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It’s Time for Sweden to Admit Explosions Are a National Emergency

The bomb exploded shortly after 9 a.m. Friday in a blast that ripped through two apartment buildings and could be heard for miles. Twenty-five people suffered cuts and bruises and 250 apartments were damaged. A nearby kindergarten was evacuated. Hospitals jumped into disaster mode. Photos from the scene show rows of demolished balconies and shattered windows. It was ”absolutely incredible” that no one was severely injured, a police spokesperson said.

It is the kind of news we usually associate with war zones, but this bombing took place in Linköping, a peaceful university town in southern Sweden. Remarkably, it was not the only explosion in the country that day; another, seemingly unrelated, blast was reported in a parking lot in the city of Gothenburg earlier in the morning. Three explosions have been reported in Malmö since Tuesday morning. As of this writing, no arrests have been made.

Sweden has experienced a sharp rise in explosions in recent years, predominantly related to conflicts between warring criminal gangs. The use of explosives in the Nordic country is now at a level that is unique in the world for a state not at war, according to police. In response, the government issued a first-ever ”amnesty for explosives” in the fall of 2018, allowing people in possession of such weapons to hand them over to police with immunity. But this didn’t stem the tide: some 50 explosions were reported in the first three months of 2019 alone—an average of more than one every other day and an increase over the same period in 2018, a year that saw a record number of more than three blasts per week.

While explosives have become a weapon of choice among the country’s gangs, the effects of such violence are hardly confined to criminals. In the past four years, fatalities include a 63-year-old man who unknowingly picked up a hand grenade lying in the street; an 8-year-old boy who was asleep when a hand grenade was thrown into the apartment where he was staying; and a 4-year-old girl killed in a car bombing.

2011- Dec 5, 2018. Source: Swedish Public Service TV

There has been a corresponding marked escalation in gang-related shootings, which increasingly take place in broad daylight. Sweden had 45 deadly shootings in what police refer to as ”criminal environments” last year, which is an increase by a factor of 10 in one generation. In contrast, neighbouring Norway has less than three. Deadly shootings per capita in Sweden are now considerably higher than the European average. And systematic witness intimidation, paired with a code of silence in the country’s socio-economically weak immigrant areas, has made this type of crime difficult for the Swedish legal system to tackle.

The rise in gang violence and other types of crime—including sexual offenses and a wave of robberies against children—has had far-reaching implications for Swedish society. In a country which boasts ”the world’s first feminist government,” a third of young women now report feeling unsafe going out at night. A recent survey in the country’s three largest cities showed that safety is now the main priority for Swedes who are looking to buy homes. Crime emerged as a top priority among voters ahead of the election to the European Parliament in May.

According to the prevailing ideology of the Swedish political establishment, this wave of violence, which is baffling to many European neighbours, should not be happening. A longstanding cornerstone of the country’s political conversation dictates that crime must be understood in socio-economic terms, and that welfare provisions are a cure-all against violence and social unrest. Yet Sweden is one of Europe’s most generous welfare states.

Instead of seeking refuge in ideological wishful thinking, the Swedish government should focus on reforming a criminal justice system that was built for a more peaceful society. To name but one issue: young criminals receive remarkably soft sentences. For example, a 16-year-old convicted of an execution-style killing at a Stockholm pizza restaurant in 2018 was sentenced to three years in institutional care for young people. The country also has one of the smallest police forces per capita in the EU.

Before any specific issues can be addressed the Swedish government must acknowledge the severity of the matter. In the past few years, the rise in violent crime in Sweden has attracted growing attention from international media. How has the Swedish government responded? By launching an elaborate PR campaign for foreign audiences that plays down the challenges—especially those in the country’s immigrant areas. Nothing will change if the government continues to respond to the reality in the streets with cynical rhetorical spin.


Paulina Neuding is Quillette’s European editor. Follow her on Twitter @paulinaneuding. 


    • Nakatomi Plaza says

      So explain the abundance of violence in cultures (like ours) that obviously do not have a “feminist government.”

      But of course you cannot because there is no useful connection aside from your prejudices.

      • Bacchus says

        @Nakatomi Plaza

        The reason why there is an abundance of violence in non-feminist countries is because they are not feminist enough. I think this should be obvious enough by now.

        • In the US, feminism and war seem to go hand in hand. Consider the stunning contributions made towards peace since 1997 by overt feminists like Madeline Albright, Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Condoleezza Rice and Victoria Nuland. As more women have entered policy making positions the wars and social disorder have increased and now seem to be permanent.

          As the Albright said, What good is all this military power if you won’t use it?

          • Bacchus says


            You know who else started a war? Hitler. Checkmate.

          • Hillary Clibton a pacifist? Go kill yourself, that evil bitch has been involved in war and massacres on our countries since the 90’s, she even ordered the murder of some of our human right activists

        • Surely there is a long litany of factors to compare, not just feminism and guns. This should also be obvious enough by now.

        • Luis says

          Government oficials should not be elected based on gender biases or emphasizing identity politics but on the strength of the individual’s competence being a man or a woman. The problem in Sweeden is fast paced, uncontrolled immigration that is overwhelming their social construct. That is why.

          • Anna says

            Exactly. That is the first thought I had. I was in Sweden when one of the huge waves of immigrants came there. The problem lies with lacking policies regarding immigrants and a very soft sentencing in this country. Better integration and stronger punishments should be implemented.

          • brad gillespie says

            The problem in Sweden is the social denial of what they have invited into their country — and that is the uncontrolled migration of muslims who’s values aren’t compatible with a civilized system, and the deliberate head turning of the swedes as they attempt to ignore the obvious. There are two totally different societies in Sweden now — and the muslim slums seem to be a fixed entity. This has nothing to do with any sexist theories, no matter how much you try. The swedes are getting crushed by their own PC inclusion of what is essentially an incurable plague.

        • cre says

          As communists would put it: Feminist government has failed because TRUE feminism has never been implemented. No true Scotsman!

      • Nick Podmore says

        In Sweden there is a unique situation where a brand new immigrant population has been allowed to grow rapidly without any significant integration from many war torn countries with radically different cultures literally dropped into a tiny homogeneous population. Women will always be more inclusive and accommodating than men it is biological in nature. You can deny it all you want but the rise of inclusive identity politics and the dominance of feminist politics is classical “tyrannical mother”. Men are naturally far more suspicious and less inclusive far more prone to aggression. Countries such as Hungary and Poland which have strict patriarchal societies have resisted the tide of immigration whereas much of Europe is highly influenced by feminist politics and ideology. Denmark, the most feminist country in the world have now turned back their pro-immigration position and as such is starting to see a reduction in associated problems. The simple truth is that not all cultures and beliefs are compatible…certainly not without being managed very carefully with a strong focus on integration. The fact is that giving someone a passport does not make them a cultural citizen that shares in historic cultural values beliefs and norms. We now have large parts of many major European cities that are not classically “European” at all. The let anyone in at any cost is a foolish policy and this is the result. Many immigrants come from countries that are highly intolerant of Western European values and beliefs with radically different societal norms and legal systems. To expect these people to overnight just go “Oh, OK, We are doing it wrong, let me just change centuries of belief and values so we can fit in”…that is just stupid and ridiculous.

        • Roland Karlsson says

          Who knows what a “feminist government” means? Certainly not the Swedish gov. Just rhetoric political correct claims. Sweden has a population now where approx. 20% due to immigration are non-ethnic Swedes and 10% of the immigrants are from Muslim countries. Because of the birthrate of ethnic Swedes – low, compared to immigrants from MENA (Middle east north Africa) countries – high, some conservatives predicts that in, say 50 years, 50% of the population will be Muslims – if current liberal immigration policies persists. Sounds like a really horrible future, considering the culture gap between MENA and Swedish. Approx. 60% of the ethnic Swedes opposes this development, certainly they say they never voted for any political party that, disconnected from the will of the people, instigated this immigration policy.

          • staticnoise says

            I feel for Sweden and Europe in regards to this situation. The replacement of the native population is progressing according to plan. For all it’s faults, and there are plenty, the U.S. does a pretty good job of integration(formerly known as the melting pot) Asians and Indians in general assimilate into so-called American culture within a generation. Latin Americans hold tight to their heritage longer and more tightly, but eventually integrate nicely.

            The one immigrant group that doesn’t even try are those from Muslim countries. Surprised? I thought not. Unfortunately the ultra-liberal ultra ‘tolerant” culture does not allow any persuasion or cajoling to be applied lest the racist term be uttered. There is no incentive(carrot) or penalty(stick) applied, so why should they become Americans?

            I suspect it’s even worse in these regards in Europe. Since the vast majority of immigrants to European countries are from MENA countries the end result is terrifying for Europe. Something needs to change or Europe is toast.

          • Ardy says

            Roland: Who knows what Sweden or Europe will look like in 50 years, certainly not what it was 50 years ago.
            The big problem in Europe and Sweden paricularly is that they are not living and dealing with reality. Stamp this out and the immigrants should improve generally. Once into a country, it seems that Muslims will need at least 2 and possibly 3 generations to integrate into a Sweden or any country and all countries will themselves have changed due to this uncontrolled madness!
            It is only luck that Australia where I live has missed this issue to some extent.

            Someone should produce a study on how many immigrants can be integrated into a new society safely ie without building ghetto’s.

          • Celtic Snow says

            Pew research center has stated that ethnic Swedes will become a minority in Sweden in 30 years because of their open border policies. I don’t want to imagine how the Swedes will be treated once they become a minority group in their own homeland..

          • drew bell says

            Why brilliant ? I can probably guess why but I’d rather give you the benefit of the doubt ? Because there’s nothing ‘Brilliant’ about a peaceful country becoming a medieval sh*thole due to hateful and seriously ungrateful immigrants.

        • JE Adams says

          I read/listen to Dr. Peterson, and his Jungian description of chaos as feminine (not chaos as women, as his critics harp) runs parallel to your description. Too much feminine accommodation leads to chaos and requires a balancing action from the orderly masculine. I think the rise of the Right is a reaction to the dominance of the overly accepting Left that has prevailed since the 60s. Unfortunately, we have to go through the pains of consequence to correct ourselves.

          • drew bell says

            I see what you’re saying but if you open the borders and let an ethnic group in who will out breed you 2 or 3 to 1 ? … There is no correcting it unless you deport people …. it’s inevitable you’ll become the minority. And once you do, that group of helpless immigrants who you took in, fed, clothed and housed …. will turn on you because of hateful medieval religious doctrine.

            Just look at history. The pattern is identical, every country the religion of peace enters becomes a crime ridden 7th century toilet.

        • Lori LaBree says

          Great commentary! It’s funny the article doesn’t mention immigrants. It’s like it’s a total mystery.

        • Michael DiCiero says

          Well said ! Unfortunately Governments are still pushing their agenda of mass migration from muslim countries and will only aggravate the present situations even further

        • Stephen Sinnott says

          Excellent insight, enlightenment is a constant examination for everyone.

        • Totally agree with you on this one. Most Europeans haven’t been in wars for over 70 years, especially the Scandinavians which weren’t affected as much by WWII as other European countries have been. This is why their laws and behavior is completely different than immigrants which are fighting as they are coming in and have completely different customs, beliefs and way of life! Obviously many immigrants want to reap the benefits of a civilized society but live in an uncivilized way!

