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Headline Rhymes

With creative endeavours these days, we need to be quite militant
In portraying others’ lived experience, we can’t be too vigilant

If you want to write about someone who isn’t identical to you
You must get the official go-ahead from representatives of that crew

The film A Dog’s Journey, for example, I must demand its removal
‘Cause I know for a fact no one secured canine species approval

The incredible chutzpah on display—like so much dog poop, it stinks
To think we think we could possibly know what our canine brethren think

Views on the news, delivered so smooth. This week’s inspired by:

Policing the Creative Imagination

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  1. David Altschul says

    After four venal decades, old groping Joe Biden avers that on him is the nation’s soul ridin’
    He’s said that the Iowa schools aren’t lax because the state doesn’t have that many blacks. He’s struck out twice, now thinks he can hit a homer, after backing Iraq war and voting for DOMA
    As for job creation he’s dude number one: See the gigs he procured for his coke-addict son. He calledid Hill a liar back in 91, and says China’s no threat: A barrel of fun

    • Denny Sinnoh says

      If only Pedo Joe had been from Nantucket.

  2. Sydney says

    On ‘Policing the Creative Imagination’:

    It’s a perfect time for a new startup
    it’s called, Sensitivity Readers Inc

    On staff we’ll have one of each type of human
    and we’ll tell you how they act and think

    Our Human-Type-X embodies all Human-Type-Xians
    they’re certified, specialist, and card-holding

    Ensure your fictional humans are made correctly
    and you’ll have no deplatforming or trolling

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