PODCAST 102: Rob Henderson on Why Upper Middle Class Whites Have Gone Woke

Quillette contributor and Cambridge PhD student Rob Henderson on how cancel culture became one of America’s most successful exports and why upper middle class whites have embraced the woke agenda. (Click here to listen to the podcast.) Rob recently wrote a piece for Quillette entitled America Exports Cancel Culture to the World.


  1. Getting a 404 on the link.

    EDIT: Fixed, thanks.

  2. Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop…they have jobs that allow them to work from home, they are trapped however by covid and kids being home etc. The spare time normally filled by working OT and running kids all over town devolves into whatever grabs their attention…in this case, reading article after article everything horrible about being white and their country.

    Believe Idle Hands applies to protesters to, but they have no job so even worse.

  3. I liked the podcast, and the young Mr. Henderson, Toby as well, have done a good job of deconstructing ‘how’ Cancel culture works. Celebrities piling on, adults backing down, and influencers taking down other influencers are all good examples of Cancel ‘craft’, and well described in the podcast.

  4. Where’s the download button gone? Spotify isn’t a substitute for downloading and playing the file along with podcasts from other sources. Please bring back the download button! Quillette

  5. Really interesting especially the evolutionary biology aspect of cancel culture.

  6. I don’t listen to podcasts sitting at my computer. I won’t listen to it unless I can download it and listen to it while doing something else, like jogging or doing dishes.

  7. Great points about the Protestant underpinnings of woke attitudes, and the job advantages awarded by fealty to wokeness. Wonderful interview.

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