleep in your bubble and the next thing you know, history will recognise yóu as the fascist and you will cry out after the horrors get out, like so many germans did after the fact “Wir haben est nicht gewüsst”.

    • Joe Posteraro says

      The proud boys and Patriot prayer only came into existence because of the actions of antifa not only acting as fascists but repeating the exact same behavior the brown shirts did in 1935…….you can never be the voice of inclusion and peace when all of your behavior is about division and violence.

    • Craig Goodwin says

      You don’t get to self-describe then break the law. Everyone of these chicken shit Antifa wakes up in their moms basement yelling “ mom!? Where’s my bat?”
      “It’s in the corner behind your lotion and framed photo of Jussie smollett”
      “ don’t touch my stuff mom!! meatloaf!! NOW!”

    • Roger says

      Why are you engaging, interacting with and thereby platforming and legitimizing a website of which at least one editor, Ngo, has, by way of being antifa’d upside his head(according to your definition), a fascist in its employ?
      By interacting here with Quillette, an obvious far right hate site that defends the dastardly Ngo, you are now obligated to turn yourself in to the nearest antifa chapter ASAP-to be judged as providing aid and comfort to Nazis and promptly receive your shamings and beatings.
      Seriously, have you yourself taken a “good, hard look at what you’ve become?”
      Or is that only for us simpletons who just don’t get it yet?

    • Henrik Palmgren says

      Keep it up communist, you are gaining in popularity everyday by actions like these.

    • WTOMA says

      If that were true, they would most certainly spend their time attacking each other, and in fact, themselves, instead of attacking those who are exposing them.

    • Joe says

      Lovely, and they/you have appointed yourselves judge, jury and executioner. Ahh the irony of it, but I imagine that escapes you. Promoting violence against someone who has done nothing to you simply because you disagree with that person, who btw is an asian, gay man, son of Vietnamese immigrants kind of gives the far right an edge over the whole (we are for peace anti fascists) in the eyes of the people including progressive, who is exactly who you are trying to persuade. Dumb arses!
      I’m a life long registered dem, marched against the vietnam war when I was 12, and from where I sit, you are no better than the cloaked KKK from back in the day hanging folks just because they were black. The whole antifa movement has gone sociopath and is shooting themselves in the foot. Good riddance, hypocrites

    • bigedrules says

      Your evidence for the fascism of Antifa’s enemies is overwhelming. You are bunch of thugs whose leader’s saliva is literally drips from his mouth during his frenzied passion to harm others he deems disposable.

    • Mary says

      Winter time didn’t know that Prayer groups, White old men, Journalists and Citizens proud of the ?? American flag were fascists , maybe you need to take a real good look ? at yourself , before passing Judgement on someone one else, Only Jesus has the right to Judge. Try reading the Bible and stop being blinded by hate. Will be praying for you!

    • I hope this comment is ironic. Antifa are the very jackbooted brownshirts that they claim to be against.

    • Peter Mueseum says

      Last time I checked “attacking fascists” was still assault

    • Dylan says

      Is this comment a parody or the absurd antifa logic?

      If we attack you you must be bad because we attacked you.

    • Robert Wayne says

      You left wing communist scum are the ones who deserve to have your skulls cracked wide open!!!

    • Winter time, educate yourself. Antifa are fascists. Just like the brown shirts Hitler used to get rid of gays, Jews, and others who did not fit in with the Natzi philosophy.

    • no antifa says

      You’re sick. Andy Ngo is an openly gay, minority journalist. Please look up what ‘fascist’ means in the dictionary. Antifa, literally are the fascists. Please get some mental help.

    • Officer Hot Lips says

      Andy very obviously isn’t a fascist though. You should read some of the articles he writes and say that again. They don’t only harm fascist. Most of the injures that come out of those rallies, is on other people protesting them, or occasionally, on each other. They are disorganized and violent, and YOU should take a look in the mirror for thinking that it’s fine to hurt anybody at what is supposed to be a “Civil Protest”

  2. Geofiz says

    And from the mainstream media….crickets. Just like the Portland police, who also did nothing

    Those of us who support Quilette along with free speech and democracy all laud Andy’s courage and wish his a speedy recovery.

    It is only a matter of time before these thugs kill someone. And then the mainstream media won’t report that either

    • Jack B. Nimble says


      ‘……..And from the mainstream media….crickets. Just like the Portland police, who also did nothing….’

      Agree with you about the Portland police, but you are wrong about the mainstream media:

      There’s no excuse for political violence, whether from the Antifa, the Proud Boys** or the right-wing militias in Oregon and elsewhere.


      • Geofiz says

        I was thinking of CNN, NY Time WP etc.

        The Daily Beast, just like the Daily Caller are not MSM. I appreciate the coverage however. An attack one one reporter is an attack on all reporters, regardless of their political affiliation

        • Geofiz says

          “on one reporter.” I need to proof my posts more carefully

          • Geofiz says

            The ABC article barely mentions Andy Ngo’s assault. The CBS story is better but references Andy Ngo’s twitter feed instead of the video taken by the Oregonian reporter. The NYT blames Andy Ngo


            Do you really think this story would be covered in this way if a CNN reporter was brutally attacked but far right extremists?

            Compare this coverage to that of the Covington kids.

          • Jack B. Nimble says


            ‘….The NYT blames Andy Ngo……’

            The gap between your claim and the tweets in question is too large to be bridged:

            ‘….CNN’s Brian Stelter had a different reaction, writing on Twitter Saturday that authorities should get to “the bottom of this.” Antifa should not be “attacking a messenger,” he added.

            New York Times writer Charlie Warzel also chimed in [via Twitter] on Antifa’s actions.

            Thread from a great journalist who routinely embeds w/ hate groups. This doesn’t discount that the situation is fucked and that violence should be unacceptable. But there are also serious risks involved with putting yourself in volatile situations. Any journalist should know that….

            Also: this whole event should be seen through the context of what it is…an information war. A number of people who go to these protests are looking for fights or to document them. they’re all livestreaming. When tensions boil over, it’s meant to be ammunition for a culture war……..’

            Can you mind-read Mr. Warzel and know that when he says “people who go to these protests” he means Mr. Ngo? And how can one writer speak for the entire NYT?

          • Geofiz says

            Well let’s see. JBN is attacking me because the I blame a NYT reporter for saying Ngo had it coming for provoking Antifa and E. Olson is attacking me because I believe that Heather Heyer was brutally murdered by a guy who ran his car into her and others

            I guess that means my politics are just about right. I could argue with both but why bother. There are angels and demons on both side of the political aisle. It is OK to passionately disagree. But when you fail to condemn violence committed by those on your side WITH THE SAME INTENSITY that you condemn violence committed by those on the other side you lose any moral integrity that you may have had.

            There was a time when America was not like this.

          • Peter Baldwin says

            Notice in the URLs above we see references to ‘clashes’ between right-wingers and Antifa when what we have is a deliberate orchestrated assault by Antifa against their opponents. This is typical of how the mainstream media covers such episodes.

        • Kauf Buch says

          TO geofiz
          Ignore anything JBN posts; he’s a Leftist troll with immeasurable words containing miniscule thought.

        • Peter Mueseum says

          No, an attack on a reporter doesn’t mean anything to “journalists.” Mr. Ngo is an independant investigator. A man with a cell phone and some will power. A combination u won’t find in the mainstream anymore.

      • Yessir Imafat says

        The Portland Police have been ordered to stand down when Antifa is involved. The mayor of Portland is a Marxist.

        He has given up the proper monopoly on violence that is rightfully held by the police and given it to the mob.

        I will never go to Portland again and I will not do any business with any company based in Portland.

        • Leif says

          When I visited Portland last December, a man dressed in black, riding an all black cargo bike, glowered at me from behind a black surgical mask as he passed. At the time I assumed he didn’t like the fact I was walking my dog.

          There were no demonstrations going on that day. It wasn’t Halloween. Just a typical day in Portland.

        • Grant says

          Yessir Imafat
          Best screen name eve’ lol

        • Peter Mueseum says

          “He has given up the proper monopoly on violence that is rightfully held by the police”
          Yeah, you don’t sound like a SHILL or anything…

      • Stephanie says

        Jack has to make sure to throw in a slap at the Proud Boys even though the only “violence” they’ve been charged with was recorded on a security cam and it is obvious they were acting in self-defence when ambushed by antifa. But they clearly had it coming because they were capable of beating up those soyboys! Good thing Andy Ngo didn’t do the same, or it would be many more leftists than the NYTimes saying he had it coming!

        • Jack B. Nimble says


          Actually, I was referring to this:

          ‘Surveillance footage shows the Proud Boys started the NYC fight with Antifa, By Daniel Moritz-Rabson On 12/24/18

          Members of the far-right Proud Boys group started an October fight in New York City that has led to 13 arrests, surveillance footage released by The New York Times on Sunday appears to show.

          The video shows one member of the “male chauvinist” group running towards anti-fascist counter protesters, who the Proud Boys had initially blamed for the altercation.

          The incident occurred in Manhattan’s Upper East Side after the group’s founder, Gavin McInnes, gave a speech.

          Ten Proud Boys members have been arrested and charged with riot and attempted assault, the Times reported. At least three “leftist protesters” have also been charged…..

          The video footage shows a Proud Boys member, identified by the Times as 26-year-old Pennsylvania resident Maxwell Hare, running at protesters before swinging punches and being joined by other group members, as the demonstrators fight back…..

          Photojournalist Shay Horse, who photographed the scene, said that police had “stood and watched the attack unfold. They only stepped in after everything was over.”….’

    • Sydney says

      @Geofiz @Jack B Nimble

      I’m with Geofiz. MSM implicitly or explicitly supports and defends Antifa wherever and whenever possible.

      And Jack B Nimble’s examples of MSM’s supposed impartiality only support Geofiz’s position. Defense of Ngo is weak almost everywhere. MSM believes it’s allied with Antifa’s ideology, if not its methods (which only today are distasteful even to some MSM lefties). MSM is having trouble explicitly attacking Antifa because it still views Antifa as being the ‘good guy’ in a battle against the ‘far-right,’ which it sees everywhere (especially in Quillette).

      As for NYT, it hires racists and anti-Semites, and publishes pieces where sexism, racism, and anti-Semitism are explicit – but acceptable because they’re rooted in intersectional positions – all the time.

    • Defenstrator says

      I’ve been wondering how long it will be before the Portland Police walk out in protest against the mayor. They are already finding it impossible to get staff.

  3. Curle says

    Thanks for using the B word in a quote. Next step, start using it to describe its adherents such as Antifa.

    Antifa are Bolsheviks, let them own their history of multiculturalist led ethnic murder and genocide.

    “a tactic that any true fascist would recognize and applaud.” A tactic the fascists learned from the Bolsheviks in the first place.

    No Red Terror (Antifa/Bolsheviks) no Hitler. Reactionaries like the Nazis were what their name suggests, people reacting, usually to revolutionaries like the Antifa which is precisely what happened in 1930s Central Europe.

    Best wishes for Andy.

    • @ Curle

      I think Stalinist (like the original Antifa) or Maoist, rather than Bolshevik or Leninist, would be more accurate.

      • Peter Mueseum says

        Calling someone “Stalinist” rather than “Fascist” is doing them no favor,

  4. dirk says

    I greatly admired all those original pictures of Andy Ngo al the time here on Quillette, and really hope he will soon be the old Andy, sorry Andy, feel for you!

  5. Pingback: Antifa Terrorists Clash With ‘Proud Boys,’ People Beaten In Portland – Dienekes' Place

  6. Free speach says

    The Nazi party was also characterized early on, by groups of young men (Thugs) walking around the streets beating people up.

  7. E. Olson says

    “Following the hate-killing of Heather Heyer by James A. Fields Jr. in Charlottesville, Virginia two years ago, attention was drawn to the problem of right-wing political violence.”

    This is a highly inaccurate statement. Heather Heyer was an extremely obese smoker who died of a heart attack during the chaos that was created by Field’s running into the crowds of Leftist demonstrators blocking the street and vandalizing his car. Fields was trying to escape the area but roads were blocked, which forced him to drive into the attacking crowds who were vandalizing his car and trying to drag him out to be beaten. Heyer was never touched by his car.

    As with the current case involving Ngo, police were standing by and doing nothing to stop the violence that was perpetrated entirely by Antifa and Leftist mobs, and the mainstream media either doesn’t report the facts or apologizes for the bullies.

    • Geofiz says

      Heather Heyer was not grossly obese. See the photo below

      And the coroner’s report said she died of blunt force trauma to the chest. Her thoracic aorta was completely severed by that trauma. This caused the cardiac arrest. It is kind of like saying someone who was shot in the heart died of a heart attack

      Hate is hate, violence is violence and murder is murder. It doesn’t matter which side intiaities it.

      • Jingle Bells says

        OK. She wasn’t “grossly obese.” Just obese.

        • Geofiz says

          I stand corrected on her obesity. However I believe that we can all agree that her weight was irrelevant in the circumstances. Pick any Olympic athlete. Hit them hard enough to completely sever their thoracic aorta.

          They will be just as dead.

    • Casey says

      That is a really ignorant conspiracy theory about how Heather Heyer died. You can demonize Antifa all you want without spouting nonsense about the death in Charlottesville. There’s no reason to defend the guy driving the car.

    • Morgan Foster says

      @E. Olson

      Re: Heather Heyer, the “report of investigation” from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Central District of Virginia, says under “cause of death”: BLUNT FORCE INJURY TO TORSO.

      That’s not much to go on, and it doesn’t say what caused the blunt force injury, but I would have expected something along the nature of “heart attack” if that had been the cause of death.

      Can you point me toward something that contradicts or at least expands upon the report above?

        • Morgan Foster says


          Thanks for the link. My link only carried the cover sheet.

        • E. Olson says

          Geofiz – thanks for the link, but a couple of questions. First, how can you say she wasn’t obese when the report says she was 5 feet tall and weighed 330 pounds? Second, how does someone receive a crushing injury to the torso/upper chest from getting hit by the front of a sporty car that at best would be no higher than her waist? Shouldn’t she have broken legs, which is the more typical injury from getting hit by a car? Furthermore, couldn’t crushing injuries (broken ribs and severed blood vessels) described in the report be the result of being trampled by the crowd or overenthusiastic/inexperienced attempts at CPR?

          I don’t like Fields, but I believe there is strong evidence that he was railroaded for having the wrong political viewpoints.

      • E. Olson says

        I apologize if I’ve been misinformed, but Heather’s own mother claims that she died of a heart attack (see link). The woman famously seen getting hit by Field’s car as he backs away from the rampaging crowd was not Heather.

        Fields held some distasteful views, but there is zero evidence he intended to kill or hurt anyone and ample evidence he feared for his safety as his “nazi” comrades with a legal permit for their peaceful protest against the removal of Civil War monuments were vastly outnumbered by the Antifa with no legal permit, while police merely observed and did nothing to stop the violence.

        • Keep digging, I don’t think you’ve fully mined that particular vein of stupidity yet, EO.

        • j'accuse says

          Fields was convicted of 1st degree murder of Heyer, meaning the jury found he acted with premeditation. Prosecutors initially charged him with 2nd degree murder but later upgraded the charge when a video taken from a security camera was found which showed that Heyer had stopped with the crowd in front of him, reversed a short distance and then sped forward into the crowd. The jury recommended 419 years and there will certainly be an appeal. Apparently the video was devastating to his defense’s theory that he acted out of fear or panic and not intentionally. (I haven’t seen it).

          • Stephanie says

            He’s the worst terrorist ever if he only managed to kill one obese person among the throng of people he had unfettered access to. Neonazis everywhere should hang their heads in shame that they did worse than the worst Muslim terrorist. Frankly, it is pathetic.

    • And who’s definition of white supremecist are we using? By my standard, these apparently white fashionable cookie cutter revolutionary larp’ers who beat up an Asian guy are looking like Nazis. You know, you’re right the correct response will be to simply put you guys down. Better stay in Portland where daddy court system protects you.

    • Nick says

      A professor, DWAYNE DIXON, has proudly admitted in class to brandishing a pistol at J Fields just before the incident. He is most to blame.

    • Defenstrator says

      Dude, she died of a heart attack because of the trauma of getting hit in the chest by a car. Disingenuous statements help no one.

    • Curle says

      No they are Bolsheviks, the internationalist and multicultural thugs that provoked the Brownshirt reaction.

      Sorry to sound pedantic on this point but Antifa and their Red ilk were thugging before Hitler came to power. They didn’t copy the brown shirts the brown shirts were copying them. Think of them as Old School thugs.

      • Closed Range says


        You’re broadly correct, the bolsheviks came first, but my point is that antifa have stooped are just as fascist as the brown shirts were, as well as any previous instances of totalitarians, including the bolsheviks. It is important to say it loud and clear that antifa are just as despicable as their historical predecessors.

        • Azathoth says

          Curie is trying to correct the term to make the point that antifa hasn’t stooped to be just as fascist as the brown shirts were–the brown shirts copied Antifa. Their tactics are modeled on antifas.

          We NEED to stop ignoring that the most murderous ideology ever created is CELEBRATED in our academia.

      • Aurle says

        People forget that Marxists killed far more than fascists.

        For some reason, “fascist” is the sole dirty word, though Stalin and Mao killled far more than Hitler.

        Andy Ngo bears no resemblence to fascists, but those who attacked him not only resemble but openly identify with the social movement that killed tens of millions of people in the name of “Utopia”: marxism, communism, socialism – call them Marxist or Communists or Socialists, or for that matter Maoist or Stalinist – all of those words mean “purging dissent by violent means”.

  8. Yorgen says

    You want to talk about cosplay? He’s cosplaying as a journalist, and this website is cosplaying as news. You are right-wing propaganda, and your buddy Andy is boosting right-wing propaganda. Call yourself neutral all you want, but if someone throws a milkshake at you, check those fascist urges. Zero self awareness, it’s sad. You’ve got your fans here in the comments section explaining how Heather Heyer wasn’t murdered and the neo-Nazi who ran her and dozens of other protesters down in his car was innocent. Where’s your perspective?

    • SaneAmerican says

      honestly, take a step back and evaluate what is wrong with you. you’re justifying throwing quick-dry cement on someone, and giving him a brain injury, because he said something you’ve been brainwashed to not like. then, without a moment’s pause for irony, you accuse the victims of unprovoked violence of BEING the fascists. and why? because an election didn’t do your way three years ago? masked thugs with no accountability are the problem. people like you who embolden them aren’t helping either.

      • You'reNext says

        Nobody threw quick-dry cement. You bought into propaganda and are promoting it. I think that you are the one who should be looking in the mirror.

    • How is he boosting right-wing propaganda? By reporting on a public protest? How about the other journalists? Were they fascists too? Do they need milkshakes thrown at them as well? Are you disturbed by the fact that the milkshake had CEMENT MIX in it?

      Violence is never acceptable. The zero self-awareness is with you.

      You justify violence and dehumanization and yet you bring up Heather Heyer.

      More people are going to have cement mix/ poison laced milkshakes and God knows what else thrown at them, and they might be innocent bystanders. Do I really have to explain the consequences of this insanity to you? Everyone is a nazi to antifa, nobody is safe.

      And the whole “her skirt was too short, she deserved it” justification for Andy’s attack is absolute garbage.

      I just don’t see how you can not feel empathy for someone who has been hurt, even your political opposition.

      Why don’t you try cosplaying as a human?

    • DiamondLil says

      And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. As I have been saying for years, it’s not about “punching Nazis,” it’s actually about defining “Nazi” as anyone you feel like punching.

      • Jeremy H says

        “You’ve got your fans here in the comments section explaining how Heather Heyer wasn’t murdered and the neo-Nazi who ran her and dozens of other protesters down in his car was innocent.”

        Actually, you have one person who made such claims and several replies pointing out his error. Interesting how that subtle switch from singular to plural is used to take an exceptional comment and paint it is as the norm. I suspect you lack enough self-awareness to even realize you did this, sad.

        • MMS says

          @J.H. No I would bet the farm that idiot knew exactly what he was doing moving the singular to the plural… Chapter and verse of Rules for Radicals…

    • Mike says


      What is “if someone throws a milkshake at you, check those fascist urges” supposed to mean? If I throw a milkshake at you does that automatically mean I am right and you are a fascist?

    • the token middle eastern guy says


      Go back to twitter, we don’t grant blue checkmarks here for being woke.

    • Grant says

      What right wing propaganda? Control your urges to be an asshat, like the commentators here on Heather

    • @Yorgen, nothing you say is rational, except for your criticism of a single poster who questioned Heather Heyer’s means of death (and people posted back evidence disagreeing, as you don’t). The poster is entitled to her/his opinion and though I disagree with her with the evidence at my own disposal, she didn’t justify it as you do – with insults – but with an argument. That is why she could be disagreed with (or agreed with).

      Everything else you say is just name-calling. You assert that Ngo is not really a journalist. Because why? Perhaps you are a racist homophobe who doesn’t like it when brown gay immigrants don’t behave as you want them to? What exactly does he do that doesn’t make him a journalist?

      And you sound exactly like a wife beater–“I wouldn’t have to beat you if you cooked my dinner properly.” You are literally arguing that being assaulted is proof that you deserve being assaulted.

      You are the one who needs self awareness. Talk about projection.

    • Defenstrator says

      We have plenty. That’s why you come across as a liar and an imbecile. Note the person making the claim is being corrected, and he is starting to realize he may have been misinformed.

      As for throwing milkshakes on someone, I am from an old enough generation that this is a signal you want to fight. I mean if you don’t want someone to start turning your face concave, why would you do it? I certainly don’t go around doing stuff like that, for just that reason.

    • Yasser Arafascist says

      what’s wrong with fascism?

  9. Princess Underlove says

    Came here to say this. This guy likes to rub shoulders with white supremacists and he went to the protest hoping to get beaten up just so right-wingers could keep playing the victim and indulge in their insane conspiracy theories about progressives. The pissbabies cry about milkshakes after provoking protestors as if they were getting killed, meanwhile they excuse and celebrate right-wing lethal violence like Charloesville and Christchurch.

    No matter how much they whine about milkshakes, violence against nazis is on the right side of history, that was kind of a thing back in the 1940s you know.

    • Wentworth Horton says

      Princess (no f’n doubt).

      First you found your hate, then you found your Nazis. Someone needs to pray for you. I can’t.

    • Morgan Foster says

      @Princess Underlove

      It’s a great system: identify someone you want to physically hurt, yell “Nazi!” and beat the crap out of him. The press will hear “Nazi” and they’ll leave you alone. The police, too.

      When the guy complains, yell “Whiny, whiny crybaby! You don’t want your face kicked in? Stop being a Nazi!”

      It’s good to be an Antifa thug.

      In fact, I don’t know that you actually have to be Antifa. Right wingers, for instance, could yell “Nazi!” and beat up a left-wing college student and no one would know. Bystanders might even help kick the snot out of her.

    • SaneAmerican says

      you and they aren’t fighting fascism – you’re resorting to violence because your dreadful “ideas” can’t survive ten seconds’ exposure to adult society. if there existed an actual nazi to encounter, you would all promptly piss yourselves. the level of mental illness in your comment is terrifying.

    • Once Upon a Time says

      Until you’re being rounded up by these so-called Nazi’s and shot in the head, you’ve got no justification for beating up someone.

      Have you seen the video Ngo posted of the guy (who just so happened to be black) approaching a woman out of nowhere and pummeling her head? If you think she deserved it for being white, and it’s OK that he walked away on mere misdemeanor charges, that makes YOU a Nazi.

      • You'reNext says

        “Until you’re being rounded up by these so-called Nazi’s and shot in the head, you’ve got no justification for beating up someone.” At that point it’s too late! But that’s the point of your opposition to ANTIFA. You don’t want people confronting the fascist gangs you support.

    • And who’s definition of white supremecist are we using? By my standard, these apparently white fashionable cookie cutter revolutionary larp’ers who beat up an Asian guy are looking like Nazis. You know, you’re right the correct response will be to simply put you guys down. Better stay in Portland where daddy court system protects you.

    • Who are these white supremacists that Ngo is rubbing shoulders with? He and other journalists have been attacked by antifa for simply reporting on their public protests and actions. Does reporting and documentation invite mindless acts of violence? Or is it just the fact that some people are different and have a different point of view? You think everyone is a nazi. Is this how you justify the dehumanizing bloodlust that you and antifa are reveling in? Does the fact that the “milkshake” was laced with cement mix bother you at all? Why don’t you get out and actually talk to people face to face? Get a soul, for God sakes.

    • Mike says

      @Princess Underlove,

      Do you feel any cognitive dissonance at all in calling a gay, Asian reporter a Nazi? Like…at all? Just a little bit?

    • Curle says

      @ Princess,

      “The pissbabies cry about milkshakes after provoking protestors as if they were getting killed”

      When ‘progressives’ in Russia were engaged in planned starvation genocide, mass crucifixions of Catholic Priests, filling sheds full of “reactionaries” with bullets to the back of the head, icicling political opponents (look it up) not to mention innovating mass slave camps for political prisoners Central European Rightists that you fear so much were trying to keep the local (many imported) Bolshevik/Antifa colleagues from repeating the same in their own countries.

      More Russians died from Bolshevik created conflicts than died in WW1. And the Bolshevik revolution murder exercise expanded to an order of magnitudes throughout Central Europe. In the five years following the ‘end’ of WW1 there were 5 million Bolshevik inspired and triggered ethnic mass murders throughout Central Europe. An entire Holocaust worth of ethnic murder and this is what you want to hand-wave away as ‘conspiracy theories.