          • David Murphy says

            Norway was occupied by the Nazis as was Denmark. Sweden as neutral and Finland supported the Nazis as revenge against the Russian invasion. So most Scandinavians had as much war as anyone else in WW2.

        • VICTOR CAROLI says


      • Thom says

        The feminist government lowered the drawbridge to allow a more violent culture to enter en masse. That was foolish in the extreme and a direct result of the naive “white people are evil/brown people are holy” beliefs of intersectional feminism.

        • John q public says

          I think we all know the feminist government didn’t do that. I think we all know a (((certain group of people))) are responsible.

          • David George says

            I’ve seen a few comments with the multiple parenthesis like that. What does it mean, origin?

          • Patrick says

            For David George the triple parentheses is a reference to Jews and is used by those who believe that massive immigration to the West by alien cultures is promoted and facilitated as part of a “plan” to undermine the hegemony of the “host” culture and result in a tribal society where no group can destroy another.

      • Defenstrator says

        As a Canadian I honestly cannot recall any bombs going off in populated areas of my society. Perhaps you should try to constructively address the problem rather than engage in unrealistic whataboutism.

        • Quillette is for morons says

          “Since 1994, Boucher and the Hells Angels have waged a brutal war with a rival biker gang called the Rock Machine for control of Quebec’s billion-dollar drug trade, according to investigators. Considering how little attention the story has attracted outside Canada, the toll is staggering: 162 dead, scores wounded. The victims include an 11-year-old boy killed by shrapnel from one of the more than 80 bombs bikers have planted around the province. Even the New York Mafia in its heyday never produced such carnage, or so terrorized civilians.”

        • M Heeton says

          As a Canadian I know every police officer will tell you that the number of sexual assaults is rising dramatically. One cop told me that Somali immigrants are the only people he has ever met who kill without any remorse. Get your head out of the CBC and Globe and Mail, and start learning something.

        • Ray Little says

          Canada has 3 times Sweden’s population, and Canada is used to immigrants, where Sweden probably isn’t. In addition, Canada’s immigrants come from China, India, Pakistan, and have been coming for long enough that integration is normal, though not effortless. Canadian television shows like Little Mosque on the Prairie and Kim’s Convenience show that we are at ease enough to play with the concept of integration.

          • Per Arheim says

            First off, it matters if you select or not.
            Sweden received one big wave of Finns during the 30s and 40s who integrated pretty well. New big wave of Iranians, Chileans and Argentinians etc in the 80’s who integrated pretty well. Ex-Yugoslavs in the 90’s mixed bag, as with Turkish work immigrants in the 70’s and on. Afghan asylum migrants form a separate group with disastrous sex crime stats but coupled with decent general integration ability.
            As for asylum migrants from Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Somalia etc – different story. Bad match for our job market and bad match for us culturally. Making matters worse is a left wing that I used to belong to myself, that encourages cultivating the original culture over assimilation, making “mother tongue” edu a legal right etc.
            Now the sheer scope means a fracturing of our society that’s entering a new bizarre phase. Man-made dissolution of what took centuries of struggles and shared ideals to create. We’re supposed to feel enthusiastic and proud as it happens on our dime, and for some reason a whole bunch of us still do.

          • Mark P says

            Canada is far from integrated at suburban level. Canadians talk a good game but the problems are here too. Declining standards, rising crime, gang wars. The only reason Canada has avoided a disaster so far is because it has a lot of land; people are spread out. But that too will change.

        • Chris says

          Another idiot Canadian making a self righteous comment about ” Not in my Canada.” It’s started in Canada too. The media here refuses to admit it’s Islamic terror. How about the people run down on the street in Toronto, asshole!!

          • Stefan Mochnacki says

            Those incidents were perpetrated by apolitical white Canadians, not by immigrants. On the other hand, a number of young would-be Islamic terrorists have been arrested before doing significant damage thanks to good intelligence and surveillance, suggesting that in Islamic immigrant communities there is some degree of trust in the police. Shooting incidents are mainly restricted to random gang-based violence, mainly among underemployed young men of Jamaican and Somali descent, and has been festering for decades. There is a lack of trust in the police among blacks in Canada. And of course there is long-festering violence among white motorcyclle gangs, a problem which has crossed the border from the US. Drug trafficking criminality is found among all ethnic identities and economic classes, and is a feature of neoliberal capitalism rather than of immigration.

        • WindyGirl says

          Give it time, Canadian. Your time is nigh.

          • Patrick says

            Canadians are just lagging behind Sweden, as is most of the Western world. Wishful thinking and self righteousness will not help.

        • Anne says

          I wish what you say is true but it’s not. What we have is a governance and government funded news source that hand feeds us what they believe will keep naive Canadians even more naive. It makes us easier herd.

      • Mianas says

        Prejudices?? So how come there wasn’t much violence before the Mūslim savages arrived huh? Or is there no correlation in your liberal retarded lying brainwashed anti-American brain?

        In USA is the NĪGGERS AND SPĪCS that cause 90% of the crimes. Leaving only a meager insignificant 10% for you to run your filthy mouth on!

        Those are FACTS COMMIE SCŪM!! Having low IQ subhumans affects EVERY SINGLE SOCIETY! ALL of that garbage needs to go back where they came from, FORCEFULLY if necessary.

        • Steve Athens says

          While I don’t favor your use of slurs, you are absolutely correct — whether in Europe or the U.S., it’s clear that “people of color” are bringing about the destruction of western culture. And only the willfully blind (or cultural marxists) cannot see this.

          • David Murphy says

            Steve Atkins: worth remembering that black people live in the US because they were imported as slaves. Slavery remained until the 1860s. Discrimination against black people in a way similar to apartheid South Africa remained in place until after the 1960s and there is still a great deal of discrimination and trace hatred against Black people.

            Most European nations discriminated against black people and most were involved in the transatlantic slave trade.

            In Europe millions of Muslims immigrated to countries who had formerly been their colonial masters eg France owned much fo North Africa from whence their muslims migrants come. UK owned much of he middle-east and Pakistan, a major source of muslim immigrants, and so on.

          • David Murphy says

            That was targeted at Mianas and his / her racist and nonsensical comments.

      • Charlie says

        There was massive support for war and for Hitler from German women; in many cases it was ecstatic . Look at news reels and read writers like W Shirer – Rise and Fall of Third Reich.

      • Adam says

        Well, I’d like to give it a go, even though you’ve made up your mind already. By focusing on feminism, diversity, inclusion, and whatever else is fashionable, we lose sight of the only thing we should be paying attention to: competence. Justin Trudeau made a feminist cabinet without the least worry that he owed it to the people to give them good government. Running a country is hard, or it should be. It doesn’t help when we think our good intentions are sufficient.

      • Turd Ferguson says

        First and probably last feminist country I would imagine. Feminist women and those weird noticeably quite men they keep as boyfriends and husbands seem to be fixated on letting in hordes of migrants with deliberately anti-feminist cultures. Almost like they seem hellbent on sabotaging their little feminist utopia. For me I don’t think there could ever be a utopia feminist or otherwise as people are always going to be drawn to chaos.

      • Nakatomi: “A causes B” does not mean “All B is caused by A”. You shall get an F on basic logic ;).

        Also note that “feminism” often refers to a specific ideology family: not to women’s advocacy or gender equality advocacy.

        There are many ways to violence. Radical ideology is a major one. On one hand, it itself often is violent, as radical ideologues by definition wish to impose their views on others if they have the power.
        On the other, ideologies have a dogmatic model of how the world works. When the model inevitably fails, it’s a blasphemy to change the model (as that’d mean admitting the ideology is critically flawed); therefore the errors can never be addressed.

        The main other way to widespread violence is anarchy. See the “Leviathan” concept.

        • Patrick says

          In the same way that Trump is a symptom and not a cause the “feminist” government is a symptom of a society with a loss of purpose. Trump, although not doing anything is at least taking on the media, which in all Western countries is a tool for social change rather than a reporter of news and decent comment.

          • Joseph says

            I agree. What is needed is balance, if society skews too far masculine we oppress, if we skew too far feminine we destabilize. It’s true personally, it’s true in my family, it’s true in our community and nation. One is not better than the other – both are required to balance one another out. This is biologically and evolutionarily true. I wish everyone could understand this.

      • ADM64 says

        In point of fact, violent crime has been falling in the US for decades. The aberration was the 60;s-70′ when softer policies were tried towards crime. The vast majority of violent crime that does occur is drug-related, and the result of black and Hispanic, often fatherless, young men. The policies that wrecked black families – and that are now doing so to white ones too – are all from the left. If one uses “feminist” as a proxy for left, your criticism falls apart.

      • Mike Williams says

        What they mean is that the feminist government will be wiped out by a patriarchal uprising.

      • Sean Michael Bearly says

        The issue here isn’t that only feminism creates violence or that women create more violence than men. It is that for years we have heard that the cause of violence is masculinity and that when women are given the reigns we will see peace in the valley. Every person who commits violent acts has been primarily through the ages raised by women. At home, at childcare and in school. We need to at a minimum realize that women at home, in school and in places of power, are not the solution to violence but are at least as responsible for it as men.

    • Barry P Wong says

      Agreed, you can tell what causes the problem when people flock to downplay the ideology instead of offering alterative reasons for why this is happening.
      I suppose one could bury thier heads in the sand and continue to chant “All cultures are beautiful” until more explosions happen. But clearly it’s because we’re not being feminist enough…
      The sad part is how many innocent people will die before the brainwashed realise they caused this issue. The Tyrannical mother shall devour Sweden.

    • John q public says

      This problem was caused by importing people from a decidedly non-feminist government.

    • hitrestart1 says

      Hah! I was just about to make that exact comment. They’re reaping what they’ve sown – rejecting God for secularism and allowing women to lead men. Yet still they’ve yet to figure it out, remaining “baffled” by the increase in lawlessness and violence.

    • Britain has just had the weakest woman PM following a few years ago one of the strongest PMs who happened to be a woman. Neither were feminists were they?

  1. Ray Andrews says

    Nevermind. All this will be put right under sharia.

    • E. Olson says

      Ray – there you go again – always putting a positive spin on every controversy.

      • Ray Andrews says

        @E. Olson

        I try to see the positive. You know, quite seriously, there are reasons to look forward to sharia. Not many but some. Islam still understands that boys and girls are not identical nor interchangeable. I’m not sure if there has ever been a fatwa on transitioning to dolphin tho.

        • Canadian Moxie says

          Then why does Iran have one of the highest numbers of “sex change” surgery? Remember, homosexuality is against Islamic law.

          • Defenstrator says

            You just answered your own question. Homosexuality is illegal, so if you like men become a woman.

          • drew bell says

            That’s because Iran won’t admit they have gay people, but they are also aware it obviously happens so they push a gay person into the op. Once they have it in the governments eyes they are not gay just born in the wrong body. However they are still shunned etc ……but it’s basically to hide the fact there are gay people why the op numbers are so high. Basically because they are so medieval in belief and religious dogma they are happy to offer the sex change op rather than (god forbid) have gay people painting rainbows everywhere.

        • Hestia says

          Ray, I agree with you. Can’t wait to see the daughters of white, liberal feminists (assuming that they reproduce) in burkas.

          • Celtic Snow says

            No, hopefully the white left will die out via transgenderism and abortion. Hopefully that will end their reproduction but we must start homeschooling OUR children so they aren’t indoctrinated by leftist policies and brainwashing..

