1. Neon Gladiator says

    Ugh, Kilstein? Really? Dude sucks. Does everyone who gets attacked by “SJWs” get to rant on this website now? Is that how this works?

  2. restless94110 says

    What is this lunatic talking about? He thinks that he is married to Miley Cyrus? Dude. Miley is married to someone else. Good luck with having kids with her. What on Earth are you talking about? Did you move to Arizone do do speed? You sound like you are running amuck.

    • Martin28 says

      Good interview. Good luck to you, Jamie. Sounds like you are heading in a great direction.
      @ restless
      Are you past recognizing a joke? There may be no hope for you.

  3. this guy is friends with the personal attack making / lying smearing bigoteer sam seder

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