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It’s Not Your Imagination: The Journalists Writing About Antifa Are Often Their Cheerleaders

On February 1, 2017, Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to give a talk about free speech at the University of California, Berkeley. But he was prevented from speaking by a group of 150 or so masked, black-clad members of a then-obscure movement calling itself “Antifa.” The protestors caused $100,000 worth of damage to the campus and injured six people as they threw rocks and Molotov cocktails. Nine months later, again at Berkeley, an “anti-Marxist” rally descended into violence as approximately 100 masked Antifa members harassed journalists and beat rally organizers and attendees.

Berkeley was where Antifa rose to national attention, but it hasn’t been the only place where the group has engaged in sustained acts of violence. At a Washington, D.C. Unite the Right rally in August 2018, Antifa members hurled objects at police and assaulted journalists. In Portland, Oregon, violent street clashes involving Antifa have become regular events. Notwithstanding claims that Antifa is a peaceful, “anti-fascist community-defense group,” it has adopted tactics that often are more violent than those of the right-wing movements that the group opposes.

And yet, Antifa often receives media coverage that is neutral or even favorable, with its members’ violence either being ignored by reporters or vaguely explained away as a product of right-wing provocation. What’s more, anecdotal evidence has suggested that many of the mainstream reporters who are most active in covering Antifa also tend to enthusiastically amplify Antifa’s claims on social media.

In October 2018, my research partner and I decided to investigate the truth of this impression by using a mix of network mapping and linguistic analysis to see which prominent journalists who covered Antifa also were closely connected to leading Antifa figures on social media. We then inspected the Antifa-related stories these journalists had written.

We created a data set of 58,254 Antifa or Antifa-associated Twitter accounts based on the follows of 16 verified Antifa seed accounts. Using a software tool that analyzed the number and nature of connections associated with each individual account, we winnowed the 58,254 Antifa or Antifa-associated Twitter accounts down to 962 accounts. This represents a core group of Twitter users who are connected in overlapping ways to the most influential and widely followed Antifa figures. Of these 962 accounts, 22 were found to be verified—of which 15 were journalists who work regularly with national-level news outlets.

It should be stressed that a journalist’s close social-media engagement with any particular group should not be seen as incriminating per se. Many journalists follow—and even interact with—all manner of figures online, either out of personal curiosity, professional interest, or even as a means of developing sources. In identifying this group of 15 journalists whose engagement with Antifa is especially intense, our goal was not to accuse them of bias out of hand, but rather to identify them for further study, so as to determine if there was any overall correlation between the level of their online engagement with Antifa and the manner by which these journalists treated Antifa in their published journalism.

That correlation turned out to be quite pronounced: Of all 15 verified national-level journalists in our subset, we couldn’t find a single article, by any of them, that was markedly critical of Antifa in any way. In all cases, their work in this area consisted primarily of downplaying Antifa violence while advancing Antifa talking points, and in some cases quoting Antifa extremists as if they were impartial experts.

These journalists include, for instance, Kit O’Connell, a self-identified “proudly Antifascist” “gonzo journalist,” whose work often reads like an FAQ that one might find on an Antifa web site. In one piece, for instance, he wrote that protestors wear masks so that they may “creat[e] a sense of unity and common purpose [as they] protect other activists from attacks by police and fascists.” Another article is bluntly (and somewhat ominously) titled “Nonviolent Activists Must Never Work With Police.”

Patrick Strickland, another journalist among the group of 15, specializes in reporting on the far-right in Europe, notably Greece. His book Alerta! Alerta! Snapshots of Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle has a blurb written by Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, which reads: “As a fascist darkness descends over Europe, Patrick Strickland uncovers the bars, squats, fight clubs, and street corners where resistance burns brightest. Each page of his journey breathes with the tumultuous struggles of brave anti-fascists who risk imprisonment, assault, and even death to take a stand.” Unlike O’Connell, Strickland presents himself as a serious mainstream journalist, and has written for The New Republic and Politico. As of this writing, he is listed on Al Jazeera’s web site as a senior producer for Al Jazeera English.

A more prominent example is Jason Wilson, a Portland-based writer for The Guardian. One of his recent articles focused on a U.S. regional intelligence report whose authors concluded that Antifa and the far right share responsibility for street violence. “Experts say the report mischaracterizes the dynamics of the street violence,” Wilson complained.

One of Wilson’s main “experts” in the piece, it turned out, was none other than Antifa handbook author Mark Bray, who, predictably, denounced the report’s contents as “ludicrous.” In fact, Bray makes regular appearances in Wilson’s articles. So does fellow Portland resident and eco-extremist Alexander Reid Ross, who regularly writes for Antifa publications such as the It’s Going Down anarchist news site. (Ross also contributed to a 30-year-anniversary edition publication for Earth First!, an extremist environmentalist collective that advocates what activists euphemistically call “direct action.”)

In another column for The Guardian, this one about the 2018 “Occupy ICE” protest in Portland, Wilson quoted “local activist” Luis Marquez to the effect that “I think this occupation is a beautiful thing, a wonderful thing. Every single person here is a hero.” Marquez is in fact a prominent Antifa leader in Portland, and has been arrested on numerous occasions due to his militant behavior—including alleged theft and assault.

Writer Jason Wilson (left) photographs next to Portland Antifa leader Luis Enrique Marquez. Photo: Andy Ngo

Interestingly, while other Portland journalists such as Genevieve Reaume of KATU News, Maggie Vespa of KGW News and Quillette’s own Andy Ngo (who has voiced concerns about Antifa’s actions) have been harassed and assaulted by Antifa activists, Wilson seems welcome to mingle freely among Antifa, and has even been photographed standing close to Marquez. In one piece, titled “How the world has fought back against the violent far-right and started winning,” Wilson effectively drops the pretense that he is a neutral reporter, and approvingly outlines the Antifa tactics set out in Bray’s book. He also defends such tactics as doxing, stalking, deplatforming and shaming as valuable means to attack individuals whose views he dislikes. In doing so, he cites both Bray and Emily Gorcenski, who runs a doxing site called First Vigil, and an associated Twitter account, which shame individuals she deems to be fascists before they have received due process.

Make no mistake: The original professed goal of Antifa—to oppose fascism—is laudable. And there are no doubt many Antifa activists who still reject violent methods. Moreover, there is nothing inherently wrong with being a journalist who has strong personal views about Antifa (or about any other radical group). But Wilson is not simply a pro-Antifa activist who also happens to write for the Guardian: He actively leverages his role as a regular Guardian writer to promote Antifa, whitewash its violence, and signal-boost its leaders (whom he presents as “experts”)—often under the guise of neutral news reporting.

Christopher Mathias, a senior reporter for the Huffington Post, applies the same cynical approach. Like Wilson, Mathias’ byline seems to pop up whenever Antifa stages violent protests—and he always can be counted on to deliver a play-by-play that favors Antifa. But he goes even further than his Guardian counterpart. Unlike Wilson, Mathias actually doxes individuals whom he suspects of being right-wing extremists. His doxing sources for an article about suspected extremists in the U.S. military included Unicorn Riot, an anarchic Antifa journalist collective, and other shady sites that exist as a sort of in-house 4chan for the Antifa movement. (Mathias cited similar sources when he published identifying details of a Texas schoolteacher, and of a Virginia police officer.)

Mathias’ apparent modus operandi is to gather doxes of individuals whom Antifa or Antifa-friendly groups suspect of being right-wing extremists. He (or a colleague) at Huffington Post then reach out to the target’s employer asking for comment, leveraging the media outlet’s name to ensure the individual is called out. Then Mathias posts the doxes in his column while investigations are ongoing. As with Emily Gorcenski’s First Vigil site, Mathias broadcasts detailed personal information whose release seems designed to destroy the reputation of the accused, no matter the results of any subsequent investigation. It’s unclear how this behavior differs from ordinary, everyday Antifa-style online activism.