      You are an illustration of the motivated illiteracy that comes with romantic political movements.

    • Benny says

      “meanwhile they excuse and celebrate right-wing lethal violence like Charloesville and Christchurch”

      And what, exactly, makes you better than them, given your post? I’ve opposed racism my whole life, and it makes my skin crawl that I’m notionally on the same side as you and these protestors.

    • Sydney says

      @Princess and her fellow totalitarians

      These ‘milkshakes’ are made with CEMENT (source: Portland Police Dept). It’s a perfect metaphor for how the intersectional left meows constantly about ‘hurt feelings’ and ‘kindness’ when its actual goals are totalitarian control.

    • Farris says

      @Princess U.

      What else can you justify; murder, rape, genocide? If you are unable to see that this behavior is wrong regardless of who is the perpetrator and who is the victim, you have lost your humanity?
      History is never on the side of cowards in masks who perpetrate violence against innocent bystanders. If you can not condemn this, you can justify anything.

    • Grant says

      Princess idiot
      These aren’t violent nazi fascists of Germany in the 30’s . Your violent tendencies won’t be tolerated in this country. You find yourself on the losing end of history

    • @Princess Underpants

      Get back in your fairytale and go kiss frogs. Andy Ngo is not a nazi, he’s human, have compassion.

    • DNY says

      Actually, in Weimar Germany, both the Nazis and those committing violence against them, the Communists, were all evil.

      No, fighting Nazis is not sufficient to make you good. If you don’t believe that, study the history of the Soviet Union from 1930 to 1955.

    • NITZAKHON says

      And when it’s acid attacks, as some have wished, what then?

      ANTIFA need to develop cases of high velocity lead poisoning.

      • Deke says

        “ANTIFA need to develop cases of high velocity lead poisoning.”

        Cannot come soon enough. The cops won’t do anything, and so that leaves it to those being attacked. These idiots claim we should just be happy to get “milkshaked” or whatnot. You spit on me, throw something at me, or hit me? I’m going to hurt you. It’s that simple. You don’t get to initiate violence against me and walk away from the encounter unharmed. At best you will get a beating. At worst a funeral. These fascist little fucks need to learn.

    • Evano says

      “he went to the protest hoping to get beaten up just so right-wingers could keep playing the victim and indulge in their insane conspiracy theories about progressives”

      Imagine someone posted the following: “[insert progressive journalist] went to the protest hoping to get beaten up just so [progressives] could keep playing the victim and indulge in their insane conspiracy theories about [conservatives].” This kind of argument would be met with serious criticism from those of a progressive persuasion, and rightly so. It shifts responsibility away from the aggressor and onto the victim.

      • Bill says

        @Evano, you used the wrong metaphor. How about, she dressed provocatively and went into the bar hoping to get raped? Clearly she deserved it, look at what she wore and where she went!

    • Defenstrator says

      As usual, your inability to understand basic reality adds nothing to the conversation. Andy Ngo did not rub shoulders with white supremacists. That is an obvious lie, and a particularly stupid one as you are claiming that people who hate brown people and gays would tolerate a gay Vietnamese man hanging around them.

      Claiming that having milkshakes being thrown on people is no big deal is also an obvious lie. Now you have to go get cleaned up because an asshole threw a milkshake in you. And because of your lack of thinking, you now come across as an obvious hypocrite, because there is no way anybody is going to believe you wouldn’t be up in arms if the same was done to you.

      Then you go off into la la land trying to justify violence against normal people is like having to fight the fascists of Germany. You being an asshole and punching people you disagree with because of a lack of self control does not make you the equivalent of people who went to war. The level of self righteous stupidity and lack of critical thinking exhibited in your post is just frustrating, as I know you don’t have the wit to reflect on your actions.

    • Stephanie says

      The Christchurch shooter’s professed preferred political system is the Chinese Communist Party model. Last I checked, communism is not a right-wing movement.

    • Terminal Man says

      Princess Underling,
      If it is as you say, why don’t you attend a antifa rally wearing a MAGA hat and just stand there, still, silent, and smiling. Who knows, you might get that 15 minutes of fame!

    • Fuzzy Headed Mang says

      Princess, how do you know that he went to the protest hoping to get beaten up? Do you have any evidence, or is it conjecture based on prior belief? Did Mr. Ngo celebrate the Christchurch and Charlottesville violence? If so, can you give some evidence? Yes, in the forties there was a war against Nazi Germany. Are you saying that Mr. Ngo is a Nazi? If so, what about his behaviour or beliefs is similar to Nazis like Himmler, Goebbels or Heydrich?

  10. subdjoe says

    “We also are hoping that our fellow journalists might awaken from the delusion that Antifa is a well-intentioned band of anti-fascists with a few bad apples sullying the cause. ”

    Anyone with two working brain cells would recognize the tactics of the black-clad Sturmabteilung for what they are. It isn’t ‘a few bad apples” but an integral part of the lefts strategy and tactics. And, yes, Sturmabteilung, alghout “Red Guard” could also apply. Looking at goals and tactics, there is no difference between any flavor of socialism – including national socialism, fascism, and communism. They are all just different faces of the same totalitarian die.

  11. Alan Gore says

    Why are we not using our bikers to defend political marches? We don’t want a mirror image of Antifa that attacks people, but rules of engagement that limit such a force to defending peaceful marchers.

    • Morgan Foster says

      @Alan Gore

      Bikers aren’t political, but they do tend to take things personally.

      One day, a pissed-off biker is going to follow one of these Antifa thugs home, to find out where he lives. What kind of car he drives.

      • toomuchthinking says

        @ Morgan Foster:

        They probably don’t know how to drive cars. They ride their bicycles. And where they live? With their parents, of course.

    • E. Olson says

      Alan Gore: Here is the headline across all the mainstream media from your scenario: “Hell’s Angels beat/kill/injure peaceful Antifa protesters, Warren/AOC/Biden/Harris/Mayor Pete/etc. blame Trump and say Angel’s must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

      • Alan Gore says

        That’s why you would want such a group to act only when Antifa attacks peaceful political marchers. Preemptive action is where the Proud Boys went wrong.

        • E. Olson says

          And what makes you think the reporting of such an event would be accurate? After all, EVERY Antifa attack has been against peaceful marchers – they don’t have the balls to go up against anyone who would dare fight back.

  12. John Galt says

    Antifa are the Brown Shirts of the Leftist parties in the West. The are 100% allied with Islam. They are 100% Communist and they are totally supported by Democrats in the US, Greens and Leftist Parties everywhere else.

    • Mïkl says

      It’s funny how people who pretend to have No God No Masters are emotionally triggered by the sight of islamophobia:


      These pathetic morons jump to the defense of the most homophobic, misogynistic, intolerant fascistic religion. All because the majority of muslims have brown skin.

      If muslims were white their attitude would be the opposite LOL

      Absolutely pathetic. It’s hard to believe that such irrational people exist.

      There’s not much of a difference between ideology and religion if you invest too much emotion into it. We’re clearly dealing with very emotional people.

      At this point I wouldn’t even be surprised to see Antifa cult members convert to Islam if they were convinced Islam is the right vehicle for their hatred of western societies.

  13. SaneAmerican says

    I came here to be “educated” about how a soft-spoken, gay vietnamese man is somehow a fascist white supremacist, and the masked white people who beat him are heroes. clown world didn’t disappoint. many of us won’t be such easy targets. one day, these mentally ill overgrown toddlers will encounter someone who won’t be such an easy fight.

    • derek says

      Indeed. These idiots are making the case for open carry laws. When violence is the answer it indeed becomes the answer because there is no other way to stop these thugs.

      If you insist on political violence you will get it in spades. And fully deserve every bit of it coming your way.

      Does Ngo have grounds to sue the City and the police for not protecting his first amendment rights? I would suspect there is ample evidence that these thugs are tacitly ignored or encouraged by the politicians in that city.

      • Kauf Buch says

        TO derek
        Please! Open Carry eliminates all the guessing (and gives bad guys a chance to ambush); Concealed Carry is much more effective IMO.

      • Lydia says

        I cannot imagine finding an honest judge or jury in Portlandia. Jurors would be scared to death.

      • Yasser Arafascist says


        he has $169,000 in his fund account so he can go get some.

  14. codadmin says

    But…but…but…the ‘facist left’ is an oxymoron…

    • Curle says

      It’s a distraction. It implicitly buries the atrocities of the real Bolsheviks by trying to combine them with their reactionary enemies for no greater reason than American propaganda producers have wanted to soft peddle the crimes of our WW2 Allies and they by and large succeeded (with help from the media).

      But places like Quillette should first seek the closest approximation to truth possible and that requires dispensing with WW2 reputation preserving niceties. Enough time has passed for us to confront head on the ethical compromises FDR made on our behalf.

      • codadmin says

        Just use the language available to you. Don’t waste time calling them Bolshevik’s. Fascism is a generic term now. No need to be pedantic about what brand of authoritarians they actually are.

        • redfish says

          Yea, its not really that complicated: even back in the 1930s ‘fascism’ just represented the fasces, anyway, which has the message that political power and violence is justified on a notion of ‘strength from unity’. Fascists then created an entire theory of government around it.

          In modern use, it doesn’t have all the baggage of political theory, but still has basically the same message, though. ‘Strength through unity’ in an era of popular government has come to mean intolerance of and suppression of political difference. And that’s exactly what the militants like Antifa on the left are about, even though they talk as if they’re the ones who are tolerant. And I have no problem saying that communist governments have been basically fascist, too. The left-right distinctions here are meaningless. ‘Bolshevik’ just comes from a word that means ‘majority’; its kind of boring.

        • codadmin,

          I strongly disagree with your take on language wrt 20th-century totalitarian ideologies. It’s not pedantic to refer to bolsheviks, fascists, nazis, etc. by their proper names. It’s lazy not to.

    • Defenstrator says

      I don’t think the police are happy. They just don’t want to get fired by a hostile mayor for actually keeping order. The Portland Police are already finding it nearly impossible to get recruits. I’m honestly curious if they will stage a walkout to protest the working conditions the mayor is inflicting in them.

  15. Mike says

    “Cosplay revolutionaries” is my new favorite term for Antifa

    • DiamondLil says

      Cosplay is particularly apt, isn’t it. The neo-Nazis and Antifa are two sides of the same coin. Not a a hairsbreadth between them. I suspect that you could switch their costumes overnight, and both groups would switch ideologies in the morning and keep fighting.

  16. Islamaphooey says

    I’m a strong free speech guy, so I defend the right of these antifa morons to peacefully protest, although it’s obvious Portland lets them get away with breaking the rules and the laws. But at the same time the thuggish guy inside of me enjoys indulging in the fantasy of finding out just who it is under that mask, and beating the snot out of them.

    • Benny says

      Or even worse, smiling as they bang a drum in your face. You know – the real violence that gets widely reported.

    • Kauf Buch says

      Name ONE TIME Antifa ever “peacefully” marched (and with permit).

  17. Harrison Bergeron says

    Still waiting for the SPLC, ACLU and Amnesty International to weigh in on this. Not holding my breath.

    • Saw file says

      No reasonable, rational, educated person takes the SPLC seriously. I don’t see how Amnesty international has much of a say here, but the absence of ACLU is somewhat telling.
      I’d have to guess that the old guard was been usurped by the new intersectional Red Guard

  18. Owntown Darts Scene says

    My best wishes to Mr. Ngo.

    I wish I could leave it at that, but I do wonder about the uncritical adoption of the loaded term “hate-killing” with regards to the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. While I find it preposterous to claim that Ms. Heyer died of an unrelated “heart attack” as some do, it does seem peculiar to frame the death of a white person caused by another white person steering a car into a crowd as a deliberate racially targeted killing. The perpetrator did plead guilty, but he may have been motivated by the offer of the prosecution not to seek the death penalty in exchange for the plea. Thus is judicial fact established.

    The original charge, as I understand it, was 2nd degree murder. Which seems somewhat more fitting, considering what is known of the circumstances. Yet somehow the initial perception evolved into this “hate-killing” narrative that Quillette is now repeating too. I hope not because it seems like an expedient way to deflect the inevitable wave of smears from Antifa partisans in the media seeking to excuse the actions of their thug allies. It’s never worked before either, by the way.

    The whole chain of events in Charlottesville needs to be investigated thoroughly and impartially. Unfortunately, it likely won’t be anytime soon.

    • Defenstrator says

      I don’t know the reason why he did it and neither have I speculated. I just know she died from getting hit by a car, and the jury was convinced that the car deliberately drove into people.

    • Lydia says


      I agree. And I followed Terry McAuliffe’s career for decades and I certainly believe that he did through channels have antifa show up. They weren’t a household name at the time so it worked even more perfectly. The silly tiki torch guys actually had a permit. And like Bull Run, spectators from the vicinity came out to either protest the removing of statues or protest the protest. It was a perfect storm for the violence I believe Terry McAuliffe wanted on that evenings news. I am not saying he framed the death. Yet, such are definitely expected outcomes when those in power try to stage violent clashes.

      One interesting tidbit from that debacle was Jason Kessler. He was one of the organizers for the tiki torch guys. He was also a protestor at occupy Wall Street. Strange.

      Charlottesville was designed for talking points for the totalitarians. and my view from the moment I read up on it and saw the video was that both sides are evil.

  19. Sydney says

    Best wishes and safe recovery to Andy Ngo. His fearless reporting on the sorry streets of lost-cause Portland and its spineless city administration has inspired my genuine respect.

    Antifa IS fascism.

  20. Richard Aubrey says

    So let’s have a hypo here: Antifa goons attack somebody with no provocation. The guy defends himself and an Antifa thug is injured. What do the authorities do?
    Let’s hypo it happening in Portland…?

  21. watcher says

    I think the only way the city will do something about this is if the businesses and taxpayers demand action. It’s their wallets, after all.

    Someone needs to warn tourists.

    Trip Advisor?

    • Sparkles And Rainbows says

      These frequent dust ups in Portland are generally pretty easy to avoid, as they generally don’t involve too many people and are confined to small areas. I think they’re all idiots, both the Proud Boy morons who show up looking to provoke and the antifa idiots who take the bait.

  22. fkurid says

    Christopher Keelty, director of Development for the 8th Amendment Project, is on twitter celebrating this attack, while also telling people to die. Coincidentally, the “8th Amendment Project” is a nonprofit working to end the death penalty. On January 1, 2018, 8AP became a fiscally sponsored project of the Center for Death Penalty Litigation — whose president is Jay Ferguson, who just happens to be an attorney specializing in brain injuries. I think people need to let him know what his comrades are up to (assuming he doesn’t already know).

    All info here: https://i.imgur DOT com/GUD8WVX DOT png

  23. ANTIFA are Bolshevik LARPers to the same degree Neo-Nazis are LARPing as real Nazis. In light of history, the Bolsheviks were worse for Europe than the Nazis. The Bolsheviks made the Nazis look like amateurs, when it comes to murdering innocent people.

    It’s both sad and disgusting that today’s Neo-Bolsheviks pretend their low-level violence and vandalism is somehow justified. Believing themselves to be in a righteous, existential war with evil, they blind themselves to their own petty crimes while intentionally trying to incite an overreaction and backlash among the police, as well as everyone else who is not a Neo-Bolshevik.

    I realize most of the ANTIFA pretend-players have no experience with true war. If they did, they’d realize once you push a society past the “hot” point, there is no guarantee when the killing will end. Nor who will get hurt, or why.

    ANTIFA are therefore cultural arsonists. Children playing with matches and gasoline.

    It’s a shame our university system spawns and encourages such idiocy.

    • codadmin says

      Are you @Curle?

      Neo-marxists or Neo-communists will get you more traction than neo-bolshiviks if you insist on being pedantic about their particular brand tyranny.

      But, the fascist left works better because Marxism and Communism still has positive connotations in our conquered societies.

  24. El Uro says

    Words mean nothing.
    We must be honest. Antifa is a fascist organization. The same as Sturmabteilung. It was clear from very beginning.
    We must stop them before they kill us.

  25. Ray Andrews says

    There’s the proof: Asians are now white. Welcome to The Patriarchy fellas. You’ll have to do your bit Oppressing, but other than that it’s all gravy.

  26. Canadian Pug says

    These people wouldn’t know a facist if one bit them on the ass. Come to me with that crap and the hospital will be busy and maybe even the morgue.

  27. Aerth says

    Left: “Wirds can do harm, therefore hate speach is a thing and should be considered violence”

    Also Left: it is ok to physically assault person whose ideology is different than ours.

    If USA, or any other Western country, was even half as “Nazi” and “facist” as Antifa believes, not a single one of them would return from this rally. Only question would be how many of them go to jail and how many will be shot or beaten to death on site.

  28. Aerth says

    Hitler also believed it is ok to harm people he saw as threat.

  29. Pingback: Antifa’s Brutal Assault on Andy Ngo Is a Wake-Up Call—for Authorities and Journalists Alike – Quillette – Zero to Hero Perfectlyfadeddelusions

  30. Serenity says

    Speedy recovery to Andy, kind wishes and admiration for his courage.

    I am not American, but I wonder if we can somehow organise and sign a petition to outlaw Antifa (and any other extremist body), to designate it as a terrorist organisation which intimidate and physically assault its opponents. We could sign a petition like this with our real names.


    • Sam Hall says

      I agree we need to do something about it, and though I much appreciate your support, banning groups or shutting down speech is exactly what we don’t do over here. Antifa is trying to shut down opposing speech when they assault people like Andy Ngo.

      There are a couple of basic answers to their tactics. The first is a strong police presence, which for reasons that are unclear (despite all the rumors floating around) doesn’t seem to be available in Portland. The other is the basic human right–protected by our Second Amendment–to equip yourself with weapons for self defense. Antifa doesn’t march or assault people in places like Texas, New Hampshire, Tennessee or Maine where their intended victims are likely to be armed with guns and willing to shoot anyone attempting to physically harm them.

      • Serenity says

        Sam Hall: “…banning groups or shutting down speech is exactly what we don’t do over here.”

        Really? What about terrorist groups? Are they welcome?

        There is a fundamental difference between free speech and intimidation / mobbing / violent assaults aiming to shut down free speech of the opponents.

        Some of the commentators here describe Antifa as fascists, some – as bolsheviks. Ultimately, it does not matter. All radical groups – whatever their ends – have the same psychopathic means to deal with the dissent: intimidation, mobbing, violent assaults, etc.

        PC MSM supporting Antifa herald the rising tide of totalitarianism rooted in grass-root mobbing. If the Rule of the Law and law enforcement agencies won’t protect you from the advent of totalitarian state – you would have to rely on your guns. I agree with you on this point.

      • Lydia says

        In Auburn Alabama the police made them take their masks off and they scurried like the little cowards they really are.

        • Chad Jessup says

          Excellent point! It is not difficult to understand why robbers and Antifa thugs wear masks.

  31. DiamondLil says

    John, have you considered becoming a Furry instead? They get to play dress up, too!

  32. Ted says

    All speculation about the origins and legacy of American Bolshevism aside, what is most significant to me is the lack of militant discipline involved with the “black bloc” tactics of Antifa and their recruits.

    The primary tenet of 1970’s to 1990’s left wing activism was “no violence” and the corollary, within the explicitly socialist movement, was to maintain every appearance of probity and lawfulness.

    From the time of COINTELPRO (and before,) following the law (no illegal drugs, no theft, etc.) was considered essential to the program of winning the hearts and minds of centrists in order to excite their sympathies on behalf of the unlawfully- indicted/incarcerated activists militating for a peaceful, democratic move to a socialist America.

    “Inclusion and diversity” seem now to mean a tacit acceptance of participants that are obviously addled through excessive recreational drug use, as well as an increasing percentage of activists whose thought processes are adversely affected by the emotional disturbances that lead them to take anti-psychotics, anti-depressants and anxiolytics. Whatever good intentions such people may harbor, their perceptions of existential threat levels are deeply affected by their drug use and underlying emotional difficulties.

    This makes them highly susceptible to demagoguery of the basest kind. The socialist activists with whom I was familiar in the early 70’s called for programs obviously impractical and insupportable on an economic and social level, and the reason their ultra-left agenda(s) failed to gain widespread adherence was because their target audience responded to the unavoidable cognitive dissonance they experienced, when attempting to reconcile obviously non-viable and self-contradictory programs, by discarding the patently absurd. This left young recruits with no choice but to think about what was proposed and revert to basic values.

    Basic values, such as “do no harm,” “respect the rights of others” and “openly stand up for what you believe is right,” are antithetical to the cowardly tactics utilized by Antifa and their satellites willing to commit violent acts while hiding their identity.

    There is no courage in hiding one’s identity while attending mass demonstrations. As a “tactic,” it makes sense to those willing to believe a paranoid fantasy that the far right is somehow ascendant and is growing in numbers and strength.

    Yesterday’s left-wing activists, who are today’s tacit supporters of the ultra-left, were well aware that violent tactics gave governmentally-sponsored agents provocateur all that was needed to completely suppress any and all nascent human rights movements.

    The pendulum is swinging, as ever it does, in the opposite direction. The very same tactics used to marginalize the well-meaning majority of yesterday’s activists (without whom, many of the personal freedoms of expression we now enjoy would hardly exist) are now being used to stifle any dissent aimed at preserving the personal freedoms of the mass of people wanting simply to live in peace and conduct everyday business within the bounds of good-faith and common decency.

    To those feeling overly alarmed about the direction this is taking us as a nation and a society, I advise taking the time for a little bit of old-fashioned “meet-and-greet” with those around us who are engaged in the everyday activities of life. The center is holding, when we think of the center as being the majority of our countrymen (which term includes both sexes.) When we speak openly to our black brethren, of years sufficient to have acquired wisdom, we find our distaste for the use of pejoratives such as “nigger” is shared. When we speak from our hearts with those of any racial origin that immigrated openly into our communities in a lawful search for a better life, we find that our concern for preserving economic and social opportunities for all in our communities is enthusiastically shared. The center is redolent of goodwill and compassion, harbors no significant animus toward those of other racial origins and heartily deplores any attempt to seize power by means of mendaciously divisive tactics.

    I say the above, not to trivialize the absolutely appropriate concerns expressed by the authors contributing to this website and the well-intentioned respondents to those authors, but to remind all that most people are still well-intentioned and that “where the rubber meets the road,” the vast majority think that masked banditry is not to be condoned.

    I hear it on the street, I hear it from colleagues and conversationalists across the entire spectrum of social and political beliefs and the existence of Ms. Lehmann’s website lends verisimilitude to the proposition that there is a fundamental nobility and decency to be found in the hearts and minds of humanity, the evil that we also harbor within us notwithstanding.

    Personally, I appreciate all of the contributors to forums such as this one. Being of sufficient years to have watched the pendulum swing more than once, I have to agree with Peterson that there is great value in the frictions between right and left, and would add my own caveat that that value is best redeemed when observed and moderated by the centrist majority.

    • Geary Johansen says

      @ Ted

      Great comment. What the hateful ideologues at either end of the Omega Inflection fail to realise, is that there will also be more of us sane and rational moderates or centrists in the middle of the spectrum willing to weigh the arguments of any political discussion on it’s merits. And despite the best efforts of Marxist academics everywhere, we are usually just as well informed of the dangers of socialism, as of those that exist on the far right.

      The understanding that we, in the uncomfortable middle, will always be the ones who decide elections, is perhaps increasingly tempered by the unsavoury understanding that whatever hope we might once have had of realising a reasonably stable, wealth-creating, humanism is fast disappearing in an era of political polarisation.

      For us, it will always be the best of two bad options, from here on in.

  33. Ray Andrews says

    Since I’ve just had a beer, please excuse this, but loving Equity as I do, if it were in my power I’d have these punks publicly whipped, but (remembering how much I love Equity) I’d find an equal number of actual fascists and have each antifa tied to a fa by the elbows, face to face and sorta hang them over an A frame, with each one being whipped on his own side but hoping that, being face to face, they might have time to get to really know each other between lashes. Maybe the A frame would rotate — like in The Hunchback of ND — for the viewing pleasure of onlookers and so that one bosun could whip both the fa and the antifa Equitably. Just an idea.

    • Nick says

      How are you going to find that many actual fascists? There aren’t enough to go round!

      • Ray Andrews says


        That might be a problem. Basically tho my message would be that I don’t give a tinker’s damn what your motives are for assaulting anyone, if you do it I will treat you exactly the same as anyone else doing it.

  34. MMS says

    “cosplay revolutionaries stomp around”

    This is it. This is a bunch of nihilistic kids or “men” still living in Mommy’s basement playing dress up superhero – Pathetic.

  35. DrZ says

    Oregon’s new motto: “Laws? We don’t need no stinking laws”

    Oregonians used to say come and visit, then leave. Thanks, but I will skip the visit.

  36. Ah, finally found it. Not brownshirts, indeed. Antifa are the heirs to the Red Front in Germany, (Roter Frontkämpferbund).

    • Curle says

      You are 100% correct. But, the push back I’ve experienced here when I’ve made the same point argues that the distinction between Bolsheviks and Nazis is too obscure to most people so better to treat them as one.

      I disagree. I think it critical to reacquaint people with the history of the Bolsheviks. Attributing Bolshevik terror to fascists operates to hide many distinctions that need to elevated in the public eye namely: 1) internationalists have an history of murdering nationalists 2) multiculturalists have an history of murdering nationalists; 3) Nazi Germany was an reaction that can be avoided by restraining internationalism, multiculturalism and romantic politics; 4) the Nazis were only one of several political operations committing mass ethnic murder post WW1; 5) the Nazis weren’t even the most consequential of the political groups committing mass ethnic murder post WW1, that honor goes to the Bolsheviks; 6) Rightists aren’t uniquely evil compared to Leftists.

