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Denmark’s Blaspheming Mother

“This is a nightmare. We’re in shock,” Jaleh Tavakoli says. Last month, the 36-year-old Iranian-Danish critic of Islam received notification from Danish social services that she is no longer fit to care for the 8-year-old child she’s fostered since birth. Why? Tavakoli, a columnist and author, says it is because of her politically incorrect views on Islam. Social services maintains it is looking out for the best interest of a potentially vulnerable child. Tavakoli lives under security precautions, has been threatened on the streets of Copenhagen, and even survived a jihadist attack in 2015. As she prepares for the most difficult challenge of her life, Danish society must contend with the unprecedented challenge of where to draw the line when radical Islam intersects with free speech and children’s rights.

Denmark, a kingdom of just 5.7 million people, consistently ranks among the top countries in the world in quality-of-life indexes. The small Nordic state is envied for its strong universal healthcare system, high levels of trust and extremely generous welfare benefits. In 2018, it ranked third in the world for having the happiest citizens according to the UN World Happiness Report (it has topped the list three times since the report began in 2012).

Denmark has also settled hundreds of thousands of immigrants, primarily from the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe. Today, around 10 percent of its population are immigrants—a rapid demographic change that only started in the last decades. And yet, beneath the façade of happiness surveys and the welfare state, Denmark has been unable to escape the social and political tensions now afflicting the body politic of nearly every country on the continent. Immigration, Islamism and integration are salient issues even in the happiest place on earth.

A woman wears a niqab in Copenhagen despite the nation-wide ban on face coverings in public. Photo: Andy Ngo

In this context, Tavakoli’s writings have found resonance—and resistance—for the past decade. “Islam, Muslim immigration and the death of Europe.” “Stop processing asylum applications in Denmark.” “Muslims are dividing families.” These are some of the columns written by her in Jyllands-Posten. The daily newspaper is well-known outside Denmark for publishing the satirical Mohammed cartoons in 2005 that sparked deadly protests around the world. For the Danes, this was their Salman Rushdie moment—an eye-opening event that raised questions in the mainstream about Islamic blasphemy in Europe. Since then, the threat from radical Islam has only increased. Intelligence officials report that the country’s main terror threat today comes from sympathizers of militant Islamism. They estimate that since 2012, around 150 Danish nationals have left the country to join jihadist movements, like the Islamic State, in the Middle East. Around a third have since returned.

Last December, Tavakoli shared a link on her personal Facebook page to a Reddit post that featured a video of the beheading of Danish tourist Louisa Vesterager Jespersen in Morocco by ISIS jihadists. Norwegian tourist Maren Ueland was also killed in the attack. On March 13, Tavakoli received a letter from Socialtilsyn Øst, a local social services agency.

Louisa Vesterager Jespersen (left), 24, and Maren Ueland, 28, were killed in Morocco by Islamic State jihadists. Photos: Facebook

“The social welfare supervisory authority intends to revoke your authorization as a foster family,” announced the letter (in Danish). “The supervisory authority read in the press on Thursday, March 7, 2019 that you, Jaleh, had been charged for violating §264 d, act 2 in the criminal code, caused by you sharing a video on the social media Reddit.”

Tavakoli has not in fact been charged as reported in the press, but along with 13 others, is facing pending prosecution for sharing the video. They are accused of unlawfully violating the privacy of the victim and her family. Two individuals face additional charges for expressing support for the video’s content. Deputy Attorney General Jackob Berger Nielsen has told media this section of the penal law protects people from having unauthorized images of them disseminated online and is typically used to prosecute those who share revenge porn. There are no known cases of the law being applied to incidents involving terrorism videos. The maximum punishment Tavakoli faces is three years in prison.

Her family has since obtained the services of a lawyer but she says the uncertainty about her foster child’s future keeps her up at night. Still, she defends her decision to share the video as a matter of journalistic public interest.

