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Beware Barbie: Quillette Cetera Episode 13

In an attempt to be provocative, the film rehashes old feminst tropes reminiscent of the 1970s.

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Beware Barbie: Quillette Cetera Episode 13
A still from the trailer for the Barbie movie. Warner Bros.

Quillette associate editor Iona Italia and I sit down to chat about the box office hit Barbie (2023).

Just three weeks after its release, Greta Gerwig's hit film raked in over $1 billion globally, making Gerwig the first solo female director of a billion-dollar movie. Australian actress Margot Robbie was also paid handsomely for the film, not only as the dazzling lead role but as one of its producers.

While the film attempts to make some provocative comments about patriarchy and gender roles, Iona and I left the cinema feeling frustrated at how cliche and naive it was. Far from presenting any fresh insights on how men and women can better live together, it rehashes tired feminist tropes of decades past.

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