Quillette Podcast 37 – Kathrine Jebsen Moore on How Knitting Was Captured by the Social Justice Cult

Jonathan Kay talks to Kathrine Jebsen Moore about how the Instagram knitting community has been invaded by vengeful Social Justice mobs. Kathrine has written about this strange phenomenon twice for Quillette, once on 17th February, and once on 7th June.


  1. This has been a long time problem. Ravelry is a nasty left wing political place. Google that for while

    • Sara Hall says

      This was the reason I stopped posting in their forums. I couldn’t believe just how nasty a bunch of ( mainly) females could be, frequently and viciously piling on in droves onto some poor individual who dared to have an alternative view.

  2. Saturday says

    I’m not even sure what to think as this sounds like something from a bizzare work of fiction. I am sorry that the hobby has become infested with this , it seems more and more of them are succumbing to such absurdity rather than be a haven where people can share a common interest.

  3. Using SWJ tactics to get rid of a competitor.

    Ruining the livlihood and health of a disabled woman!

    Using menace for their own financial gain – who else does that? Ah yes, the Mafia!

    I wonder if it might actually be a crime to do this to your commercial competitor?

  4. They are not after Kathrine Jebsen Moore (yet) because they don’t make any money from destroying her. If they could make money from it, they would do it IMO

  5. Tom Barr says

    As a representative of one of the businesses mentioned in this piece (Kate Davies Designs) I am writing to state our opposition to the author’s position, and to the despicable sentiments and views that underly this piece. As a lifelong socialist, whose feminism has always had an intersectional dimension, as well as someone who stands in firm solidarity and allyship with BIPOC, fully supporting the long-overdue and necessary conversations about diversity that have been taking place in the knitting and craft industries, Kate is appalled to have been mentioned by this author, and on this platform. While Kate refused to endorse the tone of some of the necessary conversation as it took place on Instagram – purely because of the rather toxic combination of public shaming and self-interest that engagement on that platform seems to promote – she fully supports the right of those who attacked her to attack her in the context of the bigger picture of the much-needed and important debates about diversity and representation that were taking place. As you may know, Kate’s has recently spoken frankly about her mental health problems – these include depression, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and suicidal ideation – problems which have been in no small part exacerbated by recent unpleasant situations on social media. In that very difficult personal context, we are particularly appalled that the author of this piece (and Quilette’s editorial team) failed to show Kate the kindness and respect of contacting her before mentioning her here. And I restate that if our consent had been sought to be included in this piece, we would certainly not have given it – for the protection of Kate’s mental health, our own firmly held political views, and our commitment to promoting and taking forward diversity in our industry. We conclude by restating – in the strongest terms possible – our opposition to this article, its author, your platform, and everything you stand for.

    • Lizzy says

      Hi, Tom! There is nothing appalling in this piece at all unless the truth is appalling to you. What is appalling to Kate? Is she afraid of the SJW pursuing it further? I personally think it’s actually good for her to be mentioned here. If you don’t stand up to bullies, Tom, they will eat you alive so stop succumbing. Siding with your attackers won’t help you.

    • Michael Is Not Amused says

      Thanks for the mansplaining wrapped in leftist boilerplate codswallop, dude.

    • C Young says

      Cult member, victimised by cult, defends cult.

      Seek help Tom.

  6. Debbie Molina says

    Kate Davies is responding like a lot of victims. Through her male mouthpiece (diversity personified in the knitting business) she is actually siding with her attackers against those who would stand with her (Kathrine Moore and Quillette) hoping that she will be seen as an ally of the SJWs instead of an enemy. She’s found it easier to say “I’m one of you” than to stand up for herself.

    • Janice Macpherson says

      Really crazy behaviour all round. Unbelievable. Yet sadly, true.

  7. Mick87 says

    I read the comment from Tom Barr with both interest and empathy, especially in so far as his main concern was the well being of Kate Davies. This empathy vanished when I read his last sentence. The only thing that he did not mention in his list of dislikes was ‘’and the horse you rode in on’’.

    I read most of the Quillette articles and the comments which follow them all. I do not agree with many of the sentiments expressed but it is refreshing to read alternative points of view.

    Keep up the good work Quillette. As you say— Free thought lives!!

  8. Jack says

    I feel sorry for Kate Davies that she felt the need to respond with that statement. Here she has betrayed her weakness and vulnerability and her desperate need to be accepted back by the group who so hatefully ostracised her. I’m not sure this is the best way to deal with it, but I can see how hard it must be and I hope she finds her way out of this mess.

  9. Tom E. Bergman says

    Social justice opened the door and beckoned their personality disorders and gave them righteous cover.
    Now the wrathful beast can be unleashed, cloaked in moral virtue.
    Now the wretchedness becomes righteous, vengeance becomes virtuous, viciousness justified.
    Social justice launders
    Pathological arrogance
    And many other dark things that have to wear masks of virtue when they step out of the shadows.

  10. Dr. Catherine c McCall says

    Stockholm Syndrome via Tom Barr

  11. W Gilley says

    The response by Tom above is as disturbing as the whole saga. There are no despicable sentiments and if KDD can put out a statement saying they fully support the rights of those who attacked her (in the context) then support the rights of the author to be allowed to write about this (in the context too, which is online bullying btw)
    I’ve been deeply concerned these past few months what affect this ‘mobbing’ will have on the recipients mental health, just how far are these women prepared to go? It’s not okay.

  12. So, she fully supports the people who attacked her.. and she’s attacking the ones defending her.. what is going on in this insane world! The SJW’s have become the folks who decide what’s normal. Ravelry has gone mad, (‘Fk Trump’ patterns, Trump voodoo dolls and pin cushions, those aren’t hate. But a scarf that says MAGA is hate and must be censored) in the words of the joker “this town [WORLD] needs an enema”

    I used to believe that knitting could bring people together. Blue haired teens and conservatives can be in a room, add wool and sticks and they can find a common ‘thread’ (pun intended). An activity that can take 2 people who cannot be more different and give them a common ground, a starting point to talk and understand each other. To explore our similarities rather than shouting at each other and only seeing the differences. And it was. But when the SJW’s took over Ravelry all that ended.

    We cannot communicate above shouting.

    The world is imploding, I wanna go #OccupyMars

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