A manager with Socialtilsyn Øst tells me that a parent’s political views do not factor into their evaluation process. Denmark, like its neighboring Nordic countries, has strong institutions and family laws to protect children. Across Scandinavia, children’s rights are generally a top priority in politics.

In the four-page letter from social services, they question whether Tavakoli is a suitable foster parent and list five reasons: her (pending) criminal charge, her sharing of the video, her activism’s effect on the child, her failure to act as a “digital role model” and the risk that her public exposure can be traced back to her family. Tavakoli stresses that she has never discussed or involved her children (she also has a biological infant) in her activism. “My child doesn’t even know what Islam is.” But the threats to her life have forced her to take a number of security precautions that she declined to specify. The letter also cites her for not alerting the agency to the police investigation—something she admits to overlooking. The letter concludes by saying its assessment is final but that she is eligible for a hearing.

Tavakoli, still shaken by the letter, believes social services did not take into account the context for how and why the video was shared. She says she was frustrated that Danish media initially used euphemisms to describe the attack. “The media said they were found ‘dead with signs of violence.’ That could mean anything.” To her, sharing a link to the post was comparable to media outlets publishing images of other victims killed by ISIS.

Tavakoli’s tug-and-pull attitude with the state is uncharacteristic for Danes in a society known for its consensus culture. However, Tavakoli comes from a politically dissident Iranian family. Born and raised after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, she’s deeply familiar with religious fundamentalism and political Islam. She showed me a photo of herself in Tehran in 1991 shortly before she emigrated. She’s pictured with a large group of young girls—all in white hijabs—at a takleef, or “coming of age” ceremony.

Jaleh Tavakoli (center) in Tehran in 1991 at a “coming of age” ceremony for nine-year-old girls

“When you turn nine as a girl in Islam, you are a woman. I had to pretend to be Muslim in school.” She says the euphemisms Danes used to describe the jihadist attack in Morocco were emblematic of their fear of discussing radical Islam with any substance.

Jaleh Tavakoli at age 6 or 7 in Iran

In addition to her criticisms of Islam and Muslim practices, she also speaks out against the Iranian regime—a move that can carry real risks. Last September, the entire island of Zealand, where Copenhagen is located, was shut down without warning in a massive police operation when authorities received a tip that Iran was allegedly plotting a terror attack against activists on Danish soil. Bridges to the island were closed, and trains and boats were not allowed to leave or enter, sparking hours of chaos. Though Tavakoli wasn’t a target in this alleged plot, she has narrowly escaped death in the recent past.

In February 2015, she survived a jihadist attack by Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, 22, a Danish national of Palestinian and Jordanian background. She helped organize the Copenhagen free speech event that featured controversial Swedish artist Lars Vilks. Vilks is on the hit list of numerous Jihadist groups, including al Qaeda and al Shabab, due to a sketch he drew of Mohammad as a dog in 2007. He has survived several assassination attempts by Muslim extremists living in both Europe and the U.S. Despite the Charlie Hebdo and Jewish supermarket Islamist attacks happening just weeks earlier in Paris, organizers decided to not cancel the event. The then-French ambassador was invited to give the keynote speech as a tribute.

“We had planned a meeting and though we were very nervous, we all agreed upon this,” recalls lead organizer and author Helle Brix. They thought they were well-prepared—armed Danish and Swedish officers provided security at the Krudttønden Cultural Center on the day of the event—but they were wrong. El-Hussein arrived outside the venue with a stolen rifle, shooting nearly 30 rounds through the building’s windows. An attendee was killed outside. El-Hussein then fled in a stolen vehicle. “The police and bodyguards had hand weapons; the terrorist had an automatic weapon,” says Brix. “Had the police not fired back, he would have entered the room.”

El-Hussein went on to kill a Jewish volunteer at Copenhagen’s Great Synagogue the next morning. He fled again and was eventually killed in a shootout with police in Nørrebro, the heavily immigrant district of Copenhagen he was from. Last week, riots erupted in the area after fringe politician and provocateur Rasmus Paludan staged a protest where he threw a Quran on the ground. Some violent rioters shouted “Allahu akbar” while setting fires on the streets.

