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PODCAST 68: Clinical psychologist Dr James Cantor Criticises the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Guidelines for Treating Trans Children

Dr James Cantor, clinical psychologist and sexologist, talks to Jonathan Kay about his recent peer-reviewed critique of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines on treating trans children.


  1. Bout time we had another Tranny post … OK, I’m not going to actually listen to it, but it makes me feel better about the world knowing it’s there.

  2. Keep the “tranny” posts coming until sanity is restored.

  3. The most interesting thing to me was the comment at the end that all brains begin as female and some become male. Wow. Isn’t it also true that male brains take much longer to mature than females? Has anyone heard this, females are pretty much mature by 18 but men not til 25. It all seems to explain a lot.

    Mind, I’m easily swayed by simplistic ideas.

  4. It may have been interesting.

    It was also very, very wrong.

    When the sperm and the egg fuse at conception, if the person is to be male then one carries an X chromosome, and the other a Y. There is no point at which a male is female during the entirety of their lives.

    The opposite, of course, is also true. At no point in their lives are females male.

  5. The podcast sounded artificially sped up to squeeze a conversation into a shorter time frame. Otherwise, it is refreshing to hear more cultural heresy.

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