      • @Curle, good points.

        Anyway, everyone senses that Antifa are not like Nazis, that is, they are not ultra-nationalists, hence the comparison falls apart. But if you must, describe the Antifa as having brownshirt-like tactics or dynamics.

        At any rate, I am hardly the expert on the various paramilitary groups that abounded in Germany prior to 1933. For those who wish to learn more, check out this link:

  37. This sort of behaviour has nothing to do with left or right political philosophy. It is just people who grew up with abusive childhoods and have a lot of pent up anger that is relieved by violence. Whether it is the KKK or Antifa or whoever, the professed ideology is just an attempt to justify these violent impulses.

    • Photondancer says

      My bet is that, far from being abused, most if not all of the Antifa thugs were spoilt and deferred to throughout their childhoods.

  38. mitchellporter says

    Just woke up to discover that, half a world away, a Quillette staffer was apparently hit in the face with a brick of Portland cement disguised as an antifascist milkshake. And on Twitter I see various third-tier bluechecks saying he brought it on himself and he’s not a real journalist – amazing to see Quillette’s article on journalist fellow-travelers of antifa (“It’s Not Your Imagination” by Eoin Lenihan) substantiated in such an intimate way, just a month later.

    • Peter from Oz says

      Yes, it is very enligtening to see how the left wingers trying to smirch Eoin Lenihan as an extremist because he dared to question the integrity of journalists.

    • Lydia says

      Yes Mitchell, the Twitter verse is using the old rape accusation. Why was she there at that time and wearing that short skirt?

      The one thing cities need to do is to make them take their masks off. It worked in Auburn Alabama. They scurried like cowards.

  39. James Lee Phillips says

    I’ve been saying “laws should apply to everyone equally” all my life. The only difference is that it apparently made me some kind of idealistic progressive when I was young, and apparently now it makes me a fascist apologist. Go figure.

  40. I was so saddened to hear about this, and the photo of Mr. Ngo is heartbreaking. No journalist should be attacked by the mob, particularly in a country that supposedly supports free speech and freedom.

    When I read it happened, I googled to see how it was covered. I wasn’t surprised to see that most major news media failed to even report it the first day. A journalist getting assaulted by a laughing mob to the point he is hospitalized overnight. Only Daily Beast and Washington Times and conservative/right wing outlets.

    The New York Times still hasn’t reported it; it merely has a reporter tweeting about it. If you google “Andy Ngo” or “Andy Ngo antifa” you will see what I mean. By contrast, to use one example, when a “Trump supporter” knocked a phone out of a journalist’s hand and cursed at him, that was reported immediately by major news outlets like Newsweek – saying repeatedly he was a “Trump supporter -” and kept in the news when he was charged with assault..

    As Newsweek put it, “The environment for reporters in the United States, while substantially more secure than in other countries and conflict areas, has been undermined in the years since President Trump’s elections .”

    But when antifa does the assaulting – far worse than the above incident – the news either doesn’t report it at all, or else shrugs, as the NYT reporter did in his tweet, saying basically, Well, it goes with the territory.

    And there are people here who either have lost brain cells or are so indoctrinated that they are incapable of thought, and who say, essentially, “It is called Antifa, which means they are against fascists, which means they have a Noble and Righteous cause, which means that the ends justify the means. If they attack you, it is proof you are Evil since they are Good.” Seriously, this is the extent of the ‘reasoning.’

    Hordes of white people mobbing together to assault a gay Asian immigrant and nothing happens and no racism is involved because….They say they are “anti-fascists?” And if they say so, it must be true. And if fascists are evil, if you say you’re against them, that must make you Good. And if your case is Just, that must mean that you can assault anyone who stands in your way because it is a truth universally acknowledged that all that matters is what you call yourself, not what you actually are, and if you Fight the Enemy, that obviously makes you Good. History knows that road isn’t paved with blood, oh no. Stalin and Hitler and Mao agree 100%.

    • Jeremy H says

      Your last paragraph sums things up nicely. The problem for people of antifa’s caliber is that, while they are indeed generally of low intelligence, their defining characteristic is actually sterility. They have no affirmative means of establishing themselves as “good” through their own values and so can only define themselves as such in opposition to something else that they call “evil”. When a large enough gaggle of these impotent wretches get together they can sometimes pool together enough creativity for the singular creative act of which they’re capable: the invention of an “enemy” so evil that in contrast with which they must always come out looking good.

  41. Aristodemus says

    Love how these masked anti-racist crusaders inhabit one of the whitest major cities in the all 3.7 million square miles of the U.S. There is no city in the country both larger and whiter than Portland. It makes Seattle look like Detroit. The class projectionist thugs who call themselves Antifa should invest some of that trust fund money from daddy in mirrors for some self-reflection of their own. A Martian zoologist would classify them as white ethnic tribalists based on where they choose to live and whom they choose to associate with. Anyone who understands anything about history knows what a simplistic Manichaen fantasy their whole worldview is. And anyone outside of their cult sees how authoritarian, dogmatic, conformist and craven they are.

  42. ZzatarazZ says

    I do hope he gets better. I never heard of this website before. I have to say I am a bit surprised at the amount of bias, very much a alt-right sure. That being said, no one deserves to be the victim of this kind of violence, and one should hope the attackers face legal repercussions. They should also be shamed for letting anyone goat them into violence.

    • @ZzatarazZ, check out Quillette more. What do you think makes you feel it is “very alt-right”? I suspect it is only because you have been manipulated into thinking that anything that deviates from the “progressive” narrative is alt-right.

      I am not alt-right, particularly since it is used to mean “radical racist and white supremicist.” I am not Right nor Left. I actually don’t believe those words have meaning anymore. I am for free speech absolutely, for reason-based arguments; and I am against collectivist thought and quasi-religious dogma. I come to Quillette because it has the temerity to have these values as well.

      The founders are liberal and most of the writers are as well. I urge you to be open-minded and explore other articles. The worst that will happen is you disagree.

    • Defenstrator says

      Who is? I see no alt-right here. Or is this someone confused about what Classical liberals look like again?

      • Lydia says

        I doubt many understand what classical liberal means. And I agree with the commenter who said alt right has lost its meaning. The Antifa label is Orwellian. This entire thread has been about sorting out the meanings of words. We don’t even have one language.

    • Jeremy H says


      “They should also be shamed for letting anyone goat [sic] them into violence.”

      I suspect you mean “goad”? Do you take this attitude with rape victims? “She led him on so got what was coming to her!”

      Antifa exists as a means for angry, low-skilled, unintelligent men to vent their inferiority through violence: no goading required. I suspect this subtle imposition of an “excuse” for Antifa is how you maintain your world view in the face of contrary evidence.

      • Sam Hall says

        Antifa exists as a means for angry, low-skilled, unintelligent men to vent their inferiority through violence

        Among those Antifa who have been unmasked in the recent past, many if not all were young men or women employed in academia. They may qualify as “low skilled” within their industry, but they are educated people from affluent or at least middle class backgrounds. As were such past revolutionary luminaries as Adolf Hitler, Che Guevara, Benito Mussolini, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, among many others. It’s largely a myth that political street fighters are poor, uneducated dolts. Instead, they tend to be educated, materially comfortable ones who believe they’re standing up for the poor, uneducated masses.

        • Lydia says

          Sam, it really depends on what you think “educated” means. I would call it indoctrinated.

    • Saw file says

      @zzatz… something..
      So, “Alt-right sure”, being left of Stalin and Mao?

    • Cedric says


      Don’t hold your breath for a proper definition of “alt-right” from ZzaatarazZ. Anyone who has never heard of a website and then is surprised by the content of the website can’t really be trusted to make sense of anything.

  43. John Savage says

    Long term marijuana used is associated with a seven-fold increase in aggressive violence. Maybe “antifa” isn’t so much a political movement as a stoner club.

    • John Savage,

      Can you supply a citation for your claim about violence and marijuana use?

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  47. A'Bstard says

    This is why we need high capacity magazines and liberal self defense laws like stand your ground. When the mayor and police won’t protect you and the Governor won’t call out the National guard to round up these terrorists and their family and friends who are aiding and abetting these traitors.

  48. Bill says

    I want Antifa to attack me so I can show you how to legally kill a communist

  49. Matty says

    You had to ruin it by calling Heather Heyer’s death from a heart attack a “hate killing” …

    He was fleeing Antifa violence.
    She didn’t even get hit, she died of a heart attack because she was unhealthy.

    He was given a life sentence for his political views, even if you strong disagree with him that’s a travesty of justice.

    • Defenstrator says

      The jury disagreed. They seemed to think that if kept backing up he could have left. As opposed to using it as a running start to ram people.

    • Jeremy H says

      There is a thread above that deals with this topic; I suggest you read through it.

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  51. Charles says

    Andy Ngo is an actual hero, and has the courage it takes to be a real hero, a courage most of us lack. This isn’t make believe; this isn’t television – this is about as real as it gets. Heros still exist, and remind the rest of us who we have the potential to be. May we all take Andy’s example to heart.

    • Lydia says

      Charles, I totally agree with you about him being a hero. He is in a search for truth and going into danger. A friend of mine today was comparing him to guys like Jim Acosta who actually believe they are journalists. Sigh. Andy is the real deal. If you notice studio boy, Brian stettler at CNN refused to call Andy a journalist.

    • TarsTarkas says

      He put his life at risk to continue his campaign to convince people that these criminals deserve punishment, because they are trying to destroy the country he grew up and loves. I’m glad nothing worse happened to him. I hope the pain and fear he experienced will result in a wholesale suppression of these bastards.

  52. Peter from Oz says

    The Independent, a British MSM outlet has covered the story:
    Interesting how the Proud Boys are labelled as alt-right, but antifa is not labelled as violent left
    It turns out of course that the Proud Boys make mincemeat out of the pussy boys of antifa. The latter start the violence, but always come of worse if there is anything approaching a fair fight.
    But anyone who turns up to a protest with a mask, should be arrested straight away, because it is clear he or she is interested in violence.

  53. Sadie Slays says

    I hope more ANTIFA members come here and leave their insightful comments about how Andy Ngo deserved it. Please continue. Maybe it’ll wake up some of the liberal and centrist readers here to the amount of hate coming out of the tolerant Left these days.

    • Sydney says

      @Sadie Slays

      You think everyone here is a conservative? Not so. I’m a centrist and have been here, and following Andy Ngo, for quite a while (two years…?).

      The hard-right conservative’s fundamentalist position on women’s reproductive rights prevents me from ever moving any farther right than where I am. A lot of us share this position. And none of us consider the left ‘tolerant’ (just as we don’t consider the conservative position on women’s reproductive rights tolerant, either).

      Centrists are crystal clear on what Antifa are: fascist totalitarian thugs.

    • Sparkles And Rainbows says

      Most liberals and centrists I know have nothing to do with antifa idiots, they’re definitely a lefty fringe element. I live in Portland and this stupid shit between antifa morons and Proud Boy douchebags flares up here periodically. The overwhelming majority of people here just wish all of the little assholes involved would permanently fuck off.

      • TarsTarkas says

        They would permanently ‘fuck off’ if the mayor would allow the cops to kick some ass and make some wholesale arrests, followed by arraignment, indictments, trials, and incarcerations. They are violent criminals, period. Civilization tolerates them at its peril.
        The mayor is enabling these thugs out of ‘solidarity’. And I’m not certain he’d change his mind if they hit him with a solid milkshake (look at that prof at Evergreen who nearly got her ear torn off and apologized for making the students mad). Now if his job were threatened, or if he faced a civil lawsuit . . .

  54. Roger Jones says

    What happened to Andy is a Federal crime and should be reported to the US Marshals and FBI. Google “KKK Act” Terrible paste but note “in disguise”
    SEC.6. Andbe itfurtherenactedThat if two or more persons shallfortwoorband or conspire together, or go in disguise upon the public highway, ororesonnssupon the premises of another, withintent to violate any provisionof thispother or goingact, or to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any citizenwith intentm disguise Upon,to prevent or hinder his free exercise and enjoyment&c. to in are,pof any right or priv-ore,~ »~~in_ilege granted or-secured to himby the Constitution or laws of the Unitedtent to preventStates, or because of his having exercised the same, such persons shall beofcertainenjoymentpr~ivi-held guilty of felony, and, on conviction thereof, shall be fined orimpris-ieges, &c.orbe€oned, or both, at the discretion of the court,- the fine not to exceedfivecause,&o.;thousand dollars, and the imprisonment not to exceed tenyears,–andshall, moreover, be thereafter ineligible to, and disabled from holding, anyo ce or place of honor. profit, or trust created by theConstitution orlaws of the United States.SEC. 7.Andbe it further enacted,That if in the -act of violating anyforemiffingprovision in either of the two preceding sections, any other felony, crime,while violatingor misdeameanor shall be committed, the offender, on conviction of suchany provision orviolation of said sections, shall be punished for the same with such punish-the twopreced-tnents as are attached to the said felonies, crimes, and misdemeanorsbyIngsections&the lawsathe State in which the offence may be committed.

  55. Josh Strike says

    The attack on you was abhorrent. Full stop. Question, though: Why are you marching with people who’d like to see you shot for being a gay foreigner? Do you actually think the Proud Boys represent conservative values? Have you heard about the Jews who worked with the Nazis in the run-up to the Holocaust, trying to preserve their position, only to find themselves thrown into Dachau with the rest? I can understand why you disagree with the left’s politics, economics, holier-than-thou “social justice”, redistribution, reparations, etc. But… does that mean you want to ally yourself with white power gangs? I mean, isn’t that sort of analogous to progressive activists who idiotically ally themselves with Islamists in the name of “intersectionality”? Just because you have a few things in common… I mean. I have a few things in common with almost everybody. I wouldn’t go out and get in a street brawl on behalf of either of those groups. I went out of my way to avoid downtown Portland yesterday. It doesn’t make you a hero that you went there and got hit. Proud Boys go to start fights…that’s their whole intention. They aren’t making a high-level, intelligent argument for anything. It’s beneath you as an editor to go street-fighting, whether you agree with them or not, but everyone who went downtown yesterday was fully onboard for what they got into, so don’t play the “victim” card too hard. You don’t like it when the left does it.

    • Sydney says

      @Josh Strike

      What gave you the impression that Andy Ngo was “marching with” the Proud Boys? He’s a journalist: he was there to cover his local scene, and one he clearly knows well.

    • FavoriteHistoricalCharacter says

      He’s a journalist you twit, not ‘marching” with anyone.

    • @Josh Strike. Because he is a journalist and he reports news. If you report news, that doesn’t mean you agree with the news. This is rather elementary stuff.

      I have a question for you: why do you believe in a false narrative without due diligence to the point you write it down here? You have obviously read somewhere he was “marching with Proud Boys”. He wasn’t “getting in a street brawl” — he was targeted and assaulted. Your assertions are utterly untrue and easily disprovable. Ask yourself why you believe it so easily. Beware being manipulated to believe something that isn’t even true.

      As far as Jews who worked with Nazis. My uncle was on the Judenrat in one of the major occupied cities, so um yes I’ve heard of this. You have zero idea what you’re talking about to compare my uncle’s tragic and awful experience with this journalist. It’s like a child thinking their dolls are real. I’m so done with people appropriating the Holocaust to make a facile case for their own or others’ victimhood.

      So no, a journalist reporting the news isn’t the same as a Jew working with the Nazis in a desperate, morally gray hope their child will live.

      And no, this wasn’t about Proud Boys. I realize it’s hard to hear this because you don’t hear in in your sources. But the people who attacked him were the antifa. Read up on their history. They stem from Germany and Italy about a century ago and they were violent thugs then, as they are now.

      One logical fallacy they assert is that the world is made up of two sides, like a comic book or a sports team. So if Fascism is evil, and they oppose fascism, that makes them Good. That is absurd. Marriages aren’t even that simplistic, much less whole movements.

      • Lydia says

        “I’m so done with people appropriating the Holocaust to make a facile case for their own or others’ victimhood.”

        Me too, d. It’s a total ignorance of History.

    • Mike says

      @Josh Strike,

      The video seemed to indicate that Mr. Ngo was in close proximity to Antifa, and not in very close proximity to Proud Boys. What makes you think he was “marching with” the Proud Boys. Also, the Proud Boys explicity decry discrimination on the basis of race or sexual orientation. It’s literally part of their statement on what they believe: “We do not discriminate based upon race or sexual orientation/preference.”

      • Sparkles And Rainbows says

        Yeah, I’ve seen video of Proud Boys who were Latino and Asian. Seems like the only requirements are being a far rightie and liking to brawl.

    • Saw file says

      Haha ..and the antifa masquerade clowns where not looking for trouble? No?
      You seem to have a certain perspective.
      You’re actually justifying the violence of these idiot antifa clowns.
      So self awareness of you’re own hypocrisy isn’t a strong suit with you.

      • Josh Strike says

        When I said proud boys were there to brawl, I should have added: antifa was only there to brawl, too. I thought that was kind of clear from what I wrote. Both groups are composed of juvenile idiots, trolls, and dudes who can’t get laid. The distinction, to the extent that there is one, is that proud boys are by definition organized against democracy, whereas antifa would probably dissolve in the absence of a right-wing threat to democracy. I don’t give a shit if the proud boys have one fat samoan thug and a manifesto that says they give a shit about a human rights, they’re neofascists and that’s what they’re marching for. Neofascism. So as a private citizen I’d be happy to oppose them, and if they aim to achieve their ends — that is, the end of American democracy and its replacement with totalitarianism — by violence, then I can’t completely say that antifa doesn’t have a point in meeting violence with violence. Because that was exactly what non-Nazi Germans failed to do.
        Which brings me to the poster “d”, above. I’m also one of the few surviving members of a Jewish family, after the holocaust, and I see a LOT of shades of gray in the support of right-wing hatemongering by populations here who want to avoid being tarred with the brush of being migrants. The Judenrat didn’t spring up out of a void, they were hand-picked the way right wingers right this second are hand-picking guys into their vanguard. The let-down comes later when the proud boys get all Sophie’s Choice on someone.
        Ideally, you look at the people you’re associating with and you decide whether they meet your reasonable qualifications for morality. Not whether they seem like “good guys”, because I assure you, I’ve sat with hard core rightwing and leftwing Portlanders and they are all “good guys”. Ask whether they care about life, humans, dignity, morality… more than they care about their stupid fucking “cause”. If they do, then surely they won’t be found downtown brawling in the street. Because the people who were there Saturday are all, uniformly, morons.

        • Mike says


          You are making a lot of claims about the Proud Boys that do not seem to have any support in reality. I’m not sure why you’ve taken support for Western civilization/culture as an anti-democracy stance, but if you’re going to make such claims they would be taken more seriously by anyone other than the already convinced if you provide some support.

  56. OWG says

    The best thing would be to start calling these people “alt-left” to make it clear that the progressives own them. I don’t bother keeping up with the 20 candidates, but which of them, if any, denounced this and other violence by their shock troops?

  57. Defenstrator says

    He is not a fascist. As to whether he pitches or catches or takes turns is part of his private life and no one else’s. And if you go around punching people do not start to complain if someone else kicks your head in as retaliation. That’s the problem with stupid people like you. At no point do you consider their might be consequences to your actions.

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  59. Alan says

    Any detached observation of the way Antifa behave shows they are just a bunch of devious vindictive thugs, who get thrills out of forming a mob and attacking people they don’t like, while hiding behind masks.

    There is nothing that is noble in their actions! They do not appear to hold any moral high ground, and are behaving exactly like the Facsists they claim to be fighting.

    They also seem to want to goad a violent response out of the conservatives.

    And when one day, when that response finally comes, then no doubt they will rush to the media crying about what victims they are, like the spiteful little children they seem to be.


  60. Defenstrator says

    (Yawn) Oh look. A person incapable of critical thinking is making a pronouncement he believes has relevance. How boring and sad.

  61. Respek Wahmen says

    Much of the authorities and the msm are either antifa themselves or their enablers, so this article is similar to arguing that reporting on nazi atrocities would have been a wakeup call to nazis.

    Seems a little silly…

  62. Simon says

    Looks like the antifa brand took well in the USA.

    It should encourage you to dig further into this discourse.
    Mapping the actors is a good first step. Now it’s time to understand the appeal. You need to understand the anti-fascist discursive formation in order to have a glimpse of the antifa subjectivation.

    Who and what speaks when it speaks the antifa language ? What’s their median sociological backgrounds ? What typology can you establish within that variety ? From the standpoint of statistical lexicology, what are their buzzwords ? Through which rhetorical devices do they construct the “fascist” figure ? Through which de-subjectivation/re-subjectivation process do they pass in order to incorporate this language ? What kind of presentation of self must they adopt in order to be accepted in the antifa milieu ? What are precisely the theoretical strategies they refer to ? From where and by whom are these strategies consolidated into seemingly coherent ideological corpuses, intellectual reflexes and frame analyses, before being spread ?

    Time to grow up kids. Give up the indignation, the principled posture and try some strategical thinking.

    • David George says

      Good point Simon It’s important to try and understand Antifa, however difficult. Nebulous, writhing with contradiction; they don’t even understand themselves, that is their weakness.
      “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
      ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      • TarsTarkas says

        You don’t try to psychoanalyze rabid dogs. It’s not worth the trouble, because you cannot reason with them nor do they wish to be reasoned with. You can only put them down. They will slink back to their dirty dens if confronted by authority. They only can exist in a power vacuum. A vacuum which too many ‘progressive’ politicos provide, thinking that allowing these rabid dogs to run loose will somehow advance their political career.

        • Simon says

          @David George : I’m not sure they are that difficult to understand. Leftist sociability and leftist conceptuality, beyond abstruse vernaculars, is quite primitive. Their behavioral logic is not so much different from that of a cult or an indigenous, insular community.

          @TarsTarkas : I’m not talking about arguing with them. I’m talking about dissecting them as a discursive formation. As if they were already dead, somehow.

    • Josh Strike says

      I’ll try to respond to this because I’ve grappled with their use of violence in the face of violence — and I largely disagree with it — but I do think that if you’re facing a systematic violent attempt to overthrow reason, liberalism and democracy, history may show that responding with mere words is futile, and so to that extent I will give people who meet fascist violence with antifascist violence the benefit of the doubt. Because fascism is a boot in the face and it cannot be reasoned with.

      Who and what speaks when it speaks the antifa language ?
      At the outset, anyone who opposes “fascism”, understood to be a form of totalitarianism.
      What’s their median sociological backgrounds ?
      You mean “background” and from this I can tell you’re Russian, but I’ll also give you the benefit of the doubt. Their median background is middle class capitalist without a trust fund.
      What typology can you establish within that variety ?
      This doesn’t mean anything I can parse.
      From the standpoint of statistical lexicology, what are their buzzwords ?
      They oppose fascism. Further, they divide into groups that take on all sorts of left-wing ideologies that are rather indefensible. But as a group, the lexicology of “antifa” is to be against fascism.
      Through which rhetorical devices do they construct the “fascist” figure ?
      The “fascist” figure is an authoritarian, xenophobic, misogynistic, know-it-all who thinks roughly that mythical agrarian life among all white people is preferable to modern urban life among a variety of people, and who wants to impose the mythical all-white agrarian life by executing or driving out anyone who doesn’t believe in / look like / agree with their personal idea of what society should look like. Basically, an asshole.
      Through which de-subjectivation/re-subjectivation process do they pass in order to incorporate this language ?
      Feeling like they were brought up white and rich, and being embarrassed about it, I guess. I’m not saying they should be, but that’s the answer to your question. I’d like to add that the way you’re phrasing things makes me think you don’t even understand your own words, but I’m going to treat them as if they meant something.
      What kind of presentation of self must they adopt in order to be accepted in the antifa milieu ?
      As someone who is outside the norm.
      What are precisely the theoretical strategies they refer to ?
      A fascist believes that blood and soil is taken by a boot to the face — that weakness deserves violence, and that evolution is the strong overpowering the weak. The theoretical strategy of antifa is that a fascist commitment to strength killing weakness cannot be met with rhetoric at all. It can only be met with equal force. In other words, there is no reasoning with assholes.
      From where and by whom are these strategies consolidated into seemingly coherent ideological corpuses, intellectual reflexes and frame analyses, before being spread ?
      By people who think for themselves. It must seem strange.

      • Simon says

        @Josh Strike : Hi Josh, thank you the time spent answering my questions. As you guessed, English is not my first language. I’m sorry if I’m being awkward with my phrasings.

        You did not say anything I did not figure out by myself because, as a white capitalist without a trust fund, living a liberal democracy under strong populist assaults and accustomed to radical left theories since my early teenagehood, I’m some kind of an ideal control sample.

        As a matter of fact, I was not actually asking the questions you answered. I was just contemplating some leads one might follow in order to draft a study of the antifascist discourse and of those who chose to arrogate it to themselves. The goal of the study would be to understand the appeal of such a discourse on the people who decided to assume it as their own. One of the method to understand the appeal of an ideological posture is to ask why they choose that one instead of another, contrarily to people with similar sociological characteristics and analoguous political purposes.

