Quillette Podcast 44 – Professor Wilfred Reilly on Hate Crime Hoaxes

Toby Young talks to Wilfred Reilly, an assistant professor of political science at Kentucky State University, about his new book documenting the prevalence of hate crime hoaxes and what that tells us about contemporary American society. Professor Reilly recently wrote an article about hate crime hoaxes for Quillette entitled The Hate-Crime Epidemic That Never Was: Seattle Case Study.


  1. Martin28 says

    Great interview. It’s encouraging to hear real honesty from an academic.

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  3. Richard Keefe says

    One of the best interviews with Prof. Reilly to date. As noted in the interview, in the US, and probably around the world, there is a very definite, very lucrative “Hate Industry” that rakes in millions by selling fear and outrage to highly targeted audiences, such as wealthy Progressives and poor minorities.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is the undisputed top-earner in this industry, with half a billion dollars in assets today. Below the SPLC are other stakeholders, including the Media (lurid tales of “hate” always attract eyeballs), academics and researchers, who need to justify their “hate study” budgets, and perhaps most dangerously, legal institutions lead by politicians who need to signal how concerned they are about “hate” at election time to appeal to different voting constituencies.

    There’s a lot of money and political power to be had. Prof. Reilly does a great job of examining the facts.

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