Terrorist Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, 22, grew up in the Mjølnerparken housing project in Nørrebro, a heavily immigrant district in Copenhagen. Photo: Andy Ngo

Tavakoli tells me her resolve to speak and write about Islamic extremism only strengthened after the shootings even though she admits to having some fears for her own safety. “I could see that the Danish public didn’t really understand what had happened. Politicians would say, ‘Why do you need to provoke?’”

Since February 2015 a number of terror plots have been foiled in Denmark by intelligence services. In September that year, a Palestinian man attacked a police officer with a knife while shouting “Allahu akbar” at an asylum center north of Copenhagen. In 2017, a teenage female Muslim convert was convicted of planning to blow up two schools—one of which is a Jewish school. And last December, a Syrian man was charged with plotting a terror attack in Copenhagen using knives and explosives. In spite of this reality, Islam and Islamic extremism still remain sensitive topics for mainstream discourse. In the aftermath of El-Hussein’s terror rampage, Danes actually laid flowers at a memorial site where he was killed. Over 600 people from the Muslim community attended his funeral.

“At some point you have to have enough respect for yourself that you see the crime for what it is instead of the color of the criminal,” says Tavakoli. “They think or hope Islamic extremism is going away. It’s not.” She fears that attempts to silence political discussions on radical Islam will only move them to more hardline or militant elements of society. At the upcoming general election, The New Right, an anti-Islam populist party, stands a chance to enter parliament for the first time.

Journalist friends have urged Jaleh Tavakoli to remain quiet if she manages to overcome this ordeal with her family intact. She refuses. “Where is their sense of justice? If I’m going to be quiet then I could just go back to Iran and live. We will fight for adoption now more than ever.” And indeed her outspokenness—which placed her in this predicament—may ultimately prove to be part of the solution after all. After drawing attention to her ordeal through media engagement, she has earned the vocal support of politicians and even the former chair of Denmark’s National Council for Children. Social services have since informed her that they are reviewing their initial decision.

Andy Ngo is an editor at Quillette. Follow him on Twitter @MrAndyNgo


  1. Jfrog says

    F’ing outrageous. Europe is lost. If they will not defend their culture, no one else will.

    • Leah says

      Danes, Swedes etc etc. There is no respect for spineless nations that live an illusion of peace while at the same time they are in a space of terror

  2. Morgan Foster says

    This is how civil war will come to Europe, and then to North America.

    And not in single acts of terror. It will be as bloody as anything that has happened in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    • Alice Williams says

      Hirsi Ali’s plight and a great deal more is well documented in Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death Of Europe. It is a terrifying look at what is happening in Europe and what will happen if large scale immigation into the continent from mainly Muslim countries continues unabated. It is now also available in paperback. I cannot recommend it highly enough and Murray is also a terrific speaker. There are plenty of interviews and discussions with him on Youtube that are also worth watching including a great session with Mark Steyn. I wish Jalah Tavakoli the best of luck. She is a brave woman.

      • The Strange Death was a tough read, but I can’t recommend it highly enough. To balance Murray’s less than optimistic outlook, a guy named Steve Turley discusses related topics on YouTube from a more upbeat perspective.

  3. Rational Number says

    Overzealous child protection agencies now operating along SJW lines. Now that is a crime against Human Rights, but you wont hear a word from them as they are also bent.

    • Craig Willms says


      But wait… She has been threatened, a threat that no doubt extends to her family. The child is a foster child not her biological child and the ‘state’ has an interest in the child’s safety. I don’t think this action is irrational – necessarily. It’s sad that it has come to this, it sucks. Yes, a journalist needs to do her job, but she also has to consider the ramifications and one of them is that the child could be taken away.

      • scribblerg says

        That was only one of several bases for the action cited. Also note, what is the reaction of Danish police/public safety when a family or individual is in danger of being attacked and killed? Remove the children? Of course not. While I get you are trying to be objective, I think you are trying too hard. The reaction should be to protect the family and zealously track down the source of the threat. And if that threat arises from Islamists, then rid the nation of Islamists.

