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Victimhood Ideology and Feminism: Quillette Cetera Episode 1

Quillette's candid new podcast with a feminine voice.

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Victimhood Ideology and Feminism: Quillette Cetera Episode 1
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When I first discovered Quillette and its founder, Claire Lehmann, in 2019, it was exactly what I needed. I was twenty-four and had been what you'd call a social-justice warrior since high school, but felt ideologically homeless after distancing myself from progressive circles that had become increasingly authoritarian and unappealing. At the same time, I knew I wasn't a conservative, but was unaware that there existed a middle ground—a space where people, whether they are progressives, conservatives, or neither, could come together around a few fundamental principles: rationality, humanism, and liberalism.

I know there are more people out there who feel the way I felt, and this podcast is for them. My objective is twofold: to draw new listeners and readers to Quillette and to create a welcoming space for individuals, particularly curious young women, who do not necessarily align with the collection of "woke" ideas that society expects us to embrace.

Most conversations are recorded weekly in Sydney with Claire. On occasion, we are joined by other guests, either in person or via video link, many of whom are Quillette contributors.

Episodes of Quillette Cetera can be found on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Episode 1: Teen mental health, victimhood ideology, feminism and audience capture.

In the first of a series of conversations, Claire and Zoe discuss Claire's latest essay in The Australian about teen mental health and talk more broadly about victimhood ideology, feminism and audience capture.‌

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‎Show Quillette Cetera, Ep Victimhood ideology and feminism - 22 May 2023

If you have any questions or feedback, please email me.

Happy listening,

Zoe Booth

Community Engagement Manager and host of the Quillette Cetera podcast.

Claire Lehmann

Claire Lehmann is the founder of Quillette and a regular contributor to The Australian. Follow her on Instagram @clairelehmann

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