Of course, all investigative journalists rely on tips from the general public. But collecting tips isn’t what Wilson and Mathias appear to be doing. Like other prominent writers whose names appear among the 15 journalists most closely engaged with Antifa, they seem to function not at professional arm’s length from their sources, but rather as cogs in an activist enterprise that churns out both pro-Antifa propaganda and doxing information about real or imagined ideological enemies. Their allies in this mission include trolls such as AntiFashGordon, the pseudonym of a Twitter user who declares that “I expose fascists, get them fired, de-homed, kicked out of school etc,” and brags that he passes “dossiers” of doxes to national-level journalists, whom he refers to as “our contacts.” His entire online mission is to ruin other people’s lives, and it is a mission being supported by “contacts” like Mathias and Wilson. In providing such support, they are discrediting their publications and misinforming their readers.

There is no doubt in my mind that many of the individuals targeted by Antifa trolls and protestors do indeed harbor noxious, hateful, bigoted and even fascistic opinions. But the intellectual dishonesty and disreputable methods being used to target these individuals is an example of the cure being as bad as the disease.


Eoin Lenihan is a Stuttgart-based analyst whose work is focused on online extremism. Follow him on Twitter at @EoinLenihan.

Feature photo by Andy Ngo.


    • Omg. The tits on these larpers!

      Please don’t refer to them as thugs, it’s embarrassing to thugs.

    • Heike says

      Stopping free speech with violence is not fighting fascism. It IS fascism!

      • JWatts says

        +1, yes that’s the obvious truth here. You would think it would be blatantly obvious to everyone that violent thugs, wearing black clothing and hiding their faces are Fascists. But some people are gullible.

        • Always Right says

          I blame our media for many believing that these Antifa Turds are “Saviors”. There is so many activists that work in media now & given free reign to brainwash their followers. Our Liberal media normalized black masked soyboys attacking elderly women….because they push the false narrative that all conservatives are “racists”.
          Follow Tim Cast on YouTube, he has a couple videos talking about the Activists dressed up as Journalists.

      • Fashygoy says

        No it isn’t, retard. Antifa are communists, not fascists.

        • Caroline Bronstring says

          Potato (english) potato (american). They are bóth about controling the masses and using any and all means including violence to get to where they want to be.
          Remember that the Fascists as we know them historically were called the National SOCIALIST party 😉

        • Vassos Zem says

          White men with a hard-on for wearing masks and hurting people. If it looks like a duck…

          • Avi says

            That is such a dumb comment considering most Antifa in the US are black, mestizo or jewish… None of those races are white. You also show your ignorance about crime stats: it takes about 2 minutes to look at the FBI site to see the truth. Those stats btw lump mestizo and jews as White or caucasian to beef up the already low percentage. You need to reality little fella.

          • Cedric says

            I blame it on the death of punk rock. Without mosh pits, these guys just don’t know what to do with themselves!

          • dan1951 says

            Avi comment following your comment is a COMPLETE LIE!!
            I have seattle 2016 to 2019 face to facw contact with seattle and portland antifa.
            The lead dogs in all antifa tribes are WHITE GAY MALES.
            LEFTOVER WHITE GAY MALES from the anti wall street demonstrations 10 hrs back.
            These assho**s are ex WTO rioters. WHITE GAY MALES

        • GRPalmer says

          Fascists acting like Nazis bullying their victims into silence

          First they burnt the books then the authors.

          History repeating itself

          Australia has banned thugs hiding behind masks.
          No longer can attack people in the street without being identified.
          Stopped the “Socialists” with all new National Socialism cold.
          Cry babies got upset when police took their masks off them so they could arrest them for coward punching.

        • Harry Flashman says

          There’s no difference between communist filth and fascist filth, retard.

          • Avi says

            You are a complete idiot. They are literally opposite; they are completely opposite. How you got through grade school is a wonder. What you might be trying to say is there is no difference between authoritarian regimes. That would be logical and provable. What you have said is appalling incorrect and laughably stupid. Thanks for reminding me how dumb people are out there.

        • EK says


          I think Stalinists or Maoists would be more accurate. The original Antifa, Antifaschistische Aktion, was the umbrella organization of die Rotfront in the 1930s.

        • E Taph says

          Both communists and fascists fall under the umbrella term of “communitarianism” AKA “the group knows best” so there’s not much difference in practice.

          • TRuther says

            The term is “Collectivism”, of which the branches are socialism, communism, fascism, and Marxism. Recall that Russia until 30 years ago was called the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.” The goal of Socialism is Communism; the utopia of “useful idiots” relinquishing power to an Elite; the mind control of the many by the few. All is the same. In fact, my cultural observations of a decade ago led me to describe the “tolerance” or “diversity” movement as the “Sameness Agenda.” This confused my “progressivist” friends. The attacks on freedom of thought have also come to be known as “Cultural Marxism,” to differentiate it from “economic” Marxism. Etc. It is very difficult to define fascism.

            Also, the silencing of those who think differently than you do motivated the founding of the United States, a constitutional republic. People who thought differently than the status quo in Europe were forced out of work and had their farms burned. So they ventured to the New World, in order to survive and raise their families in peace. When the Empires started to take over the New World, the North American/British colonists fought for independence from the Empire, in order to be free. Our system was so well-designed that it self-corrects. These “Antifa” are fighting against our foundation, not against fascism. They do not know their own history, nor do they know the history of fascism.

          • Jeremy Ashford says

            And we must not forget that the Fascists in Italy and Hitler’s National Socialists drew heavily on US Democratic Party policy.

        • IainC of The Ponds says

          Socialism IS fascism, and all variants of fascism are socialistic. Communism is just a form of fascism with state ownership of the means of production. Antifa are as fascistic as Nazis, just differently branded.

        • Naidu says

          They act like retarded fascists . They are a walking oxymoron. I’ve personally seen them yell racial slurs at POCs like me for calling them out for their violence. They attack anyone who questions them . Literally a terrorist organization. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either lying or a facist retard like them

        • Leah says

          …what exactly is the difference ….both in the end use extreme violence as a means …. both were / are totalitarian. Having a different label does not mean having different ideals to an end ….shrimp

        • Fled says

          Commies and Nazis are moral equivalents, I don’t cheer for one over the other.

        • lewis guignard says

          A long time ago I learned there is no difference between the extreme right and the extreme left. Take a circle and put freedom at the top. Go left to moderate then more and more extreme to communism. Go right to more and more extreme to fascism. They meet at the bottom and you call it totalitarianism.
          So, arguing semantics about 2 groups of people whose goal is the same is misguided.

    • Saw file says

      No shortage of moron’s.
      Gotta luv Redit, et al.
      End of reply…..

    • susan says

      A fine follow up article would be, “Fascists, and the journalists who love them.”
      After that you could follow up with “Did the Confederacy really lose the war between the states?”

    • Ardy says

      What I don’t understand is why this has not been raised with the Guardian as an issue. Nothing better than paying them back with their own medicine.

  1. Markus says

    I wonder to what extent Antifa violence is counted in statistics on political violence. Was the violence at Berkley and the many episodes of violence in Portland counted in national statics on far left violence?

    I would love to see a Quilette investigation into to what extent far left political violence is properly counted in studies trying to cover political violence. I am especially skeptical of wether all the violence connected to demonstrations gets counted. My impression is that violent attacks on one or more individuals outside of demonstrations often gets counted but the huge amount of violence connected to demonstrations often do not.

    • wristaction says

      The grim answer to your question is that they (and by “they” I do mean government agencies like GAO, DHS and FBI) count leftwing violence as rightwing violence. For instance, there are rightwingers in federal prison being charged with “serial rioting” because, whenever a rightwinger attempts to hold a public demonstration, leftwingers show up and turn it into a scene of violence. You should look up US Attorney Ed Cullen and the Rise Above Movement case. The US Attorney built his case using “open sourcing” from the communist groups mentioned in this article; UnicornRiot, Emily Gorcenski). In other words, if you attempt to exercise your rights to speech, assembly and association at a public political demonstration, and “antifa” chooses to attack you, not only will the local authorities not step in to ensure your safe exercise of your civil rights, but if you attempt to defend yourself, the DOJ will sweep in and indict you for causing the violence, and they’ll build their case using evidence furnished by the people who you were forced to defend yourself from.

      The exact same thing played out against the Proud Boys, who were stalked to a private, indoor event and then stalked for blocks as they left. Only the rightwing stalking victims are being prosecuted. Prosecuted for prevailing in a street fight “antifa” sought out and insisted upon. There’s even CCTV video of the antifa contingent throwing the first punch.

