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Episode 5: The Brittany Higgins Scandal
Journalist Lisa Wilkinson (left) and Brittany Higgins. Instagram: Lisa Wilkinson

Episode 5: The Brittany Higgins Scandal

Some truths about sexual assault.

· 1 min read

Claire and Zoe discuss updates on the Brittany Higgins scandal, which suggest that Brittany Higgins (and journalists such as Lisa Wilkinson) rode the #MeToo wave for personal gain. We also discuss sexual dynamics in general, including some talk of sexual assault and how to prevent it.

Brittany Higgins is an Australian former political staffer who became publicly known in February 2021 after alleging that she was raped by a colleague in the office of then-Defence Industry Minister Linda Reynolds in March 2019. Higgins's decision to speak out about her alleged rape and the subsequent handling of her complaint by political figures led to widespread media coverage and public debate in Australia.

Her case sparked discussions about the treatment of women in Australian politics, the culture of Parliament House, and the need for reforms to provide better support and protection for staffers and other employees. In response to Higgins's allegations and the discussions they prompted, the Australian government commissioned several reviews and initiatives to address workplace culture in the Parliament and other sectors.

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