PODCAST 108: Conservative Intellectual Douglas Murray on the Newly Emboldened Radical Left and Why the Silent Majority Needs to Speak Up

Author Douglas Murray talks about the new Afterword to The Madness of Crowds, his best-selling book about identity politics, and the events of the last six months which have accelerated the toxic trends he warned about.


  1. Great closing statement.

    ‘The silent majority has to speak, it cannot be intimidated a day longer. This is not a time for cowardice, it’s a time for the most minuscule imaginable act of bravery. I don’t deny how much that costs some people, but it costs nothing on historical terms. Every single generation before this one had a far bigger sacrifice to make than we have now. We don’t have to kill anyone, we don’t have to be killed. We don’t have to sacrifice members of our family, we just need to speak. That’s the easiest damn thing in the whole of human history and this generation is failing at it. So I suggest that it finds its voice, and it finds it today. Every single person listening realizes that it’s time to speak.’

  2. What a wonderful episode. Loved it.

  3. I’m becoming quite a Douglas Murray fan.

  4. Casey Petersen, the engineer from my “Idea thread” is very brave. He says that if you aren’t as brave then you have to get behind someone who is and start supporting them.

  5. Just as “hands up don’t shoot” was not true, Kay is wrong that Floyd’s death was murder, cops followed training manual for excited delirium, Floyd toxicology report states he would have ODed regardless.

  6. Magnificent broadcast from Douglas Murray. Dare I say it, cometh the hour, cometh the man.

  7. Not to be that guy, but the audio quality is so poor, I can’t bring myself to listen to this. It’s really, really bad.

  8. Michael, I’m not sure what you mean. I only got about 8 minutes in due to a time conflict and will have to resume tomorrow, but thus far the audio quality has been fine on my device.

  9. It sounds like they’re in an echo chamber. They didn’t use microphones. It’s just super distracting, especially with a good guest when you really want to pay attention to the conversation. Not trying to be a jerk, just wanted to say something because I hope they do something about it for next time.

  10. I see, thanks. I noticed an echoic quality during Claire’s intro but not thereafter; guess I just got used to it.

  11. agreed, the audio quality was distracting.

  12. We need someone just like Murray, in a high political position to straighten out the historical records. It does feel to me that there’s the silent majority just ready to jump to the chorus of the first person we can get behind. A leader like this would be a shining light. Someone just like Douglas Murray. Someone with balls.

  13. As a citizen of the USA, I was particularly impressed with Mr. Murray’s pointing out that Black Lives Matter has used our universally regretted racialist past as an international movement inappropriately. Isn’t this evidence that BLM is indeed simply an international racialist/identity movement without any sensitivity to any other “culture” but its own? Mr. Murray’s distaste for racialist and identity politics is refreshing.

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