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Headline Rhymes

Some insist we’re a blank slate on which we write what we want

Others say we’re a Kindle book where all we can change is the font

I’m not slate nor tablet

I’m more hat and rabbit

Views on the news, delivered so smooth. This week’s inspired by:

I Am Not a Blank Page

A Striking Similarity: The Revolutionary Findings of Twin Studies

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  1. joe forshaw says

    Coding’s quite hot in fields of STEM,
    But whither those skills if you don’t water them?
    Kids, if you like it, keep learning to code,
    But know that’ll soon be AI’s sole abode.

  2. Sydney says

    Inspired by:
    “New Patriarchy: How Trans Radicalism Hurts Women, Children – And Trans People”
    “A Surfeit of Empathy and an Absence of Compassion”

    Misgender me in Canada and you might go to jail,
    I’m a girl if I say so, or maybe I’m a male.

    Remember Lewis Carroll and his little muse?
    He reminds me of our gender issues from two separate views.

    Reminder ONE is Alice’s upside-down fictional world.
    Reminder TWO is not dream at all but real nightmare unfurled:

    It seems Lewis Carroll was a pedophile, and weirdly obsessed with little Alice,
    Today trans-females assert rights to girls’ change-rooms while sporting intact phallus.

    • Graham Verdon says

      Good to see you back, Sydney! You are a mad-rhymer! 🙂

  3. Sydney says

    Thanks, Graham! Indeed, the muse of Mad Hatter hit me! Or maybe it was that bottle marked, ‘Drink Me.’ I’ll see if the spirit moves me this week, or if anyone’s Xmas spirit is moving them to Dickensian- or [Irving] Berlinian-inspired rhymes…

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