Weekly Round Up
Weekly Round Up, Friday September 24

Weekly Round Up

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Bitter Lessons from Afghanistan
A review of Can Intervention Work? by Rory Stewart and Gerald Knaus; W.W. Norton, 272 pages (August 2011) The American War in Afghanistan: A History by Carter Malkasian; OUP, 576 pages (July 2021) The Afghanistan Papers: A Secret History of the War by Craig Whitlock; Simon and Schuster, 368
Can We Have Sex Back?
Somewhere between Women’s Studies turning into Gender Studies and the university lawyers turning into risk managers, we seem to have lost the clitoris. As an historian, I consider this a rare case of history surprising us. Asked in 1970 to predict the likely trajectory of academic feminism from that
“These Are Very Bad Dudes” — David Buss on Sexual Conflict and the Dark Triad
Editor’s note: Earlier this year, I was delighted to interview David Buss, pioneer of evolutionary psychology about his new book When Men Behave Badly: The Hidden Roots of Sexual Deception, Harassment, and Assault. One of the first psychologists to apply Darwinian insights to humans, his research ov…
The Progressive Case for Renouncing Gender Extremism: Last of a Three-Part Series
In the first two parts of this essay series, I argued that “gender supremacists” (my preferred term) have created an artificial reality in which words such as “man” and “woman” are defined in a way that ordinary people neither recognize nor agree with. In Canada, the UK, the United States,
Chinese Culture and the Red Line of Morality
Last week, members of China’s television, radio, and online entertainment sectors were made to attend a symposium in Beijing with the theme Love the Party, Love the Country, Advocate Morality and Art. They were instructed to abandon vulgarity, hedonism, the worship of money, and “extreme individuali…
Rethinking Judith Jarvis Thomson’s Defense of Abortion
One of the strongest arguments for the moral permissibility of abortion arguably comes from Judith Jarvis Thomson’s 1971 paper, “A Defense of Abortion.” Side-stepping entrenched debates over the metaphysical status of the fetus, Thomson argues that even if we grant full personhood status to the fetu…
The Ironies of Sex
In “The Problem with Being Cool About Sex,” the Atlantic’s Helen Lewis meditates on the many contradictions inherent in the sexual experience. Among others, Lewis contrasts the victories of women’s sexual liberation to the costs of being objectified and oversexualized, the ongoing friction between o…
Podcast #166: Josh Szeps on the Myth of Australia’s COVID ‘Concentration Camps’
Quillette podcast host Jonathan Kay interviews ABC presenter and podcaster Josh Szeps about Australia’s unique experience in managing the COVID pandemic—and the urban legends the country’s quarantine system has spawned among right-wing pundits on the other side of the world.


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