        • Softclocks says

          Do they?
          From what I can tell, man-boy rape is rampant in muslim countries. At least the ones from which we freely import “refugees”.

          • Shaeri says

            They’re referred to as “tea boys” and they’re there to service the men. Interchangeable with goats I suppose. So the question is, why do countries feel that taking in millions of these backward people is an advantage to their country? Why spread poison? They clearly want the society they have, they always bring it with them.

        • drew bell says

          What is positive about working your entire life to buy your home and see your children okay, just for the government to house so many Muslim immigrants you are an outsider in the country you loved ? For rape and crime to soar. And that’s a fact not supposition.
          In the UK .. Muslims make up 5% of the total population ?
          yet they make up 14% of the prison population.

          All the horrendous knife crime in London is predominantly a black problem.
          Mass immigration doesn’t work …. immigration can be positive if it’s drip fed with careful social integration. Rather than dumping a problem en masse. Why do the people of the country who pay for everything not matter ? When large parts of England was decimated during the 2 world wars and millions died, and the cities were turned to rubble ?
          We didn’t run to another country and expect them to take millions of us, then once there disrespect their culture, demand shariah law, commit crime way above the national average including in particular the rape of young girls (and boys) many of which are children.

  2. Jonny Sclerotic says

    Violent crime in Sweden has risen to between 3 and 5 times higher than its northern European neighbors over the last decade, it’s true. But the figures were so low to begin with, articles like this are misleadingly alarmist. The murder rates are higher in Australia, ostensibly a ‘safe’ country. Compare violent crime stats with the United States and I dare you to point fingers if you have an American accent.

    In the World Cup of violent crime, Sweden wouldn’t even qualify, let alone get past the first round. Maybe the Swedish government is downplaying the problem in response to it being played up in some corners of the media?

    • Peter from Oz says

      No, Australia is slightly lower than Sweden when it comes to the murder rate.
      But that’s not really the point. The fact is that in the past Sweden’s culture was such that crime was lower than just about anywhere. But something seems to have occurred to alter that culture.

      • Jonny Sclerotic says

        @ Peter from Oz

        Yes, Sweden had crime rates that were just about lower than anywhere. That’s why drawing conclusions from the data is problematic. The annual homicide rate has bounced around between 1 per 100,000 and 2 per 100,000 over the past 60 years. You can say it’s doubled, if you want to make it sound dramatic. You can also say that the number of women murdered by their partners is half what it was in the 1970s. In both cases, you’re talking about a statistically insignificant figure.

        So if spousal murder has been cut in half, what has happened to alter the culture?

        • Jonny Sclerotic says

          Or, put another way, what happened to the culture between 2007 and 2012 to cause such a steep decline in the homicide rate? There may be a definitive answer. There may not. My questions is, why do we hear about minor crime stat fluctuations in a country that is very safe, even when at it’s most dangerous.

          Meanwhile, Trinidad & Tobago has been experiencing a genuinely alarming uptick in violent crime for three decades. For some reason, Sweden gets the press coverage.

          • Stephanie says

            Of course this sudden frequency of bombings is alarming. Saying “it’s no big deal” is easy when you’re not afraid to go out at night or desperate to move to a safer neighbourhood. Seeing your safe country radically transform like this must cause alarm.

            The US has high crime rates for similar reasons as Sweden’s: government policy fostered the creation of ethnic enclaves with high degrees of internal violence. In the case of the US, it was welfare expansion ostensibly to “help” black people, in Sweden it was an undiscerning refugee policy ostensibly to “help” Muslims.

            The US’s problems took decades to develop. Sweden looks like it’s trying it’s best to catch up, and that’s worth talking about. If you want people to talk about Trinidad and Tobago instead, pitch an article.

          • Rosenmops says

            “For some reason, Sweden gets the press coverage.”

            Because everyone knows the very clear reason for the crime is increasing in Sweden and it is comical/tragic that the government tries to suppress and deny the the very existence of an increase in crime, and of course the reason for it.

            On the other hand, most of us don’t know much about Trinidad & Tobago beyond that it is corrupt 3rd world country. It probably had lots of crime before the recent increase. Sweden, in the living memory of many of us, was probably one of the safest countries in the world.

          • Jeremiah says

            The amount of bomb and grenade attacks is genuinely shocking. The US is massively bigger yet I can’t rememver grenade attacks ever happening.

          • DJI says

            Has Trinidad and Tobago been accepting large numbers of immigrants with cultural beliefs and norms that are polar opposites to their own? If not than that comparison is pointless.

          • Celtic Snow says

            When white Brits did this to Africa, it was called colonization but it’s called “diversity” when Africans do the same to Swedes…

      • Strange that the word Islam isn’t actually stated in the article at all. Maybe the culture they imported is violent and barbaric.

        • George G says

          @ WW

          yeah, bit of an odd ommision, but maybe because the the problem immigrants are actually time travelling 13th century maurading Mongols and these problems nothing to do with the religion of peace?

    • Deafening Tone says

      I will point this finger–and I do have an American accent: SWEDEN leads the non-warring country’s in terms of hand grenades thrown in cities, car bombs, and other incendiaries per capita. Congrats.

      • Jonny Sclerotic says

        @ Deafening Tone

        This is true. But there’s an interesting aspect to the nature of the grenade attacks: they are almost completely ineffectual at killing people. I believe this is intentional. Terrorists with murderous designs just aren’t this incompetent:

        Out of a couple of hundred attacks, only two people were killed – both by accidentally picking up the grenade. This is not how you go about attempting to kill people. This is vandalism.

        I’m not saying intentional property damage isn’t a nefarious motive, or that it’s a good thing. It might even be – as per the headline – a national emergency. An international news story it is not.

        • Jonny Sclerotic says

          @ Stephanie

          I don’t know where you live, but I wonder if you’re vibrating to the resonance of unseen things.

          I have spent lots of time in Malmo. It’s a very safe place. I have also lived in London, Glasgow, Belfast, Los Angeles… If I looked at the crime statistics for these great cities before I went out, or read up on the latest murders, I could find plenty of reasons to be alarmed.

          Before moving to the USA, I heard it all: watch out for guns, religious zealotry, jingoism. I know Glaswegians who see London as an over-priced hotbed of terror run by bankers and oligarchs, and Londoners who see in Glasgow and Belfast only sectarianism, drinking and violence. I know New Zealanders from Christchurch who think the most dangerous place in the world is The Rest of It.

          These descriptors are all partially accurate, but they form an incomplete picture. One that emphasizes the negative You only experience the good stuff – ie the people – when you spend a decent length of time in a place.

          Nowhere is ever as good or as bad as it’s made out to be from afar. Explosions are loud and frightening, I get it. But they happen all the time, all over the world. Quite often they kill lots of people. Just not in Sweden. Yet, being the obvious caveat.

          • Ceres of evil says

            @Jonny Sclerotic
            Congrats, you just earned a position in the Swedish denial goverment! You just need to proof you’re not only gullible but also a feminist and your all set.

          • @Jonny. Your logic is that bad things happen all over, and by comparison, Sweden is a safe place, so stop making a big deal about it. Explosions, Shmexplosions. Rape, shmape. Let’s look at the positives!

            It’s true that the media exaggerates crime and danger–but that doesn’t mean there is no crime and danger. One must look at statistics. In this case, we have a historically extremely safe country suddenly become far less safe. Women and Jews and gays are markedly less safe. This is tied to the very rapid increase in ‘migrants,’ who are far more anti semitic, homophobic, anti-Christian, and misogynist than the native population–this is fact, not opinion (it’s demonstrated with repeated surveys). They are committing a very disproportionate share of the crimes. There may be many explanations for this, but ignoring and minimizing is not an explanation: it is at best a defense mechanism, at worst an apology/enabler of violence and hate.

            I too have traveled a great deal. The last time I lived in London, I was terrified of identifying as a Jew. It was markedly different from when I lived there in the 1980s. Then I experienced classical European anti semitism–polite anti semitism, eg casually linking Jews and ursury, or Jews and gold, especially in university settings. When I returned in 2017, London had radically changed. Even though I had no external markers of being Jewish, I was ‘accused’ of being a Jew on three separate occasions–once I was informed I wasn’t American as I was a Jew. Unasked–the Muslim man in line with me turned around and informed me I was a Jew, then informed me I wasn’t American.

            So would you respond, “Jew, shmew. You’re still not as unsafe as in Nazi Germany”?

            What do people do when representatives who believe such as you literally deny there is a problem when there clearly is one,demonstrated by fact and data? They turn to representatives who actually declare that yes, the Emperor is naked. These may end up being more extreme Right wingers, as they are the only ones who are saying the sky is blue and the earth is round. Beware the denial and the Orwellian language. It has a bad history.

          • I’m in Canada and I don’t recall the last time I heard or read about a man-made explosion but according to the graph Sweden has had more than 200 grenade detonation in the last eight years and Sweden is three times last populated than Canada. Maybe remove your blinders?

          • Jay Salhi says

            “I have spent lots of time in Malmo. It’s a very safe place.”

            The members of the (former) Jewish community in Malmo have a different view.

        • Cassandra says

          Blowing cars, buildings and people to bits is vandalism?

          Wow. I’d love to hear you definition of anti social behaviour.

          • Windygirl says

            Rather sounds like the mayor of London… no?

        • Blackberry Blackberry says

          @Jonny Your comment reminds me of how, when I asked the (black) real estate agent about the high crime rating in the (mostly black gentrifying) neighborhood she answered: Oh, they’re not after YOU. I later mention this to some well-intentioned “anti-racist” white people who talk of black crime in what sounds like an endearing manner, e.g. “Oh, yeah, they just go after each other, it’s part of their culture…”

          And when you try to suggest that this is NOT OK, they wince at your “racist” commentary, because — perhaps — they believe that “they” don’t know any better. You know, the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

          I don’t care what color you are: bombing people out of their homes IS CRIMINAL. It’s not cute. It’s not some adorable cultural affectation. It’s a PROBLEM.

          • Skeptical_Jesus says

            I’ll file this one under “Things that definitely happened for real” lol
            As if any progressive anti-racist would claim crime is “part of their culture”

          • Windygirl says

            Not to mention the effects of picking up said grenade for the poor soul who does it. I’m sure it’s more than just a lasting impression.

      • Sloop John B says

        And America is the biggest arms exporter and manufacturer in the world, causing untold harm round the globe. Congrats.

        • Defenstrator says

          False analogy. American may well arms, but they don’t make people use them on each other. You are giving the bad actors a pass for misusing things people on more responsible countries do not.

        • Richard Ferris says

          We sell the big expensive stuff, we are not the primary supplier of the small stuff you are thinking of. So what was your point?

    • Michael Bay says

      A bombing every other day. Are you saying the article is false news, or that 200 bombings a year is not that many?

      • Jonny Sclerotic says

        If they only cause property damage, yes, I’m saying it’s not that many.

        • Peter from Oz says

          Are you serious? So having more explosions caused by criminals than any other comparable country is not cause for concern? Extensive property damage by criminals is not a concern? You sound to me just like the liberals in the US who keep saying that low level crimes that ruin the day to day experiences of the people are not really worth worrying about and one has to expect a high level of crime, vagrancy, fecal matter on the street and et hoc genus omnes. Then the crime rate rises as people work out that those in power are prepared to allow it to happen.
          Property crime is very serious and needs to be dealt with just as much as crimes against the person.

