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Headline Rhymes

We rightly imagine the pain
Of kids separated at our borders

But tend to ignore the same
Happening in other corners

I’m talking, of course
Of the halls of divorce

Where false claims
Are part of the game

It’s no myth, the silver bullet
But the trigger, let’s not pull it

Because there may be nothing worse
Than failing to put children first

Views on the news, delivered so smooth. This week’s inspired by:

Divorce and the ‘Silver Bullet’

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  1. Brad Gillespie says

    Aside from what is most likely a good intent, this rhyme is just terrible. I mean it seriously hurts the brain. “It’s no myth, the silver bullet
    “But the trigger, let’s not pull it”………really? bullet..pull it…worse than sophomoric….indigestible.

    • Sydney says

      @Brad Gillespie

      The game here is not at the mouth you should foam
      But instead put together your very own poem

      If you believe that you can do betters
      Then show us what you can do with your letters

  2. Sydney says

    Hi Graham!

    Re: ‘The Sad Fact About Fat’ (pub’d April 26):

    Jack Sprat could eat no fat
    Sonalee Rashatwar could eat no lean

    They killed on the college lecture circuit
    Showing their infographics upon a screen

    Jack’s low BMI slammed industrial-food oppression
    Sonalee’s bulges fought hegemonic white power

    So between their two SJW diatribes you see
    Intersectional knives sharpened in the ivory tower

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