      Antifa are cops, basically. They are DOJ assets and DNC paramilitaries.

      But mostly they’re bolshevics.

      • Area Man says

        The Deandre Harris attack is another example. His swinging a Mag Lite flashlight was the first act of violence in the skirmish that left him injured, but it was his attackers that were charged not him.

  2. So Twitter bans Eoin and this Emily G., uh person, who specializes in doxxing people is now celebrating. Sounds about right.

  3. Anonymous says

    The antifa extending the gloved middle finger has numerous spittle stalagmites spanning his gaping mouth – much like a rabid dog.

    Thanks to the author for outing these fake “journalists” who are in reality part of antifa’s propaganda wing.

  4. Andreas K. says

    Do please understand that I am not forecasting inevitable civil war, because short of conspiratorial revolutionary coups that kind of thing never happens right up until, spontaneously, unpredictably, it does. However, the partisanship, narrative bias, and anxious fear of a looming threat from their own fellow countrymen represented by such journalists as this article describes, together with their parallels visible to me within the Right too, it is eerily familiar to me. It all bears most resemblance to the newspapers and public rhetoric which I had to study while researching the 1850s buildup to the American Civil War. When official State legislatures could, like Texas in 1861, ludicrously yet sincerely cite a national Abolitionist plot to smuggle poison into the State for slaves to contaminate public waters and genocide all the white people as necessitating immediate secession; and when respectable newspapers could publish editorials claiming to reveal a generations long conspiracy by South Carolina gentry, reaching back to the Tories of the Revolutionary War, to undermine and destroy the Union…. Well, that is not so distant in style from the equally sincere, yet bizarre, accusations of Neo-Nazi takeover of the Republican Party, or Democratic Party deep-state coups, or (adorably, if disturbingly) sincere claims of a Federal conspiracy to Turn The Freaking Frogs Gay.

    We are not so very different from our predecessors, methinks; nor so very progressed, no matter the complexity of our tools and technologies.

      • Andreas K. says

        100% guilty as charged, I’m afraid.

        • ilsemeyer says

          @ Andreas K. And you make an excellent point nonetheless.

    • Caroline Bronstring says

      And if you grew up in the eighteis, you might remember George Orwell’s 1984 and you were looking around and thinking: “Getting there really quickly with all these laws about camera’s being put up…” And then you read the Gulag Archipelago and you think “we really can’t be this stupid once again, cán we? We get history class!”
      And then you remember (now) doing a thesis about Nazi Germany. How it came about, how people could go with that insane “Zuerst eigene leute” idea and you see similarity’s between then and now on bóth sides and you’re just about to give up on humanity and then you remember: “But we have facebook now.” and life is good again 😉

    • Bterclinger says

      Supposedly our side has billions of rounds of ammo and a few hundred million guns, while they are still trying to figure out which bathroom to use.

      I hope this is accurate, as I am too old to learn how to fly a helicopter.

    • Nate says

      Yeah but let’s be real, the narrative distortion is more egregious on the left. The right may overstate it’s case with some regularity, but the left outright falsifies reality.

      For example, “deep state coup” is really not far off the mark. A full blown coup has more of a forceful or military quality so I don’t prefer that term. “Soft coup” is more appropriate or “delegitimization campaign”. It is truly astonishing when you look at how flimsy are the pretenses for the claims that trump helped rig the election w the Russians in order to win. It has been inflated beyond belief in order to harass and litigate against trump to remove him from office.

      The anti-trump interests in the intelligence community and the entrenched state, and the complicit media have brainwashed half the country into thinking there is sufficient predicate to remove trump from office. 4 investigations based on whipped up flimsy innuendos to get an angle on this guy and delegitimize his claim to being duly elected. It’s absolutely despicable. “Soft coup” is not too strong a term I think.

      Meanwhile the left has brainwashed itself into thinking fascists are running the country. They so desperately want to see themselves as protagonists in some “right side of history” moral crusade movie. Again, they distort to the point of falsification of reality. Observing the left in action makes me want to vomit.

      • Area Man says

        They so desperately want to see themselves as protagonists in some “right side of history” moral crusade movie.

        Yeah, it’s a bit maddening to see virtually every progressive cause co-opt the Civil Rights movement.

        • Stephanie says

          “Yeah, it’s a bit maddening to see virtually every progressive cause co-opt the Civil Rights movement.”

          And appropriating the glory of WWII soldiers who fought the Nazis, while simultaneously turning a blind eye to antisemites in their midst, proposing affirmative action policies that limit Jewish involvement in industries they are “overrepresented” in, and advocating for the liquidation of 6 million Jews in Israel. That level of cognitive dissonance should be paralyzing, I don’t know how they manage.

          • TRuther says

            @Stephanie your comments are always some of the best ones here at Quilette. Thank you!

    • Stephanie says

      Of course the “both sides” fallacy. Talk to me when the right has a nationwide paramilitary forces that suppresses political dissent with violence and intimidation.

    • hunterson7 says

      For better or worse, AK, your insight makes a great deal of sense and is quite disturbing.

    • Gary Haig Schultz says

      Thank you sincerely for supplying my forever inquisitive mind with that perfect analogy. You’ve filled in a missing link — an important one, i.e., the nature of the zeitgeist of those years prior to the Civil War — and it feels uncomfortably familiar. So, thank you, I think.

  5. John Lammi PhD, psychologist says

    Check out the history of Mussolini praising Franklin Roosevelt; the nature of fascism becomes clearer as one knows more.

    • Steve Thomson says

      Yes indeed. The distortion or re-write of history is fairly prevalent these days. Fascism and National Socialism were once considered nothing more than a slightly right of a communist political model, except they refused to view the proletariat as the bases of ownership other than a means of production, but still followed a socialist economic model, with a free market economy.

  6. bumble bee says

    Well if antifa wasn’t already oxymoronic considering what they do, how they perceive what is going on, and their totalitarian behavior towards anyone who is not a diehard supporter.

    What amazes me here, is that those within the group still believe in the liberal lies being told regarding conservatives, especially the president. When you take a closer look they are nothing but ignorant thugs, or modern day lynch mobs taking matters into their own hands.

    There is a huge difference between those who partake and advocate for truly fascist groups, and the lefts false political narrative that groups all conservatives into those hate groups.

    I would hope that as a violent group, they are being investigated by the FBI. They are just as dangerous as long enduring racist groups and need to be broken up like all extreme radical groups that seem to everywhere these days.

    • Stephanie says

      Bumblebee, Obama’s DoJ had a report that identified antifa as the principal instigator of violence at the rallies they attend. Don’t know what movement has taken place on this issue since.

  7. David V says

    It is clear from this that Antifa, BLM and the wider radical Left, far from being independent grassroots movements, are in fact well-connected and well-organised with these journalists as out and out collaborators. Many on the Right believe that the mainstream Left tolerates them because they serve as cheerleaders for “progressive” causes, as a “bash squad” or bully boys. Yet this would belie the very overt anti-capitalist, anti-establishment and anti-globalist rhetoric of the radical Left, unless you consider the many different flavours of such.

    At the same time, there has long been a theory that legitimate right-wing causes are subject to infiltration, disruption and embarrassment by neo-Nazis and their ilk, which serves only the interest of the liberal-Left establishment.

  8. northernobserver says

    And their allies in the big tech companies, the liberal activist corporations (SPLC, Amnesty) and the FBI collaborated to shut down the “natural” antidote to leftist street violence temptation: The Proud Boys. They successfully unperson-ed Gavin MCGuinness and drove the club out of existence.
    If civil society can not organize to stop left wing street violence, then we are truly at the mercy of the state, its bureaucrats and its judgements. Lord help us.

  9. Respek Wahmen says

    This is a real bombshell. Fake news is fake. More at 11.

    Since “US security officials” have labelled antifa “domestic terrorists,” I guess this means they’ll be extending this recognition to the implicated “news” organizations.

    Then again, it’s hard to predict these things. Since they’ve also conspired with the MSM/democrats to overthrow the president, there is at least some indication that they may not actually be acting in good faith.