        • Daath says

          @Jonny Sclerotic

          Currently, the explosions aren’t intended to kill. They aren’t vandalism, either, because there are far easier and cheaper methods to destroy property. It’s an intimidation tactic, intended to send a message that the explosion could have killed you, if the perpetrators had so wished. Sadly, the problem with intimidation is that people can grow numb to it. The grenade attacks have already ceased to be big, shocking news, and the threat of being targeted isn’t so scary when you know nothing will happen to you. The next step is obvious – start killing people every now and then. This can be done with relative (if not total) impunity. Sweden’s police force is fairly small and demoralized, and no amount of dialogue police can break the wall of silence they’re facing in the “vulnerable areas”.

          This is not to say that Sweden is anywhere close to anarchy, or even the levels of violence in the worst parts of USA. It’s still in many ways a healthy and prosperous society, so it can take a lot of beating before it ceases to be able to provide bread and circuses in addition to basic policing. However, I’m a bit worried about what will happen if Sweden faces a crisis, such as a nasty depression triggered by the collapse of their housing bubble in combination with a global economic downturn. I live right next door, after all.

          • Jonny Sclerotic says

            @ Death

            Thank you for your reasonable response – I agree that things could turn nasty if Sweden faces an economic downturn or another crisis. Describing the Swedish explosions as mere ‘vandalism’ was trollishly blase of me. I recant that statement. But I remain optimistic about Sweden’s ability to manage the problem in the long term.

            I’m fully prepared to accept that these events could be the thin end of a wedge. I also remember thinking that 9/11 was surely just the beginning of a relentless terror campaign to be waged by jihadists on American soil. That didn’t really transpire though. It took another 12 years for American civilians to die at the hands of Islamists. There was Boston, San Bernardino, and Orlando. The death toll is a mere blip in the wider context of atrocities committed on American soil. I didn’t expect that – and the media taught me to expect much, much worse.

        • Ray Andrews says

          @Jonny Sclerotic

          Really sir? How many would be that many? Where I live we’ve never had a bombing yet, and it would take me some time to get used to having one every other day. Mind, we are making progress — a drug dealer was burned to death with a tiger torch here a few weeks ago by a rival, so rich, vibrant, mulicultural diversity is coming. No mosque here yet tho.

        • Jeremiah says

          Considering how small the population is in Sweden 200 bombings is absolutely insane. So is the murder rate in America I’m not claiming otherwise, but when a formally peaceful small country starts experiencing 200 bombings over a relatively short period of time it makes sense to look for the cause and reverse any policies that are cuasing it.

          • Richard Ferris says

            Subtract the murders committed in gun free zones in our big cities and our fire arm murder rate looks a lot like Sweden

        • Defenstrator says

          Then, and there is no nice way to say this, you are stupid. I’m sorry, but you are. A person of even below average intelligence can recognize that property damage and the threat of harm/death caused by a bombing is completely unacceptable in a civilized society. To dismiss it marks you as some sort of cretin.

          • Jonny Sclerotic says

            @ Defenestrator

            It’s not acceptable in any society. I appreciate your honest and accurate appraisal of my intelligence and apologize for being too stupid to realize just how very stupid and cretinous I am.

    • Milla says

      WHY compare numbers. Everyone sees that in a short time, The crimes gets worse and more in numbers. Blasts and shooting, Often killed. Criminals cant be found. Our laws cant reach them. Often they are released and get paid money for The mental discomfort of being arrested. The victim gets nothing.
      Our government refuses to see The problem. The Police screams for help, they need more straff. They need more powers than they have now. But many People in sweden think that The problem can be solved by singing peace songs.
      The People didnt wote for The government in sweden. The politicians DID their own mix. Most of The parties in our government got 4-8% of The peoples wotes. The political party who received The most votes got 28,26% of The swedish wotes and then They got to determine other parties to cooperate with. They selected The ones who almost no one woted for.
      Welcome to sweden ?.

    • Jochen Schmidt says

      Hey, ladies & gentlemen, please be fair to Jonny Sclerotic 😉

      He doesn’t deny anything, he just wants to put things in perspective. We should appreciate his informed contributions – even if we don’t quite agree …

      • hail to none says

        @Jochen and @Jonny
        I agree that Jonny had some good points. After reading the article I still didn’t have a great sense of how much violence there is in Sweden (or particular Swedish cities) and how it compares to other places. So while I found aspects of the original article interesting and illuminating, the additional perspective is helpful as well.

      • Simone says

        He doesn’t deny anything, he just wants to put things in perspective.

        Sorry, Jochen, yes he does.

        “I still feel very safe thinking of Malmö … as long as those Grenade attacks only accidentally kill people, and not on purpose, we really shouldn’t consider this a serious crime, it’s basically the same as putting up a poster for a movie on a wall without a permit”

        That’s not an informed contribution, that’s disruption by nonsense.

        • Jonny Sclerotic says

          @ Simone

          Excuse me Simone, please do not put words in my mouth. I didn’t say anything remotely like that.

      • Stephanie says

        Except that all perspective indicates that 200 bombings in a tiny country that was extremely safe and peaceful only a few years ago is deeply alarming. This manner of dancing around that isn’t being “informed,” it’s being in denial.

    • Jeremiah says

      The stort is the massive rate of increase in such a short period of time. No one’s claiming the US has less murders.

    • If you eliminate the violent urban (black) underclass in US cities, American violent crime rates are about where Europe was before the Muslim immigrants.

      • I’d like to remind everyone that there are hundreds of news articles about this particular situation available online. We do not have to sit around here exclaiming how ignorant we are about this or worse, project our ignorance onto others, as some commentors here appear to want to do.

        From the available sources we learn that:

        the grenade attacks are linked to gangs and organized crime
        the grenade attacks are primarily meant to intimidate (rather than injure or kill) rival gang members, police, prosecutors, and the general public
        most gang members are first- or second-generation immigrants

        Now, can we proceed from here?

        • Rev. Wazoo! says

          Well, that’s OK, then!
          It’s ‘just’ gangs and intimidation and if you’re in a gang or don’t like being intimidated because you still live where the gangs have moved in then it’s your own fault, really. They should just get used to people blowing up building facades and killing each other because, hey, that’s just the way things are, right? Guess Sweden is just finally catching up with America in such positive social trends; perhaps they’ll soon start voting like Americans too and that should make you happy too.

          So, um, where did these annoying but basically harmless gangs come from, anyway? And is there any point where they should not be considered trivial anymore?

          Honest question, if throwing grenades into the street is nothing to fret about, what would be?

    • BrannigansLaw says

      “Violent crime in Sweden has risen to between 3 and 5 times higher than its northern European neighbors over the last decade, it’s true. But the figures were so low to begin with, articles like this are misleadingly alarmist.”

      Yep, ignore the trend, keep importing third worlders without any sane selection process. Then when Sweden’s violent crime rate is similar to Somalia’s we can talk about the problem.

      • Inigo Montoya says

        A question every participant in this discussion should ask themselves is: why does Norway, with a slightly higher percentage of immigrants, have so much less crime than Sweden. And by “ask”, I mean actually ask, not handwave (“It’ll happen to them too!” Perhaps, but why hasn’t it already?)

          • Inigo Montoya says

            … as I predicted. The lack of curiosity on display here is striking, coming from people who supposedly care about free thought.

          • Shamrock says

            “The lack of curiosity on display here is striking”
            The reason I’m not curious is that all Muslim enclaves turn out the same. Look at France, Germany, Belgium, UK. The enclaves all become Islamified.
            The difference between Norway and Sweden is only a few years.
            Sweden is unique only in the use of grenades. All other crimes/isolation is the same. Maybe Sweden got a headstart by importing particularly aggressive Muslims. Nonetheless, the outcome will be the same.

        • David George says

          Inigo, the Norwegians have a large number of foreign guest workers (including skilled specialists in the oil and gas industry for example) on temporary residence, while they count as foreign born they are not immigrants/refugees as in Sweden.
          They tend to be engaged in something useful rather than spending their time creating mayhem.

    • Dan Flehmen says

      The answer depends a lot on the type of American you ask. A Hoosier accent will report rather lower crime than an Ebonics accent.

    • Richard Ferris says

      So an explosion every other week in so small a country is not a problem??? We have less than 1 a year in the whole USA and it is considered a big problem here.

  3. Richard Aubrey says

    The author does not explain the feminists’ response to suggestions it might be “immigrants”. The latter come before female victims and you’d better not forget it.

  4. Anonymous says

    The root of this problem is unchecked mass immigration from third world countries. The swedish society was, and is, wholly unprepared to handle the problems involved, since for a very long time it was considered racist to even suggest there might be any sort of problems.

    • Jonny Sclerotic says

      “The root of this problem is unchecked mass immigration from third world countries.”

      Any evidence for this?

      • Rational Number says

        ‘systematic witness intimidation, paired with a code of silence in the country’s socio-economically weak immigrant areas’

        “But this didn’t stem the tide: some 50 explosions were reported in the first three months of 2019 alone—an average of more than one every other day and an increase over the same period in 2018, a year that saw a record number of more than three blasts per week”.

        The data matches the dates. But you have to be open to the possibility and not just dismiss it because it fails to adhere to your ideology.

        • Jonny Sclerotic says

          This article is not about rape. It’s about an explosion in which nobody died, in a country with relatively low violent crime rates.

          I don’t doubt the impact of immigration on crime, I just doubt some people’s sense of proportion.

          • Wyrm says

            @Jonny Sclerotic


            “Any evidence for this?”

            Evidence is provided.


            “I don’t doubt the impact of immigration on crime”

            And this is probably why it probably isn’t worth debating with one such as yourself. Disingenuously adhering to an agenda makes poor conversation.

      • Stephanie says

        Ethnic Swedes obviously suddenly chose to join gangs in immigrant neighbourhoods and engage in bomb attacks in the last few years.

      • Leah Buchanan says

        ….there is always one retard comment

      • Leah Buchanan says


        …..there is always one retard comment

        • Jonny Sclerotic says

          @ Leah

          And sometimes two identical ones.

          • Ray Andrews says

            @Jonny Sclerotic

            Hang in there Jonny, you are retaining your civility and you do the others a service by forcing them to make their case. Mind, some prefer being rude to making their case which is unfortunate, but it says more about them than about you.

          • deafening tone says

            @ Jonny I actually agree with your emphasis on perspective in the generic sense, re: ethnocentric interpretations of other cultures. But I do want you to know: those rates of bombings are NOT NORMAL. You are sounding a bit like Milo did when he talked about the normalcy of a 14 year old (himself) having sex with a priest. It wasn’t until someone told him that it was NOT NORMAL for that to happen that he realized the significance of what had happened to him.

          • Defenstrator says

            Well you have been repeating yourself.

      • Ceres of evil says

        The Swedes just need to look around.

      • clf says

        “The root of this problem is unchecked mass immigration from third world countries.”

        Any evidence for this?

        Ever been to Baltimore? Detroit? Camden? etc., etc., etc. Do you know what affirmative action quotas are? Welfare? Teach for America? The hundreds of other attempts to close all those gaps and trillions of dollars spent in the last 50-60 years.

        For that matter why not visit Africa? Or, say, Pakistan. Better yet why not live in these places for a while. Your sclerosis has impeded your powers of observation which apparently could use serious improvement.

