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Quillette Weekly, Sunday 7 August 2022

Quillette Weekly

Terry Glavin on the unmarked-graves saga, Tavistock's demise, and Chappelle's triumph.

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This week, don't miss Quillette podcast host Jonathan Kay's latest conversation with National Post reporter Terry Glavin about the blockbuster 2021 claim regarding Indigenous unmarked-graves at residential schools in Canada. As Glavin explains, the media coverage of this story tells us more about the groupthink of Canada's intellectual class than it does the true history of the schools.

Australian journalist, Bernard Lane, also provides an important account of the closure of the controversial Tavistock clinic in the United Kingdom, noting that Britain’s path offers a precedent that parents, clinicians, journalists and politicians in other nations should monitor carefully.

And finally, Allan Stratton fires a salvo against neo-puritanism in his response to a recent attempt to cancel comedian Dave Chappelle.

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Community Engagement


Podcast # 194: Canada’s Unmarked-Graves Social Panic: How Did the Media Get This Blockbuster Story So Wrong?
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