  10. Jeremy H says

    “is an example of the cure being as bad as the disease.”

    Overall a good piece, but it is a mistake to associate the term “cure” in any way with Antifa as they are better seen as just another symptom of the same overall disease. The ideological differences between fascism and anti-fascism (or traditionally anarchism/communism) are essentially moot as it is their shared authoritarian nature that better defines them. They should really be considered partners, united by an intimate bond of visceral hatred, working toward the shared goal of destroying civil society – each using the actions of the other to justify escalating their own violence. Antifa’s behavior over the past couple years can best be understood as a deliberate (if unconscious) attempt to provoke a reawakening of right wing extremism in the U.S. and thus provide themselves with a limitless justification for action.

    • Not PC, but occasionally correct anyway says

      Jeremy, I really appreciate your concise and well constructed explanation around the way the extreme far-right and the extreme far-left work symbiotically (even if not intentionally) to advance their respective causes. The real victims are the those in the center.

      • Will Raper says

        Do you what happens when you walk down the center of the road?

        You get run over

    • AJ says

      … a deliberate (if unconscious) attempt to provoke a reawakening of right wing ….

      How can something be both deliberate and unconscious?

      • Jeremy H says

        @AJ Because unconscious motivations and intentions can affect our conscious behavior without us being aware of it? At least I accept this as a basic psychological truth. Imo opinion groups like Antifa are motivated primarily by the seething rage of the outcast toward greater society; the purpose of the conscious political stance is simply to provide a set of rational seeming justifications to outlet this rage through violence, which of course requires an “enemy”. I think this applies to all mob mentality, including violent right-wing groups.

    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ says

      @Jeremy H
      Well said. If things continue to escalate on the current trajectory, it’s probably a matter of time before somebody from one of these camps is going to lose it and do something stupid. And when that happens it’s probably a tossup how poorly the nation reacts and how far things will escalate. At least 2020 is not going to be boring.

      • hunter says

        You mean stupid like the Bernie supporter setting out to murder the Republican House leadership?

  11. Fred says

    Journalists tend to have a far left bias? I haven’t been so shocked since I found out Boy George is gay.

  12. red says

    Many years ago Sharon Batt in her book Patient No More called it on these thugs-cum-activists: it’s the ‘social’ part we should pay attention to. Breast cancer as social event. Activism du jour as social event. I would add one of the major problems with these anti-fa (who are the true fascists) is they are functionally illiterate followers. Doesn’t matter what it is. They’ll yell scream and bash. It’s their idea of foreplay.

  13. Caligula says

    This appears to be a specific case of a more general problem. Which is, few MSM editors seem to see any problem with having reporter-activists cover events dear to their activism.

    No doubt reporter-activists are first in line to volunteer to cover these events, yet one would hope editors would realize that this must inevitably produce biased coverage. Perhaps some of these reporter-activists even claim they can and will be impartial in covering these events, and perhaps they even try to be.

    Nonetheless, an absence of bias is no more to be expected here than one would expect a juror with a stake in the outcome of a trial (i.e., conflict of interest) to render an unbiased verdict. Do editors really expect unbiased coverage from advocate-activists when covering events dear to their advocacy, or do they just not care so long as they produce salable “news product”?

    Yes, I realize many news organizations have reduced budgets and reduced staff. Nonetheless, if they are unable to find journalists who can cover such events impartially then perhaps its time to stop pretending that they are, in fact, offering news rather than propaganda.

    • George G says

      @ Caligula

      interesting points, but who says editors are looking for impartiality? Guardian editorials and opinion peices by Gary Young, deputy editor, are as unhinged as anything written by Owen Jones.

  14. Born Free says

    Dox the doxers. Then, on that level playing field, let the real games begin.

  15. TheSnark says

    Wow. How many thousand words to conclusively prove that the rabid anti-Trump press goes easy on Antifa? Maybe next we’ll get a long article proving that Fox and the rabid pro-Trump press goes easy on the Proud Boys, KKK, and other neo-Nazi groups.

    I live in downtown Portland, a supposed hotbed of Antifa activity. Most every time they gather it is to oppose the Proud Boys, and bunch of right-wing thugs from the far suburbs who come into downtown looking for a fight. Antifa obliges. The result is a bunch of people yelling at each other, a few fist fights, sometimes a few broken windows, and then they all go home. It is generally restricted to 2 or 3 blocks. It seems there as many reporters as belligerents.

    Having lived through the riots following Martin Luther King’s assassination, and a revolution when I lived in Africa, these barely rate as a minor street rumble. It is surely of interest to the local news, but the national news has blown it way out of proportion. And that only encourages the idiots on both sides.

    • JWatts says

      “How many thousand words to conclusively prove that the rabid anti-Trump press goes easy on Antifa?”

      The article says that some members of the Press are actively colluding and working with Antifa. That’s a much more serious accusation than merely “going easy” on them.

    • Memetic Tribe says

      Proud Boys are from the “far suburbs” ? While Antifa are from the gritty streets of Portland, born and raised, yo. Sheeeit, right?

      Antifa are gentrifiers. And why do libs characterize everything about the right as far? “far right” “far suburbs”?

      Last time I checked people had a right to congregate. Whether for prayer or patriotism. Proud Boys have NEVER initiated attacks on the globalist street gang called Antifa. They always respond, but never initiate.

      It is absolutely uncanny how people manage to conflate self defense with aggression.

      • Stephanie says

        Maybe “far suburbs” is a disparaging term for young, first-time homebuyers?

        Proud Boys came about as a response to Antifa, not the other way around. The triggering event, if I recall, was when Antifa doused a 22 year old girl in urine because she was conservative. They formed a men’s club to offer protection to such people, and as a way to restablish some male bonding avenue in a world where all such previously existing venues were deemed sexist and “desegregated.” (Not the female-only clubs, of course.)

        Their motivation is defensive and reactionary to Antifa. The one criminal proceeding targeting the Proud Boys is on an incident where there is video evidence that they were the ones attacked. They’re being punished for successfully defending themselves.

        Calling the Proud Boys neo-Nazis is the natural result of an unquestioning acceptance of the leftist propaganda that passes for news in Portland.

        Perhaps since Quillette is supposed to be about free speech, we could get an article from/about Gavin McInnis and the shoddy way he and the Proud Boys have been treated by the legal system as retribution for their conservative political opinions?

    • E Taph says

      The problem is that mainstream journalists apparently refuse to call street gangs by their actual name – “street gangs” – instead of glamorizing random violence as fighting for freedom against the bad guys. Nope, it’s just bunches of idiots from the left and the right looking to have some righteous brawling while the braindead media cheers them on and excuses their behavior in eyes of others.

      Instead of all that words as violence shtick, how about “deplatforming” the people who are in all of this, in 2019, just to find some legitimate cause for their fists to be swinging at other human beings – whether “conservative” or “progressive”.

  16. Morgan Foster says

    Cheerleaders? They are, in fact, participants.

    • E. Olson says

      Na – its deep undercover investigative reporting. First, they have to gain the confidence of their prey by mingling with them over time, but we will no doubt soon be deluged with serious hit pieces that demonstrate the hypocrisy and idiocy of ANTIFA as the sole instigating source of political violence since Trump’s election. I’m sure they are just waiting on the stories so they can be used to help re-elect the President.

  17. KD says

    Bottom line, fascism wins when decent, ordinary white folks can’t dress up in black face masks and costumes and violently assault Asian-American journalists with chemical weapons. Maybe a fundraiser: Vegan BBQ/book burning next?

  18. Simon says

    Modern Antifa have always been primarily focused on opposing classical liberal democracy, not Fascism or Nazism. The supposed Brownshirt menace is there as a tool for the advancement of totalitarian Anarcho- Communism.

  19. If Hilary had won, Antifa wouldn’t exist. That tells you all you need to know about the real root of their existence. They are NOT anarchists or communists, they are disgruntled, white, middle class muffin tops still having a tantrum – and they’ll be due another one in 2020.

    • ga gamba says

      Who was that rioting in Seattle in 1999? Antifa, aka Black Bloc, were participants. Even the lefty Salon wasn’t downplaying the anarchists contributions. In fact, the author of the article is herself an activist who serves “as a street tactician, direct action trainer, and movement analyst”, which demonstrates these left-of-centre publications are basically publishing press releases by spokespeople. Ms Kauffman writes frequently for the The Guardian as well.

