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Best of the Web, 18 December 2017

In Memoriam:
Remembering Christopher Hitchens Douglas Murray, The Spectator

European Anti-Semitism:
The Uncomfortable Truth About Swedish Anti-Semitism Paulina Neuding, New York Times

U. S. Politics:
Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle For Self-Preservation Maggie Haberman, Glenn Thrush, Peter Baker, New York Times 

Why the #MeToo Movement Should Be Ready For a Backlash Emily Yoffe, Politico

Bonfire of the Academies Heather Heyling and Bret Weinstein, Washington Examiner

Gender, Trans Kids, and the Effects on My Personal Life Dr. Debra Soh, YouTube

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  1. Carl Sageman says

    I enjoy the best of the week roundup. This week’s articles were disappointing, most probably because journalism in general is so weak.

    I’d like to see Quillette branch into nature and science a bit more.

    On a separate topic, if you want an article hint, there’s good reason to be concerned with Wikipedia. It’s about time they got exposed. Many controversial topics on Wikipedia are often extremely sexist and racist. An expose is long overdue. Jimmy must be into identity politics (but you would think identity politics was a virtue from the Wikipedia article). How prejudiced is Wikipedia and why? Is it left leaning? What’s their definition of sexism and prejudice? Why did they say that it’s not possible to be sexist or racist to white males?

    You could also ask why ABC news Australia and BBC pushed for more females write Wikipedia articles. Is that equality? What sort of articles were written? What “social ill” did that solve? ABC News Australia does not have a good reputation for balanced journalism.

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