        Simple question: Does she, as a woman who lived under the jackboot of the Mullahs in Iran in the early days have the right to criticize Islam or not? Your framing of this infers that somehow she’s exposed the children to this danger via her actions, which are merely exercising free speech.

        I happen to know a bit about Denmark. Let’s try another example to see how it flies. Danish feminists can be quite radical, hardcore and even militant. Let’s say they were putting on a protest or “art project” showing the killing of men – been done, it’s not beyond the pale in those circles. And a Men’s Rights extremist wingnut (fiction, not real, men’s rights guys are mostly quite passive) group began planning and threatening to attack and kill the feminists. Would your next move to be to remove any foster children from the women’s care? Would that even occur to the govt?

        Question answers itself.

      • Cay says

        That makes no sense. So a child who has been raised since birth, is better off… safer in state care because the foster parent posted a link to an offensive video?

        Yeah, completely destroy a child’s sense of security and well being being because the link is considered an invasion of privacy… woqh

      • The Ulcer says

        I agree. On the surface this appears to be a government caving to political favoritism. However, this is about mitigating risk and nothing more.

  4. Heike says

    So why hasn’t she accused them of racism? Whites taking away the child of POC because she spoke out? The narrative writes itself. The social workers would be damored anywhere else.

    • Sandra says

      Because the implied accusation of blasphemy against her makes her defenseless. That’s how Shari’ah works.

    • codadmin says

      She isn’t a ‘person of color’ because she’s not a leftist, and so she can’t draw on that privilege.

  5. Sandra says

    I don’t know what more proof people need to believe that we are all living under Shari’ah law, at least regarding free expression and criticism of Islam. Once you’re threatened or punished or killed for expressing a negative opinion of Islam, it means that Shari’ah law is now applicable. It is universal, it does not distinguish between Muslims and non-Muslims, and Western governments and courts have acquiesced.
    The hundreds of decimated Christians in Sri Lanka were “Easter worshippers”, victims of “extremism” that was “an attack on humanity “.
    Telling the truth is illegal.

    • Heike says

      Easter worshippers? What kind of weird phrase is that? They were Christians celebrating the high holy day of their religion.

      • Jack B. Nimble says


        You and @Sydney assume that the phrase ‘Easter worshippers’ is a subtle denigration of the Christians who were killed in Sri Lanka. But only Christians celebrate Easter with worship, so the phrase is perfectly ordinary. And here are some analogous usages:

        Associated Press: “Tourists, Easter Worshippers Lament Closure of Notre Dame.”

        BBC: “Finsbury Park Attack: Roses for Ramadan Worshipers”

        The Guardian: “Afghanistan Suicide Bomber Kills Eid Worshippers at Mosque, Police Say”

        The Jewish Telegraphic Agency: “Homeless Couple Attacks Synagogue Worshippers in Buenos Aires”

        Bottom Line: Barack Obama models Christian behavior much more than the current occupant of the White House. And Trump’s first tweet on the attacks included the phrase ‘…a terrorist attack on churches and hotels….’ without mentioning Christians by name either.

        • Jack Be Reddit says

          “You and @Sydney assume that the phrase ‘Easter worshippers’ is a subtle denigration …”

          They aren’t saying anything about denigration. It’s the fact that many in the media didn’t explicitly refer to Christians. Saying that “easter worshipper” analytically entails being a Christian might be right if you are someone who disregards context and carries out definitional entailment of every word in his head like a beep-boop autistic robot, but the point they are making is that there is something euphemistic about its use as a 10-second soundpoint. It’s trying to hide explicit clarifying facts about the event that they’d rather not be open about because its disagreeable to the worldview of global progressivism, i.e. Muslims massacring Christians (yet again). It’s the pragmatics they are critiquing, not the semantics.

