Quillette Podcast 42 – Yale Professor Nicholas Christakis on What Evolution Can Teach Us About Resolving Conflict

Jonathan Kay talks to Nicholas Christakis, Professor of Social and Natural Science at Yale, about his new book Blueprint and what evolution can teach us about overcoming conflict.


  1. Bruce Royce says

    Don’t the higher functioning, highly intelligent prefrontal lobes connect directly to the reptilian, primitive limbic system-the source of in-group bias?

  2. George Soros says

    Globalist professor at a Globalist University spreading Globalist propaganda. BIG fat check is in the mail.

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  4. Yomo Maa says

    if you want this podcast to be listened to yoiu’ll make it available as a straight-up MP3 for download that anything can play. Eff the Whooshkaa Player and the trojan horse it rode in on

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