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Mobbed but Unbowed: An Interview with Kellie-Jay Keen

Holly Lawford-Smith sits down with the women’s rights activist now leading the charge against gender ideologues.

· 9 min read
Mobbed but Unbowed: An Interview with Kellie-Jay Keen
Screen grab from video footage of Kellie-Jay Keen in Auckland on March 25th.

Two days after her March 18th Let Women Speak event in Melbourne, I sat down with Kellie-Jay Keen in a downtown café to ask her about the new “gender-critical” (my preferred term) women’s-rights movement, of which she has now become a de facto leader.

Since we spoke two weeks ago, a lot has happened.

The Melbourne event was gatecrashed by black-clad members of a fascist group that performed Nazi salutes and held up a banner reading “Destroy Paedo Freaks,” thereby allowing Keen to be smeared by opponents as being in league with far-right elements. The willingness of Australian authorities to protect her freedom of speech appeared to decline at this point. At Keen’s subsequent appearance in the Tasmanian capital of Hobart, there was a minimal police presence and high levels of intimidation from protesters. Things spiralled further during a dangerous fracas in Auckland, which saw Keen and a number of her supporters assaulted by aggressive trans-rights protesters, following which the Auckland and Wellington events were ultimately cancelled.

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