        • Jonny Sclerotic says


          I used to live in Camden. The tube station is a nightmare and it’s full of insufferable hipsters. Very difficult to get served at the bar. It’s a lively place with some gorgeous Georgian townhouses and pleasant beer gardens. I don’t really understand the point? Does Africa have a problem with unchecked mass immigration from third world countries?

          • clf says

            You’re the first person I’ve met who’s lived in Camden. I thought it approached Baltimore in chaos.

            I’ve visited Addis. Ethiopians are a quite a bit less chip-on-shoulder resentment than most blacks. You seem impervious to squalor. No prob, but most of us want some form of beauty.

          • Peter from Oz says

            I think you and clf are talking about 2 different Camdens

          • Ha @Jonny and clf, you guys made me smile. Talk about Tale of Two cities!
            camden, new Jersey, USA versus
            camden, London, UK

            Very very different!
            I live fairly close to camden. New Jersey, and I was a professor there.

            At first when you wrote about ‘hipsters’ I’m like, “What hipsters?” Then the tube… Then light dawned and I realized you meant London!

            Very funny.
            @Jonny, I may disagree with you btw, but I like your nuanced, reasoned posts.

      • Ray Andrews says

        Would you agree that a per capita rate of rape of 36 times that of a native Dane is bordering on being significant? Mind, that’s only rape, not bombing, and as we have seen, whereas women have Victimhood vis a vis white men, they are merely (mostly) white people themselves when it comes to conflicts with Somalis, the latter’s Victimhood trumping in this case. It is interesting that coming second gets you no consideration. The winner of the intersectional Victimhood calculation gets all the love. Thus real women score zero against trannies and they also score zero against Muslims. We need Equitron! Equitron will help us avoid the winner take all problem and assign residual victimhood even to those who come second.

        • Jonny Sclerotic says

          Look, I don’t have a problem with this particular article. Some of the comments are insightful. I concede deafening tone’s point that there has been an abnormal number of explosions since 2015 (even though I was a little bit sick in my mouth at being compared to Milo!). And Mr Dolphin (whose comments I follow eagerly) is right to point to the rape figures – a problem that has been downplayed in Germany too – as a statistically significant and deeply troubling trend.

          If this article and BTL frothing existed in isolation, fine. But I’ve noticed that some quarters of the Anglosphere press like to keep constant tabs on every bump in Sweden’s crime figures, draw conclusions, rinse, and repeat. If everybody was genuinely concerned about rising crime in other countries, you’d expect to see their attention turn to other corners of the globe. And yet it’s always Sweden.

          Nobody gives a fig about Sweden. It’s become the poster pojke for isolationists who believe in concepts like ‘ethnic swedes’ and ‘Scandinavian bloodlines’ while blithely dismissing much greater problems because they happen in ‘third world countries.’ It’s a fake concern used to push a narrative.

          Then I get people like clf telling me to ‘visit Africa or Pakistan’ in order to make a point (one that still eludes me). This kind of comment is the product of a breathtakingly insular mindset. That’s the root of my objection: not to this particular article, but to this particular trend.

          For the benefit of the ‘visit here, go there’ crowd, I have spent time in Addis Ababa and Cape Town, but not enough to draw meaningful conclusions about their relative safety. I felt safe in both, but I know they have problems with crime, as any city does. Port of Spain, on the other hand, was a genuinely frightening place with a constant, threatening vibe. One felt afraid to go out at night. T & T has a smaller population than Philadelphia. The murder rate is EVEN higher than the United States. Violent crime has been rising since the 1980s, when it was lower than Sweden’s is now.

          But let’s keep parroting faux-concern for ‘ethnic swedes’ because their government isn’t acting tough enough for our liking.

          • Ray Andrews says

            @Jonny Sclerotic

            There’s truth in what you say, but isn’t it always like that? We get a couple of shootings of blacks, and it seems the whole world is fixated on BLM. A spate of Islamic atrocities and that’s all anyone can talk about. Sure, we’re overly fixated on Sweden but that’s because it’s a sort of ‘test case’ for arguments for and against Islamization. For a while it was France and Belgium, tomorrow all eyes might be somewhere else. It’s how we make news.

          • “concepts like ‘ethnic swedes'”
            I knew it! Jonny Sclerotic, another race-denying universalist.

          • Just Me says

            It isn’t faux-concern for “ethnic Swedes”, it’s real concern about Sweden being the canary in the coal mine, pointing to where the rest of us western countries with high immigration are going.

          • Richard Ferris says

            Sweden is usually held up by the left as the example of progressive success, hence the attention paid to it by folks who seek to show up the left for it’s bad ideas and bad results.

      • Defenstrator says

        Well as a person who went to Sweden a lot during the 80s I can tell you there were no bombings going on then. The obvious question to ask is what changed?

      • Nicolaas Stempels says

        As several here have pointed out it is not unchecked mass immigration from third world countries, it is unchecked immigration from Islamic countries.

  5. mitchellporter says

    It’s a few years since I first heard of Sweden’s problem with “hand grenade explosions”, and it always had a weird aura around it. First of all – hand grenades?! Who ever heard of organized crime using hand grenades? And second, the issue was always discussed in a peculiarly dissociated way – there was nothing about perpetrators or their intent, as if grenades and grenade explosions just happen, like the weather.

    From digging around, it seems like the grenades are smuggled into Sweden from Bosnia. But that still leaves the basic facts obscure. Who is using these grenades? Who exactly are these “gangs”? Who are the targets? Why is it only happening in Sweden? Was Sweden involved (perhaps covertly) in the Yugoslav civil war?

    Among the populist right of the Anglophone world, Sweden is more or less equated with “being in denial about the problems caused by Muslim immigrants”. So maybe there’s a Muslim dimension. Bosnia, after all, is Muslim majority. There were foreign volunteers who fought on the Bosnian side. Are there mujahideen who fought in Bosnia, then settled down to a life of crime in Malmo, and now use Balkan military surplus to fight their turf wars? But I’m just guessing.

    • Jonny Sclerotic says

      I had the same thoughts. It’s all quite strange and there’s clearly a lot more to this. The sheer number of events vs. the low casualty rate is worthy of deeper investigation. Terror groups generally claim credit very quickly for their actions, irrespective of any silence – conspiratorial or otherwise – on the part of government agents. This doesn’t appear to be happening here. It could be a long night!

      • Rev. Wazoo! says

        Why do you say it’s strange? It only seems strange to you because of the tight lid the press keeps on these events embarrassing to the Swedish establishment and its narrative.

        Bombing building exteriors is now common there and the point is intimidation rather than slaughter. And this applies to police stations too, one at least in Malmo has been bombed repeatedly.

        Strong-arm tactics are used to collect protection racket tribute and to compete for the exclusive franchise to do so.

    • Ray Andrews says


      Now there’s a useful comment. Indeed, let’s find out more about this. The article is woefully sort of depth.

    • Inigo Montoya says

      The answer is much less exciting than the scenario you imagined. Yugoslavian Army stores where comprehensively looted when the country went bust, and the weapons then headed west, where they could fetch the highest price. Western Europe has been awash with them ever since. Grenade explosions happen elsewhere on the continent too. While American criminals prefer cheap, hard to trace handguns, here the weapon of choice is an assault rifle, typically a Yugoslavian knock-off of a Soviet designs (though when I visited a forensic ballistics lab, I once saw a bona fide North Korean AK-47 clone). No need for Bosnian mujahideen (of which there only were a handful anyway – the Bosnian War was never really about religion.)

  6. San Fernando Curt says

    Contortions of logic to camouflage the fact that Sweden’s uptick in violence is due to its immigrant enrichment is astounding and depressing.

  7. Sydney says

    Confusing post. Who are the people suddenly blowing things up and executing people in co-operative, friendly, peaceful, dreamy, feminist Sweden? Why doesn’t the author make the story clearer? Are these Muslim immigrants (since they’re most often the people blowing things up everywhere)? If so, why doesn’t she say so? Or is Sweden experiencing a wave of bomb-making Swedish women who are angry about this season’s Marimekko tablecloth designs?

    Is Sweden a signatory of the UN’s Orwellian Migrant Pact? That explains why the Swedish press won’t report the truth. Canada’s totalitarian Liberal government of Justin Trudeau signed onto the Migrant Pact without so much as a nannosecond of public debate (because NOBODY WANTS IT), and I recall that one of the UN’s many totalitarian conditions is that the press MUST NEVER report about immigrants in any negative manner, ever.

    Recently in Canada, a Muslim immigrant family in a Toronto suburb was found to have been making bombs in their garage. The story was shrouded in secrecy by the mainstream Canadian press, which refused to touch it. Only upstart Rebel Media went after the story, and in fact a Rebel reporter went to the home of the alleged bomb-makers and interviewed the family at their front door.

    Is the author here doing the same thing? Abiding by totalitarian UN rules? Who are the criminals in this story?

    • Closed Range says

      She did make it clear to those who deigned to read. End of second paragraph “as of this writing no arrests have been made.”

      So, for now we don’t know precisely the individuals for these events. The most reasonable thing now is to assume that roughly it is the same kind of people as those involved in previous crimes, where we do know their general characteristics. Make your own conclusions.

    • @ Sydney

      I believe that the party line is that “Swedes” are the criminals.

    • Haarkoenw says

      Swedish police are not allowed to make reference of a suspect or perpetrator’s ethnicity. Officers have lost their livelihoods when they have done so, or been vocal in the cultural aspect leading to the crimes. You cannot utter the religion’s name in connection with any of these crimes, let alone have it on the record. It isn’t even stated explicitly in this article.

      It is astonishing the lengths at which some people here will go to in arguing that 2+2=5.

  8. Nakatomi Plaza says

    Cool. Now do the rise of mass shootings in America, but see if you can do so without blaming women, immigrants, or the left.

    Or do we only care about violence when we can impugn people we don’t like?

    • Rosenmops says

      We care about violence when there is a clear way to at least stop it from increasing, but everyone is too polite ti say what it is.

      • Jonny Sclerotic says

        @ Rosenmops

        Yes, and there are clear ways to decrease gun deaths in the US – but everyone’s too trigger happy to say what it is. The US government isn’t even trying to deny the existence of gun crime because it would be absurd to do so. At least the Swedes have plausible deniability.

        Sweden is so far down the list of global concerns when it comes to violent crime… perhaps they’re just more self-aware.

        Again, not saying there isn’t a problem. Just that there seems to be disproportionate attention paid to one country in western Europe that has very low rates of violent crime. The article draws attention to neighboring countries – countries that also experience relatively low rates of global crime – while dancing around the tenuous link between immigrants and a handful of deaths and injuries in five years. On any given day, the number of violent crime casualties in Sweden would constitute a slow lunch break in Idaho. So let’s keep things in perspective.

        • Gee, this source says that in 2019 Sweden has had more crime than the US in general, let alone Idaho – which has one of the lowest crime rates in the US.

          Of course “numbeo” is a Serbian site but it is crowd sourced in Europe and may better reflect the residents’ actual concerns than bulletins for the local Ministry of Truth in Stockholm.

        • Laine Andrews says

          You won’t like the answer as how best to cut gun crime in America to European levels most efficiently. Hypothetically it can be done by taking away guns from all blacks, obviously an impossibility but statistically provable. The economist John Lott unlike most others on the gun control issue argues from evidence and any of his many books on guns and crime in the US are worth reading if the subject interests you.