      The reason why the far left lost its (remaining) marbles after Trump’s shock victory is because they suppressed themselves for 8 years in deference to Obama, though a few such as Cornel West began to defect halfway into Obama’s presidency. Thinking Clinton had the election in the bag, there were a lot of long held IOUs the far left expected to call due. Trump torched a lot of those, for example the Supreme Court.

      I don’t disagree with you that they’re throwing a tantrum, but we’d be remiss to ignore there’s a lot of ideology underpinning its ridiculous and even downright malevolent assertions such as the destruction of private property is not violence. Increasingly we see blue-district police chiefs and prosecutors adopt policing and prosecutorial decisions that align with this, rubbishing their oaths office to support and defend the law and the Constitution. To dismiss antifa as childish temper tantrums is to ignore the great danger to fundamental ideas of how society is constituted and run as well as to individuals’ well being and safety. Antifa won’t be bought off with a lolly, and the sooner the firm hand of the law is applied the sooner these groups with be busted up.

      • Morgan Foster says

        Some of those Antifa street thugs will finish college, go to law school and become professors, judges and members of Congress over the next 30 years.

        • wristaction says

          That’s been going on since the 20s, friend.

  20. ZT says

    The mainstream media harp on the ‘far right’ but never mention a ‘far left’. What would Antifa or political groups in Europe need to do to be called the ‘far left’ on CNN or in the NY Times? What explains this asymmetry?

    • Kevin Herman says

      Thats because they will tell you there is no such thing as a far left. The far right is anyone or anything they dont like on the other hand.

  21. Kevin Herman says

    ANTIFA is masked because they dont want to embarrass themsevles to anyone they know that isnt a radical loop job if they were recognized. Contrary to the ridiculous comments to the opposite effect these clowns are allowed too much latitude from the authorities no too little. The idea that cops would recognize them on a video tape and track them down to arrest them is pure nonsense as the cops are there when they are causing all sorts of mayhem while masked and they dont do a damn thing. These are a bunch of mostly white narcissists from upper middle class backgrounds with too much time on there hands and no real cause to fight against so they invented one. Anyone or thing they don’t agree with is a Nazi or Fascist. Also, none of them would ever think to get into a fight with even an old lady on even terms. Its only when in groups these spineless worms attack.

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  23. Pingback: Analyst Who Found Journalists Connected to Antifa Now Suspended by Twitter -

    • JWatts says

      Apparently Twitter has banned the account for Eoin Lenihan today. He’s the author of this piece.

    • wristaction says

      Thus demonstrating the value of being absurdly evenhanded and apositional with the left.

      I mean, what is this shit:
      “Make no mistake: The original professed goal of Antifa—to oppose fascism—is laudable. And there are no doubt many Antifa activists who still reject violent methods.”

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  26. Ray Andrews says

    Is it not interesting that things we all know to be true — as above — can yet be so very difficult to prove? At the same time, things we all know to be true might also be entirely false. There is no substitute for honesty with others and with ourselves, and for having a mind trained to separate fact from both fiction and from dearly held belief. It is not possible to force someone to see something that they do not want to see yet the whole premise of social media is that we will all get together and try to insult or bludgeon each other into seeing what we don’t want to see. Is it all just an exercise in self-pleasuring? Why else do the woke posture and perform for people they will never meet?

    As to Eoin Lenihan, he did not exist. He had never existed. Smith got one thing wrong, he wrote: “Thoughtcrime does not entail death, thoughtcrime is death.” He should have said: “… thoughtcrime is nonexistence.” The dead have at least lived, but the thoughtcriminal never existed. Mind, Orwell didn’t anticipate Twitter.

  27. MKC says

    Eoin Lenihan had his account progdad banned from twitter last year (terms of service violations). He was banned again when he tried to sneak back under his own name. He is an open supporter of Tommy Robinson (infamous UK fascist and six time jailbird).

    BTW, this “research” is garbage from a technical standpoint. Lenihan has zero training as an “analyst”–and it shows. In addition, the consistent lack of key attributions supporting the numerous inflammatory statements made exposes this for the shoddy hitpiece it is.

    Does Quillette even have an editorial board? Or is this publication really this desperate for new material? Sad! lol

    • Respek Wahmen says

      Obviously you’re not a golfer.

    • Harland says

      You know who broke the story of Rotherham? Tony Robinson and the English Defence League. If not for them, those innocent girls would still be being raped today.

      • David V says

        What the Left calls “Far Right talking points” include:
        – gang rapes in Sydney and Rotherham, Rochdale, etc
        – Radical Islam generally, including human rights violations in countries like Iran
        – South Africa, murders of white farmers, etc
        – the atrocities of Communism (a BuzzFeed bozo called “Victims of Communism” a “white nationalist talking point”

        Yet all of the above is shown to be fact. So what does it say about our popular culture and mass media that they’re refusing to show it honestly?

    • Ray Andrews says


      “(infamous UK fascist and six time jailbird).”

      By fascist do you mean anyone to the right of wokeness, or a real fascist? Six times? For what? I understand one of them was for saying something outside a courthouse that was considered indelicate but not inaccurate. At best we have a guilt by association claim here.

      “BTW, this “research” is garbage from a technical standpoint.”

      From a non-technical standpoint, are any of his hard claims wrong?

      “exposes this for the shoddy hitpiece it is”

      You could make your own hitpiece more believable by showing some actual errors or falsifications on the part of the author.

    • northernobserver says

      Anyone who rails against Tommy Robinson is ignorant, suspect or both. The man is a community activist (like Obama) who has the courage to take on the most privileged and violent group in the Western World: Islamic Supremacists and their support networks. Antifa are their dim witted “allies” (the Iranian revolution and the fate of the left mean nothing to them.) who think they are standing up to “fascism” but fail to notice they are facing the wrong way.
      Twitter is a judge of nothing. It is well know to have been subverted by inter-sectional Marxists college grads through the SPLC which was subverted first.
      We have unapologetic Bolsheviks in the comments section. I guess the author is on target.

      • Stephanie says

        Tommy Robinson went to jail for reading a published BBC report outside the courthouse. That’s it. Incidentally, Boris Johnson is facing prosecution for a campaign bus that claimed the UK was sending 350 euros per week to the EU, when in reality it is only 250 euros because of a rebate. Clearly the UK’s legal system has been subverted by political actors.

    • E Taph says

      Here’s someone else’s quite similar take on word frequencies in the New York Times:

      Should journalists irresponsibly propagating far leftist fads with no thought for consequence even be a surprise to anyone by this point? The internet mostly cut them out as middlemen and gatekeepers between academia, politicians and the public. The only scenario they remain forever relevant in is the one where they become a social engineering propaganda machine and thus become politically useful investments.

      That’s probably the one they’re pursuing, no real conspiracy – just the aggregated effect of different publications trying to keep their profession’s status quo through becoming agenda pushers and relaxing their editorial standards to draw investment, since they’re getting less from their readership. And apparently it’s not entirely tenable either plus the bullshit might not be selling as well as hoped and may take a larger investment compared to using social media influencing and even more traditional methods so it might just fall apart in motion – see all the media layoffs lately.

    • hunterson7 says

      Your longish post is an example of the high standards of analysis you claim are so needed?

  28. Interesting historical anecdote given the fascistic behavior of self-proclaimed anarchists.

    The Italian Fascist Party was born out of disaffected Italian anarchists who came believe that anarchism was either not achievable, or not directly achievable, and sought a new ideology to advance their goals.

  29. John Smith says

    It’s not just mainstream and Leftist reporters who actively support Antifa. In Alameda County, in which Berkeley is located, the criminal justice system also actively supports Antifa.

    At the above-mentioned “anti-Marxism” gathering, local college Ethics professor/Antifa thug Eric Clanton was arrested for smashing the skulls of seven human beings with a heavy-duty bike lock. Three of those attacks were video recorded. Open-and-shut case. As people were arriving at the court house for the first day of Clanton’s trial, the prosecutor abruptly and without explanation dropped all seven assault charges. Clanton spent zero days in prison for his attempted murder of seven human beings. Three of those assaults on video still available for anyone to view online.