        I mean, you do not have to be some kind of a leftist Sturmabteilung to fight fascism. See Orwell or Albert Camus. They were left-leaning intellectuals, opposing fascism. But they also opposed the partisan posture adopted by marxist-leninist militants. The italian Einaudi group, who resisted the historically realized fascism, was not particularily marxist. What is more, you do not have be a leftist to oppose fascism among other forms of totalitarianism. Many German or Jewish intellectuals who fled authoritarian Europe for the United States during the 30s and 40s did so as classical, liberal democrats. We would have called them neocons the decade before ours. But more fundamentally I think you’re wrong when you think of antifascists as defenders of liberal democracy. Marxism-leninism and its declinations are anything but in favor of such a political regime.

        You treat antifascism as the natural language of the average sociopolitical awareness. You realize your privileged socioeconomic position. You understand it as the crystallization of a long-term historical process of domination, which has ramifications in many areas of social life. You understand it as morally loathable. You begin to identify who, in the political landscape, is in favor of perpetuating or dismantling such a conjoncture. You commit yourself to actively fight the former and join the latter.

        However, this process is anything but linear and spontaneous. Speaking the language of antifascism, its specific jargons and its political tactics require a process of behavioral cessation and theoretical inculcation. Learning a new language requires an effort that transforms your sense of self as well the way you relate to truth. Moving toward a new language game is also a conversion process. It requires you to engage in a new lifeform. You must change your clothing habits, your diet, the places you frequent or avoid, your aesthetic taste. Furthermore political involvement is a complex nexus of erratic, individual trajectories, social determinants and group dynamics. There are semi-bourgeois, white antifascist as well as lower middle-class, colored ones. Some antifascists will persevere in radicality and marginality while some other will finally settle down and join mainstream political parties. Some of them will eventually become conservatives as they grow up. Some antifascists join the struggle for pure political reasons, some of them because they want someone to be held accountable for their personal discomfort, some of them because they are bullies or sociopaths. There is not one single profile, because antifascism is constellation, comprising a variety of motives and paths.

        Our analysis are not on the same level. For me, the whole antifascist discourse is problematical and must be bracketed. You take the antifascist definition of fascism for granted. In my view, fascism is manufactued by antisfascist themselves. You think antifascism is the discourse of the free mind. In my view, antifascist thougth is an intricate web of academic careerism and freelance intellectual proletariat, juvenile posture and political opportunism. You think antifascism is a genuine struggle, I think it’s a grotesque performance.

        • Josh Strike says

          To Simon and also Academy 23 – I appreciate your thoughtful replies. I agree that I’m not looking all the constituent forces behind antifa, or its academic basis. I have seen its marxist biases, equally anarchist biases, but the people who’ve joined it with those ideologies are not representative of the movement as a whole. I see it from a very different perspective, and I should say it clearly did not CAUSE proud boys or neo-nazis to arise. I know this, because I live in Portland.

          More specifically, I live in a neighborhood that was for years a center of neo-nazi activity. It’s common in local bars to see nazi graffiti and guys ranging in age from 20 to 70 with white power tattoos. In spite of its reputation for extreme leftism and in-your-face social justice, Portland also harbors extreme rightwing racism.
          The proud boys are based in Vancouver, Washington, just across the river. Vancouver is one of the headquarters of the KKK in the pacific northwest. Meanwhile, Eastern Oregon and Idaho host a range of white power militias intent on creating a white ethno-state. Oregon itself banned blacks from moving to the state until 1926. Portland was and remains highly segregated. And elsewhere in Oregon, racism is endemic. For instance, I met a girl recently who I hit it off with, who was from Grant’s Pass, another epicenter of neo-nazism. We were getting on fine until she heard I was Jewish. She said her father would lose his mind if she dated a Jew. She went on to say he’s highly educated, loves to read, and loves Adolf Hitler. Not making this up.

          To some extent, I can buy the argument that the people attracted to antifa now are increasingly fed on marxism and “intersectionality”. However, full disclosure, I dated one of them early in the movement, and she was a strong Christian and certainly not a marxist (in fact, she was there when some proud boys came to an antifa hangout bar and attacked a larger group of antifascists — she physically threw off an antifa member who was beating one of the proud boys on the sidewalk). But it’s ridiculous to say that antifa has given rise to the proud boys. It may be fair to say that seeing alt-right supporters like Bannon entering government did so… or the rise of the alt-right trolls like Spencer getting national press coverage. But though the “proud boys” are a recent outcropping of the alt-right, they’re absolutely not a new phenomenon here… nor was there antifa resistance to them prior to the explosion of the alt-right on the national stage.

          It is also incorrect to say that the proud boys are not anti-democratic. By definition they’re a male organization that wants to overthrow a society in which women, Blacks and Jews have equal rights as white men. They’re an outgrowth of the alt-right and thus of neo-nazism, however you want to clothe it. They appear to look the other way on Asians (which is, in fact, why we’re having this conversation), but so did the original German nazis to the extent that allying with the Japanese suited their purpose.

          Long before this iteration of “antifa”, there were the major black bloc groups that rioted at the WTO meeting in Seattle in ’99. This is not that. Antifa are not breaking starbucks windows and attacking capitalism writ large, although surely some of their members want to. The movement is focused on a specific thing, which is preventing the proud boys — who are nazis — from marching unopposed like a conquering army of thugs through downtown Portland.

          That, to me, is how it looks on the streets of my city. Regardless of what forces may be behind antifa, they have not created the nazis and the question is: How do we stop the nazi marches from becoming normalized?

          • DNY says

            Are you sure Antifa hasn’t created the Nazis? It seems that they define anyone to whom they object to be a Nazi, thereby creating Nazis out of thin air.

            Thus, gay Asian-American reporter for a classically liberal journal — Nazi

            Members of an organization that explicitly invites members of all races and religions to join, but which happens to support Donald Trump’s presidency — Nazis

            If actual Nazis (you know, the kind who want to murder all Jews, homosexuals (at least if they aren’t sufficiently Nazi in their views), the handicapped, people with inheritable genetic diseases) actually start marching your city, the best thing to do is probably ignore them. Their views have no support in the general public, and paying attention to them or attacking them just encourages them.

          • Sydney says

            @Josh Strike

            Good comment. The weird political-fringe history of the region (both on the U.S. and Canadian sides of the border) is correct and worth mentioning. These facts don’t come up enough in the discussion of ‘Why Portland?’

            The entire region was originally settled by a startlingly wide variety of fringe Christian faith groups, plus left-wing politicos that attached to the early mining industry. And, yes, Aryan Nations and other white supremacist groups were very active in the 1980s in the whole region and on both sides of the border. They were/are vile. Too bad the white supremacists and Antifa – who share a common and virulent hatred of Jews and Israel – don’t simply kill each other. Problem solved.

    • Academy 23 says

      I think Antifa have been watching too much television and film. The Nazi white trash figure has been the go to bogeyman for quite some time now. Look at a film like the Pacino and De Niro star vehicle Heat from the 1990’s. The bad apple in De Niro’s heist gang is a Nazi with a fetish for murdering black prostitutes who makes De Niro’s heist gang look moral by comparison. Michael Mann, the director of Heat, used Nazi bad guys in his film version of Miami Vice. I’m pretty sure that Sons of Anarchy had some Nazis in to, again, make their drug dealing gun running bikers look like good guys by comparison. Tarantino also uses actual Nazis as bad guys, as well as slave owning eugenicists as stand in Nazis. Nazis are people we can see on film horribly killed and feel good about it. It’s pretty obvious that Antifa want to be heroes, and fetishise street violence. I also think it’s highly unlikely that they’ve actually ever encountered any Nazis, so they have to make them up. They’re living a kind of fantasy – I chucked at someone else’s description of them as ‘cosplayers’. Of course the internet doesn’t help, because that’s another unreal world. And i think they are living a kind of delusion. However I think they may synergistically be managing to actually conjure up some real bogeymen. I don’t think the Proud Boys want to bring down democracy as another commentator was saying, but I doubt that they would have come into existence without Antifa conjuring them up. I’m not sure locking them up would do much good as some of them clearly desire martyrdom. They’re a laughable bunch and I think we should laugh at them.

      • Simon says

        @Academy 23 : I 100% agree. I’m glad you perceive the foolish nature of antifascism and does not fall into the trap of 1st amendment catastrophism.

        A major aspect of antifascism is its functioning as a youth culture. There are of course other aspects, but this one is not to be played down.Their fascist figure occupies the same structural position as the scarecrow in infantile imagery. These kids basically play at frightening themselves by invoking the fascist ectoplasm.

        Antifascism in its core is about make-believe. It relies on the performative creation of the enemy, be it through that kind of childish hallucination or a more elaborate theoretical discourse. Their definition of fascism is so floating that it does not require any grounding in reality. It does so because it is not aimed at describing any actual evenets. It is aimed at including anyone and any discourse, to the extent that it is proper to act as a foil and arouse their outrage for outrage’s sake.

        The Proud Boys phenomena is just another instance of stigma reversal, instead it’s not harbored by classical minorities but unexpected ones. They would not have existed if they had not been assigned those derogatory qualifiers – inbred white males – in the first place.

  63. ga gamba says

    Add another own goal to the left’s tally. They’ve been on quite a heated scoring tear the past few years.

    Even better is after an incident, actual real-life people reveal their sympathies and even advocacy for violence under their own names in public social media posts. A treasure trove of self-outing information. Added to the lists their names go. What surprises await them?

  64. Loris says

    Or as Bolshevik theorist Nikolai Bukharin put it, “In revolution, he will be victorious who cracks the other’s skull.”

    Although this is a statement produced within civil war conditions. It does not mean that antifas will want to crack other’s skulls. In fact, not all of them will attack you simply because you are a conservative. But most of them simply want a civil war.

    • Weasels Ripped My Flesh says

      Loris –

      Bukharin would eventually reap what he sewed. Let’s hope some of these nice Antifa fellows will, too.

  65. mtmnd says

    This guy didn’t deserve to get punched. No one does. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope whoever punched him gets prosecuted.

    That said, this guy is really reprehensible. Twice during the rally – before he got hit – he went crying to the police because he got a little milkshake spilt on him. He also posted a photo of some drips of milkshake that were splashed on his bag as proof as proof that he was a victim. We’ve all heard of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf?’ Well he’s ‘The Provocateur Who Cried Milkshake.’ He probably didn’t want to get a beat down, but obviously he really wanted to portray himself as a victim, because it fit the story he had already decided to write. He just got more than what what he was hoping for.

    This doesn’t mean he had it coming. He didn’t. Nor does it mean that the guy who hit him shouldn’t be held responsible. He should. It does make And Ngo more than a bit of a douche, though, and someone who is obviously more concerned with his agenda than with reality.

    • Respek Wahmen says

      “This doesn’t mean he had it coming. He didn’t.”

      Maybe his skirt was too short. We don’t know what he was wearing, since the photo only captures his face.

      • mtmnd says

        Can you not read? I said he did not have it coming. Let me break it down . . .
        1) He’s a creep and a professional victim.
        2) He didn’t deserve to get punched.
        Both can be true.

    • @mtmnd, Yeah! Exactly like those douche women who run around with their short skirts at 1 am. I mean, they’re obviously asking for it. And just because they get a little hand groping or a little bit of a rape, they post a photo of themselves weeping as proof they’re a victim. They’re the provocateur who cried sexual assault. I mean, they probably didn’t want to get a beat down when they went out at night in those short skirts, but they knew the risks; this doesn’t mean they had it coming, but obviously they really want to portray themselves as victims because it fit the story they already decided to tell. They just get more than they’re hoping for.

      Thanks for letting folks understand where you stand!

      • mtmnd says

        You can’t read either? Wow, I had hoped the quillete readership would at least be literate. His behavior in no way excuses their behavior. Both can be reprehensible.

    • Charlie says

      So someone who walks into a rough bar and gets beaten up is responsible, not the attackers?
      All those who consider attacking Andy Ngo is not a problem should be aware they may start a fight with people who can is a brawler. Pick a fight with someone who is stocky with a farmers strength and has plenty of experience of experience and training could reduce the attackers to bloody cripples. This close quarter brawling favours men with high upper body strength, solid heads, strong jaws and solid stomachs.

      When looking at Antifa types it is interesting noting all the clothes one should not wear in a street fight. Antifa are the type who glorify in verbal aggression and assaults where they outnumber those who they attack. In life, people who start fights sooner of later meet people who are better at it then them.

      • mtmnd says

        Wow. Another. Is this some sort of SNL skit where people lack even the most basic comprehension?

        No. A person is NOT responsible. The attackers are responsible. For goodness sake, read what I wrote.

        Additionally, the person who knowingly goes into a bar where there is a good chance he was going to get beat up? That person is a) Not very smart, and b) Looking for trouble.

        Does this person’s stupidity/death wish in any way negate the responsibility of the attackers? NO. Not in the least.

        • Photondancer says

          Loads of toxic masculinity on display in your posts mtmnd. And yet I bet you go around telling everyone what a feminist you are.

          Gotta love (sarcasm) how the SJWs invented a whole mythos of ‘microaggressions’ so as to create numerous professional victims out there yet here mtmnd is claiming Andy is one as though it’s a bad thing. Certainly bad enough for mtmnd to rejoice in violent assault.

    • Martin28 says

      So it’s okay if people throw milkshakes on you, milkshakes that include quick-drying cement? Don’t you know this isn’t a joke—it’s assault? And that it says “I can do anything I want to you?” And that it leads to greater violence, which has been shown in multiple videos? What’s wrong with you?

      • mtmnd says

        First, it is looking more and more like the whole cement milkshake claim was false. No evidence exists that these were cement, and there would be plenty of cement if they had been.

        Second, whether cement or not, it is an assault, and those responsible should be held responsible. Next time try reading the post to which you respond.

    • Mike says


      So…he’s reprehensible because someone threw a milkshake at him? Is that your argument?

      • mtmnd says

        No. That is not my argument. My argument is above. Maybe read it next time?

        • Mike says


          Well, you wrote “this guy is really reprehensible,” and then what followed was a description of him getting milkshaked and telling the police. So…if it’s not getting milkshaked that makes him “reprehensible,” is it telling the police? Is it something you failed to describe? I don’t think you can fairly criticize me for not reading your comment if the thing that makes Ngo “reprehensible” in your eyes is something you didn’t describe.

    • Lydia says

      You mean the police were watching? my understanding is the police got a little upset when a few of them were hit with the cement lined acid milkshakes antifa were using.

      • mtmnd says

        Oh now they are acid milkshakes, in addition to the cement?. No evidence of either, but surely you don’t care one way or another. There were lots of police there. The one’s I was referring to were the ones to whom Mr. Ngo complained when he got milkshake splashed on him.

        • Alex Posch says

          I read your argument, and it is ridiculous. Just downright victim blaming, with a splash of “I don’t condone it” just to make it look as if you are reasonable and not a total jackass. You admit being hit with ‘milkshake’ (with or without concrete in it) is assault…..

          “Second, whether cement or not, it is an assault, and those responsible should be held responsible.- mtmnd

          But then condemn him for reporting assaults to the police? Police who are just standing around and could easily intervene….?

          “…. he’s ‘The Provocateur Who Cried Milkshake.’ He probably didn’t want to get a beat down, but obviously he really wanted to portray himself as a victim, because it fit the story he had already decided to write. He just got more than what what he was hoping for.’ -mtmnd

          Um, in the story of ‘the boy who cried wolf’ there were no wolves the first or second time. In the story of a bunch of violent cosplaying would be fascists who ironically call themselves “Anti-fascist” while they assault random people, and the media, and anyone else who disagrees with them in public spaces, there were 3 escalating assaults, with the last one putting the victim in the hospital with a brain bleed; while the police did absolutely nothing because the mayor/police chief ordered them not to.

          Your analogy sucks.

    • Academy 23 says

      mtmnd … what is it with you people and your macho posturing? “He went crying to the Police”, he’s a “bit a douche”. Reckon you’re some sort of Clint Eastwood tough guy? Get into a lot of bar fights do you?

      I agree he’s got an agenda, but when you have a prominent person like Jessie Smollet faking a hate crime – something that had he been more successful could have set of riots where people really got hurt -,and getting away with despite being absolutely caught red-handed, them these things need to be investigated. That’s what journalism is for.

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  70. “The activists demanded not to be photographed as they marched down public streets—even as many of them hoisted their own phone cameras and staged their own photo ops.”

    Oh my God, Antifa is beyond retarded. It’s only by sheer luck and political climate change that they continue to be allowed to exist.

    “Let’s wear masks and intimidate people with cameras, because we don’t want to be identified! Let’s also bring tracking devices with us that record everything we say, everything we see and everywhere we are at any given moment, and are tied to a unique identifier! We are the future, we are so damn smart!”

    The fact the cops haven’t gone rounding these assholes up once they leave the protest site, despite how absolutely technologically simple it would be, is what disturbs me the most. If I brought my cell phone to an attempted murder, they’d probably track me down with that, so why aren’t they doing the same for Antifa?

  71. NE says

    It is a tragedy of our culture and current political discourse that the magnitude and intensity of suffering that was witnessed during the 20th century is being used as a linguistic cudgel in the form of the word “Fascist” to simply describe things that we supposedly deem to be abhorrent, or things that we don’t like. There is no clear and generally accepted definition; it has became an Orwellian euphemism in the order of phrases such as “alt-right”, “post-truth”, and even “Nazi” to the degree that it is used in a utilitarian way to denigrate and silence others. Given that we use language to structure the reality we interact with, and to create and communicate meaning, are we to conclude that our culture was unable to digest anything substantial about or even remember clearly the events of the 20th century at all? Why does a thinking person accept the widespread use of the word “Fascist” and not feel discomfort from the difference between the significance of the charge supposedly being made and the actual actions or behaviours of the subject in question?

    Orwell wrote this in 1944 in his essay “What is Fascism?”:

    “Why, then, cannot we have a clear and generally accepted definition of it? Alas! we shall not get one — not yet, anyway. To say why would take too long, but basically it is because it is impossible to define Fascism satisfactorily without making admissions which neither the Fascists themselves, nor the Conservatives, nor Socialists of any colour, are willing to make. All one can do for the moment is to use the word with a certain amount of circumspection and not, as is usually done, degrade it to the level of a swearword.”

    It is frustrating to think that we cannot defend the accuracy and integrity of language as an inherent, mechanistic good, in the same vein as we stand up for free speech, free enquiry, and the right to protest and assemble. This is not to say that concrete definitions are achievable, or even desirable, but that we should maintain a healthy degree of skepticism when words are clearly being used incorrectly and for politically nefarious ends. In this vein, I would hope that one would stop to ask themselves what such words actually mean before accepting or participating in their widespread use.

    What Antifa stands for, and what they are doing, is absolutely reprehensible. I should be able to rely on the moral weight of the word fascist, in its evocation of the use of political violence and authoritarian power to suppress opposition, to denounce their actions. Yet, ironically, this charge ostensibly falls on deaf ears, and the blind political machine that operates in our journalism and our media rumbles on.

    • Kirby Tailor says

      Antifa = violent, unwashed, ignorant, freeloading pond scum.

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  73. David V says

    The Left’s sense of moral superiority derives from the idea that it alone is a force for good and its opponents must all be “Nazis”, and idea that permeates discourse on every subject in Western democracies.

    Antifa and BLM are also widely assumed to be not independent, grassroots activist groups but a bash squad for the mainstream Left. Yet the radicalisation of the Democratic Party poses a serious question – how long will liberals and moderates tolerate this, before they find themselves eaten by the radicals? Liberals have a terrible history of enabling illiberal power, whether domestically or internationally.

  74. Alx says

    How difficult is this to understand.

    Antifa come to protests in black masks with clubs and other weapons and their stated purpose is to cause violence and destruction. And yet the MSM still describe them simply as “anti-fascists”.

    Intellectual inbreeding (the refusal and denial of other points of view) at these publications has produced deformity of reason and intellect similar as to what happens with biological inbreeding.

    • Princess Underlove says

      Maybe the media is concerned, oh I don’t know, with the actual extremist terrorist murders committed by the far-right?

      Right-wing extremists murdered 50 people in the US in 2018 alone, so forgive me if I don’t shed tears over one of their sympathizers getting a couple of milkshakes thrown at him. Andy Ngo is known for doxxing and sending neo-Nazis after people he dislikes for being progressive, and these aren’t simple milkshake throwers, these are violent murderers.

      So cry more pissboy, there’s a name for what happened to him, it’s called karma.

      • Sparkles And Rainbows says

        Of course you know that it wasn’t just “getting a couple of milkshakes thrown at him” (which is assault) but also being punched in the face several times. But you leave that part out well, just because…

        “Andy Ngo is known for doxxing and sending neo-Nazis after people he dislikes for being progressive, and these aren’t simple milkshake throwers, these are violent murderers.”

        That’s not credible unless you can provide verifiable citations.

        • Mïkl says

          I think she’s talking about this:

          “People are angry I named the #antifa woman (Heather Clark) who got in a fight on May Day & was knocked out. She’s a local activist who has been in media for violently sabotaging an event on PSU campus. Her identity is relevant to the story.”

          As far as I can tell:

          1) Andy Ngo didn’t send anyone after her

          2) she’s an ‘Antifa’ cult member who tried to shut down a “fascist” event, not the kind of behavior that will keep you anonymous

          3) neonazi morons don’t need Andy Ngo’s articles to identify their Enemies and then attack them

          Imagine living in a stupid city where two gangs of costumed losers with mental problems beat each other up because they’re playing a political version of a Live Action Role Playing game.

          It’s absolutely pathetic. It’s hard to believe morons like that actually exist.

          When I was in college some of my friends used to play this Werewolves Vs Vampires game where each gang hates the other intensely. I was like meh, this whole thing is retarded I’m not playing that game it’s stupid I don’t need to be a Character, and besides video games are more fun anyway.

          The stupid game they played was less retarded than the one the political LARPers in Portland are playing.

      • Mïkl says

        “Andy Ngo is known for doxxing and sending neo-Nazis after people he dislikes for being progressive”

        Are you simply repeating what the other cult members are repeating or do you have objective evidence to support your hallucination?

        And by evidence I mean something more substancial than someone on Tumblr who says they were assaulted by neo-nazi demons.

        Perhaps you’re thinking about one of those hate crime hoaxes that never happened but you desperately want to believe happened because it reinforces your victimhood complex.

      • Marbles says

        Your source leaves much to be desired: “The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was created as a civil rights advocacy group in 1913. Its historical primary focus has been fighting anti-Semitism.[1]

        Since 2015, under the leadership of liberal former Obama administration staffer Jonathan Greenblatt, the organization has been sharply criticized for acting more as a left-leaning pressure group than a non-partisan anti-Semitism watchdog.[2] Bethany Mandel, a right-leaning Jewish columnist, noted that the ADL under Greenblatt removed the words “anti-Semitism” from its mission statement”

  75. Etiamsi omnes says

    If there are other forms of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and they are able to tap into our internet, it is no surprise that they are keeping safely away…

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  77. Cynical Old Biologist says

    Antifa – just another excuse for those who enjoy violence to satisfy their urges while donning a pseudo-moral disguise. Get well soon Andy!

    A real pity about the throwaway line, “In some cases, such as the Euromaidan movement in Ukraine, this conceit is justified.” Was that really necessary? So the overthrow of a democratically elected government after a $5billion US-funded “colour revolution” is a righteous thing? Now even Quillette is making me cynical….

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  80. Bob Morris says

    What happened to Andy was inexcusable and I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

    For anyone who keeps shrugging their shoulders or blowing it off or any other variant of “yeah but,” the instant Andy was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage is the instant that “yeah but”-ism ends for good.

    Brain injuries are no laughing matter. If not properly diagnosed, they can lead to more serious health issues, even death — and they can happen from just the simplest blow.

    You don’t have to be hit with a hard object to get a brain injury. From watching the videos, it sure looks like one person threw a cup filled with milkshake at him and the cup may have hit Andy in the head. If so, he can certainly get a brain injury from that. It matters not what’s in the milkshake, all that matters is the object struck him in the head.

    If an object didn’t strike him in the head, any form of somebody striking him in the head could do the same thing. So could sudden movement by Andy that jostles the brain around, if he’s trying to avoid fists being thrown at him. (Yes, you can suffer from whiplash from any sudden movement in your head.)

    And from the photos of Andy, it’s clear that, at some point, people either struck him or objects sent his way struck him. So, yes, I believe he was struck with something that caused the brain hemorrhage.

    At this point, I no longer care what Antifa calls themselves or where they belong on the political spectrum. All I see is a bunch of thugs who will use any excuse to beat people up.

    I can almost guarantee, at this point, if the police aren’t allowed to do their jobs, and the mayor and the city council keeps making excuses, it’s either going to lead to the National Guard being sent in to restore order or somebody who sees Antifa running around at will decides to take matters into their own hands and uses lethal force.

    One poster described Antifa as anarchist. That was the only correct thing that poster wrote, and no, it’s not a compliment. Anarchy works this way: One person throws a milkshake at another, the second person throws a rock back at the first, several of the first person’s friends rush in to do a beatdown with their fists, then several of the second person’s friends rush in and pull out knives to stab everyone, and it just keeps escalating from there.

    In other words, nothing good comes from anarchy. And nothing good comes, or will come, from Antifa.

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  82. David Longfellow says

    Most of the press would have piled on with Antifa had they been in attendance. The left has always been the primary source of political violence.

  83. Gerard vanderleun says

    This will end in guns. And it will be a lesson to those antifa stupid enough to show up.