          America from its inception has always had a lot of guns among its civilian population but with much fewer gun crimes until fatherless boys in black ghettos became the norm (72% of black kids are born to single mothers). These poorly parented boys join gangs, then guns and crime follow, usually drug crime. The process is glorified in black rap and hip hop culture. The girls repeat their mothers’ mistakes and drop out of school with teen pregnancies. Blacks as a group are the lowest achieving highest crime segment of the US population at 13% of the population accounting for half of homicides though there are always blessed individual exceptions.

        • Richard Ferris says

          I think you have a bad image of Idaho……………
          Gun crime is primarily a factor in areas where guns are totally banned.
          “Tenuous link to immigrants” seems like rank denial and rationalizations of serious issues.

    • mitchellporter says

      Hello Nakatomi Plaza… I believe you are Quillette’s most persistent critic in the comments here… Can you recommend a preferred alternative source of information and commentary?

      • Nick Podmore says

        You don’t enjoy our resident Troll? Nakatomi is our resident lefty and as such is welcomed and tolerated rather like the dodgy Uncle who hugs too long and touches inappropriately! 🙂

    • Zachary Snowdon Smith says

      Have you considered pitching Quillette such a piece?

    • Stephanie says

      School shooters are nearly always raised by single mothers. Most “mass shootings” are gang related.

      • Rev. Wazoo! says

        2 salient points customarily ignored by those more concerned with effects than causes; doctrinaire virtue-signalling over practicable measures.

        And I say this as someone even willing to vote for some measures to reduce gun murder and mayhem. The Supreme Court has ruled it not a federal matter however, laws must be on a state and municipal level akin to the death penalty.

        Would the Ever-so-Virtuous like to add single mothers to the list prohibited from keeping guns? Not likely and for good reason though it does create dramatic cognitive dissonance whenever I suggest it.

        Seriously, though, I might vote for a state or municipal law requiring fingerprint locks and a federal one to search people leaving the US for guns without export permits and proof of residence/tourist visas.

        Mexico would be thrilled and large numbers of people illegally. In the country could be stopped from smuggling guns to the cartels.

      • Haarkonen says

        And male, and in public schools. But that’s never mentioned.

  9. Zachary Snowdon Smith says

    What happened to the original image?

  10. David V says

    In Denmark even the Social Democrats realised that a hardline stance on migration and refugees is the only way they can regain the trust of voters. The Danish People’s Party may have lost support, but the Social Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives have all adopted its policy on this issue.

  11. E. Olson says

    The Swedes are too stupid to survive. They give permanent residency to Jihadists and happily let them go off to fight wars back in the countries they supposedly escaped from, continue to send them welfare checks while they are away fighting, and welcome them back with open arms when they decide to return to the Sweden. The Swedes also see nothing strange about “refugees” fleeing war and violence, who at the same time make frequent vacation trips to their “dangerous” home countries (at taxpayer expense) with their children. And of course, murder, rape, and setting off bombs is never enough to actually deport so called refugees back to their native lands, because it might be dangerous for the murderer, rapist, or bomber to leave the “safety” of Sweden, and besides rape/murder/bombing is a part of their culture and who are the Swedes to judge it as wrong.

    • Sloop John B says

      @E. Olson Curious to know where in the world you are from.

      • E. Olson says

        Sloop – I am a native born US citizen with Scandinavian bloodlines, but have also lived and worked in Scandinavia and Australia. I know the Swedish mentality well, and perhaps I was too strong in calling them stupid, but they are definitely too naive and trusting to handle lots of Muslim 3rd world invaders – the Viking blood is long gone.

        Speaking of Scandinavian bloodlines – I also like the sounds and songs of the Wilson brothers (aka Beach Boys).

      • Haarkonen says

        Why doesn’t it matter? Identity politics?

    • Shamrock says

      “The Swedes also see nothing strange about “refugees” fleeing war and violence, who at the same time make frequent vacation trips to their “dangerous” home countries”

      This is a great point. It happens in other countries too. It’s bizarre to me that, upon learning the claimants have returned back to the country they are claiming asylum from, the government doesn’t immediately deny their claim and cancel any documents allowing them back. You’d save the deportation process.

  12. Magnus Ström, Sweden says

    Sweden is the worst leftism-infected country in the world. Ever. Nothing more said is needed. It is thus not Sweden, which needs to wake up, it is the evil (yes EVIL) leftists, which (I do not know how) must be stopped. They have imported the mohammedans, and are now releftigious worshipping them as “mångkultur” (multi-culture) and “mångfald” (diversity). Every European telling the obvious truth try they to comdemn as “främlingsfientlig” (hostile towards strangers), “rasist” (racist) and, of course, as “islamofob”. Leftists are religious fanatics, and they hate the West, every part of it. And one thing more: 9 months ago, over 80% voted FOR all this raping, bombing, shooting, murdering and torturing of animals by MOHAMMEDANS. Leftist corruption is everwhere in the justice system and the departments. Sweden is sick. Stay away! And spread the word.

    • dirk says

      Strange, this happening in a country where teachers are already upset at the slightest rows or macho behaviour among youngsters of 2 or 3 yrs old (in their feminist education programs of the socalled “jamstalldhet”), report it to the parents and have long discussions with them on eliminating such awkward behaviour! How come, indeed?? Typical boys behaviour is wrong, boys shoud be treated. And then all this bombing??

  13. Photondancer says

    Note to editor: this article isn’t displaying properly on my iPhone. It’s dropping a Swedish news website in the middle of the text.

  14. Morgan Foster says

    “Nothing will change if the government continues to respond to the reality in the streets with cynical rhetorical spin.”

    The people of Burma and China have much to teach Sweden and the rest of the world about dealing with Muslim populations.

    Practical solutions that work.

    • Shamrock says


      You make an interesting point. We focus on the problems Europe has with Muslim populations, but it seems most countries with sizable Muslim minorities have problems with them. In addition to China and Myanmar, India, the Philippines and Thailand also have problems.

  15. Jon says

    It’s funny, having just watched the HBO series Chernobyl, I’m struck by how governments-soviet or otherwise-are so capable and motivated to deny reality and engage in disinformation campaigns against not only other governments but indeed their own people.

  16. Glad F. says

    two comments: Swedes (even the article author) are obsessed with equalness. It is not in their mind that one religion could be better than another. Because of this no mentioning of Islam….

    Also, the Swedes always say “challenge” instead of problem. Unless they stop doing that, they will never realise the problems they have

  17. johnhenry says

    “The people of Burma and China have much to teach Sweden…etc”

    Indeed, Morgan. A little genocide (Burma) and a sprinkling of concentration camps (China) have produced results.

    Not all that fond of Muslims (although I’ve never personally encountered a dangerous one) but remarks like that are why many middle-of-the-roaders shy away from voting for nationalist parties even those that strive to be civilized. If I was British, I’d be glad to vote for the Brexit Party, but not for UKIP.

    • Morgan Foster says


      I could have also said the Muslims of the world have much to teach the rest of us about how to manage Jewish and Orthodox Christian populations.

      Like the Swedes, though, you seem to feel discomfort only when white people are doing the managing.

      • johnhenry says

        Morgan says: “I could have also said the Muslims of the world have much to teach the rest of us…”etc.

        Your first paragraph may accurately reflect your world view. I can’t possibly comment, having just heard of you today.

        Being northern European (including one-quarter Swede) I’ve no issue with white people predominating in the affairs of the countries they manage; but I do take issue with bumptious remarks approving of slaughter and concentration camps as reasonable forms of management.

        • Peter from Oz says

          I think that you have got hold of the wrong end of the stick here. I’m not saying you are a leftist, because i don’t know, but your comment contains the sort of reasoning that a let of professed leftists use, and this is the wish to interpret any argument as offensive.
          Morgan’s comment in fact was pointing out that there may be more than 2 ways with which to deal with muslims. But you got the impression that he was actually praising the actions of China and Burma

          • Morgan Foster says

            @Peter from Oz

            You may be familiar with my previous comments on other Quillette articles, whereas johnhenry writes that he’s unfamiliar with me.

            If he sticks around I may get another opportunity to shock his gentle “northern European (including one-quarter Swede)” sensibility.

            The world is a brutal place, as you seem to know well, and we must all contemplate (and be prepared for) things our grandparents’ generation never expected to see again.

            Or we will see our countries, our cultures and our families ground into dirt.

  18. GeorgeWTyrebyter. says

    Entirely due to the invasion of young unaccompanied men who are terrorists. Now many of these want to bring 1, 2, 3, 4 wives with children. This is going to be a destruction of Sweden.

  19. Guentin says

    This is one of the worst written articles I’ve read in a while. Misleading graphs and writing style with a dash of racism.

    • Peter from Oz says

      Guentin, accusations of racism are the last refuge of the hopeless leftist fool who can’t actually make an argument. I’m sure tthat you are really better than that.

    • Stephanie says

      Amazing how not mentioning race still gets you accused of racism. Guess there are some subjects we’re just not allowed to acknowledge at all.

      • Uab says

        Stephanie – You make it sound like this wasn’t the aim in the first place. Mention a specific ideology that actually exists and get called racist. Any criticism of this becomes racist. Most critiques of this ideology focus on reforming immigration and punitative measures, which means any discussion around these two things are intrinsically racist.

        Now no one can mention immigration reform (in terms of slowing mass migration) without being labelled a racist. I’ve got to the point where I just don’t care. I know I’m not racist, so let the terms flow. Eventually even people who don’t follow the culture war quickly will soon switch off. Hell it’s already happening.

  20. Peter says

    About links between Bosnia and Sweden: The Yugoslav People’s Army had enormous stockpiles of weapons in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the war (1991-95) these were looted and the rather cheap arms have been for years smuggled into the European market, not only Sweden.

    Sweden accepted many refugees from Yugoslavia and it seems that most of them quickly began to work and adapt. A significant proportion of Yugoslav refugees had very good education and used the chance to develop beyond what would be possible in the home country. This led many Swedes to the mistaken belief that this would be the case with all the migrants.

    Bosnian Moslems used to be very tolerant and not particularly religious. (This has however now changed somewhat with Saudi money, imported jihadists and Wahhabis coming to Bosnia).

    But: among the mostly decent and hardworking Bosnians, Serbs, Albanians… fleeing from violence into Europe there were also criminals, who organized the arms and drug smuggling.

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  22. So who’s doing the blowing up because this article doesn’t make it clear at all. Organized crime? Disgruntled immigrants? terrorists? Anybody has data on this?

  23. So who’s doing the blowing up because the article isn’t totally clear on this? Organized crime% disgruntled immigrants? terrorists? Anybody has data on this?

    • Inigo Montoya says

      It’s organized crime, drug dealers to be specific.
      Though for the sake of completeness, a Swedish national, Osama Krayem, did blow himself in Brussels in the March 2016 attacks.