    • Peter from Oz says

      Not quite true. Clinton did a plea deal. He was given 3 years probation on reduced charges, with some of the more serious charges being dropped.this result was bad enough, but it doesn’t help to pretend it was worse.

      • Lydia says

        IOW, the plea deal kept him out of jail for assaulting people who have different views than him. Got it.

      • EK says


        Yeah, didn’t the noble and totally innocent Jusssie Smollett get a similar deal?

        Prosecutorial discretion is a wonderful thing when the the prosecutor, the presiding judge and the defendant are all true believers in the same cause.

    • Lydia says

      @john Smith,

      This is what scares me. And I have no doubt that makes antifa very happy. I tried to find information on the people who were assaulted by antifa on their way to attend the inauguration in DC and what was done about them. It chills me to the bone that the mainstream media ignores assaults on innocent people who have different political views. Antifa view themselves as the thought police.

  30. Johnny Simpson says

    Anyone familiar with the documented history of the Nazi SA (Brownshirts) would find countless disturbing similarities. Communists, Social Democrats, even religious figures and their adherents were deemed dire threats to the German Republic, therefore any and all forms of harassment, intimidation and violence up to and including murder were acceptable and even encouraged.

    Beware any organization that champions violence as a primary means of political expediency. It is a lesson the so-called journalists involved with Antifa should know by heart and probably do, but are facilitating that violence driven by mad hatreds as fierce as any of the perpetrators. They are collaborators in Antifa’s violence and harassment campaigns, nothing less, and should be treated as such.

    • Larry Larkin says

      Anybody familiar with German history for the period 1918-1921 will also know that the street fighting groups of the national socialist movement came about as a direct response to the attempted armed take over of Germany by the international socialist movement, and the reason for the virulent hatred between the two groups was that they were fighting over the same left wing constituency.

      • northernobserver says

        Yep For those in denial go read the Cambridge History Professor, Richard J Evans, the coming of the Third Reich. Evans shows very clearly how the leftist coup in Germany and their organized street violence served as a model and a necessary adversary to justify Nazi street organization and action. You can’t make a Nazi without Bolshevism.

        • Area Man says

          You can’t make a Nazi without Bolshevism.

          Indeed. What so many fail to realize is that when the moderates failed, Germans were forced to choose between Nazis & Soviet-backed Communists. For a country with a strong nationalistic attitude, the choice was simple.

      • TarsTarkas says

        The Spartacists were put down by the Freikorps, irregulars formed from demobilized German soldiers employed by the government, not by national socialists. The street battles between the SA and the Communists came some years later.

  31. Critical Texan says

    Fascism is a term that seems to be thrown around a lot by both sides politically online these days. Does it even have any meaning any more? What is fascism even?

    The dictionary defines it as: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

    Was Antifa created because Donald Trump says “America first?” That’s the only thing I can think of that resembles this definition. Well that and him trying to tell factories they can’t shut down or outsource.

    • Stephanie says

      Critical Texan, Antifa were labelled as a domestic terrorist organisation by the Obama DoJ back in 2016. This has little to do with Trump’s policies.

  32. wristaction says

    I can tell you where this piece, despite delivering good data, went down the crapper:

    Make no mistake: The original professed goal of Antifa—to oppose fascism—is laudable. And there are no doubt many Antifa activists who still reject violent methods.

    Why? Why say any of this? None of it which is not subjective is true and it weakens the data. It’s not true that there are any “antifa” ever or anywhere who “reject violent methods”. If the “original professed goal of ‘antifa'” were “laudable”, why should there be any journalistic value in pulling this data in the first place?

    “Laudable” is more than merely normative. Is the author saying this is a Dog-Bites-Man story? If “antifa” are a doing works we all agree are good, where is the controversy in this synergy between activists and journalists? These are not, after all, public officials. If you had a group of people feeding the homeless or cleaning up parks, would it be a problem if it were that many of the journalists who cover their activities seemed to have a close relationship with the group? Would it be a problem for the journalists to sometimes evince a pro-feeding-the-poor or pro-cleaning-up-parks bias?

    “Antifa” is a euphemism for Bolshevic. That’s the problem. The problem is that “nazis” are not worse than Bolshevics, who have no moral standing to set gate positions for acceptable discourse, as they do, through violence.

  33. David Montgomery says

    Black Shirts – Mussolini would be proud.

  34. Charlie says

    “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.” Mussolini and Lenin were friends in Zurich in 1905 and the former received a letter of praise from the latter when he took power.

    In reality Communism, Nazism and ISIS are all totalitarian regimes which use violence to obtain and keep power, There is freedom and democracy on one side and communism, Nazism, ISIS and any other dictatorship on the other.

    If a person desires power to impose their will on others they are a dictator, if a person only desires power to control their base instincts, they are on the path to sainthood.

  35. Scotto says

    Everyone wants to be in the ‘resistance’. Once you are in the ‘resistance’ or you are protecting ‘freedom’ anything goes. Humans enjoy fighting each other. The pretext doesnt really matter.

    • Charlie says

      Looking at male Antifa members I do not think they would enjoy a blood and snot fight with a tough man who has done manual labour, played hard sports and was a successful street brawler. They are flabby men who would enjoy beating someone who was worse fighter than themselves.

      Men who have undertaken hard physical out door labour and contact sports develop ” Farmers strength”, high bone density and pain threshold, combine that with a ” Strong jaw ” produces tough men . Running into these types is like running into a large solid tree or column of rock and the constant lifting of hay bales and bags of materials produces exceptional finger, hand and lower arm strength, such they can lift a 100lb bag into a vehicle with one hand. Men like this have fists like sledgehammers.

      Many left wing middle class men idolise revolutionary violence but think that is because they have never been in brawl with a tough man who can fight. Idolising Che Guevara and/or playing violent computer games does not make one a successful street brawler.

  36. FrankoK says

    ANTIFA: ANTI-FirstAmendment
    ANTIFA: ANTI-FreeAmerica

  37. FSW says

    This is news to literally no one. What needs to be highlighted is that the piece of shit who drove the car into protesters aside, the government of Charlottesville was found in a legal review they commissioned to have caused the chaos that ensued. So it’s not just the media that was on the side of Antifa, but the government.

  38. Phril McGrill says

    “—to oppose fascism—is laudable.” You don’t even know what fascism is but you’re opposed to it.

  39. northcascadian says

    I live in Portland, and it is like we are descending into a Stalinist hellhole nightmare right before my eyes. Jason Wilson, I remember when I first saw him, probably in 2016, at one of the anti-trump antifa shit fests, I thought who is this guy? He was wearing a helmet, eye goggles, fancy equipment moving around antifa even as antifa was passing out a flyer that said “no snitching”. Then there was A. Reid Ross, first noticed in Counter Punch bragging, ( having just read the Talmud and now protesting a folk band deemed “bad”. Reid Ross is also a featured “opinion” writer in the Israeli paper Haaretz. What is clear on the ground, here in Portland, is that the Democratic party apparatus in conjunction with AIPAC is sponsoring antifa and protecting them, in the press, in the courts, and in the government unions like SEIU, in the government itself, including the Portland City Council and also college and university administrations. There are paid thugs who’s role is to be the muscle intimidating civil society, they of course, will be thrown under the bus in due course. We are all at risk, it is as if we were all living in the West Bank of Palestine. God help us.

    • ga gamba says

      Wilson is an Australian citizen who relocated to Portland in late ’15 or early ’16. Are there no journalists in the States so that ones from Australia must be imported? Perhaps the Yanks have all moved on coding school resulting in such a drastic shortfall.

      It seems his adjacency to and promotion of antifa, a terrorist group, may violate the terms of his visa. Title 8 US Code §1182 defines inadmissible aliens for security and related grounds.