    • wunhunglo2 says

      Exactly, it will end up with guns.
      These are disgusting cowards and an excellent example of the hypocrisy of SJW’s.
      A gay Asian immigrant who now, because he has different opinions and asks hard questions, is targeted for grievous bodily harm or death. Suddenly he is “Hitler” and anything is excusable.
      Make no mistake, he was recognized and targeted as an individual. Also, it was clearly use of deadly force and a potential murder. This kind of targeted violence is how death squads get started.
      To expect continued acceptance of beat-downs from scum with black masks is ridiculous. Since Portland has proven the police will do nothing and the normal rules of self defense are null and void, sooner or later I expect gunfire and anonymous retribution.

  84. Robin says

    “We also are hoping that our fellow journalists might awaken from the delusion that Antifa is a well-intentioned band of anti-fascists with a few bad apples sullying the cause.”

    Good luck with that!

    Your ‘fellow’ journalists are partisan political hacks. Journalism itself is now little more than opinion reporting by individuals with very clear political agendas. I think Quillette knows this and it is why they use the slogan “Free Thought Lives”. Trying to be neutral, objective and professional is a political and moral stand, clearly at odds with ANTIFA.

    You might have a better article if you focus more on the decay of Western journalism. Another interesting angle might be to explore why Antifa is allowed to operate out in the open given their proclivity for breaking the law.

  85. Cynic says

    “Another interesting angle might be to explore why Antifa is allowed to operate out in the open given their proclivity for breaking the law.”

    Actually, this is a genuinely important question which it would be journalism of the highest order, Watergate or Pentagon Papers high order, to answer. It might even be possible to answer it if, as they say, you follow the money.

    • Robin says


      This was explored by several independents after Milo Yiannopoulos tried to speak at Berkeley. The cops were clearly told not to intervene and it descended into a riot.

      Now fast forward to the Boston Free Speech Rally which was peaceful.

      The difference? The BPD made their presence visible and they were more than willing to inflict pain on anyone who wanted to fight. (They would have enjoyed it). Funny how the Black Shirts are pretty tough when they outnumber a single, gay, Asian reporter… not so much against BPD riot police. The key thing though is the political will to deploy the police which was lacking in the Berkeley case.

      Your suggestion to follow the money is a good one. I’d also add ‘cui bono’… or who benefits? Political intimidation has been around as long as humans have had politics. So while there is some advantage to silencing opposition and preventing criticism from neutral parties it also serves as justification for a right wing response. This then spirals into a cyclical and inevitable escalation. Both sides can claim the mantle of the victim and self-defense.

      Odd how it parallels the end of the Weimnar Republic in Germany.

      • TarsTarkas says

        The Weimar Republic fell because too many people wanted it gone and no one was really willing to defend it. That is not the case yet in the USA. Plus Hitler was trying to overthrow the Republic, Trump is trying to strengthen the Republic. And Trump is no Hindenberg or Von Papen or Von Schleicher. This attack hopefully will not only turn a lot of ordinary people against ANTIFA but hopefully many politicos who will see that continuing to support it will be toxic to their careers.

  86. Quillette Sucks Ass says

    That owns that he got beat up. I hope he dies.

    • Kencathedrus says

      @Quillette Sucks Ass: Why do you wish that? Genuinely curious.

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  89. youleaveuswithnoalternative says

    Fled the People’s Republic of Oregon (lived in Portland) almost 4 years ago and have never looked back. The state and local governments are hell bent on flooding the state with the worst, most slovenly, maladjusted, illegal, sociopathic, criminal miscreants possible, and giving them free reign in the state.
    In Oregon, good is bad, bad is good, and if you are a hard working, tax paying citizen you will be ignored, mistreated, and maligned by the Progressives in power.

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  91. Leo Leclair says

    Ideologues (of the Left or Right) have been the bane of human existence throughout the 20th century. Ideologues have fallen in love with a set of ideas and will hurt, oppress or even kill those that they have identified as the enemy. It is another example of frightening, tribal behavior by our species. Long Live the Middle! May the Commons be safe for all law abiding Citizens.

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    • Sydney says


      Agree. But I was happy to see Andy Ngo’s lawyer’s war cry today promising to sue Antifa into oblivion. Power to her!

      MSM and its dumb, indoctrinated millennial reporters are in an existential struggle to view Antifa (or the Clintons or Obamas or Dem Party and fellow travelers) as anything but heroic forces battling against evil overlord Trump and his dark forces (we’re among them). Delusional.

      • Geofiz says

        “I was happy to see Andy Ngo’s lawyer’s war cry today promising to sue Antifa into oblivion. Power to her!”

        I was not aware of this. Thank you very much for informing me.

  93. Kauf Buch says

    STOP MINIMIZING Antifa’s actions:
    Real “cosplay” actors DON’T CAUSE BRAIN HEMORRHAGES.

    There’s NOTHING “cosplay” about them;
    though they are a modern day version of the Democrats’ paramilitary arm,
    which in the 19th Century was the Ku Klux Klan.

  94. the gardner says

    Quillette editors, Would you please do exposes on these groups— Antifa, Proud Boys, any others like them. Who are they, who funds and organizes them, what do they really believe, what are their aims?
    Need some facts and clarity here.


      • the gardner says

        Actually I haven’t read anything, that’s why I asked Quillette to do thorough exposes on the parties on both sides of these disputes.

  95. Liz Macgire says

    Its funny you never see Anti-queefa or Antifa? trying to show their muscle during a Trump Biker rally or even a Veteran Rally? I wonder why? hmmm.. they only like to beat up on small gay Asian men or Black Women like Candace Owens? – yeah – real tough guys. I mean…yeah.. who really wants to get behind this klan of idiots? Hey Antifa? stay in your mothers basement and have her make you a sandwich! F$^kn American Parasites!

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  97. martti_s says

    Why are the Americans protecting Antifa?

    • toomuchthinking says


      Because we Americans value freedom of thought and opinion, regardless of how misguided and dangerous it becomes. In that sense, I guess, we’re not always too bright.

      • BrianB says

        You realize we’re discussing a group that practices political intimidation through physical violence not a debating society or think tank, right?

  98. Wewsnu says

    Yes, screw antifa, the perpetrators of this pre-planned violent attack should spend decades in prison. Why not attack politicians or globalist bankers directly? This is more deep funded right/left divisive operations kept to greatly reduce the likelihood of our two-party system into waking up and realizing who’s really to blame and why. This article however, disgusts me not in its description of this attack or anything else antifa has done, but the very beginning of the article.. Someone at Quilette actually believes the Maidan protests and massacre was organic? Or.. ? Victoria Nuland bragged about the money her and her slimy NGOs spent to make it happen, handing out cookies prior to her black-ops team opening sniper fire on the crowd below. This article makes me question the actual depth of your publications, can someone on-staff seriously be so uneducated or brainwashed? What else could you have wrong if you’re unable to display ability of higher thought on an issue cleared by facts years ago? I’m sure a few Ukrainians still thank you for the Azov Battalion running around with government issued (and US funded weapons). I’m also sure many Ukrainians on the correct side of history want to thank you for organizing such a poorly trained and poorly planned objective resulting in what is now gloriously referred to as the Debaltseve Cauldron.

  99. Kauf Buch says

    Hate-monger thought Nazi’s attacking a gay Asian man to suppress his opposition, couldn’t encapsulate Antifa’s mental midgetry any better.

    All Antifa is missing is matching Mussolini shirts that say “irony is a fascist construct.”

    Jack (@MrBeagleman)

  100. Kauf Buch says

    “Antifa” calling themselves “anti fascist” is like slave owners running the NAACP.
    – Jack (@MrBeagleman)

  101. Eigen Eagle says

    My absolute favorite trope from this episode have been accusations that Quillette is right wing. The outlet that’s been promoting Andrew Yang, that’s liberal on economic, environmental and social issues is “right-wing” because it doesn’t drink the social justice/intersectionality kool-aid.

    • Nakatomi Plaza says

      And if Andrew Yang spoke against one of Quillette’s pet issues he’d be torn apart here. He very conveniently got beat up by antifa so Quillette is using him.

      This place is right-wing as fuck. This place swims in kool-aid, but nobody here seems to have the courage or the sense to recognize it.

      • Wyrm says

        “nuh-uh, YOU are drinking the kool-aid!!!!”

        With some honesty you will come to the realization that many individuals comprise the Quillette audience. Some agree with some articles, some agree with others. There is no kool-aid to be drank here. Even your opinions are welcome although being far-left everyone is right-wing…

      • Closed Range says


        Waiting for you to show up. As usual, you failed to understand the basic facts of the event. It was Andrew Ngo not Andrew Yang who got beat up. You do realise that young Asian men don’t all look the same, right? Of course, don’t let that upset your self-righteousness, you are on the right side of history after all, heh?

        • Asenath Waite says

          @Closed Range

          “It was Andrew Ngo not Andrew Yang who got beat up.”

          Classic Nakatomi.

      • IIC says

        Eh, Andrew Yang, Andy Ngo, all Asians look the same amirite???

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  104. Eddie Marcia says

    Antifa = Brownshirts.

    The correct response in both cases: hang a few from streelamps pour encourager les autres.

    Might have saved many lives in 1936. Could do the same today.

  105. Bob Morris says

    Jesse Singal’s latest newsletter (which usually requires a subscription, but once in a while he makes a writing free) talks about what happened to Andy and cites five other examples of journalists who have been assaulted by people who, if not calling themselves Antifa, most certainly associate themselves with leftist ideology or beliefs.

    The site in question he refers to, U.S. Press Freedom Tracker, has documented multiple cases of journalists being attacked, whether they were physically assaulted or had equipment damaged or destroyed (or both).

    For the record, what happened to Andy this past weekend isn’t on the site as of this post, but they did post what happened to him on May Day. Here’s the site’s FAQ.

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  110. Geofiz says

    I was a young child during the early 60’s. But my parents were very involved in the civil rights movement and I have very strong memories of white racists beating blacks while the police stood by on CBS News with Walter Cronkite.

    56 years later, history repeats itself. However, there is one key difference. The violence against blacks marching peacefully shook the conscience of the nation and led to wide popular support for desegregation and the voting rights act. Today online newspapers such as the Huffington Post, Vox and The Nation actively support Antifa. Even mainstream organizations such as the Associated Press claim Andy Ngo is not a real journalist. The NYT has yet to publish anything other than a tweet that Ngo had it coming.

    I don’t know whether 56 years ago, the press leaned left or right. But I do know they were in-large-part, honest and objective. Editorials were on the editorial page, not the front page. No reporter would have ever stood by and applauded while another was beaten. Sadly, as agenda websites masquerading as authoritative new sites compete for clicks from their base, that objectivity is long gone. Sites like Huffington Post and The Nation are unafraid to lie and mislead.

    Civil lawsuits have been an extremely effective tool in going after extremist groups on the right. The same techniques can be used on extremist left-wing political organizations. Therefore, I am heartened by the words of Andy Ngo’s lawyer. Unlike the Oberlin administrators, these extremists can be held personally liable and forced into bankruptcy. I sincerely hope she is successful. I also anticipate lawsuits against the mayor/ police commissioner (it is the same guy). Ted Cruz is already calling for a Federal Investigation. He will have a sympathetic ear in Donald Trump.

    I know everyone is mad. I’M MAD!!!! But we can win this! We can win it legally and without violence. We just have to be better and smarter than they are. Fortunately, that is a low bar.

    • Sydney says


      Your memories of “…white racists beating blacks while the police stood by…” makes for an amazing comparison of what has changed from then til today, when a gay, person-of-colour, not-leftist journalist (I don’t know where Ngo identifies on the political spectrum, but he’s NOT intersectional left) is beaten by hooded, far-left intersectional fascists while the City of Portland mayor and police stand by.

      I’m not going to extrapolate and try to tie theories up in a box with a tidy ribbon. Certainly lots of complex factors have led to this. What a mess.

      • Photondancer says

        Yes this incident has confirmed something I’ve suspected for a while. Both homosexuals and Asians appear to have dropped off the intersectionality ladder. You no longer get any Pokémon points for being one or the other, or even both. Andy should try proclaiming himself as trans and see if it gets him off the blacklist.

    • Jack B. Nimble says


      ‘…….Even mainstream organizations such as the Associated Press claim Andy Ngo is not a real journalist. The NYT has yet to publish anything other than a tweet that Ngo had it coming…..’

      The NYT times now has an article up describing Mr. Ngo as a ‘conservative journalist.’

      Regarding the AP ‘claim’ about Mr. Ngo’s credentials as a journalist, Quillette doesn’t have clean hands in this matter, because its founder has recently criticized journalist Jared Holt in two tweets as:

      “……You’re an activist posing as a journalist. You couldn’t identify any methodological problems when you contacted me & you still can’t.

      Happy to answer questions when they come from fair-minded journalists. Activists on the other hand can kiss my ass….”

      For the record, Jared Holt studied print journalism and reported on local and state politics from the University of Central Arkansas before joining People for the American Way. He was researching an article ‘Right-wing publications launder an anti-journalist smear campaign’ that was published in Columbia Journalism Review on June 12, 2019.

      Why is it OK for someone on the right [Ngo] to be both an activist AND a journalist yet wrong for someone on the left [Holt]? Quillette has a double standard.

      • Kauf Buch says

        I believe your screed is what your side calls “whataboutism.” BOR-RING, boring TROLL.

        I doubt you’ve ever been so critical of Leftist bilge, stop pretending to be ‘balanced.’

    • Photondancer says


      This “they’re not a real journalist” line that’s being trotted out (it’s been used against Julian Assange too) concerns me greatly. Everyone has a right to investigate and report issues that concern them. Being paid for it or joining some association doesn’t make anyone a real journalist, it just means they want to exclude people.

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  113. Kevin O'Keeffe says

    ANTIFA is a despicable organization. I’m sure I’m not the first to point out that it seems to have sprung from the old Progressive Labor Party (PLP). I suppose the PLP still technically exists, but I believe most of its supporters now identify primarily as ANTIFA.

  114. David V says

    The role the SPLC has played in encouraging this needs to be examined with its smear campaigns and “Hate Groups” lists making many people a target for Antifa and Islamist violence, potentially. Charles Murray at Middlesbury was one such example.

  115. Jerry Place says

    Antifa, unfortunately, has been hijacked by the hard right as an evil alternate to white supremacy movements. As we know there are good people on both sides –yeah right. Equally unfortunately, those calling themselves antifa have acted in ways that are not in their best interests.

    My father was Antifa as was my father-in-law, my uncle and in his own time my grandfather. All shed blood in anti-fascist battles during WW I and WW II. Of course, I’m anti- fascist myself — but I don’t agree with Antifa tactics and I don’t support those tactics.

    The bad guys here are the white-supremacists and neo-Nazis. Antifa is misguided — there is a difference whether you like it or not.

    • Kencathedrus says

      @Jerry Place: Your relatives sound like soldiers and did what they thought was right. However, they would have had nothing to do with Antifa as they are are today. The term ‘fascist’ today has come to encompass anyone who deviates from a the left-wing narrative, usually people who are not on-board with Western pinkification, zero border controls, and offense culture.

      While there are weirdos that enjoy wearing Nazi or KKK regalia, they are such a small and scattered minority that no-one really takes them seriously. However, the media has elevated the ‘threat’ they present to such a ridiculous scale that the term ‘Nazi’ is now widely applied to anyone who thinks differently on certain issues. What’s dangerous about this is that gullible people actually believe Antifa and other left-wing groups are good, but misguided folks fighting ‘real’ Nazis, when in reality they are using fashionable left-wing causes so as to control the mainstream narrative and take even more control of people’s lives.

      I’m cynical enough to believe that this is being done on purpose by an establishment that is grooming its population to all think the same. With the advent of internet and social media, it’s becoming increasingly easier to do so through manufactured outrage and racebaiting. People are waking up to this scam and it’s part of the reason why Trump and Brexit occurred. They’re big middle fingers to the social engineering that has been foisted upon us.

    • Kauf Buch says

      TO Jerry Place
      Lay off the Tide Pods, child. Antifa is RADICAL LEFT, and has NOTHING – I repeat, NOTHING to do with patriotic Americans who fought German Nazis.

    • Aristodemus says

      @Jerry Place, I agree that white-supremacists and neo-Nazis are bad guys. But they’re not THE bad guys. They’re one among many others, now and through history. I’d call Stalinists bad guys. I’d call Pol Pot bad. They murdered, enslaved and terrorized millions of human beings. If you can’t see the parallels between them and Antifa, their tactics, their rhetoric, their philosophical justifications, their ambitions, then I don’t think you’re looking closely enough at history.

    • Jim Smith says

      Oh, my God. Witness the petulant, childish state that progressives revert to when reality conflicts with The Narrative:

      “The bad guys here are the white-supremacists and neo-Nazis. Antifa is misguided — there is a difference whether you like it or not.”

      Question: Were you stomping your foot as you typed that?

  116. Using the Maidan protest in Kiev as an example of necessary and worthwhile violence is nonsense….the actions of MANY of the people there were reprehensible….and don’t even get me started about what happened in Odessa……sorry bud….your article would have been much more supportable if you had chosen your counterpoint more carefully.

  117. Petrus says

    Sign this Petition if you think President Trump should label Antifa a domestic terrorist organization:

    Although I see some people having difficulty with whether or not to condemn Antifa, I think that their record of violent acts warrants a more serious response than just airing out some contentious views. I think getting a petition like this out there at least sends a strong message.

  118. Igor Berkhin says

    All the credibility of this article and partially of Quillette itself went down the drain with the opening sentence justifying Ukranian riot. The US funded political technologists, Ukranian clans who wanted to shift the balance of power, thousands of idiots who were deluded by a fake stories, and finally an horde of violent extreme Nazis who overtly weared German swastikas made the overthrow of a legally and democratically elected president. This riot split the country and caused the civil war. “justified conceit”? C’mon, give me a break.

    The authors of Quillette seem to be as deluded as those progressive liberal leftists it criticizes so much.

    • El Uro says

      You, Russians, killed 10 thousands people is Ukraine. It’s not a “civil” war, it’s aggression. You shut down Malaysian Boeing, you support Iran, Maduro, Assad.

      Shut up, criminals!

    • Kauf Buch says

      TO Igor B
      False equivalence. But thanks for playing. Now, go back to chewing broken glass, child.

  119. Candy Mercer says

    In Olympia, I was afraid to go to an action for the first time last week after I published material that disputed the claims made around the death of Yvonne McDonald. Her death is being positioned as a race event, and a murder. Both claims are wrong, she mostly likely died from a fall due to being drunk. She had previously had similar falls requiring medical aid. I published some materials that supported her death was an accident and I got the labels white supremacist etc thrown at me.

    They were having a protest march and rally and normally I would have no thoughts about going, but given the levels of verbal attacks, and not knowing how big the rally would be, I thought it best to stay home, and not report on it. I did not fear physical violence per se, but being surrounded and verbally abused, and did not want the drama. OlySol used similar tactics to drive out security over the winter.

    After seeing this, I now know it is possible. If you are perceived as an enemy, which I now am, I am not sure physical safety can be guaranteed. See TESC baseball bat gangs as well.

    This is Olympia in 2019, a formerly freethinking oasis, turned to a place where you have to self censor all the time, and if you stand out and speak truth you have to have fear of reprisal. Especially small businesses are being attacked over the homeless issue. individuals who relate stories about being harmed by drug addicts are doxxed and harassed at work, I know of at least two cases. This is stunning and troubling.

    I have had to think long and hard about covering the McDonald case, thought I have never given to any journalistic subject before. Is it worth it to be in the spotlight? What harm could come?

    I am publishing a high profile article on the homeless issue and addiction/crime, that goes against the party line and I am preparing as much as I can for blowback. This is real and it is not just the black bloc/antifa people doing the policing. I already got “fired” from the local alternative paper cause my work on homelessness did not conform.

    • Sydney says

      @Candy Mercer

      Lots of over-reach by the intersectional far-left here in Canada when issues touch women of colour.

      Recently, our far-left federal government tentatively and guiltily accepted a claim by a $50M inquiry into missing and murdered First Nations women that Canada is guilty of ‘genocide’ of FN women. Canada is now registered as a genocidal nation internationally. In fact, most of the missing and murdered are murdered or assaulted by FN men close to them, but the inquiry and the federal government decided to skip over that fact and simply place blame at the feet of all [colonialist, imperialist, capitalist, racist…] Canadians.

      Sad story of Yvonne McDonald and of many women victims. But the answers are not as simple as the intersectional left would have us think.

      • Candy Mercer says

        Yes, and we now have to add the stolen lands to our identity when introducing ourselves. This is also common at events, many at TESC, and in fact may be required when using the Longhouse and in other situations. Also appearing on posters to events, giving the “white” colonialist address and then noting the stolen lands the present house stands on. Example: from the person who has been most outspoken in her attacks on me, her recent bio on her article on the KKKops…note she is so woke she names THREE TRIBES!

        “….and is a white, Poor, Disabled, Non Binary, Queer artist and organizer living in Olympia on stolen Squaxin, Chehalis and Nisqually land. They are a sidewalk chalker, a copwatcher, a dog walker and the Daughter of a Momma…”

        Also here is something unprecendented…so many communications are taking place in private, not for fear of government but of the left. A bunch of us have been organizing, all of us women, and we all had privately kept a “list” of extremists that we block, monitor or avoid, depending. We all independently had a list. And the overlap was remarkable, about 20 people who are particularly toxic and the AKAs. I have never had to keep a list, or block people, or make my post private. Now I do all.

        I have been following the Rick Mehta case out of Canada, and have read on the propaganda in the childrens book which I think is here on Q, also yes, most FN women are killed by FN men.

        And here….in the Yvonne McDonald case, I am actually surprised they did not investigate the family who all had contentious relationships w the deceased and w each other to the point the detective had to call each one individually w each update as they could not referee a single point person, because what seemed to be an element of distrust.

        So yes, they are inculcating racial hatred, and the idea the city is responsible and or does not care about the death of a black women, all wrong. She had bowel problems and probably fell while trying to go to the bathroom, they used the feces as evidence this was a hate crime. They are citing parallels to the Central Park 5 which only makes sense if the script is flipped…they are the ones trying to pin the crime on innocent people, including the person who found her, the EMT who worked to save her life, the police and the mayor.

        And it is building on what happened at TESC and the earlier police shooting of two black men. It is an offense to real victims. And people just believe it, no questions. My friends. So by speaking the truth, I may pay on that level too, there may be spaces that I like to go to that may become hostile. all of this I have to weigh when wanting to tell the truth. The Olympian just did a big story and published a lot of the police report, so people can read it there. But still they did not tell the story in the context of the greater community.

  120. estepheavfm says

    Oh, “fascism.” Right. That’s movement started by a famous Italian socialist who followed the pro-violence principles of the most advanced socialist intellectuals of the time. And it was the German socialist leader who rejected modified Lenin’s socialism by augmenting fascist socialism with the progressive principles of the British and American eugenicists (including Sanger) and Democrat Party (KKK) to create the most dominant form of socialism in that country. Yeah, “fascism.” I get it, violent socialism in industrialized nations, which is called “fascism.”

    • mtmnd says

      You’ve got yourself all tied in knots by the mindless application of a few simple terms. Both Hitler and Mussolini were adamantly opposed Communism and Socialism. Opposing what we think of communism/socialism played a huge role in both of their propaganda. But weren’t just virulent anti-communists, they were also racists, racial eugenicists, homophobes, islamophobes, and of course nationalists. You know the arguments . . . nationalism is a good thing, not a bad thing . . . eugenics isn’t racist, it’s science . . . homosexuality is unnatural and therefore dangerous and wrong . . . multiculturalism is destoying the world. In short, Mussolini and Hitler could probably get jobs writing here.

      • BrianB says

        Yes, Quillette and Claire Lehman, the hotbed and home of fascists and Nazis.
        The national socialists and fascists opposed the international variety as a threat to occupy the niche they were carving out for themselves. They were simply the other side of the same totalitarian coin.
        Many and probably most of the eugenicists outside of Italy and Germany were proud progressives. They were also, like Woodrow Wilson, virulent racists.
        Are you under the impression that homosexuals were treated respectfully in the Soviet Union or by progressives?
        A great many of the Muslims of that era were ardent admirers of Hitler and asked his assistance and offered him their own in wiping out their common enemy the Jews.
        But, yeah, keep rationalizing and enabling this kind of violence; it’s really winning over voters.

      • Peter from Oz says

        Oh dea rmtmnd. Can you really be that silly?
        DO you really think that two ideas fighting in the same public forums and over the same people cannot actually be really the same underneath the superficail differences? Of course the fascists and the communists hated each other. But that doesn’t make one right and one left. it just means that they both realised that each was fighting in the same political market.
        Fascism and communism were the pepsi and coke of the political sphere. Liberal democracy, on the other hand was a nice cup of tea. In other words the two totalitarian ideolgioes were not really in the same market as the western democracies.

      • Sean says

        You can be “adamantly opposes” to something and not be very different from that enemy. Freud’s narcissism of small differences. Also, you can have more than one enemy. The fascists, communists, and Nazis all shared at least one enemy: capitalism and the bourgeoisie. For example, in Mein Kampf Hitler claims that communism was a plot by Jewish internationalist banker-capitalists to loot Germany of its wealth and culture. The original fascist manifesto is in many ways indistinguishable from the demands made by communists–progressive taxation, nationalization of major industry, etc.

      • Curle says

        Bolsheviks were consequentially worse and they were multiculturalists. The fascists were right to oppose them, they were and are an unrepentant and pure form of evil.

        Your error is being so ignorant you imagine the Nazis the greatest evil ever, probably comes from possessing a mind marinated in Hollywood propaganda.

