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Headline Rhymes

Trump was over the moon

For his buddy Kim Jong Un

This squabbling’s picayune

For the Loon and the Buffoon

I hope they make up soon

Stay tuned

Views on the news, delivered so smooth.

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  1. Tersitus says

    Head Game Haiku

    -1- Danton Speaks to the Court

    Truth, you say— le mot
    Juste. And what if it is just
    One more axe to grind?

    -2- The Smile of St. Juste

    Ah, Danton, tu fais
    Le jeu de mots. Mais a la fin
    Tu seras sans parole.

  2. News:
    There was a young dancer named Cortez
    “Your pay should be free” is what she says
    Said Nancy to Corty
    “Shut up ’til your forty –
    You’re handing the next vote to The Frump Pres.”

    There once was a leader named Trump
    Who everyone claimed was a chump.
    With hair hardly there
    He ought to use nair
    And it won’t cause his ratings to slump.

  3. Sydney says

    Hi Graham,

    This week I’m compelled to submit [a rewrite of] a verse I already submitted. Canada’s federal government is currently imploding over this (many of us hope it FALLS), so my verse would like its 15 minutes of fame. (Hey, no hard feelings if you delete, but thanks if you don’t!):

    Ode to the Globalist-Socialist Paradise of PM Justin ‘Junior Trust-Funder’ Trudeau:

    We’re ignored up here in Canada chill
    Trudeau morphed us into a U.N.-like blue pill

    But his virtue-signalling globo-socialist regime
    is turning into a conservative social-media meme

    Trudeau government poop is hitting the fan
    thanks to shady dealings with SNC-Lavalin

    The gov called us racist and Nazi and alt-right
    While corrupting justice and committing crimes of collar white

    Americans should inspect their own politicians woke
    And be careful of those who doth protest the most

  4. Mitch says

    A thought is suddenly dawning
    About all this whinging and mourning

    That people are harmed
    Where ideas are farmed

    And it’s all just too damn daunting

    • Mitch says

      It’s about university campuses and free speech and the “role” of harmful words

  5. Mitch says

    “A Non-woken Man”

    Where there is fire there’s usually smoke!
    I’ll put on my cis white male cloak

    I have not much sass
    Or keen for the crass

    I suppose this means I’m simply not woke

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