      (A) In general
      Any alien who a consular officer or the Attorney General knows, or has reasonable ground to believe, seeks to enter the United States to engage solely, principally, or incidentally in—
      (i) any activity (I) to violate any law of the United States relating to espionage or sabotage or (II) to violate or evade any law prohibiting the export from the United States of goods, technology, or sensitive information,

      (ii) any other unlawful activity, or
      (iii) any activity a purpose of which is the opposition to, or the control or overthrow of, the Government of the United States by force, violence, or other unlawful means,

      It adds:

      (V) The use of any—
      (b) explosive, firearm, or other weapon or dangerous device (other than for mere personal monetary gain),
      with intent to endanger, directly or indirectly, the safety of one or more individuals or to cause substantial damage to property.
      (VI) A threat, attempt, or conspiracy to do any of the foregoing.

      § 1424 establishes an ideological bar that excludes anarchists, communists, totalitarians, as well as advocates of assassination, government overthrow by force, destruction of property, and sabotage.

      (a)(5) who writes or publishes or causes to be written or published, or who knowingly circulates, distributes, prints, or displays, or knowingly causes to be circulated, distributed, printed, published, or displayed, or who knowingly has in his possession for the purpose of circulation, publication, distribution, or display, any written or printed matter, advocating or teaching opposition to all organized government, or advocating (A) the overthrow by force, violence or other unconstitutional means of the Government of the United States or of all forms of law; or (B) the duty, necessity, or propriety of the unlawful assaulting or killing of any officer or officers (either of specific individuals or of officers generally) of the Government of the United States or of any other organized government, because of his or their official character; or (C) the unlawful damage, injury, or destruction of property; or (D) sabotage; or (E) the economic, international, and governmental doctrines of world communism or the establishment in the United States of a totalitarian dictatorship; or

      Section 601 of the 1990 Immigration Act allows the exclusion of visas of not just members of terrorist groups, but anyone who had contributed to such organizations, through donations, the dissemination of information or other support.

      Perhaps complaints ought to be lodged with ICE.

    • Aaron Hackett says

      You’re delusional. If you want to know what most in antifa think about the settle-colonial state of Israel, read Chomsky.

      • wristaction says

        He didn’t say anything about what retromarxist LARPers believe.

  40. Nakatomi Plaza says

    Next you guys should publish an article about Fox News or Sinclair Broadcasting.

    Just kidding. The Quillette bubble is far too fragile for that.

    • jakesbrain says

      And yet, no matter how you moan, the bubble doesn’t pop. The website’s still here in spite of all your drive-bys.

    • northernobserver says

      Do you even understand your point? Are you actually convinced that the left media is objective and the right media is not? God is on your side. Oh arhem ahem, History is on your side… or something. In any case it is becoming irrelevant. The new generation uses open source media and judges the content for themselves. Some chose to live in a bubble. Some don’t. You can’t legislate this or shame it out of existence. Make better left-wing media and sell it.

    • hunter says

      Yes a fact driven review of Fox and Sinclair would be a refreshing change to what is produced in such quantity lately.

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  42. Sandy says

    Great article – forget twitter- Parler is the place to be-uncensored and verified!

  43. Pingback: Twitter bans researcher who exposed journalist ties to Antifa – aladdinsmiraclelamp

  44. Sadie Slays says

    This is the real reason why Democrats are hellbent on removing the Second Amendment. Once they take away the guns from their opponents, the media will escalate this rhetoric far beyond fist fights and doxxing. People would be wise to purchase firearms now while they still can for the protection of their loved ones. And if you believe this is too drastic, then you haven’t been paying attention to history. The Communists and Nazis took away the guns first before really putting the screws to people.

  45. Sadie Slays says

    This is the real reason why the Democrats are obsessed with removing the Second Amendment. Once they take away the guns, the media will escalate their rhetoric far beyond fist fights and doxxing. People would be wise to purchase firearms now as a means of protecting their loved ones. If that sounds too drastic to you, then you haven’t been paying attention to history. The Communists and Nazis took away the guns first before putting the screws to the masses.

  46. Pingback: Linkse terreurorganisatie Antifa wordt vooral ondersteund door 'journalisten' in 'kwaliteits'-msm. - TPOok

  47. Jurij Fedorov says

    Until antifa kill or at least seriously injure an innocent person nothing will come of this. This is what happened to the alt-right after the “Charlottesville car attack”. The antifa and left leaning news media used this case to make the victim into an innocent bystander that got killed by the “Nazis”. Which then caused a huge backlash against all the alt-right in USA. Antifa so far has been violent and destructive, but the only antifa members who killed people are just loners who did so outside of a protest. Which most people don’t seem to care about.

    This is right now why antifa still is seen as a group that is not that dangerous. And while I do fear that they can ruin a innocent life with their doxxing I don’t think they want to kill people.

    • TarsTarkas says

      Even if Antifa killed one of their famous icons or supporters, it will be explained away as ’caused by right-wing violence’. Keeping to the narrative is too important to worry about collateral damage, no matter how much.

  48. Lydia says

    “Make no mistake: The original professed goal of Antifa—to oppose fascism—is laudable. And there are no doubt many Antifa activists who still reject violent methods.”

    You are the one making the mistake. They actually want totalitarianism like every other fascists and Marxist. There is basically little difference between the two on the totalitarian continuum. One would think their disguises are a clue they are up to no good. At least the tiny group of tiki torch totalitarians had the courage to show their faces.

    • Lydia says

      Oh and I need to add that the tiki torch jerks got a permit to protest. The violent antifa thugs did not.

      After reading some French blogs about the yellow jackets, I found some claiming that antifa has infiltrated the yellow jackets. Based on what I have seen happened here I don’t doubt it.

  49. the gardner says

    I don’t understand…antifa is anti-fascist but uses fascist methods of intimidation and silencing?

    • Naidu says

      Yes, I have personally seen them use racial slurs and beat anyone who opposes their facist ways. Ty Hey are the facist, plain and simple. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you or are too dumb to actually look at the research. It’s groups of upper class white kids larping as revolutionaries.

    • wristaction says

      No. They use communist methods of intimidation and silencing.

    • northernobserver says

      which is why they shut the proud boys down. they were winning the propaganda war and leftists can’t live with that.

  50. Sam says

    Where’s the underlying research here? I’d like to know the names of the accounts in question—”they follow somebody” seems questionable at best and tendentious at worst. Also, who funds this research? Is the author affiliated with a university or a research institution, or is he doing it all on his own hook? Too many unanswered questions for this to have any credibility at all.

    • Will Raper says

      So says the Antifa thug. Now run along to Raw Story where you will hear what you want to hear.

  51. Morgan Foster says

    The FBI has a history of infiltrating groups like Antifa. They don’t seem to be doing anything right now to stop their activities, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t digging their way in.

    What the Feds do with them later is an open question.

    • hunter says

      Based on what the “progressives” have become, it is much more likely that they have infiltrated the FBI.

  52. I don’t see these “people” as left wingers of any stripe. I see them as middle class anuses doing what they can to distract us from class issues by going on about race etc. If they were out there beating the crap out of the Koch brothers rather than ordinary right wingers, THAT might prove me wrong.

  53. David V says

    Antifa is the militant arm, while the SPLC is the (sloppy) “research” arm of the whole movement. The SPLC expanded its targets to include conservatives by smearing them as “haters”, making them targets for Antifa and Islamists.

    That’s because the white nationalists are in desperately short supply. Few if any neo-Nazi, KKK or skinhead groups can be taken seriously as organisations – though admittedly the ideas behind them circulate freely online and in literature. A handful of white nationalists seek to be more “respectable” in their presentation and are undeniably more intelligent, but even their influence is limited. Black nationalists aren’t faring any better outside of the Nation of Islam and a few Black Hebrew groups.

    No conservative would share a platform with a neo-Nazi without consequences, but liberals tolerate (and more than that) Communists and Islamists in their midst, and Bill Clinton shared the stage with Louis Farrakhan – again without consequences or condemnation from his own side. The NYT could appoint Sarah Jeong despite her open anti-white and anti-American views.

    Jussie Smollett has gotten away with what he’s done thus far not because he’s black and gay, and in any case he’s far from being a star in the entertainment world, but he’s privileged by virtue of his political background and connections.

    Nothing comes as surprising when journalists are exposed as enablers and collaborators with Antifa. We’ve known for a long time about this.