  24. Roland Karlsson says

    In Sweden we have many types of criminals. During the vast immigration in the beginning of the 1990´s obviously some immigrants, families of migrants, from Balkan/Yugoslavia entered into criminal activity instead of being assimilated into the Swedish society. Weapons were in abundance to illegally move into Sweden from Balkan. From long ago Sweden has organized crime in the form of classic motorcycle gangs – Hell´s Angels, Banditos etc. Then we have the economic crime culture … then we have the vast immigration from MENA (Middle East North Africa) countries – Muslim countries most of them – due to the wars and Islamic terrorist activities from ISIS, Boko Haram, et al in those countries. Sweden is world famous of its immigration from MENA but have utterly failed in assimilation of these immigrants.
    Immigrants from MENA consists of a probably not insignificant part of clan populations who are not used to a country with a central strong state. Clan culture then prevails and I can think that the many shootings and hand grenade throwing in many cases are settlements between different clans over disagreements and injustices done. Yet another group of immigrants who fail the assimilation and fail to proceed thru the free (that is, tax paid) schooling system of Sweden including University programs, may find that a career of a lifestyle criminal can be an alternative. Thus the many shootings and hand grenade throwing are within wars between criminal drug selling gangs. The ghettos of Sweden where clan populations live (they want to live separately from the Swedes) are where drugs can be sold, but also the same gangs can sell their products to ethnic Swedes wanting to party. These criminals or clan gangs also import their weapons an hand grenades mostly from former Yugoslavia.
    Some Swedes ask why Swedish citizens are not allowed to defend themselves by using fire arms. In the law there is nothing (from what I learned) that prohibits this, only that authorities do not issue arms certificates to people that are not either hunters or involved in sport shooting. Thus, obtaining a hunter´s certificate to legally buy a weapon is utilized by citizens living in areas where it can come in handy.
    Criminal activity in Sweden is also supported by the comparably low imprisonment times. A severe murder of course lifetime in prison, still you most likely get out when still alive. Most killings are judged to anything from 5 to 17 years, approx. Also teenagers cannot be sent to jail, why many gangs are using these as torpedoes and car burners. The teenagers are used to cause all sorts of troubles to keep the police busy and keep them from working on the adults of the criminal gangs – f ex crowds of teenagers throwing stones at police cars, garbage collectors and ambulances driving into a ghetto.
    But slowly the criminal activity in the ghettos are also moving into the areas of the ethnic Swedes. The immigrant teenagers and young men have found it easy to rob the “wealthy” Swede´s children in their own areas of living, causing some police representatives to beg the Swedish parents not to buy so expensive clothes and mobile phones for their children, because of the risk of get robbed. Fucking unbelievable!
    Another criminal activity mostly affecting the wealthy ethnic Swedes (and wealthy immigrants assimilated into Swedish society/culture) are the professional criminal organisations, consisting of criminal EU citizens, emerging within the borderless free travelling of EU where gangs are travelling into Sweden freely, breaking into homes and stealing vast amounts of private property, then transporting the goods out of Sweden with no possibility for Swedish customs officials to do anything about it. Maybe “it´s about fucking time” (Kurt Russel, 2002, classic one liner in film Dark Blue) for the Swedes to find their viking ancestry and do something about the unwanted invasion of shit in their own country.

  25. Mona says

    I live in neighbouring Norway. Sweden and Norway used to have the same level of trust and safety in our societies. Bombs and hand grenades were never recurring problems in Sweden until in recent years.

    I don’t care what the crime rates are in US or Trinidad or ME. If recently safe Swedish neighbourhoods are now ridden by crime and violence, why should the people that have to live in them accept this as a new normalcy? The Swedish police by law has a monopoly on the use of violence, and therefore also a duty to protect the population against violent crimes.

    If policy makers do not take the problem of escalating violence and threats seriously but rather downplay it, criminals win. It is hardly as if the law abiding citizens in these neighbourhoods live in blissfull ignorance while the house next door gets blown up. Who cares if the gang members are “only” aiming at each other, if your seven-year-old risks getting caught in crossfire on the playground? And why would not the rest of Swedish society care deeply about the injustice in this?

    By the way: If you live in a crime and violence-ridden area, you are most likely not that well off, with poor prospects of moving to a safer area. You are also most likely an immigrant, or a refugee, who perhaps thought you had escaped random shootings and bombs in the country you fled from. To tell these people from the safety of your own quiet, well functioning neighbourhood that you feel safe so they should pipe down is incredibly arrogant and selfish.

    • GeorgeQTyrebyter says

      Of course they should NOT have to put up with criminals. But they will have to do so. Why? Because the authorities do not want to ADMIT that the illegals invading Muslim warriors are the problem. They will not publish the statistics about who are the criminals. They will not admit that the Muslims are. So, VOTE OUT the authorities, Swedes, and take back your country.

  26. Anonymous says

    “According to the prevailing ideology of the Swedish political establishment, this wave of violence, which is baffling to many European neighbours, should not be happening.”

    ROFLMAO ! It’s just so damned baffling ! At first I thought it might be the Quakers doing this – but now I am convinced it must be those Swedish Buddhists.

  27. johnhenry says

    Bhuddists? Even Buddhists practice ethnic cleansing, as confirmed by Morgan Foster’s comment above concerning Burma.

    Actually, Vikings are from Mars, and Swedes are from Venus. And Swedish feminists are from Ur-Anus.

  28. Monte Martinez says

    Enough ragging on the United States; among our Northern European populations we have the same level of crime as Scandinavia has for its native born populations. Take away the crime statics for our large multi-ethnic cities and you have criminality at the level of Japan.

    Crime, welfare dependency and eventual internecine warfare are the price all civilizations eventually face with a multi-ethnic polity. Please don’t throw Switzerland in my face. The Swiss are pretty homogeneous all things considered.

    Civilian Firearms ownership in the United States, a thing that seems to make us cretins in the eyes of our European betters, has heretofore been a disincentive for our foreign born population to perpetuate the epidemic rates of rape and especially the rape of children against the native born as seen in the more enlightened countries of Europe.

    The American writer and commentator David Frum wrote recently in the Atlantic Magazine ” If liberals insist that only fascists will enforce borders, then voters will hire fascists to do the job liberals refuse to do.”

    Why invite the worst of what Europe has to offer politically back into the continent ?

    • Sovran: Dennis-Allen: Durkop - one of the sovereign people! says

      What mainstream media refused to report again was the German government reversing gun and knife control statutes, because of the bigoted hateful migrants stockpiling hundreds of illegal rifles to commit a future jihad genocide plus the rape and molestation of females.

  29. Seems to me there is an elephant in the room that the author of the essay carefully ignored.

  30. jhcn1801 says


    At first I thought you might mean Ingvar Kamprad, the billionaire founder of IKEA and alleged facist, but he died last year, whereas ABBA still lives – most of them.

  31. David V says

    Between the 50s and 80s, Sweden did take in immigrants from a number of sources, especially Eastern Europe, but they were well-integrated into Swedish society. Iranians also came in after the revolution. Many of these immigrants are now dismayed that Sweden is not the country they came to.

    Unfortunately, Sweden and Norway have a long tradition of humanitarian virtue-signalling which does more harm than good in the Third World:

    And it’s also ironic that Minnesota, a US state with a large population of Scandinavian descent, has a Scandinavian-style problem of its own…

  32. Merrill H. Kalin says

    What is making these peaceful Swedes decide to blow each other up in gang warfare, I wonder? Are they splitting into rival gangs based on the different blonde tones of their hair color? Perhaps blood is being spilt between rival factions due to the different hues of blue in their eyes? Are the “short” Swedes, standing at 5’11” tall, experiencing a newfound Napoleon Complex and attacking their 6’3″ tall Swedish brethren? One thing is for certain: The feminist government must intervene, post-haste!

  33. Scooter Lippy says

    Has there been an influx of immigrants of African appearance? It seems to be happening all over the world.

  34. John Wilson says

    “institutional care for young people”, or as commonly known, a 4 star hotel.

  35. lsmith76 says

    Wasn’t Albert Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, a Swede? Just askin’

    • dirk says

      Yes Ismith, and, he felt at last very guilty about that, but why should he have been?? Isn’t the world a place of violence and war and hunger? Anyhow, his dynamite also made possible a network of roads everywhere in the world, even in mountainous areas (until short, rather isolated areas where people lived on their own). But just only look at his heritage, the NOBEL PRIZES??

      For science, for medicines, for literature, for peace !!! What a great thing it was!

      There was another great man, Herr Haber,from Germany (country not very far from Sweden, all great men lived there close by) inventing the nitrogen binding process, at first good for killing 100.000 in the first world war (by poisonous gas), then, via the fertilizer pathway, for an extra in China, India and the rest of the third world. That’s where we are now. Thanks to such great man in history!

      • Richard Ferris says

        Dirk hates people! Haber did invent the poison gasses in ww1, but to mention nitrogen fixation in only a negative way is odd. With out this process there is no modern world and most humans would be starving. All you see is explosives with nitrogen????
        You would probably not be born and millions would have led worse lives without Haber and the ability to make fertilizer for food.
        Strange how you link 100,000 phosgene gas deaths in ww1 to 2 billion people being alive in India and China. Death and life to you are the same???

      • dirk says

        Having a background of agronomical studies and field experience, I only know the positive side (N fetilizer) of Haber’s process, and only knew much later about the negative one. Though, even this positive side may have a negative part for some: the overpopulation, without that N fertilizer, 2 or 3 billions of the 7 would not have been there, if I may believe some Canadian geographer.

  36. Tanny says

    Gangs in Sweden? I kept looking for an explanation of this, but nothing.

    Are there gangs of blond, blue-eyed teens blowing things up? Selling contraband GMO food?

  37. Morgan Foster says

    “… young criminals receive remarkably soft sentences. For example, a 16-year-old convicted of an execution-style killing at a Stockholm pizza restaurant in 2018 was sentenced to three years in institutional care for young people.”

    Released at age 19 with street cred as a gangster and the respect of all who associate with him.

    He got his first kill and received a slap on the wrist. What a brilliant beginning to what is likely to be a long and successful criminal career.

    I’m being serious. From his point of view, Sweden is the very best country in the world for this kind of experience.

  38. Daniel says

    Similar things are happening in Germany. Arab crime is out of control. We now have special public prosecuters who only deal with Arabs crime in Berlin and Essen. You may truly say multiculturalism has utterly failed. The retired socioligist and social worker Ralph Ghadban now lives under 24/7 police protection for outing the crime culture in Germanies largest clans. Like Hamed Abdel Samad he must be protected from a failed immigration policy. Ghadban himself is a Lebanese immigrant who has published widely on clan crime in Germany. Federal crime stats show a bleak picture of one social group. German prison populations show a crass overrepresentation of Muslims by a factor of up to 1-10 depending on the jail. Police officers, judges and teachers regularly publsih books in which they bemoan the Muslim reality in their respective fields. Here in Berlin Jews and gays are no longer safe in many neighbourhoods, they are openly attacked in broad day light. Also as in Sweden we have weapons of war used, something the indigenous population does not do.

    • dirk says

      The mayor of Cologne, without condemning the Arabs, advised their citizens, especially the female ones, to keep ” at armslength” of them. Better follow that advice, also in Sweden, desegregation is nice for the US, not for Europe.

  39. Rev. Wazoo! says

    @John Pence
    Please do not use racist slurs here. Such racism is uncivilised and unproductive.

  40. TheSanityInspector says

    How do the authorities explain these explosions to the Swedish public?

  41. Andrew says

    Ctrl+F “islam”, “muslim”, “migrant” : Zero results

    It’s time to talk about the cancer that is centrism.

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  43. dennis ward says

    Where are they getting the hand grenades? Is George Soros supplying them too?

  44. The deception of this article is remarkable. The author manages to never once mention Muslims or Islam, nor immigrants or refugees. Yet the crime wave is utterly due to them.