          • Jack B. Nimble says

            @Jack Be Reddit

            Right-wingers frequently assume, on Quillette and elsewhere, that the “West” is in an existential fight with “Islam.” See for example this recent comment in another thread:


            April 16, 2019

            There is a huge conflict going on between Islam and the West……….

            Curiously enough, this notion of a fight to the finish is also found among adherents of Isis, Al Qaeda, Hamas, and so on.

            By not falling back on simplistic stereotypes, Mr. Obama is trying to avoid adding fuel to this fire. And we should remember that in New Zealand, Myanmar and elsewhere, Muslims are the victims of atrocities.

          • Jack Be Reddit says

            Jack B. Nimble,

            Your comment is irrelevant to the original point you made that I responded to. There is no relevance to the claim I am making in your post, as you’ve provided no direct reasons against what I’m saying. You originally stated that a specific term was denigrating, when they weren’t saying that. You are confused about the difference between pragmatics and semantics. As to the claim “Muslims are victims of atrocities” (again, irrelevant to the contextual points about euphemism), Muslims are the ones committing the vast majority of atrocities. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_battles_and_other_violent_events_by_death_toll#Terrorist_attacks and sort by year, then scroll down to see the last 20 years. One doesn’t need to say they are in an “existential fight” to admit that Islam is a major problem in terms of producing terrorist events. The fact that you see a symmetry in such events in terms of victims — when the overwhelming evidence is lopsided to Islam attacking others — shows just how biased you are. You probably think you are the one being a reasonable leftist here and all the non-leftists here are unreasonable, but it is you are who are being irrational.

          • Shamrock says

            The West is in a huge conflict with Islam. Only the willfully blind can’t see this.

            The right (and most liberals), however, does not see this as a fight to the finish. We want to be allowed to enjoy the culture and way of life we have built for ourselves. The right’s fight is to preserve that. If Islam stops trying to conquer the West then the conflict will stop. The world is a big place with many Islamic countries. Those who want a Sharia life have many places to live that way.

            The left’s obsessional hatred of the right has made it strange bedfellows with radical Islam. The problem with this hatred is that you haven’t looked to see who the enemy of my enemy is and you have made friends with a culture that hates your way of life and beliefs. They believe gays should be killed. Women are not equal to men, religion triumphs over all. Women should be covered, etc. It blows my mind that the left can side with a culture so opposed to its beliefs.

            Most of the right is not extreme and believes in gay marriage and the equality of women despite what your social studies classes tell you.

            Thanks for the quote btw, a first for me 🙂

          • Jack B. Nimble says

            @JbR and Shamrock

            Is there a broader context to the phrase ‘Easter worshipper’? I argue that there is none, except for persons inclined to find another reason to hate on Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton.

            But even if there is a broader context, it might be the desire to portray the attackers as a small violent minority opposed to moral values that almost all humans hold dear. Remember that Mr. Obama’s tweet was:

            The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. On a day devoted to love, redemption, and renewal, we pray for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka….

            To me, that is a better ‘framing’ of the event than to say that 2,000,000,000 bloodthirsty Muslims are locked in a conflict with 1,000,000,000 innocent Christians.

            The Muslim world has been roiled with conflict since the late 1970s, and yes some of the violence specifically targets Westerners. But the Wikipedia list that @JbR cites includes numerous attacks in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Algeria–countries that have had long bloody internal conflicts and civil wars. Most of that violence is among Muslim factions, and Westerners are targets mostly when they make the mistake of visiting or trying to intervene in war-torn countries [a good example is the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing].

            The “West” will never solve Islam’s internal blood feuds, so disengaging with the Middle East would be a good thing, in my opinion. Instead, we have a president who is picking sides in the Sunni vs. Shia fight, and that can only lead to more disasters, more wars and more deaths.

            How is any of that being a ‘bedfellow’ to radical Islam or being ‘willfully blind’? Those are mindless smears. The biggest problem I have with your position is that you see Islam as a monolith composed of a small radical fringe bent on attacking the “West” and a much larger group of radical-sympathizers. But there are countries with a tolerant Muslim majority and countries with an intolerant Muslim majority, plus the differences among Sunnis, Shias, Sufis, etc.

