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Quillette Weekly, Monday October 17, 2022

Quillette Weekly

A "problematic" film about Guantanamo, the legacy of the Freedom Convoy, and the dead-end of Putinism.

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This week, M. Pollino's review of The UnRedacted, a sympathetic film about former Guantanamo terror suspects is not to be missed. (That the film has had its screenings cancelled across the US will have you shaking your head.)

Kevin Mims's deep dive into the career of W.C. Heinz (co-writer of the original MASH novel) is thoroughly entertaining, and on the podcast, Jon Kay interviews Andrew Lawton on the impact and legacy of Canada's "Freedom Convoy" movement.

Stay tuned in the coming days for some more fascinating essays and a special 200th edition of the Quillette podcast. In the meantime, you can get in touch with me at

Community Engagement


Social Panic at Sundance
Meg Smaker’s film about the rehabilitation of former Guantanamo terror suspects was nuanced and sympathetic. But the mob didn’t care.
Building a Progressive Tower of Babel
An American Jewish community leader describes how puritanical ideologues are co-opting charitable organizations and activist groups.
The Real Star of M*A*S*H
A personal tribute to the overlooked genius of writer W.C. Heinz.

World Affairs

Revolt Against the Modern World
Putin is the offspring of a political culture based on insuperable adversity to democracy.

Quillette Cetera

Once a Man, Never a Woman
In an extraordinary new book, Shannon Thrace describes her disintegrating marriage to a man consumed by narcissism and gender dysphoria.


Podcast #199: Andrew Lawton on the Legacy of Canada’s 2022 ‘Freedom Convoy’
Quillette podcast host Jonathan Kay speaks with True North journalist Andrew Lawton about his new Sutherland House book, The Freedom Convoy: The Inside Story of Three Weeks that Shook the World

From the Archives

Stopped Cold: Remembering Russia’s Catastrophic 1939 Campaign Against Finland
Free Thought Lives
Tourist Journalism Versus the Working Class
Free Thought Lives

From Around the Web

Who Killed Creative Writing?
Thoughts on Alex Perez, Hobart magazine, and the price of literary citizenship
Opinion | Now Even Science Grants Must Bow to ‘Equity and Inclusion’
Forget the Higgs boson and neutrinos. The Energy Department wants to know your diversity plan.
Jonathan Haidt: social media kills the internet utopia
Listen now (59 min) | What hath Twitter wrought?

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