    Then there is this comment section. Unbelievably fatuous hyperbole and deflecting. Sweden is now the rape capital of the world, well, okay, it’s second to South Africa. Solely due to Muslim immigrant men. The stats are irrefutable.

    What on earth is wrong with Sweden, the feminists who run it and the absurd leftists in this comment section?

  45. Dan Defoe says

    Aloha snackbar. When you import a s-hole culture you become a s-hole.

  46. FavoriteHistoricalCharacter says

    Unfiltered mass immigration is the culprit, but lets pretend its something else. Lead?

    • dirk says

      Dear Paulina,

      you are official Quillette editor or journalist, and Swedish, why no answer at all on the logical and burning questions, as ushered here by many commenters, and about the article itself;

      why not a word about the link end-of-Bosnian-war/superfluous handgrenades
      why not a word about the possible influence of immigration/lacking integration
      why this article precisely in Quillette? is it just another hand grenade to arouse the desired reactions??

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  49. The graph shows that explosions peaked in 2016 and are on a downward trend since then. So why should Sweden declare it a national emergency now?

    • ReadIt says

      The graph only deals with hand grenades (it even says so: “detonated hand grenades”) not all bombings as such.

      • dirk says

        A Croatian Pingback??(see here right above this)? yes, logical maybe, not far from Bosnia where all those hand grenades originated, but who made them in fact?? Will we ever know more about it? Unlikely! Better cover it up!

  50. B Nelson says

    I notice there is no mention of the ethnic make-up of the “gangs”; couldn’t be Muslim factions could they?

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  52. Barney Doran says

    It is mentioned in the article that Sweden has relatively small police force. Having lived in Sweden, I think I can tell you why. The Swedes are all watching each other.

    • dirk says

      And even a pingback in the language of the Dutch Milkman! Unbelievable, but just there! TPOok!! Bravo! Though, following the table of Paulina, Malmo is history, the action is now elsewhere.

      • dirk says

        The Post Online (TPO?), just found out, is kind of Dutch Quillette! With one minor difference: the articles and the comments are in line, of the same content and coloring.

  53. StefanC says

    Social pressure and homogeneity has forced, and kept, Sweden, Norway and Denmark on the straight and narrow for centuries.

    When clan = nation this seems to work.

    When you add spices to the dish it is not clear from the outset which one is going to dominate. Tasting is needed. Keep it moderate and be careful with the pinch and you might add texture as you sample and modify.

    But at some point the spices will overwhelm the dish and there will be no turning back. It is ruined.

    This story repeats itself through history. Scandinavia, and Sweden in particular, are merely the most recent examples of over-spicing dishes.

    If you bring two thousand young men from Damaskus to Stockholm you should not be surprised to find Damaskus in Stockholm.

    Moderation and tasting .. and pause for appreciation is needed to make the dish palatable. So why then is the current situation surprising? Who’d think more cooks and no clear recipe would lead to this.

    Bad question .. the question is rather: what are the limits of a recipe, how adaptable are the raw materials .. and how daring are cooks.

    Cooks are quite daring it seems.

    Cheers from Sweden!

  54. DNTME says

    “The use of explosives in the Nordic country is now at a level that is unique in the world for a state not at war … ”

    No, they ARE at war. They just don’t know it yet.

    Either that or they simply don’t want to admit it, as to do so would also be admitting their previous passive policies in the matter were dismal failures. Did anyone really expect an amnesty program on explosives would actually work? Perhaps they did, given their policy of politely asking thugs to stop being so darn “thugish.” Decades of thought conditioning can do strange things to people. I saw a video a few months back in which a Swedish woman was asked if she would be okay with “Sharia Law” being the law of the land. Her response … she would be fine with it IF it was properly voted in by the people. I believe I then heard the faint sound a Cuckoo Clock chiming the hour somewhere in the background.

  55. Shamrock says

    No one can seriously expect the Swedes to do anything about this problem. The feminist agenda has emasculated the nation. Denial of any problem and lack of ability to do anything (emasculation) about it should the denial finally stop, means the nation is screwed.

    With the aggressive green movement (led by Greta Thunberg), the white Swedish cucks should leave a nice clean country for the Muslims to enjoy.

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  57. Canadian Immigrant says

    As I read this article it was clear to me that most of the problem in Sweden is the result of their immigration policies especially relating to the last wave of immigrants. How can they not see that? Even the author did not bring this up! How is that to putting their head in the sand like ostriches? I fear that Canada is going in the same direction with our present feminist Prime Minister. The country is not anymore the one I came to years ago.

  58. Sovran: Dennis-Allen: Durkop - one of the sovereign people! says

    Sweden is badly in need of a retired military general to lead the nation against the jihad of foreign Islamic sharia conquest that is at war with their culture to destroy, rape and murder the native Swedes!

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  61. rinquimparem says

    Bueno, los suecos llevan mucho tiempo disparando sus propios pies, ese supuesto buenismo progre…; y recientemente comienzan a entender y aditir el gran error cometido al aceptar que el multiculturalismo indiscriminado no funciona, y lo que es aún peor, no funcionará jamás con culruras ancladas en preceptos de varios siglos atrás. Han construido su propio caballo de Troya, que, a la postre, los destruirá. Los dados están en el aire…

    • rinquimparem says

      “disparando a sus propios pies”
      “entender y admitir”
      “culturas ancladas”
      Perdonen los errores al teclear, gracias.

  62. rinquimparem says

    Corrección: “entender y admitir”.

    • Lydia says

      The author is a good lemming using Sweden’s official designations. Let me guess, the gangs are roving bands of “foreign” Baptists wrecking havoc on your society?

      If you cannot name and describe your problem you can’t fix it.

    • dirk says

      porque corregir entender y admitir dos veces? Una vez suficiente, no somos tontos aqui!

      • rinquimparem says

        Lamento piense usted que trato de tontos a los lectores de este digital; se debió a un error, por mi parte, al entender que uno de mis comentarios no había sido publicado. Lo siento ;).

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  64. And to think the Suedes descend from Vikings and that in the XVII century used to boss everybody around the Baltic!!! No, the problem isn’t feminism . The problem is a gigantic and controlling state that neutered the population of Sweden and erased individualism .

  65. Erik Friesen says

    This writer is unwilling to say who is doing the bombing; Black? Brown? White? Everybody? Unless people are ready to do that no solution is possible. The community doing the bombing has to lead the solution.

  66. Jett Rucker says

    All this, and that rapist-in-Sweden OUTSIDE Sweden the whole time. But it’s undoubtedly him, anyway. Glad his case has been reopened. THAT ought to quiet things down real fast!

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  68. Tad Pringle says

    Good to see Quillette joining the Sharia compliant/useful idiot hive-mind. Just look again at the last three words of the article if you enjoy irony.

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  70. Sweden’s problem, much like the rest of the old affluent west, is very likely a cumulative one that has been building for a long time out of unsustainable values and practices.

    The symptom is poor or non existent governance as its focused and disciplined touchstones across all sectors of society disintegrate into irrational and dysfunctional behaviour without grounded beliefs, moral compass, rules based behaviour or boundaries, whether they be national or social, and willingness to vigorously defend them.

    Indulgence economics, which is the leitmotif of late mega capitalism that ensures exponential economic growth of fantasy driven demand beyond all reason, real want or need, has systematically deregulated and privatized everything, including our social infrastructure, and privatized social behaviour in favour of narcissistic individualism and sectional interest.

    Liberty has been reduced to disinhibition. Rights have lost the responsible agency that should be the condition of having them. Liberality, empathy and compassion have been reduced to indulgent excuse making. ‘Justice and fairness’ is reduced to responsibility evasion, special pleading and caging for unrepresentative minoritarian swill at the expense of the social order and its majoritarian centre.

    The social infrastructure, like its environmental counterpart is so eviscerated, it no longer has any coherent or operating templates to guide its children and has effectively lost control of those children, who are now the loyal slaves of the publicrelationsmarketspeak voices in their heads; i.e., the Pied Pipers of Cool, whose tunes take them to the Magic Mountain where the prisoners cannot bring themselves to leave, for they are kept there by the visions of paradise they have been sold, which they buy when their buttons get pressed, whether it be goods and services, or any passing opportunistic fad with a good line, some dedicated acolytes and a budget.

    I give you the Golden Gulag, with apologies to Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

    The Golden Gulag is a totalitarian domination of the conditioned and the willing that makes the autocracies of the past look like clumsy amateurs, The cost is hideous. Indulgence and deregulatory privatization is an acid bath that existentially destroys people, their communities and leaves them in dysfunctional chaos, except for their roles as shop troops, contractor drones and ideological conformists, where salvation is the goods, services and ideas they have been programmed to desire, depend on and have at any cost.

    And class is no defense. Every strata of society is being affected, whether it is the captains of industry who can no longer be trusted as responsible stewards of anything but their own ‘wealth creation’, even if it compromises their own industry, like the banksters in 2008 and since…through to the welfare end where anything also goes, and does, for the same reasons.

    And then there are the third world immigrants, particularly the new Muslim communities who have entered a deregulated world without borders at any level and are starting to wonder whether their escape to a more prosperous and apparently secure world has exposed them to the threats of a junk secular culture in steep decline and threatened with loss of control of itself, its children and theirs as well. It should not surprise anyone that hard line religious sentiment is coming out of those communities, in line with international trends reacting in the same way for exactly the same reasons.

    Every single one of the nations in the affluent west is in my view heading for an existential as well as ecological bust. And the corporate and humanist ascendancy apparatchiks that run the system as its modern equivalent of the Crown and Church are equally implicated and for exactly the same reasons.

    Nothing like this has happened since the Reformation was kicked off in 1517 by an obscure monk by the name of Martin Luther, who just so happened to run into the same problem we now have, but to a level that he could not have even begun to imagine….

    Indulgence…a destroyer of worlds. And the Swedes, like the rest of us, are watching their and our world unravel before our eyes, in an increasingly bizarre and frightening fashion. Luther’s protest against indulgences triggered a 150 year convulsion whose final echoes did not cease until the Irish resolved their sectarian ‘troubles’ at the beginning of this century.

    We can expect something similar as the modern period disintegrates.

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  73. Sabine says

    Swedes are cucks without balls. They have women in the government, and not the brightest ones, and they are stupid beyond belief. When I went to Sweden in holidays, as I was going around the town I saw black immigrants catch, slap, and get money and a watch from a swede guy. Guy kept watching his shoes, and almost crying while giving everything. Swedes are such cucks without balls they would probably get on their knees and suck cock if threatened.

    You have more rapes than almost any african country at war where rape is used as a weapon against women. You have more bomb explosions than anywhere else in any occidental country. You keep saying “Refugiees Welcome” while known terrorists are coming among them and after your secret services have been warned by countries from where those terrorists are coming, and yet you did nothing.

    Sweden, you DESERVE everything that’s happening to you. And hopefully, your stupid country and stupid cuck people will be wiped soon enough by all those refugees.

  74. Trilby says

    It’s so sad, what Sweden has done to itself. I am learning Swedish because I fell in love with the language, but I have no desire to visit a Sweden destroyed by its own hand. Too, too sad.

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  76. Sweden .gov: get woke and bring the hammer down on your troublemakers; hard. Your prevailing philosophy as described here is enabling behavior. BTW, what are the men in Sweden doing these days?

  77. Pingback: Swedish Booom! | Bogdan Calehari

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