            Finally, I encourage readers to look at Rod Dreher’s post https://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/easter-worshippers-pounce-christians-washington-post-sri-lanka/

            Dreher’s certainly not a liberal, but he doesn’t see an agenda behind Mr. Obama’s phrasing. He also notes that it was Muslims who provided an early warning of the planned attacks to Sri Lankan authorities, and they regrettably sat on the information until it was too late.

          • Shamrock says

            “The “West” will never solve Islam’s internal blood feuds, so disengaging with the Middle East would be a good thing”. I completely agree. Most of the right completely agrees. Islam is a violent religion.

            The issue I have with Islam is the Muslims who move to the West and don’t want to integrate. They want to keep their Islamic way of life and expect the West to adopt their values while depleting our social welfare. I want those Muslims who want the Islamic way of life to move out of the west. Adapt and contribute or leave.

            You are right that Muslims are not a monolithic block, but the extremists dictate the dialogue and coupled with their violent ways, most moderate Muslims won’t protest. Look at the threats to the woman in the article who publically criticized Islam. Look at the 600 Muslims who attended the terrorist’s funeral in Denmark. Where were the moderates?

            If they don’t want to be treated as a monolithic block, then they should stop acting like one.

        • Lydia says

          Using intelligence community and top law enforcement to spy on political opponents is Christian?. Flying billions in cash to misogynist and anti gay Mullahs in Iran is Christian? Giving guns to cartel barbarians is Christian? Refusing to protect an Ambassador in a violent N. African country is Christian? That Christian behavior list of yours is long and bloody.

  6. Sydney says

    Euphemisms for the cult of Islam everywhere.

    This weekend saw the horrific Sri Lanka massacre of 290 people. Everyone with firing neurons criticized Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The Democrats had both deftly avoided using the word ‘Christian’ to refer to the murdered churchgoers, and replaced it with the euphemistic ‘Easter worshipers’ in their tweets. Social media followed up with jokes naming ‘Easter Worshipers’ as a world faith group.

    The liberal West cannot face the threat of Islam, and/or the threat of individual Muslims. Liberals can’t even reconcile the critiques of Muslims or ex-Muslims. How can people be so delusional, and function under such denial? The West is lost.

    • Sydney says

      Addendum to my own comment: I just watched some Canadian mainstream media news online and realized that our government-sponsored media (in this case CTV, but all Canadian MSM are heavily underwritten by the far-left Liberal government) have replaced the word ‘immigrant’ with the friendlier ‘newcomer.’

      This euphemism is entirely new, and I believe it’s no offhand or innocent turn-of-phrase, but in fact is in keeping with the UN Migrant Pact, which clearly dictates, proscribes, and directs signatory nations on how their media are required and allowed to communicate about immigrants. Someone is welcome to fact-check on this.

      The government of Justin Trudeau signed the Migrant Pact with NO public debate and despite heavy citizen opposition (exactly the way he opened Canada’s borders and began paying, feeding, housing migrants, as well as delivering voting cards to them). The West’s promise to migrants: we’re a free-for-all of rights and no responsibilities.

      The West today: euphemisms and freebies.

    • You are obviously talking to the wrong liberals. The religous liberals are mostly the ones with this problem and it’s likely due to their biases towards religon itself. Us godless leftists can rarely be found to have any trouble with calling a spade a spade.

  7. Saw file says

    Not sure why any of this is “eye opening”. I’m not even remotely surprised. It’s all just part ‘n parcel of a ‘game’ plan.
    Rational, secularist islamist observer’s, of such dynamics, have been foreseeing and been predicting (warning of) these types of outcomes for quite awhile.
    The who, why and what for is the deeper Q.

    Apropos: you mix dogs and cats, and don’t foresee never ending conflict?
    Analogies: With hammer supervision, the cats can perpetually force the dogs to adhere to the cat’s various dogmas?