      • Kauf Buch says

        Nice try! SO…you want readers to believe that the German National Socialists had “nothing to do with socialism.” Okaaaaaayyyyy…… rolls eyes

      • Academy 23 says

        mtmnd … Hitler was not a Islamophobe. He admired Islam and thought it might have been a better fit for the German ‘volk’ than Christianity. There were Bosnian Muslim divisions of the SS, and he also hosted the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in Berlin during the war. That is not to Islam is Nazi or any such thing, but just to highlight one piece of absolute nonsense you have written here. Eugenicists were very much on the left – Marie Stopes being a particularly prominent one. Again that’s not to say left wing people are ‘Nazi Eugenicists’ or anything like that. Again, just highlighting your misinformed doggerel. I personally don’t like Communism because it hasn’t worked anywhere it has been tried. North Korea being a particularly horrible example, with its concentration camps and total lack of freedom and pretty much of anything good, or Venezuela a nation swimming in oil which could be rich but where people don’t have enough to eat, and from which about two million people have fled. I think you’ll also find there aren’t very much in the way of gay rights in the Islamic world. Man are you confused. I guess you are young with a particularly poor grasp of either history or an understanding of ideology.

      • Gringo says

        You’ve got yourself all tied in knots by the mindless application of a few simple terms. Both Hitler and Mussolini were adamantly opposed Communism and Socialism.

        Not that simple. Mussolini was a Socialist before WW1. Hitler saw Communists as his main rivals, but he saw much in common with National Socialists and Communists.
        Hitler’s Table Talk: 1941 – 1944.HIgh Trevor-Roper, ed.

        Both Fascists and Nazis have advocated for social equality.

        There’s nothing astonishing about the fact that Communism had its strongest bastion in Saxony, or that it took us time to win over the Saxon workers to our side. Nor is it astonishing that they are now counted amongst our most loyal supporters. The Saxon bourgeoisie was incredibly narrow-minded. These people insisted that we were mere Communists. Anyone who proclaims the right to social equality for the masses is a Bolshevik!The way in which they exploited the home worker was unimaginable. It’s a real crime to have turned the Saxon workers into proletarians. …
        I don’t blame the small man for turning Communist; but I blame the intellectual who did nothing but exploit other people’s poverty for other ends. When one thinks of that riff-raff of a bourgeoisie,even to-day one sees red. (p25-26)

        While both Nazis and Bolsheviks advocated “social equality for the masses,” they both governed in an extreme top-down mode: what a surprise! Sarc, Sarc.

        Hitler saw more in common with Communists than “social equality for the masses.” He saw Nazis and Communists also utilizing women in their ranks in a similar manner.

        Moreover, the Communists and ourselves were the only parties that had women in their ranks who shrank from nothing. It’s with fine people like those that one can hold a State. (p113)

        Moreover, the Communists and ourselves were the only parties that had women in their ranks who shrank from nothing. It’s with fine people like those that one can hold a State. (p113)
        Hitler viewed Communists more as rivals for power rather than ideological opponents.

        Later on, the Reds we had beaten up became our best supporters. (p144)

        In sum, Hitler saw a fair amount of affinity between Nazis and Communists. Like the Communists, Hitler had nothing but scorn for the bourgeois.

        I understand why the bourgeois bristle at the prospect of being governed by people like us. Compared with us, the Social Democrats numbered in their ranks men with much better outward qualifications—from the point of view of the bourgeois, I mean. The bourgeois could only be terrified as they witnessed the coming of this new society. But / knew that the only man who could be really useful to us was the man capable of mounting on the barricades. (p 145)

        Both Nazis and Commies were “capable of mounting on the barricades.” Hitler’s “new society,” the “new man” of Lenin , Che Guevara and other Commies. Nazis and Commies- not as far apart as you would think.

        • tommy mc donnell says

          Nazis and communists are the Siamese twins of political philosophy. that they are different is a lie made up by communist professors after june 22, 1941 and taught in American colleges ever since. now the lie has filtered down into the elementary schools where it is peddle by leftist teachers to their unsuspecting students.

  121. Kenneth Felton says

    One important correction. “Antifa’s first prominent appearance was in 2017”. Not so. It was in Portland on November 8th, 2016. That was when Mayor Hales unleashed his modern day KKK, antifa to destroy property, attack, and intimidate innocent bystanders. The Portland police were told to stand down while antifa blocked public transportation, streets and freeways. They cause a few hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. all because Trump was elected. Since then, antifa has had a carte blanche to engage in violence. The Proud Boys, and Patriot Prayer groups always obtain permits for their events. antifa is allowed to congregate in masks, armed and dangerous without any permits. The Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer always let the police know when they were appearing and what they were going to do. They’ve never caused any damage or attacked anyone and they stay on the sidewalks. antifa is always informed of these events ahead of time and they always suit up for violence and organize on social media. They make no secret of their intent because they know the Mayor and his Outlaw police chief will cover for them. It seems Wheeler wants to see someone killed.

  122. Sydney says

    Unmasking legislation needs to be passed and applied everywhere. Good piece (including a brief clip of Antifa thugs — in Oregon? — being FORCED by police to unmask) here:

    And I was glad to see Andy Ngo on Tucker Carlson today. MSM is certainly not going to speak with Andy if it isn’t forced to.

    I share wishes of good and safe recovery for Andy with other Quillette readers!

  123. bjhodge8 says

    Gee, Mr.NGO it’s a good thing you have David French batting for you in the – post Portland attack – NR blogosphere. Antifa doesn’t stand a chance against the hard hitting charge of your NR buddy. I mean, look at the damage he has wrought on Antifa for the past 3 yrs, with his merciless rationalizations and his cruel ignoring of the problem until his journalist buddy gets assaulted. You must feel safer all ready.

  124. Nakatomi Plaza says

    Antifa is a symbol of everything left at Quillette. Meanwhile, practically nobody on the left gives a shit about antifa or defends them. They’re a tiny radical outlier group of losers who represent the left about as legitimately as a neo-nazi teenager represents the GOP.

    But what a fun target they make at Quillette where we just make shit up all day long to keep our delusional worldview intact.

    • jakesbrain says

      I’ve seen people in the mainstream media endorsing and offering support for Antifa. They may be a tiny radical group, but some people with pretty goddamn big megaphones are firmly on their side.

      Here’s a link I know you won’t click on because you’re busy keeping your worldview intact:

      No matter how dressed up in fancy words, this is nothing more than people defending thuggery in front of a national audience.

    • Kauf Buch says

      Nice try, liar. The “moderate” Left merely sits passively for the Radical Left (Antifa) to do its damage/intimidation/terrorism, before it politely applauds and blames the Right.

      Sort of like the saying,
      “A Radical Muslim wants to cut your head off. A Moderate Muslim wants a Radical Muslim to cut your head off.”


    • Gringo says

      Nakatomi Plaza
      Meanwhile, practically nobody on the left gives a shit about antifa or defends them.
      Where is the leftist condemnation of Antifa? The Mayor of Portland, perhaps? (Sarc, Sarc)

    • Gringo says

      Nakatomi Plaza

      Antifa is a symbol of everything left at Quillette. Meanwhile, practically nobody on the left gives a shit about antifa or defends them.

      You made a snarky comment at this Quillete article, so you were definitely aware about it. It’s Not Your Imagination: The Journalists Writing About Antifa Are Often Their Cheerleaders.

      If “nobody gives a shit about anifa,” then why do journalists write about them? Inquiring minds want to know.

      I also note that you were not happy that Quillete pointed out that journalists WERE writing about Antifa. Does that mean that you do not want news published about Antifa? Does that mean that you would have preferred that the Andrew Ngo beating had not been covered? 🙂

      But what a fun target they make at Quillette where we just make shit up all day long to keep our delusional worldview intact.

      Are you informing us that the Antifa-administered beating of Andrew Ngo was a delusional figment of our imaginations? 🙂

      • Jack B. Nimble says


        Here’s a transcript of the CNN interview with Mr. Ngo. How did they discredit him???

        “CNN’s New Day; 07/02/2019; 7:54 a.m. Eastern

        JOHN BERMAN: All right, this morning. This morning there are serious questions about security in Portland after a journalist was attacked there while documenting violent protests between anti-fascists protesters and members of several far right groups. Joining me now is Andy Ngo. You saw him there in the video. He suffered serious injuries at the hands of some Antifa protesters. Andy, just tell me what happened.

        ANDY NGO: I, as a journalist, was covering a protest organized by Antifa activists, and the event was billed as resisting fascist violence, but as a journalist of color and a gay man I ended up in the hospital covering that event with a brain hemorrhage.

        BERMAN: A brain hemorrhage. How are you doing this morning? What are your injuries?

        NGO: I -- I'm glad to be out of the hospital. I'm surprised at various times. I'm having these cognitive hiccups that weren't really apparent to me from just laying in a bed in a hospital. But now that I'm trying to return to more normal activities they're becoming more apparent.

        BERMAN: You were out there covering this. Again, it was – there were some kind of Proud Boys, and they’re sort of white nationalists, and there was the Antifa counter protesting against them. It was the Antifa protesters, whom you've had issues with before, they're the ones who came after you, you say?

        NGO: Yes, they're the ones who came after me. I think this country, rightfully, is very tuned to knowing and sensing when the right goes too far. It was only just days ago that James Fields was sentenced for his murder of Heather Heyer. I wonder if the rest -- if this country, though, is also attuned too when the left can go too far in the city of Portland. It's become a hotbed for far left militancy. And it's always been my goal to just go in and document these protests in a professional manner. And for that I was deemed to be a provocateur and deserving of the mob beating.

        BERMAN: Let me read you something Professor Brian Levin said. I read this in the paper today, and he knows of you and he’s been covering Antifa for some time. He says of you, he, Andy Ngo, is a political pundit who certainly makes the most of his conflicts which sometimes turn violent on him. But to his credit, I've never seen him be the physical aggressor in the posts that he's made generally. Do you think that's an accurate description from the professor of what you do and how you cover Antifa?

        NGO: When I'm covering Antifa I'm just showing what happens. And I appreciate that Professor Levin is honest in pointing out I'm never the one to be aggressive and to promote physical confrontation. There's a disinformation campaign going on by Antifa and their allies that I came there to provoke a response. If anybody has evidence I acted unprofessionally, I ask you make that public for the record.

        BERMAN: Who do you blame? Obviously those people attacked you, those demonstrators hitting you and in some cases spraying things on you. I think there were milkshakes being thrown. They’re to blame, but who else do you blame for this?

        NGO: What was surreal, as I was getting beat, is that I could actually still see the Multnomah County Justice Center, and that houses some of the most important institutions of law in Portland. It has the sheriff's office, it has the central police precinct, it has courthouses. And I just kept thinking at any moment after the first punch to the back of my head that police were going to swoop in and save me, but it never happened. The punches kept coming, and as I stumbled away on my own and bloodied I thought at any point the police would come to me then and that didn't happen either.

        BERMAN: Let me just read you one of the tweets from the Portland mayor, Ted Wheeler. We stand against all forms of violence - regardless of someone’s political leanings. Portland police officers have had the unenviable tax of keeping the peace. It's a difficult job and hard decisions are made in real-time. While we continue to learn more about what transpired over the weekend, we will keep you informed. We will do everything we can to make sure those who committed violence are held accountable. Your reaction to the mayor.

        NGO: How many more people have to be beaten and attacked in the city of Portland before things change? I am by far not the first one. There's been many other incidents that have happened since 2016, and the policing has remained the same, which is a policy of not engaging with militant protesters.

        BERMAN: Violence against journalists of any kind is something we all need to fight against. Andy Ngo, thank you for being with us this morning. I appreciate it.

        NGO: My pleasure."

        • Sydney says

          How CNN discredits Andy Ngo:

          CNN fails to question and challenge Antifa as a name and as an entity. MSM fails entirely to challenge Antifa as a group, to challenge the masks/anonymity, and what they’re doing in Portland. CNN only quotes a professor who is critical of Ngo. CNN doubts the story that Ngo was violently assaulted by Antifa? Significantly, CNN fails to dig into why the Portland police failed to act.

          In failing to ask significant questions and to present leading ideas, CNN is an Antifa mouthpiece and succeeds in making left-lib viewers consider that Ngo ‘asked for it.’

          • Jack B. Nimble says


            Berman in that interview did not interrupt or even challenge any statements made by Mr. Ngo. He asked Ngo to respond to comments by Prof. Brian Levin* and the Portland mayor. That sort of thing is standard interview practice.

            *’….Criminologist and civil rights attorney Brian Levin is a professor of criminal justice and director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino where he specializes in analysis of hate crime, terrorism and legal issues….’


  125. ‘Fascist’ is a term of ideological abuse that has been stripped of its historical reference and used by people who have no idea at all about its origins and context. The same applies to terms like ‘left’ and ‘right’, which really only made sense when there was a proletarian socialist and a capitalist bourgeoisie struggling for social and economic class hegemony.

    Anifa itself has some of the organization and drivers of the old brown shirt Sturmabteilung and their communist Roter Frontkampfer Bund opposite numbers in the sense that they are mostly young men who find an outlet in beating up designated enemies of the cause, whatever that is.

    Both sides in the pre Nazi period in Germany understood that control of the streets would eventually mean control more broadly. And just as then, when that pattern of street struggle established itself, it was very difficult to stop, as it increasingly is now, particularly if the police do not act decisively to shut it down, or as the German police and legal system did, which was to favour one side..

    What Anifa really represents is part of the larger divide which now exists in the US, which cannot easily be defined in traditional terms. There are elements of the old left and right there, but they have become opaque and contradictory. Overwhelmingly the larger divisions are of a quite different nature and far more complex.

    Very prominently in this emerging struggle is the rebellion against the Deregulatory and Privatization agendas of Indulgence Capitalism (late capitalist form that has evolved out of a needs and wants economy into a fantasy driven one in order to maintain necessary protracted growth trajectories). This rebellion is aimed at both the tertiarized Googlesque corporate and humanist ascendancies that run the system rather than the system itself.

    Trump’s America is fundamentally the working class rump left by deregulation of the economic system and the export of its jobs overseas, and that working class’s ideological traditionalism that rejects deregulation of the social system and the postmodernist liberal rhetoric coming out of universities that train the social/corporate administrators for the regime..

    Anifa is mostly manned by young petty bourgeois who see their future careers in the bureaucracies of government and the broader tertiary industry instrumentalities of social control threatened by the challenge to their legitimacy as regime apparatchiks.

    The tertiary trained elites concentrated in the North East and West Coasts benefited from the deregulation and privatization of the economic and social systems and became their primary expression. And like their feudal predecessors in fourteenth century France, they not only intend to crush the peasant Jacquerrie (the rebellion of the Johns/Jacques) but hold them in deep class contempt while they are about it.

    Breaking the heads of rebel hayseeds and their traditionalist supporters is fine sport for the swaggering squires of the ‘young gun’ corporatocracy and its fiscally funded ‘Churchy’ Orthodox ‘liberal’ bureaucracies.

    Antifa anti fascist? My arse. It is a regime response to an intra regime rebellion against deregulation and privatization. The deregulators on the economic and social sides are as bad as one another and driven by exactly the same unsustainable agenda.

    Anifa squads are just regime goons. At least the fascists had decent uniforms…..

    • northernobserver says

      Antifa squads are regime goons. Well put.

    • Maybe Not says

      C.E.N.: Except the unqualified benefit of the sort of deregulation to which you refer is a central article of faith for those very heartland red-state rebels. Getting rid of government oversight of corporations and banks was, along with a promise to de-fang the proponents of political correctness, pretty much the entire appeal of the “drain the swamp” rhetoric. I suspect it would be news to them that they are rebelling against deregulation and privatization. Unless it’s possible to rebel against something while loudly advocating for it.

      • Thank you ‘Maybenot’ for your reply.

        Deregulation & privatization are not just corporate side regime instruments. They are also the main instruments for busting our social infrastructure in favour both publicrelationsmarkspeak & the postmodernist humanist ascendancy.

        Indulgence driven deregulation & privatization turns liberty into disinhibition without boundaries or responsible moral agency. It has the same devastating effect on our social infrastructure as it does to the natural environment.

        To use the old Marxist Nostrand, the economic sub-structure is accurately determined by & reflected in the social & ideological superstructure. They are the two sides of the same coin.

        The humanist ascendancy has the same structural & ideogical purpose as the mediaeval church. It is a regime instrumentality. The petty bourgeois ‘left’ are regime operators. They carry exactly the same regime agenda as their corporate opposite numbers, no matter how much they quarrel & jostle for regime power, in exactly the same way as the church & crown once did.

        And all those Anifa pricks will all end up as social regime bureaucrats & Googlemeisters for the system of social administration & thought control in what is one of the most powerful, devastatingly effective & almost invisible totalitarian systems ever developed…..which make the old fascist & communist autocracies look like amateurs…..

        • tarstarkas says

          Christopher Eastman-Nagle:

          ‘Deregulation & privatization are not just corporate side regime instruments. They are also the main instruments for busting our social infrastructure in favour both publicrelationsmarkspeak & the postmodernist humanist ascendancy.’

          I just can’t wrap my head around this assertion. Deregulation and privatization supposedly leads to a decrease in the supply of bureaucratic sinecures. If Antifa is muscle for the ‘progressive’ establishment, why would they support this? And how does deregulation and privatization ‘bust’ our social infrastructure, when it’s the past regime’s regulations and guidance letters and court rulings that did the damage?

          I do agree wholeheartedly though that Antifa IS muscle for the ‘establishment’, and that the coming Google/Facebook/Social Media Social Credit scheme is something that will make We or 1984 look positively benign.

  126. Terence says

    Antifa should be called what they are: domestic terrorists. And should be handled accordingly. Terrorists should be shot on site, and their supporters also. So many Americans have guns. Time they start using them.
    And the mayor of Portland should be taken into custody by the Oregon National Guard, put up against a wall and summarily executed for the fascist traitor he is.
    It is time that normal Americans rise up against the fascist left, and eradicate this societal cancer once and for all.

    • Indict Don the Con says

      Stop bloviating and use your precious guns….if you have the guts.

      • Kauf Buch says

        TO IDtC
        Glad to oblige! Please just tell us where you live.
        Will your mommy let us into the basement to get you?

    • Terence,

      I believe the “4chan” response to your post—at least, circa 2012, when I lurked occasionally—would be:

      How are you doing today, agent?

      Seriously though, you might want to delete your comment. You called for the murder of the mayor of Portland, which you actually do not have the right to do. I don’t think the fact that you want the Oregon National Guard to carry out the murder will hold up in court.

      To be clear, I’m no fan of the way Portland is (not) being governed, but let’s calm the fuck down, shall we?

  127. Indict Don the Con says

    Yes, Antifa are thugs. But I wish Quillette did as much bloviating when it’s right wing thugs who are doing the skull bashing. I have lost respect for this rag and won’t donate any more. To hell with you.

    • Peter from Oz says

      Can you give us some examples where right wing thugs do any skull bashing, other than in self defence?
      BTW, the KKK and nazis are not right wing, no matter what your lefty mates try and tell you.

      • Jack B. Nimble says


        See here:

        In May, Proud Boys members allegedly attacked an African-American teen in the Vancouver Mall parking lot after he swore at them for flying a Donald Trump flag. In June, some of the same men allegedly attacked a man on the street in Portland, when he swore at them while they were driving around town yelling at strangers in support of Trump’s border wall project.

        and here:

        and here:

        FBI: Far-Right Proud Boys ‘Fraternal Organization’ Designated ‘Extremist Group’ With Ties to White Nationalism By Tom Porter On 11/20/18

        The far-right “fraternal organization” the Proud Boys has been designated an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism” by the FBI.

        The “extremist” designation was included in an August internal affairs report from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Vancouver, Washington.

        The report was posted online Monday by the “good government” nonprofit group Property of the People, and provided to The Guardian news outlet.

        The Proud Boys is a self-described male-only “western chauvinist” group started by Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes in 2016.

        In recent months, group members have been involved in violent clashes at right-wing protests in various cities, including Portland, Oregon, and New York. Several members were arrested after a brawl with left-wing demonstrators, including members of Antifa, outside Republican Party offices in Manhattan in October…..

        Michael McCabe, who is in charge of internal affairs, training, background investigation and courthouse security in the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, told The Guardian that the designation was revealed by an FBI officer at an August 2 briefing.

        He said at the briefing that the FBI said the agency had “been warning [local law enforcement] for a while” about the Proud Boys, “not just in Washington but around the nation.”

        The briefing was held after Erin Willey, a former deputy with the sheriff’s office, was fired in July, when photos were published of her in The Columbian wearing a Proud Boys Girls sweatshirt. The sheriff’s office said her affilaition with the group violated its nondiscrimination and anti-harrassment policies.

        “The FBI categorizes the Proud Boys as an extremist group with ties to white nationalism,” an executive summary of the report read. “The Proud Boy Girls are believed to be an affiliate group of women who openly support the ideology of the Proud Boys. The FBI Seattle office is unaware of how many female members are active in the Pacific Northwest.”

    • Gringo says

      But I wish Quillette did as much bloviating when it’s right wing thugs who are doing the skull bashing.
      For example, Jussie Smollett got horribly beaten up by MAGA heat wearing Trump supporters in Chicago. Where was the outrage on THAT?

      • ga gamba says

        Game, set, and match. Hurrah, Gringo.

    • Chris_zzz says

      What do you think your respect is worth? LOL. And, I bet you don’t have two nickels to rub together, so go ahead and keep your imaginary donations.

    • Kauf Buch says

      TO IDtC
      You LIE. You never had respect nor donated.
      No thanks, YOU can stay in Hell yourself; I plan to go elsewhere (look up) when I go.

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  130. dirk says

    Up to the 600 comments, a record I would think?? With a lot of fuckings and cunts. Is it the blood on Andy’s face? A thread with bearded philosophers only gets a hundred or something. Anyhow, the streetfighters among us can just stay at home, no chance of a milkpack with concrete on their heads.

  131. Rev. Wazoo! says

    Haven’t been able to determine which protest Andy Gno was covering when assaulted: HimToo or Proud Boys? Any clue? No mention in the MSM of the HimToo protest highlighting (male) victims of sexual assault….

  132. Charlie says

    Antifa are looking like the 1968 rioters which led to the wave of left wing terrorist groups which caused mayhem up to the mid 1980s. The 1950s CND protesters were peaceful . However the post 1968 student riots led to the formation of Red Army Faction ( Baader- Meinhoff ), Revolutionary Cells, Action Directe, Red Brigade , Black Panthers , PIRA, ETA, various Palestinian Groups. When one looks at right wing groups which used violence it is minimal , the National Front in the UK and France and group in Italy.

    Most of the groups came out of left wing sociology departments influenced by Cultural Marxists, the similarity to Antifa is striking. The ant terrorism skills had been developed by the SAS in 1968. Israel developed anti terrorism skills post Munich of 1972 but most western governments were supine. It was only when Thatcher and Reagan were in power were there western politicians with the will to use force against the terrorists. The decline in communism from mid 1980s and collapse in 1990 removed the reason for left wing violence until now. There was a German series on the RAF; what it showed was that by middle class supporters providing safe house, clothe, money and cars they were able to stay ahead of the Police for years.

    It was support from the KGB, Stasi and various Arab countries which enabled the left groups to grow. Le Carre “Little Drummer Girl ” explains the connection between left wing and Palestinian groups. It would appear that Portland and other left wing cities are turning a blind eye to Antifa.

    The number of any Nazis in the USA is miniscule, perhaps a few thousand. The real enemy of Antifa is anyone who has any traditional views. Antifa have got away with it because most people recoil from verbal aggression and they are allowed free reign in Portland. I would suggest that it is the condoning of Antifa by cities and the inactivity by the Police which are the main courses for alarm. Any terrorist group needs a safe space; East Germany, Ukraine, Algeria, Libya, Syria and Palestinian camps acted as refuges for terrorists from 1968 to mid 1980s.

    Andy Ngo is brave and shown up Antifa’s thuggery and cowardice. The mainstream media remind me of the people who have posters of Che Guevara on the wall but could not punch their way out of a paper bag.

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  134. Toad Hall says

    Antifa are probably right wing folks pretending to be left.

    • Morgan Foster says

      @Toad Hall

      Right wing folks beat up Andy Ngo?

      Funny guy.

    • Eddie Marcia says

      “Antifa are probably right wing folks pretending to be left.”

      It doesn’t actually matter that much. The political spectrum basically “wraps around” at the extremes. People on the far Left and the far Right are equally malicious, materialistic and frankly evil. The causes they ostensibly rally behind are simply excuses to indulge their sociopathic impulses. Anyone with a passing familiarity with 20th century history knows this.

      The problem today is that one of the extremes — the hard Left — is considered to be virtuous while the Charlottesville racists are irredeemable. Fact is both groups are despicable and should be shunned by anyone who cares about a civilized culture.

      • Bill says

        Well said @Eddie Marcia. Unfortunately, the MSM vilifies one side of the spectrum while glorifying the other. I’d imagine the same thing was being done by the MSM of Germany in the 1930s.

    • Kauf Buch says

      Cute little attempt to spin the truth.
      But, Nooooooooooo, YOU GUYS are the Loser Leftists in Antifa, not us.

  135. Steven Pillsbury says

    A plague on both your houses.

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  138. Rick says

    A thug is a thug whether they are associated with Antifa or fascist. They are just different sides of the same coin.

