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The Pseudoscience of Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory is not a hard science. It’s not even a soft science.

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The Pseudoscience of Critical Race Theory
Robin DiAngelo at the Social Justice Book Lecture at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2019. Photo by John Carmody.

In Is Everyone Really Equal?, Özlem Sensoy and Robin DiAngelo (of White Fragility fame) argue that Critical Race Theory (CRT) educators are like professors of hard science. In one passage, the authors ask their readers to imagine that they are in a class on planets, taught by an astronomy professor. The professor asserts that Pluto is not a planet (largely due to its shape). A student insists that it is. The professor corrects him, but the student remains obdurate. The same dynamic of stubborn ignorance is at play, the authors assert, when ordinary people disagree with Critical Race theorists. Contradicting a core tenet of CRT is as “nonsensical” as arguing with someone with a doctorate in astronomy about basic facts about the solar system.

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