  8. Patrick Jefferson says

    Whatever it is when you trade freedom and truth for health care and welfare benefits, I wouldn’t call it “happiness.”

  9. CHinese in Montreal says

    The problem, in my opinion, is different treatment, inspired by identity politics. Muslims should be treated the same as every other religious or non-religious community, including being criticized and mocked and insulted and should not enjoy special deference simply for belonging to a “marginalized community”. The political establishment and the media bending over backwards to appease the sentiment of (radical) muslims can only encourage more extremism and backlash, both from Muslims and from “anti-muslims” that are increasingly visible in corners of society, including this website. Just like affirmative action failed to lift blacks out of poverty, the special protection muslims get would not help muslims integrate to a secular society. Charlie Hebdo is the example that comes to mind. After the terrorist attack, there are some artist and media type( though not politicians, to their credit) criticize Charlie hebdo for “punching down”, effectively saying: if you mock christian,that is good, if you mock Islam, however you deserve whatever comes after you. This treatment of muslims as a bunch of child incapable of self control, in my opinion, can only legitimize their illiberal impulse and encourage more radicalism, not to mention inspire resentment from other community, including christian who are regularly being mocked and attacked( at least from their perspective) in the west. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piss_Christ

    That being said, I am very much against this christian vs muslim narrative that is taking shape, at least in alt-right/new-right circle, and perhaps quillette as well. As most cases, it is the most extreme examples that get media attention and get spread on twitter, and I guarantee that those who cry “the europe is lost” has never met a muslim in his entire life, and all his impression of muslims come from reading twitter or facebook, which lets face it, are designed to spread the most outrageous example.

    I remember having a muslim friend from India,during college years, and I as an atheist, going out of my way to “insult” his belief, and we remain friends throughout. In fact, I would say he was far more laid back than some christian friends when I tried to debate sensitive topics like the existence of god etc. But I have always been interested in the ideas, rather than the identity. I hope those who rail against “identity politics” on quillette would do the same. Or is it that identity politics is bad only because white male get a raw deal?

    • Heike says

      Muslims should be treated the same as every other religious or non-religious community, including being criticized and mocked and insulted and should not enjoy special deference simply for belonging to a “marginalized community”.

      Sean O’Grady of The Independent – “Rushdie’s silly, childish book should be banned under today’s anti-hate legislation. It’s no better than racist graffiti on a bus stop… … I’d be quite inclined to burn it…”


    • Saw file says

      I get what you’re trying to express, but it’s somewhat simplistically naïve (no offense intended).
      I believe that you’re giving too much credence to the ‘ interest’ groups, in framing the narrative of the issues.
      Basically: ‘ says who’, and ‘so what?’?

      • Saw file says

        The flee wagging the tail, wagging the dog: to the detriment of the dog……
        Damn cats…..

    • Stephanie says

      “I guarantee that those who cry “the europe is lost” has never met a muslim in his entire life.”

      So you had one Muslim friend once, and you think that means that the experience you had is reflective of Muslims everywhere, so everyone else complaining about the loss of Europe must simply have never met a Muslim? What contrived thinking.

      Firstly, it is very difficult to have never met a Muslim, because they are everywhere. Many of the people complaining about the loss of Europe are Europeans who’s neighbourhoods have been taken over. Where women are not safe to walk the street and not welcome in male establishments.

      Others have known more than one Muslim and have asked the relevant questions: what do you think of Israel and Jews? What do you think of apostates? Terrorism?

      I was friends with Muslims during high school, and I saw how their religion was literally beat into them, the fear they had of losing their religious virtue in the eyes of their parents. The religiosity is born of fear and intimidation, solidifying into a mask of “this is my choice” by adulthood.

      • Alice Williams says

        I have never met a Muslim, weird as that they may seem, but I live in a very non diverse part of the UK and am not inclined to visit the parts of the country with large numbers of immigrants. I don’t think I have missed anything.