  139. El Cid says

    Dear Mr. Ngo,

    I hope you have a speedy recovery. You are a brave person. Thank you. Shamefully, the MSM is not reporting the obvious facts. They refuse to condemn masked hoodlums engaged in assault on the street.

    There is one ‘good’ that come of this event. I never heard of Quillette. Now that I have come here I see that it is intelligent and well-researched.

    So, your 15 minutes of fame has brought eyeballs to this very good site!


  140. Sander Malschaert says

    If this wasn’t so sad as to make me physically ill, I would run the risk of dying of laughter. An organised mob of black clad masked shit humans going around demonising and assaulting those in dissagreement calling themselves anti fascists, that’s even richer than East Germany calling otself the German Democratic Republic.

  141. Keven Amblessen says

    The blatantly depicted near-injury to Andy’s right eye is a wake-up call for all right-thinking persons about the true menace they call “Antifa”. Andy was at severe risk of being partially blinded for life!

    Clearly, this no laughing matter, despite what left-leaning academics may say. No doubt they will accuse us of ‘getting on a high horse” but clearly there is no horse high enough to fight against this kind of blatant intolerance.

  142. Slartibartfast says

    Hopefully no one doxxes him like he did when his buddy’s shattered someone’s spine.

    That’d be a real shame.

    • Keven Amblessen says

      Andy is no choir boy, and we never claimed he was.

    • Aristodemus says

      Did that happen? Where? When? Please be specific. Name names.

    • Academy 23 says

      Slartibartfast – again another Antifa sympathiser trying on the heavy macho posturing, implying someone should break Andy Ngo’s back and how “That’d be a real shame.” I can hear your voice getting deeper as you say it. You really think you’re some tough guy? Get into a lot street fights do you? And please don’t profane Douglas Adams by using one of his characters names – he really wouldn’t have liked people like you.

  143. Weasels Ripped My Flesh says

    “Hopefully no one doxxes him like he did when his buddy’s [sic] shattered someone’s spine”.

    Got something to back up your shitty claim? Such as credible sources times/places Andy’s buddies shattered someone’s spine? How do you know who Andy’s personal; friends are, and whose spine did one of Andy’s personal friends shatter, and when did Andy “Doxx” the person with the shattered spine?

    Or are you just another internet asshole?

    • Keven Amblssen says

      Internet Assholes sadly abound. You correctly demand evidence of malfeasance by Andy in this case, lest we pre-judge.

    • Jack B. Nimble says


      Here’s a legal filing:

      “…….Defendant Ian Kramer, a frequenter of Patriot Prayer rallies and associate of [defendant Joseph ‘Joey’] Gibson, used a baton to crack a Cider Riot patron [Heather Clark] on the head, knocking her unconscious. Upon information and belief, she suffered a serious vertebrae fracture…..”


      Here is where the victim, Ms. Clark, was doxxed by Mr. Ngo:

      • Mike says


        Thanks for providing more detail. Whatever your feelings on the “doxxing” of Heather Clark by naming her, I don’t think Andy Ngo (who does everything under his own name) could be “doxxed” in a similar fashion. We already know who he is. Presumably the only “doxxing” that could be done to Mr. Ngo would be posting his home address, etc. That is certainly not equivalent to his naming of Ms. Clark (regardless of whether you think that naming was right, wrong, or otherwise).

      • Photondancer says

        How is that doxxing? Names are always given in criminal cases unless a court orders otherwise.

        • Jack B. Nimble says


          The legal filing was a civil complaint. Ms. Clark was not a party to the complaint and was not named in the filing.

  144. Keerin Abtawoitz III says

    As an academic who specializes in some of the worst atrocities ever committed by humans (think Auschwitz or Rwanda) I strangely found myself stunned by the picture of Andy and his blackened eye,

    Here was a young man seeking simply to “speak truth to power”, but in this case the “power” was a liberal elite determined to crush him at any cost.

    Thankfully there still remain such vestiges of wonderfulness as Quillette, so that we who remain have a place to vent our intransigent hope for a better future.

    • Sydney says

      @Keerin Abtow III

      Ngo wasn’t there trying to “speak truth to power.” He was there as a journalist.

  145. Weasels Ripped My Flesh says

    “but in this case the “power” was a liberal elite determined to crush him at any cost.”

    I don’t know about “liberal elite” – more like a bunch of cowardly assholes who hide their faces, emboldened by local government being afraid of them or, worse, encouraging them.

    Sounds familiar, eh?

  146. Jim Smith says

    Yes, but physically attacking a journalist is no worse than physically attacking any person merely for exercising their First Amendment rights.

    I am getting genuine pleasure out of reading the progressive attempts to blame Andy and defend the embarrassing nightmare that is Antifa. Laughter is an instant vacation.

  147. Chris_zzz says

    It’s easy to see by their attacks that Antifa thugs are cowards. They are also stupid because their cause, tactics, and thinking is ridiculous. What happens next? Violence always begets further escalating violence. It would not surprise me if someone (probably a right-winger) were to over-react to Antifa’s lawlessness by opening fire… killing dozens of these unwashed spoiled brats. This sort of tragedy can only be avoided by the government doing its job and keeping the peace. Those who assault others must be tracked down and prosecuted. The police need to be allowed do their job.

    • Morgan Foster says


      In the case of the city of Portland, the police are not interested.

    • JWatts says

      “It would not surprise me if someone (probably a right-winger) were to over-react to Antifa’s lawlessness by opening fire… killing dozens of these unwashed spoiled brats.”

      Perhaps that’s the intended outcome?

    • Weasels Ripped My Flesh says

      “This sort of tragedy can only be avoided by the government doing its job and keeping the peace.”

      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

      Good one, Chris_zzz

  148. Cary says

    I’m going to call this right now. Its only going to be so long before the guns come out. Eventually someone will snap. I will be a sad day, but you can bet its coming.

  149. Cary says

    Someone needs to sue the city of Portland for telling police to let this stuff go. A huge payout might get the mayor to rethink his tactics.

  150. DBruce says

    Quillette comes of age – thanks Andy

  151. Pella says

    If Fascism ever comes to America it will come in the guise of Anti-fascism – Huey Long

    • Sydney says


      ‘Quote Investigator’ says the closest quote it finds is, “Sure, we’ll have fascism in this country, and we’ll call it anti-fascism,” which is a bit different from what you’ve found. May seem like splitting hairs, but this brief entry is worth the read:

      Appreciate you bringing the comment up. Interesting to read historical commentary on issues we’re facing now.

  152. Geofiz says

    The scariest thing about this is not the thugs that assaulted him. Thugs exist on both the right and the left. Nearly all are losers that want to blame their own failures on some malign group, (Jews, Christians, blacks, whites, men etc.) The scariest thing is those in the press and politics who glorify such behavior. Chris Cuomo of CNN compared Antifa to those who charged the beaches at Normandy and refuses to call them a hate group. Keith Ellison one of the leaders of the Democratic Party, openly praised them and posed with a copy of the Antifa handbook.

    Atrocities do not occur in a vacuum. Just as the Klan had wide popular support in many southern cities in the 1960’s, organizations like Antifa have wide popular support not only among the left-wing press but also within MSM organizations such as the CNN the NYT and WP. That support emboldens Antifa to commit even more violent acts. Antifa likely exists because of that support and the unwillingness of cities like Portland to crack down on them.

    Andy Ngo is not the first journalist that Antifa has attacked. An NBC journalist was attacked by them in Charlottesville in 2018. In Richmond, an Antifa member struck a Richmond photojournalist in the head with a blunt object, forcing the camera man to get stitches at the hospital. Antifa members attacked two local journalists in Berkeley. And yet many in the press are so convinced that Antifa is a force for good they close their eyes.

    In 2008 we elected our first black president; He was re-elected by a large margin in 2012 and remains quite popular. Gay marriage is now legal and widely accepted. Survey after survey shows that a substantial portion of Trump voters also voted for Obama. Despite that, academia, the press and most of the liberal elite are convinced that we are in the midst of an existential conflict between democracy and extreme right-wing fascists. Most of these people do not know anyone who voted for Trump. They do not know anyone that is not college educated and not either upper middle class or wealthy. They do not know anyone who is either an observant Christian or Jew. They fear all of these people. They claim to be tolerant while hating and despising most of the people who live in this country. If you fear and hate your fellow Americans, as deeply as they do, it makes sense that you would laud those who fight against them.

  153. Aristodemus says

    Anti-Alt Left media dropped a bowling ball on their toes in covering this story, in my opinion. Their headlines could have shrieked: “Gang of masked, privileged white males brutally assaults gay POC during Pride Week.” They could have reflected on the Pacific Northwest’s sordid history as a haven for white separatists, noted the racial demographics of Portland, the fact that Ngo was a child of immigrants, and that his vicious attackers taunted him with epithets as they punched his head and face, and sprayed him with a bleach-white substance. Their stories might have gone viral on Alt-Left media for hours, which would have forced dozens of stories attacking and debunking the story to undo the damage. Rather than just mostly ignoring or sidelining it, which they are doing. Sure, Alt-Left Media would have decried the strategy as duplicitous. And they’d have been right. Antifa’s attack on Ngo wasn’t xeno- or homophobic. But there is a double-standard that Alt-Left Media doesn’t want you you to think about. Had exactly the attack in the film been instead by masked, economically privileged white men, shouting “God hates fags!” and “MAGA country!” against a diminutive gay son of Asian immigrants, then this would be one of the biggest stories on Earth right now. And everyone knows it.

    As for the various “the Nazi had it coming” comments on this thread. I glance at Quillette, but did not know Andy Ngo’s name before a day or two ago. Turns out I’d skimmed an article or two of his. Didn’t get to the fascist parts, perhaps. I’m willing to be persuaded, but I’ll need evidence. I’ll need quotes, links, articles, sources: argument and evidence. Vague accusations and guilt by alleged association won’t cut it. That is, if you are intellectually serious. If not, please keep dropping by the scream “Nazi!” then running away.

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  155. @Emma I think you might indeed benefit from reading some more history — but not just on fascism, communism, too. You (and others) seem clueless about the Bolshevik origins of anti-fa which aren’t just figurative but literal in some cases (i.e. see anti-fa in Finland, which is pro-Kremlin and pro-DNR, i.e. Russian-backed fighters killing Ukrainians). And no, Russia didn’t drop the Communist ideology after 1991; it’s not only alive and well in the Russian Communist Party; it’s in Putin’s thinking as well, even if not labeled as such.

    The trademark of the Bolsheviks was this: “the end justifies the means”. So “fighting fascism,” you can use force and violence and it is somehow “sanctified” because the cause is good.

    But it isn’t a good cause, because anti-fa, like the Bolsheviks who inspire them, will go on using this violence for whatever they arbitrarily imagine in their anarchist minds is “good”. God save us! They also become totalitarian about other’s speech and refuse any criticism even of the mildest sort, using every means to discredit and silence it.

    They deal with criticism in the exact same ways as the Bolsheviks did — and still do. They lie about it, outrageously. So just as Lenin said of the Social Democrats who were not as far left as he was that they were “social fascists” (socialists, but fascists, in his book, because they didn’t slavishly follow his own totalitarian doctrines), so anti-fa claims that any critic, any doubter, any questioner is “fascist” themselves.

    That’s outrageous, of course. So they cook up this idea that if you critically cover them, why, you are enabling fascists. If you cover their violence at a Milo speech, why, you can’t possibly be on their side, but only an enabler of Milo if not an outright sympathizer. This was typical Bolshevik propaganda and agit-prop, then as now.

    Read the history of the Comintern. The Soviets bled these awful ideologies and methods into every leftist movement or sympathizing group in the West and cannibalized them and undermined them. It’s really quite breath-taking.

    Look at the story of Willi Munzenberg — a fervent German Communist and Comintern loyalist who began to have doubts about all the violence and lies — and then ended up murdered himself.

    This book is filled with stories that will read like old home week as they are all your ideas, to a “T”.

    Today’s version of “social democracy is social fascism” is to invoke the term “neo-liberal” as if a “Scarlet A” to the point where it becomes meaningless.

    • mitchellporter says

      Why hello there. I know of you as a critic of anti-copyright activists and Wikileaks fellow travelers, and an opponent of Russian meddling in the west. Pardon me if I take issue with your attempt to build a bridge between contemporary antifa and contemporary Russia, by way of 20th-century antifa and 20th-century Russia. It takes only a glance at their tumblr pages to see that today’s western antifa is full of individuals who are, to use Putin’s recent malapropism, “transformers”, and that contemporary antifa is far more rooted in the American new left of identity politics, than in the European old left of class struggle. They have more in common with Pussy Riot than with any of Putin’s people.

  156. Steve says

    Years ago my involvement with activist causes and people led me to become peripherally involved in some black bloc actions and organizing. While I never smashed a window or threw a punch myself, I did on occasion dress in all black and add to the anonymous mob of people, some of which who did these things. At first the queasiness and cognative dissonance I felt I would try to mentally banish as my own cowardice. (Isn’t it just sooo bourgeois to fear an arrest record…)

    As time went on, it became unmistakeable to me how so many of those people, especially the most fervent radicals, have deep psychological issues that compelled them to project a heroic narrative onto themselves and their tribe as a means of escape. It started to feel like a cult. A cult crossed with a street gang (albiet composed mostly of resentful ex-nerds who got beat up in school and all the rage that comes with that). But there were also some older, psychopathic individuals in the group who got off on knowing how to wind up the crazy kids and sic ‘em on “the man”/fash/whatever enemy, often just the “pigs”, that faithful standby to project hate onto when there wasn’t a better surrogate.

    Antifa always needs “fash” to define themselves against and meet the psychological needs of the group. In the absence of real fascism, they will conjure it up and seek out a witch to burn. Its a fucking ritual most are too un-self-aware to realize they are enacting. I’m so glad I never got in too deep, found some new friends, and woke up to the madness of those kool-aid drinkers before I did anything that would have hurt someone, or hurt myself.

    If any current antifa have read this far… I’m not asking you to renounce all your values. But just try to develop an awareness of the real (unstated) motivations and needs of those around you. Be wary of intoxicating emotions. Its like any other drug that develops a tolerance. You need bigger and bigger hits to get off, then just to get right. Notice the unresolved issues and emotional addictions of those around you.

    • Asenath Waite says


      I’d like to read an article from your perspective as an ex-member of this sort of extremist group. Definitely would be interesting to better understand their psychology.

      • Steve says

        Well, I’m sure I could write a good one, but it would have to be published under a pseudonym because of my present occupation. As well as wanting no public association with those whack-jobs in general. Maybe when I get some time I’ll give it a try.

    • Mïkl says

      “It started to feel like a cult.”

      It is a cult. A religious-moral cult that hallucinates the forces of Evil everywhere, i.e. Nazis everywhere. Capitalist NeoNazis dominate our society, we have to ReSisT! Let’s beat up that guy, he’s a NaZi!

      It’s anachronistic political Live Action Role Playing. LARPing. Nazism and Fascism essentially died with the Third Reich but these clowns don’t seem to be aware of it.

      If some conspiratorial conservatard pointed the finger at Cuba and North Korea and yelled “Never mind that the USSR is dead and buried, it’s not over we need to fight Communism!” nobody would take that guy seriously. Or only those with mental issues.

      I heard Antifa’s favorite guru Mark Bray in an interview say “We have to go back to the 1930s to understand… (…) look at the 1930s…” This little fanatic wants to recreate the 1930s — at least in the minds of his stupid followers — so that his irrelevant moral and political theories can be somehow applied to a modern context.

      They do what they do to feel morally superior, to feed their ego. Not to make the world a better place.

      Irrational, moralistic, useless, egocentric.

      Imagine a cult of christian crackpots who hallucinate Demons everywhere and who go out with baseball bats and other weapons to fight Demons in the streets and who feel good about themselves because they’re fighting the forces of Evil.

      Replace Demons with Nazis and you get the Antifa cult.

      That’s all it is.

      I feel bad for people with mental issues who join cults but we need to use the police and the courts to protect individuals and society from crazy cultists.

  157. Asenath Waite says

    Interesting that all of the violence associated with the Proud Boys that I’m aware of has been about groups of them getting into fights with groups of Antifa (meaning two sides fighting each other) whereas much of the violence associated with Antifa has just been groups of them beating up individuals, as in the case of Andy Ngo here and that elderly man recently. Am I wrong about this?

    • JimDandy says

      That’s basically correct, although “getting into fights with groups of Antifa” is a bit misleading, as it leaves out the import context that Antifa starts these fights, and The Proud Boys stand their ground. What happened in New York City was fairly representative. Proud Boy Founder, Gavin McInnes, was scheduled to speak at The Republican Club of New York City. The night before his talk, Antifa attacked the club, as was reported by ABC News: “It happened around 1:30 a.m. at the location on East 83rd Street on Upper East Side, where windows were broken, doors were spray-painted and glue was put in the locks and on the handles. A threatening message was also left at the scene, telling Republicans the “attack is merely beginning.”

      Antifa jumped a Proud Boy the night of McInness’s talk and stole his MAGA hat. After the talk, a group of Antifa attempted to ambush a group of Proud Boys as they were heading home, and the Antifa members got roughed up. Immediately, the MSM-Dem-machine went into action, with the Mainstream Media characterizing the events as being the fault of the “far right” Proudboys who “clashed with anti-fascists.”

      This fantasy narrative, wherein “a far right gang” fought with “anti-Fascists” was immediately seized upon by Democrat political power, with the clownish governor Cuomo of New York tweeting:

      “Here’s a message from a Queens boy to the so-called ‘proud boys’ – ​NY has zero tolerance for your bs. ”

      The media championed his fascistic, juvenile, anti-First-Ammendment threat. Here is The Advocate’s mindblowingly stupid headline: “Gov. Cuomo Vows Crackdown Against Proud Boys Hateful Mob Attack.”

      NYC Mayor DiBlasio did his part by ordering his cops to round up Proud Boys:

      Several Proud Boys faced serious charges and McInnes stepped down as Proud Boys leader.

      Antifa continued on, unscathed.

      • Asenath Waite says


        Thanks. It’s my general impression that Antifa starts these fights and then claims victimhood when they invariably lose them when they aren’t against lone pacifist reporters or septuagenarians. I didn’t want to make this assertion without citing specific evidence, however.

    • Sparkles And Rainbows says

      The Patriot Prayer group that routinely gets permits to demonstrate in Portland was started by a guy named Joey Gibson, who is from the Clark County, WA area. Not sure if he lives in Portland now but when he started his group he not only didn’t live in the city, he didn’t live in the state. Outside Agitator writ large. The antifa morons who so eagerly take the bait are a whole different class of idiot. I’m pretty sure they just like the clashes where they can take a “warrior” pose. The Proud Boy and “nazi” assholes are mostly in it for the same thing. In Portland, if one side or the other didn’t show up for these conveniently scheduled little cosplay events a few times in a row, the entertainment value would plummet and even the totally focused morons would move on.

      This shit costs the city money, creates a hostile atmosphere in parts of downtown and is really about small groups of people politically masturbating in public, to the detriment of others.

  158. X. Citoyen says

    I wish you a speedy recovery, Mr. Ngo.

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  160. Dabs says

    Steve Scalise.
    Cancel heyer.
    The violence is overwhelmingly by the left.
    So bring up heyer to show your compassion cred but you dilute the point. The time to have talked about heyer was when it happened. Now it’s a cheap gimmick. Liberals always need to feel morally superior always. So pathetic. Why we have this problem. We need to bring up heyer to condemn the lawless despicable crap against a journAlist?
    Quilette are you that weak and uncomfortable in your own skin?

  161. RT says

    “The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable.'”

    — George Orwell, “Politics and the English Language” (1945)

    Though Orwell wrote these words in 1945, they apply perfectly to the idiocy and hypocrisy that is Antifa. And unlike the Antifa hypocrites, Orwell was a true anti-fascist.

    • Sparkles And Rainbows says

      “Antifa” is a small number of people who are engaged in cosplay with little public “nazis” and rightie brawlers.

      “Antifa” doesn’t have realistic political power – if they did they’d be talking to the people in power instead of throwing milkshakes and “fighting” with idiot rightie provocateurs.

      Most of overwhelmingly liberal Portland hates this totally stupid shit. Joey Gibson’s “Patriot Prayer” group is from Vancouver, WA, across the river from Portland.

      • Kauf Buch says

        TO SaR
        Causing brain hemmorages, assaulting with bike locks, knives and such

  162. David V says

    A Left that claims moral superiority over the right, and posits that other cultures and races have some moral superiority over “white” or Western culture, is the result of decades of pop-history indoctrination and a lack of awareness of Communist atrocities. Ed West, Melanie Phillips and Douglas Murray all wrote about this – West stating that this universalist creed was a successor to Christianity as a moral code for Western society. It has its own prophets and a historical canon. It has its symbols, rituals and temples. We are not in a secular age, but the most religious age of all.

    • Sparkles And Rainbows says

      Heh heh, you must be high…

  163. Erin Rom says

    Antifa (Anti Fascist) claims to represent and defend the LGBT community but they targeted, to cause severe bodily harm, a member of the LGBT community because he disagrees with their methods and exposes their hypocrisy. What is the definition of fascist again? Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by forcible suppression of opposition… hmmm they are more like AMFA or WEREFA ( we’re fascist) Evidence has been accumulating on video for a year now.

  164. Simon says

    @Josh Strike : Hi Josh, thank you for your first-hand insight on the Portland situation. It’s true that there is a specific racism issue in Oregon I had not taken into account. Needless to say that any attempt to understand antifascist discourses must consider the local contexts they are inherent in.

    I haven’t considered the geographical factor, and I thank you for reminding it to me. I can totally understand your “in your face” approach to the fascist resurgence because, in your case, it’s an immediate, concrete possibility and not an abstract one, as it is for me. When you’re directly designated as the enemy by a third party, you are urged to respond and make a clear-cut position statement. Hopefully, I’m not in this situation but I can totally empathize with yours. And it would certainly be mine if I were confronted to the same political urgency. Living in Europe, I know I can rely on state police enforcement to jugulate street violence while you’re in a totally different situation, here in the United States, especially in Oregon, where police contingents are – so I heard – weak and sometimes complacent. State demission and a deeply rooted, pandemic and unveiled supremacist tradition explains why militantism turns into vigilantism in your particular context.

    As a matter of fact, I sometimes rely on antifascist works to immunize against crypto-fascist organizations or speech-makers. Antifascist organizations regularily carry serious investigations on fascist networks, far-right shell companies and gateways between facelifeted far-right parties and extremist fringes. By doing so, I think they are committed to the public good and I have a deep respect for the work they deliver.

    On the other hand, I’m more reserved when it comes to street violence and direct action but again, it must be negociated locally, with regards to the overall power balance. I think a distinction must be made between public displays of power such as those you described, private gatherings at specialized bookstores or dedicated bars, public conferences in universities. In France (where I live by the way), during the yellow vest movement, antifascist groups joined the demonstrations in order to preclude far-right organizations from capitalizing on the popular unrest. It led to the exfiltration of covered far-right militants preying on uneducated demonstrators. I wouldn’t say that this kind of violence is legitimate because, in a rule-abiding state, citizens are not supposed to act as vigilantes. But I don’t view this behavior as utterly abnormal. Politics, when it comes such fundamental questions, implies an incompressible level of violence. And I prefer street violence to state thought police.

    However, this form of both ideological and territorial defense is much different, in my opinion, from direct offensives against private gatherings. As long as the « congregants » do not call for direct retaliations against segments of the population or sedition against the republican and democratic form of governement, I’m totally opposed to the destruction of private properties, the practice of public shaming – which I view as an archaic form of social control -, or the violent interruption of private meetings. I’m even more opposed to the censorship of participants in an academic context, though unpleasant their ideas might be. Instead of prohibiting public access to university to intellectuals they disagree with, antifascists would better ask for the systematic introduction of contradictory interlocutors during conferences or contest the legitimacy of certain speakers, based on their lack of credentials when it’s relevant.

    The Andy Ngo case is symptomatic of antifascist’s lack of discernement in their m.o. and the enemies they designate. Bullying a defenseless journalist, even though he is somewhat compromised, is not the same thing as confronting a genuine fascist parade or, let’s say, disrupt a NRA convention. One requires courage and must be aknowledged, the other is pure cowardice and obtuseness.

    But again, with regards to the objective threats you, your community and your co-citizens face, I must remain humble and acknowledge that you’re entitled to defend yourself physically, although it should not be the case if the rule of law was properly applied.

    • Matthew C. says


      Let me understand the “anti-fascist” discourse better:

      1) The “anti-fascists” “defend their co-citizens and communities” from the Far Right and their fascism.
      2) When the Right “defends their co-citizens and communities” from the Far Left, like the activists shipping millions of illegal immigrants without popular consent into their homelands and weaponizing them politically, this is fascism.
      3) The “anti-fascists” can disrupt events where “co-citizens and communities” peacefully organize to protect their fundamental rights, like the right to bear arms, because gun rights are fascism.

      Can we just drop all this language manipulation, look honestly in the mirror and admit that you are a supremacist, and the endgame of your political positions is a global artificial “society” where nobody is allowed to radically steer away from your sacred dogmas or risk being politically, socially, or violently subjugated?

      • Simon says

        @Matthew C. : Hi, I’m a little lazy this evening so I won’t give you a qualified answer.