    • “That’s because the white nationalists are in desperately short supply”

      We keep looking for the hordes of white supremacists around every corner they warn about but then it dawned on me they apply the label to Candace Owen and Ben Shapiro, too. Lol.

      • David V says

        Possibly the Charlottesville incident served to weaken them, or deepened already existing rifts in their movement.

        This Tablet article kind of sums it up, saying that the media seems desperate to believe there is a neo-Nazi threat to detract from their own failings (translation: unwillingness to acknowledge the populist phenomenon and questions over race and immigration):

  54. Will Raper says

    I can’t wait for the Republican Convention in Charlotte. These dbags will not find a safe haven here. In fact if anyone comes near me wearing a mask I will shoot first and ask questions later.

  55. GGC Cams says

    I had a discussion some months ago with a young left leaning person, particularly about the group and my thoughts on them. This person admitted they had joined the group because their title suggests they are anti-fascist. This person very quickly recognised just how misleading the title is, how dangerous they are and just as quickly left the group. Young people need to get a reality check, learn about history and realise just what this group actually is about.

    The whole outlook of “antifa” is so reminiscent of Hitler’s Brown Shirts brigade. Their methods are exactly the same – there is NOTHING anti-fascist about antifa; for a supposedly anti-fascist group they employ very fascist techniques.

    The article was wonderful until the very last paragraph – the problem with the group is they go after anyone that doesn’t have the same thought process as themselves. Unfortunately with the last paragraph you have committed the same crime, albeit in much lesser manner, that you just accused the group of doing, assuming guilt before proof.

    The group (I refuse to continue to name them in an effort to stop giving them any sort of credibility) needs to be recognised for what it truly is – a domestic terrorist organisation – and as such be banned like all other terrorist organisations.

    • wristaction says

      “Antifa” are communist. Their M.O. is exactly that of communists in the early twentieth century. Fascism arose to combat communist terrorism. That is why communists call the right “reactionaries” – fascism is a reaction to communism.

  56. Saw file says

    I haven’t yet met a ‘antifa’ “hardcore” (haaaack spit) who was willing to go 1 on 1…..
    And I have tried…
    Fanciest totalitarian douche-bags…

  57. Ran Magid says

    My quick cynical take-
    Wilson is most likely a Company handler. Probably running Luis and others.
    AnyWho seems like same old same old. On Company Business Doc-
    Rarely do we get a true revolution and when we do the establishment media is never on board.

  58. “Make no mistake: The original professed goal of Antifa—to oppose fascism—is laudable.”

    Good grief. As if readers were confused that perhaps it’s wrong to oppose fascism. But antifa isn’t about opposing genuine fascism.

    Antifa is a bunch of stupid violent punks playing at being revolutionaries. Fascism, to them, simply us anyone they dislike.

    There’s also something deeply wrong with the idea that leftists and Nazis are opposites. They are totalitarian kin, quibbling over a few minor details.

  59. IainC of The Ponds says

    Sorry, you’ve inserted the wrong image in the header. You’ve put in a posse of far right fascists instead.
    Excuse me, it’s the right image of an Antifa posse, you say? Surely you’re mistaken.
    No? Then how am I meant to tell the difference between far right fascists and Antifa?
    What’s that? I’m not, they’re the same thing you say? But one’s far left and the other’s far right.
    What’s the difference? Well, I thought it was obvious. One’s a thuggish gang of anti-Semitic brown shirt SA-fan bois rejoicing in street violence against political opponents and contemptuous of free speech, democracy and the law, and the other’s far right fascists.
    Ha ha? Then how am I wrong?
    One’s reactionary and the other’s progressive? Now I am really confused.

    • You’re correct. Proud Boys in C-ville wore these kerchiefs on their faces.

      Make no mistake. The Right doesn’t believe in free exchange of ideas if they’ve got the upper hand! Look at the 1930s! Look at Russia today! Look at Trump’s efforts to punish comedians who make fun of his insecurities! Look at his repeated calls for journalists who’ve written truthful (!) critical articles about him. Look at how today “Fake news” is code for “I don’t like what this says of me!” instead of what it originally meant, or news that’s not true, otherwise known as Faux News.

  60. soulsweet says

    Its funny how these antifolks think they are resisting fascism when they have the oligarchs, the media and most of the political class defending them…they’re not resisting fascism…they’re resisting God

  61. im lost says

    If Claire is a Nazi, im the Tooth Fairy

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  64. What is classified as “positive” articles about AntiFa? Any violence committed by these Anti-Fascists is dwarfed by the Proud Boys, Rise Above, and other White Supremacist brawlers who go around bashing people.

    These White Supremacists were responsible for every single politically motivated murder in 2018 according to Anti-Defamation League, while there’s not a single death attributed to AntiFa! Proud Boys go around with a camera following them, and when they start a fight and AntiFa guys show up to defend whoever is the intended victim, the PB’s are there with the camera.

    Third point, the above image may just as well have been Proud Boys or Rise Above, because the idea of the masks and fairly uniform dress is to be unidentifiable. The Charlottesville White Supremacist shooter who was identified because somebody pulled his kerchief off his face was wearing an identifiable kerchief with the ones worn by the guys in the above pic. He didn’t kill anyone just because he took his shot more or less blindly at a group. The victim was patched in a local hospital, thankfully with only a superficial wound.

    The rightwingers hide behind Freedom of Speech, but every experience shows that the right is always anti-free speech and have absolutely banned free speech every time they’ve reached power.

    • Timothy D. says

      Lol. So your defense of antifa is that the fascists they fight are simply more effective at street violence than they are?

      Get out.

    • wristaction says

      Can you cite a single instance in which Proud Boys or RAM showed up at a commie event and instigated the violence?

    • hunter says

      Did you write that with a straight face?

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  68. Antiterror says

    Yes,and every Political Party had their own Stormtroopers.Deadly fights were normal…thats why today its nit allowed to wear a Uniform(or same clothes if they stand for the same politiccal view) at Demonstrations!But what is a BLACK BLOCK?Police often dont know the laws…

    ps:Is the guy located in Stuttgart/Germany?There are also many Journalists(and POliticians) with Antifa connections in Germany…also i can say that many Punks dont like the real Antifa guy…

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  70. Ken Anderson says

    The constant theme of whiney victimhood in these articles and posts is often annoying but also occasionally humorous and illuminating.

  71. Michael says

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED I say, to hear that 15 out of 10s of thousands of journalists have a bias towards extremist views. Hell, why all the fuss! Turn on Fox news some evening and the same thing is staring you in the face.

  72. Sr Mike T says

    Good to see some Anti fascist activists being prepared to fight the current crop of fascists. The godfather of anti fascism George Orwell would be proud of you. Be brave, be safe. You are heroes.

    • hunter says

      Sr Mike,
      Speaking of Orwellian….
      Pot kettle black, etc.

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  74. Stephen William Pierson says

    Is Marquez auditioning for a new Dead series in that shot of Wilson and him?

  75. BobbyV says

    “The vision of a perfectible society leads inevitably to the gulag.” Friedrich Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

  76. kdm says

    “Follow him on Twitter at @EoinLenihan.”
    I tried.
    = Account gesperrt (“account blocked”)

  77. Jeremy Ashford says

    The identification of Fascism with the right is an arbitrary one. The main characteristic distinguishing two supposed polar opposites is that marxism-socialism, as usually defined, is globalist (“workers of THE WORLD unite”) and fascism is nationalist.

    Hitler’s Nazi Party was indeed nationalist but it was also without a doubt socialist. That should give warning to those commentators that continue to call Nazis right wing.

    All authoritarian regimes belong together and should be considered similarly. The left-right dichotomy has no utility wrt authoritarian regimes. Authoritarian regimes without appropriate checks and balances fall to tyranny. It is perhaps the belief that tyranny is exclusively a right wing phenomenon that has led so many to confusion.

    The opposite of authoritarianism is libertarianism. Forms of communism and anarchism based on a cooperative-libertarian model cannot function across the whole of a society, certainly not globally. Anarchism will inevitably self-destruct. Socialism-communism is inevitably authoritarian.

  78. Jan Shaw says

    The only difference between antifa and the KKK is the color of their hoods.

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  80. Tersitus says

    A fascist by any other name still smells as rank.

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