        In my value scale, reclaiming some sense of historical continuity, the desire to transmit your tradition and your national narrative to your children does not make you a fascist. In my view, the will to control the incoming flow of illegal immigrants in your country is a legitimate matter of national sovereignty. It is debatable and does not constitue a ground for ostracism. Furthermore, the desire to preserve your children from progressive social engineering in public instruction in general, sexual education in particular, is a matter of freedom of conscience which should remain impregnable. On a geopolitical level, I am strong civilisational differentialist, closer to Aleksander Dugin than globalist liberals. Nevertheless, as a realist, I know that the process of global creolization has now become irreversible and must be dealth with instead of being demonized.

        The discussion we had with Josh Strike was based on proper fascism, not improper or metaphorical fascism. I guess you’re not a European, otherwise you would have a clearer sense of what fascism is – and what it is not, by contrast. Most antifascists use the word “fascist” as a rhetorical device to restrict the realm of the sayable on the political field. This behavior is anti-democratic. However this abuse of langage does not make true fascism a lesser danger.

        Let me be clear. You can ask for more scrupulous border control without reclaiming segregation law based on racial lines or advocating ethnic cleansing. You can have a strong patriotic sentiment without sinking into the protochronic myth of blood and soil. You can advocate state neutrality in matters of sexuality and societal values without being a masculinist or a religious fanatic leading crusade against the vilification of contemporary society. However, the groups we call fascists cross the Rubicon. They do not simply ask the governement and the media to respect their lifestyle and their values in the name of pluralism. They want to access state monopoly to enforce their values upon others. They harbor a martial aesthetic during public processions in order intimidate the population. They call for the physical elimination of their political opponents and those who contradict their quest for ideological and ethnic purity. They advocate an inegalitarian, social and economic order based on a mystical conception of power and sovereignty.
        This is genuine fascism, and it can not be debated with, only fought against.

        As for gun rights, I don’t oppose gun owning, but I oppose the vigilante culture and the cult of violence that comes with it. By the way, cult of violence and fascination with firepower is actually a fascist feature. Citizens should be able to carry guns, but not for recreational purposes or private vendettas. Having access to guns should be subject to public approval, based on public utility and psychiatric accreditation. Carrying a gun should not be a personal right to protect your private property or overthrow the governement whenever it fits you. It should be an entrusted public office as reservist that comes with the duty to protect your community from abuse of powers and crime. On the contrary gun rights as they are advocated by the NRA are detrimental to the public good. Furthermore, the weapons the average citizen has access to is disproportionate to his or her needs. Do you really need an assault rifle to hunt the deer or scare the wrongdoer on your backyard ? Gun rights as they are understand now has nothing to do with freedom. It’s all about fetichism and social anomie.

        Thank you for reading, please excuse my barbarisms, Englilsh is not my native tongue.

        • Simon says

          (I missed several articles and spelled some verbs wrong, I hope it does not jeopardize the intelligibility of my remarks)

        • Josh Strike says

          Simon, not to get too far off topic, but I largely agree with you on sovereign rights to border control (although I am in favor of legal immigration), rational gun ownership, and the right to protect individuals, especially children, from large-scale social engineering. In some sense that might make me “conservative” but they are all what I consider reasonable liberal European views. As far as your explanation of what constitutes real fascism… anyone who is wondering whether their point of view is actually fascist should read the brief “Ur-Fascism” by Umberto Eco. In particular the notion of the individual being subordinate to the people, which are subordinate to the leader — using violence to enforce the leader’s will by way of claiming it represents the popular will. This is a bit different than the “sovereign persons”, neo-confederate, secessionist ideology prevalent in white power groups in the US, which although they may function as fascist organizations internally, claim to be representing the rights of individuals and families over the rights of the government. They are, however, looking for a leader and at least for awhile they thought they had found one in Trump, thus all the Trump-is-a-living-god type memes that abounded shortly after the election. The proud boys would like nothing better than to view themselves as the stormtroopers of a legitimized fascist hierarchy, if they could find a leader.
          I lived a couple years in France (illegally, it so happens), and one of my friends there was in fact a member of the Front National. We played music together sometimes. He loved the blues. He knew I was Jewish, my girlfriend was Filipina-Mexican, and I was an illegal alien. And yet we didn’t find each others’ views so strange. He once saw us having coffee outside a gay bar — this was in Avignon, what he called the “turkish prison” — and he came across the place. “You know what kind of place this is?” He asked. “Yes, I don’t care.” “Okay.” And he sat down with us. I asked him, “does it offend you that we’re in your country?” He thought about it for a minute and said: “No. If you come here and you love France, you want to learn French, to be like the French then you are welcome here.”
          I’ve mulled his words for years. It is on the one hand, profoundly nationalistic as opposed to patriotic, and it contains the proto-fascist error of believing that everyone must be part of one “people”. But it doesn’t contain the error common in France that only the French can be French. And my conclusion was that he was no fascist, just someone who wanted to continue the inheritance of his own traditions and civilization in the face of rapid change and a high degree of social engineering, which I can hardly blame him for.
          What we see marching in Portland is more similar to what has marched recently in some small towns in eastern Germany. But without the strong condemnation of the police; to the contrary they receive police protection while counter-protesters (a majority of whom are not antifa) are routinely subjected to tear gas while the proud boys shout at them from behind police lines. Members of the proud boys have publicly threatened the life of the mayor of Portland. They actively dox anyone they think is aligned with antifa and threaten to go house to house attacking property and people, which goes far beyond violating even the expected level of privacy, free speech and free association that you believe all political groups should have a right to (which I largely agree with).
          This brings me to a final point. I was going to write earlier that “if I conclude that fascists can’t be reasoned with, if antifa has a point that they can only be met with violence, then I’m not with them because I’m a coward”. It’s likely true. When you talk about being forced by a third party to take a stance — the thing in my mind is the fable of Matthieu in “The Age of Reason” — refusing, for his own “freedom”, to take sides when the sides he’s presented with are the communist Brunet and the fascist Daniel. In a lot of ways, that seems to be the choice we’re presented with as ordinary residents here when those two groups shut down the city to clash in the streets. It’s not a choice we want to be presented with, so we try to minimize it or ignore it, or ascribe some kind of collective insanity to both those sides, which we hope will somehow cure itself. It’s not yet the time when some action will be forced upon us, but the lines are drawn — you can’t have a peaceful conversation with this person and also with that person, if either of them finds out about it (whereas, in France, I had friends who were communists who I enjoyed debating with as well). In terms of who first broke rational discourse and who’s to blame, I’m not sure if it matters… neither side wants to fix it. Proud boys want to menace and intimidate, and antifa believes they must be menaced and intimidated back. When it’s time to choose a side, I hope I would fight against intimidation from either, but I’m not sure how many of us would.

          • Simon says

            @Josh Strike : it was a real pleasure reading you, I could keep on this conversation indefinitely. You obviously are more mature than I am and your thinking is a lot more elaborate than mine.

            The incompatibility of classical European fascism – which is statist, hierarchical, autocratic and organicist – with the individualist and libertarian American ideology has not escaped me. European fascism, in its core, is counter-revolutionary, even in its most futuristic tendencies. It wants the power of the modern, bureaucratic state without the constitutional counter-powers that protect individual rights and distinguish the state from the party, party detachments from organized civil society. More profundly, and I borrow the idea from Giorgio Agamben and Walter Benjamin, European fascism is liturgical. It relies on the suggestive power of certain archaic emblems and rituals and on the aesthetization of mechanical violence. The leader acts as the demiurge of the new man and the stage director of the national Gesamtkunstwerk.
            I don’t see that kind of power structure appeal to far-right Americans. From what I see, their order of historicity seems restorationist rather than revolutionary. They do not want to get rid America’s foundational texts. They would rather get rid of the stratified jurisprudence that altered its putative original meaning. They would not ask the state to enforce coercion on their behalf but resort to direct, communautarian social control. They would prefer the imagery of the faction of equals to that of cesarism. They would place family structures and charity above social security and mechanical solidarity.

            As a matter of fact, I’m not especially patriotic. I don’t view my country as superior to another and I’m disillusioned with the republican myths we’re being enforced upon from our earliest age. But somehow, I came to the conclusion that national cultures have the great merit of existing. They are not self-sufficient. They almost always rely on historical approximations or retrospective reconstruction. But they still are better than manufactured ideologies or plastic identities. I prefer the type of man that emerges from national, classical humanities than the one that emerges from global, mercantile, cultural industries. I like to think that, if you instill it the right way, your national corpus – from philosophy, to poetry, to major political speeches -, can be an efficient vehicle to foster civic behaviors and social duties while developing autonomous thinking and artistic, literary skills.
            You might find it odd, but I came to value the very idea of nation – and not one nation in particular – in studying the talmudic language game. Judaism reconciled me with the fact that I’m bound to be French, if nothing less.

            I wish I could share the hope that the political climate in the US will appease in the short term, but it would be wishful thinking. One way or another, historical circumstances might urge you to take side and be worthy of the Event. Due proportion being observed, the history of French Resistance movements can serve as an example. In view of the gravity of the situation, people from radically opposite sides consented unexpected compromises and fought under the same banner. This led to a renewed social contract still in effect in our constitutional preambles.
            Anyway, I got this romantic mindset and I like to think the United States and France are sister republics. If the situation became unbearable, we would welcome you with open arms.


          • Jim Smith says

            Absolutely false, and really, really silly. You aren’t fooling anyone who has even a basic knowledge of this dynamic.

            This is the fundamental difference between the two groups:

            *Antifa’s raison d’etre is using violence and intimidation to silence people who have views they don’t like.

            *The Proud Boys’ mantra is, essentially: “We will say what we want wherever we want, and if you try to use violence to stop us, we will kick your asses.” Is that a macho attitude? A juvenile one? Perhaps, but it is protected by the rule of law.

          • Kauf Buch says

            To Josh Strikeout
            Your contemptuous drivel is no retort.
            It’s the typical Leftist “put down” made in an effort to shut down discussion.
            YOU are the FASCIST you imagine others to be.

            Sad to be you.
            PUNCH YOURSELF, Leftist Loser!

        • Kauf Buch says

          TO simon
          Your arrogance and ignorance are exceeded only by your verbal diarrhea.
          Impressive, in a queer way.

          But thanks for showing everyone
          what an apologist for Totalitarian Domestic Terrorists you are!
          Take Matthew C’s post to heart…if you can find yours.

          • Josh Strike says

            Jim, don’t pretend the proud boys are just a “free speech” group. They incite violence and attack people. Joey Gibson is being sued for $1M for starting a riot, and which is basically what he did ON VIDEO. Reggie Axtell threatened the mayor, and Tiny Toese is a walking micro-penis rage machine who I hope one day finds an equally fat chick to bang so he calms the fuck down. I’m all for free speech. You’re free to speak. Don’t go start a fucking riot.
            I’d say the goddamn same thing to antifa except they basically only exist because of your tactics. And do you give a shit about anyone else’s free speech? I don’t thinks so.

          • Josh Strike says

            Kauf, sorry pal – his writing is great, and I’m sad you can’t appreciate it. But it’s okay. You’re only here because people much smarter than you created the phone and the software you’re writing with, that allow you (for a brief moment in time) to open your mouth and share the slop in your head with the rest of humanity. Thanks. Hopefully we’ll try harder in the future to take your ideas into consideration.

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  167. Pingback: The assault on conservative journalist Andy Ngo, explained

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  169. Jim Smith says

    If you want a good laugh, check out airhead Zack Beauchamp’s lengthy and truly embarrassing attempt to complicate the obvious over at Vox:

    “The mere fact that Ngo was assaulted doesn’t say what the meaning of that assault is, or what the broader context is that’s necessary to understand it.”

    The lengths that the MSM will go to to play apologist for Antifa are stunning.

  170. Bob S. says

    Stop pretending Quillette is “journalism”. Its a place of philosophical discussion and debate. Libertarians like to think they are using critical thought but most of the articles and comments I’ve seen here are barely more than rightwing ideology spun to appear like free thinking. Here is a hint, you are not thinking critically if you are not challenging your own views as well as those you perceive as leftist. I like Quillette, it is not batshit crazy like all other rightwing media enterprises, but lets not pretend it is something it is not. My thoughts and prayers go to Ngo for the injuries he suffered. Quillette members should use the circumstance to self reflect as much to whine about antifa violence in light of the reality that deplorable political action and violence are otherwise part of the right’s values these days.

    • dirk says

      But, but….Bob, what do you mean with journalism? Objective journalism??In the NLs we have rightwing and leftwing newspapers, what you read in one, you would never come across in the other. The letters to the editor in one are almost 100% counter to what you read in the other. I asked it already a few times here, is that only so in the NLs?? I can’t believe!

    • JimDandy says

      How a real smart person interprets the brutal attack on Andy: “Andy, I just hope this causes you and your colleagues to take a good look in the mirror… er… Not… I mean, look past the ugly facial wounds Antifa thugs gave you and, like, ignore the double vision caused by the bleeding brain they gave you and, like, look deeper, man, you know? This isn’t about you right now. It’s about YOU.”

      • Aristodemus says

        Quillette is openly opinion journalism. There are many examples of the ilk across the ideological spectrum. I wouldn’t call it rightwing, though some of its commentators are. It seems to me more a haven for classical liberals, moderate conservatives, and hard-to-classify contrarians, including some excommunicated radical feminists who, whatever their failings, at least recognize basic facts of human biology like sexual dimorphism.

    • Geary Johansen says

      @ Bob S.

      I agree with your second sentence, but respectfully disagree with your first. Quillette was first formed as a place to dissent from the Marxist, intersectional feminist, anti-science, anti-progress agenda that currently permeates the universities and many of the cultural institutions of the West. Make no mistake, if you subscribe to any of these theories or believe that the West is a white, male, oppressive patriarchy, then you are an ideologue, very much on the far left end of the political spectrum.

      If not, then I wholeheartedly apologise. But lets be clear, if you advocate for free market capitalist systems, with larger social safety nets, such as those pursued by the Scandinavian countries, then that is a perfectly reasonable position to take- although I would caveat this by stating that current government spending in these countries, as well as most in the West, is unsustainable. The real discussion that should be happening in the corridors of power throughout the West, is how can we possibly hope to maintain (or in some cases, achieve) our most noble humanistic goals, against the backdrop of a social landscape in which people are living longer, the elderly require insanely expensive medical and social care, whilst still requiring publicly-funded pensions or social security.

      Now, people on the Left always call for the rich to pay more, whilst failing to recognise that most wealth is invested as working capital, in productive enterprises, and any attempt to seize it in order to make it a source of government revenue, would invariably lead to the collapse of productive systems and economic value throughout the West. The other options available also all fail under scrutiny- either catastrophically, as in the case of socialism, or over time, as when one attempts to institute a system of QE or supply-side economics, most reminiscent of Keynesian economics.

      Meanwhile, the modern purveyors of doom laden punditry fail to recognise that, between 2000 and 2012, free market systems managed to accomplish an economic miracle in halving the levels of absolute poverty in the world. Of the ten of so countries which regularly top the 8% growth per year mark, eight are African Nations mirroring the cultural institutions and market-oriented strategies of the Enlightenment. Liberals focus on social issues, conservatives on economic ones- but sooner or later both groups are going to have to consider joining us in the centre, in beginning to look at public funds as an incredibly valuable resource that needs to be invested far more wisely and efficiently, in order to meet the demands of the future.

      And yes, unfortunately that future might also encompass building walls, cutting military spending and foreign entanglements, ending the War On Drugs and taxing drugs, legalising prostitution and banning offshore banking- in return for lowering estate taxes to whatever level achieves the highest amount of revenue, in terms of the Laffer curve. We also need to address the fact that the combination of speculative land development in conjunction with the regulatory costs of building homes, have led to a new era of rent-seeking in terms of property values and the mortgages/rents most citizens face. It might even be necessary to institute ‘pay us when you’re dead’ policies to help pay for the medical care of elderly citizens, when their care reaches into the hundreds of thousands.

      All of this may seem somewhat bleak- but I believe that it’s the only way to continue to live in the relatively humane, liberal societies that we all lived in a few years ago, whilst extending that same courtesy to our fellow citizens, who have perhaps been poorly served in the past. I think that we also need to ask our wealthiest philanthropists, to start thinking about efficient ways to start tackling the endemic problems of homelessness and mental illness that we face at home, as it is fast becoming readily apparent that most governments in the West seem to lack both the imagination and the resources to deal with these problems.

    • Mike says

      Journalism is and philosophical discussion and debate are not mutually exclusive. The Quillette commentariat ranges from slightly left of center, to centrists, to right wing, with the odd left/progressive antagonist sprinkled in. But the articles have enough variety that your characterization as “rightwing ideology spun to appear like free thinking” is more deceptive than accurate. I agree that Quillette writers and readers ought to question their presumnptions, as should we all, but I don’t think you’re giving Quillette a fair shake in your assessment.

  171. Jim bo. says

    What do you say we all dress like them. Cover our faces and literally beat the shit out of these soy boys? We can pass it off as a disagreement between factions. I know several troublemakers who would love to show these fags what happens when they mess with males who still have their balls intact.

    • Jim Smith says

      So tempting. They are such pathetic wimps–it would be like mowing through the undead in a zombie movie. Alas, that’s exactly what they want. Their goal is to provoke people into defending themselves so their allies in the MSM can then write articles about how violent “the far right” is. Antifa caused the violence in NYC when they clashed with Proud Boys, and Proud Boys were essentially crushed by the media spin. Antifa and their ilk caused the violence in Charlottesville–that poor woman’s blood is on the hands of the assault-rifle-wielding “Antifa professor” and his comrades, but the people they provoked lost the PR battle.

      As it stands, the only thing that hurts Antifa is when the cowards attack little gay Asian passive journalists and elderly people in wheelchairs and others who don’t fight back. Every time something like this happens, it helps Trump’s chances in ’20, which is why, I suspect, his feds haven’t moved to crush Antifa yet.

      • tarstarkas says

        Then Ted Wheeler & all of the woke authorities better get their ass in gear, lest they be subjected to four more years of Trumpian tyranny/sarc Unless of course they feel confident that they can cheat their way to the Presidency. In which Antifa will be among the first victims of retaliatory violence once President Social Justice Warrior starts cracking down on enemies.

    • Ted says

      No, Jim. Only cowards hide their identities when making public statements. However disgusting these intellectual and moral bankrupts may be, it will not do to sink to their level.

  172. You'reNext says

    Quite clutching your pearls. The documentarian for white supremacist hate groups got punched. Big deal. You all are blowing this out of proportion to justify a crackdown. It’s so transparent. And sick.

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  174. Weasels Ripped My Flesh says

    “The documentarian for white supremacist hate groups got punched.”

    Huh? Which white supremacist hate groups have Andy Ngo ad there “documentarian” (whatever that is supposed to mean)?

    Or are you just another internet asshole?

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  177. dirk says

    Though I wish Andy a quick recovery (second time here), I see also some positive aspects of his being hurt. He is a martyr now for a case, and got over 700 comments (a record, I must think).
    BTW, I remember our hero photographer Stan Stoliman, war photographer in Georgia , who got killed during his work in the bombarded Gori (btw, birthplace of another famous street fighter, Joseph Stalin). So, the lesson here, where you take more risks for a nice picture, it can come out much worse than in Andy’s case.

    I’m now waiting for a picture with story and comments in Quillette about a severed one in a squirmish with the Proud Boys. To restore the balance.

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  180. fairisfair says

    I find it hilarious that Nazis, Neo-Confederates, fascists, white supremacists and the like march in our streets and parks with Nazi symbolism, hateful rhetoric, clubs, chains and the like; just itching for a fight. (If you don’t believe that statement, please read the blogs of these individuals. They clearly advocate violence and welcome it. In fact, they do it to start a violent confrontation!) But god forbid someone else come along with a bigger stick! Oh, then it’s “leftist violence!” Well you can’t have it both ways. If you walk out onto our streets looking for a fight, then that is what you are going to find. I think Ngo needs to reconsider his profession. Many journalists felt their lives threatened by MAGA hat wearers at Trump rallies and the president condones such violence. If Ngo can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. Welcome to the resistance. The left can play these games as well as the right.

    PS: If Jim Smith thinks Heather Heyer was killed by an “assault-rifle-wielding “Antifa professor” then he really needs to go back to an accredited school, or better yet, read a credible source for your news. Radicalization of men between the ages of 17 and 26 are the specialty of the internet, and well documented, as was the case with James Fields. Just realize that radicalization can be domestic as well as foreign.

      • dirk says

        I did this morning, Sydney, invited by Codadmin in his july 4 comment on the other thread on Antifa. Oh that Weinstein! Real academic: – even where you don’t agree, you shouldn’t attack, never, it’s unlawful, it’s I still hear my old father talk like that, always wrong, you violate the law -!!

        I still hear my father talk like that, over his grave.

        Of course, both are right. But does that bring you any further???

    • Ted says

      Nothing “hilarious” about such things, Fairisfair, but they are often pathetic. The distinction to be made is when physical violence starts. Emphasis on the word “physical.” Whoever begins the physical violence is in the wrong, every time.

      It’s not the rhetoric or the act of carrying weapons that threatens our democracy, it’s the physical violence that starts when those exercising their right to peaceful assembly decide that any type of rhetoric is sufficient justification for a violent response. When that happens, the persons engaging in physical violence are no longer exercising their civil rights, they are engaging in criminal activity.

    • toetagger says

      @fairisfair, How many journalists have been physically attacked, hospitalized by Trump supporters/conservatives? Citations, please.
      Btw, antifa will be designated a domestic terror group soon, for good reason.

    • Jim Smith says

      Oh, Fairisfair, stop embarrassing yourself. Claiming intellectual superiority while displaying your ignorance is just sad. You’re the one who needs a basic education in the American constitution and the rule of law. You either support The First Amendment, or you don’t. What either of us thinks about James Fields or his political views is not germane. He had the right to exercise his First Amendment rights, at least according to every single member of The Supreme Court, for whatever that’s worth.

      The Unite the Right rally brought people with a wide range of political views together, but they all had one thing in common: they gathered to exercise their First Amendment rights. Some of them came prepared to exercise another right: the right to self defense.

      The other side contained a large contingent that was intent on using violence to prevent people from exercising their First Amendment Rights. That’s why Antifa exists–to use violence and intimidation to silence people they disagree with. It’s pretty clear cut: the counter-protesters were the ones who incited violence. They are the reason that Heather Heyer is dead today. If you dispute that, you disparage her memory and show zero interest in preventing similar deaths in the future.

      The fact is that Fields did not get justice, he got a classic show trial and two passive public defenders. Objective research into the events leading to Heyer’s death show that the initial observations of many police officers was correct. An early tweet succinctly conveyed their view:

      “Anyway several police officers at the station here think the guy running people down wasn’t malicious. They said the driver was scared”

      — Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) August 12, 2017

      Antifa showed up to use violence and intimidation to chase off people who were expressing views they didn’t like. It sounds like they were somewhat successful:

      ‘Dwayne Dixon, an assistant professor at UNC’s Department of Asian Studies, is also a member of “Redneck Revolt,” a branch of Antifa that describes itself as “anti-racist, anti-fascist community defense… Dixon bragged [to a lecture hall full of his students] that he chased down the car of James Fields with a rifle just before Fields plowed into a group of the counter-protesters, which resulted in the death of Heather Heyer.”’

      Video footage shows other Antifa hitting Field’s car with objects before his car hit Heyer. Within hours, the media (and even Donald Trump) convicted Fields of premeditated terrorism and first degree premeditated murder. I don’t think he was guilty of either–I think Heyer would be alive today were it not for the true terrorists, Antifa. But whereas I see a mentally ill dullard (and perhaps an autistic) who got made into a pariah because he had unpopular and stupid views, many of the “men between the ages of 17 and 26” that you are so worried about correctly saw a young man who was not given true due process. They saw a martyr, and the railroading of Fields will go a long way towards the type of radicalizing you claim to be so concerned about.

      Instead of regurgitating progressive talking points, you should seek out the truth. That starts with admitting to yourself that The Narrative always includes at least a little bit of make-believe.

      Educate yourself. Start with Robby Soave’s most recent article here at Quillette, which I have excerpted for your edification:

      “One can—and should—strenuously object to [Richard] Spencer’s racist opinions while still acknowledging his right to hold them. As a strictly legal matter, his speech is quite obviously protected by the First Amendment. The U.S. Supreme Court has carved out a few exceptions, but none of them would apply here. In the 2011 decision Snyder v. Phelps, for instance, the Court held that the virulently anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church could picket military service members’ funerals, waving signs that read “God hates you” and “Fag troops.” The fact that the church’s message was objectively offensive and emotionally damaging to the families of deceased soldiers was not enough to strip it of constitutional protections. If such speech is protected by the First Amendment, you can bet Spencer’s is, too.”

      • Who us garrba-ge? says

        So its ok for 1 side to protest but not the other? … and its excusable for someone to use a vechile to drive into a crowd of people becuase they were surronded but nothing happen to them ? Because they were in a vechile? Im lost here, that person may have not intentionally done it but at the end of the day its manslaughter and driving a car into a crowd … thats pretty bad as far as crimes go…

        • Who us garrba-ge? says

          I should say at least man slaughter… depends on intent and proving a persons intent…. also the system doesnt like violence and has to clamp down on it very quickly less it devolve further and the system itself be coupted by others 🙂

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  189. Sydney says

    Have seen two new shorthands that need to enter the vernacular:

    KLANTIFA (read here and on Youtube comments)

    LEFTWAFFE (read on Youtube)

    Please, REPEAT WIDELY.

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  191. Bill says

    Andy has finally become what he’s always dreamed of being: a (dominated) token.

    • dirk says

      And let me break the 800 record by this one.

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