    • “That being said, I am very much against this christian vs muslim narrative that is taking shape, at least in alt-right/new-right circle, and perhaps quillette as well. As most cases, it is the most extreme examples that get media attention and get spread on twitter, and I guarantee that those who cry “the europe is lost” has never met a muslim in his entire life”

      It’s not taking shape at all. It’s been this way for a few hundred years. What I’m against is this ongoing bullshit view from anti-SJW liberals/leftists who come over to places like Quillette and think the Christian/Muslim thing is symmetric in its threats. One is a massive insurgency that has geographic worldwide spread from Western/Northern Africa to South East Asia, has the logistical and financial support of rich Gulf Oil countries, has immense personnel depth they can draw on from all over the globe, has (at times) the support of western/israeli deep state intelligence, has the moral/propaganda support of western academics and media, and has made real terror/ideological/political inroads deep into the West both in Europe and America. The other is a religion that is on the ropes (and in catholicism’s case has a pope who makes constant excuses for Islam). Christianity’s only real “threat,” that the media and aging liberal atheist boomers can moan about, is a bunch of fundie protestant pro-Israel Americans whose power is vastly overrated and were really puppets for the neocons and Israel lobby so they can serve as a emotional-political relay to gather some Americans onboard to smash Israel’s local enemy states into smithereens. That and the whole “but whatabout da crusades?” counterargument, which according to leftists is one of the many conflicts in history that had only one side.

      There is no real symmetry in terms of threat assessment between Christians and Muslims. Anyone suggesting otherwise is gaslighting, ignorant, or tacitly on the side of Islam. You as a Chinese, much like Jewish elites in the west (whose jewish-zionist supremacism via the neocons has killed more Muslims than white supremacism has in the last 20 years), are more interested in covering your ethnic ass than defending the West that you live under. Something tells me you wouldn’t be as open in your opinions if you lived back in China given what the Chinese government is doing to Muslims there.

      • CHinese in Montreal says

        Thanks for your reply. For you information, I consider myself mild-conservative/libertarian, unless by liberal you are using its classical sense? The above story actually can also be interpreted as the evidence of big government’s insidious influence on individual liberty.

        Also, I am not drawing moral equivalence at all. Quite the opposite, I absolutely concede there are far more extreme muslims. If you reread my post, you will see that I am implicitly praising christians for their restrained attitude towards things like piss jesus( which no doubt are quite offensive to christians) and contrast that with the experience of Charlie Hebdo.

        And I would be quite interest to hear why do you think I am defending muslims? I am defending the principle that every individual should be judged on his/her own and should not be unfairly targeted based on either ethnicity or religion or other random characteristic. Is that consider traitorous to the West? I guess if you equate the West with judeo-christian or white, then perhaps yes. I have always associate the West with the Enlightenment. Europe has always been white, has always been christian, but it is only after Europe embrace the principles of enlightenment that the West pull ahead of other far more ancient and sophisticated civilization, including China, and change the world(for the worse initially, but for the better in the end, when these principles spread across the globe )

        Finally, one of the sad things I personally experience as someone born and raised in China is how the West, after bashing communist China for so many years, start looking increasingly like CCP governed China. The left’s censorship of the internet is widely discussed and you and I perhaps agree are shameful, but the way the Right( maybe not the politicians at the moment, but definitely a large swath of the base) looks increasing approvingly at the treatment of muslims by CCP is quite nauseating and unsettling to me. I am not accusing you of wanting to put all muslims to reeducation camp regardless of guilt, but I fear a lot of people on this page do. The logic is something along the lines that all muslims are potential extremists, which looks quite suspiciously like feminists’ charge that all men are potential rapists. Isn’t that what quillette readers supposed to be against? guilty by group identity, guilty until innocent etc. I just feel people here are not genuinely against identity politics on principle. They are against identity politics because they are the ones being targeted, i.e. white male. I am against identity politics on principle, whether I personally benefit from it or not. Right is right, wrong is wrong.

    • E. Olson says

      Muslims are treated with kid gloves for two reasons: 1) they kill and maim people who make fun of them or criticize their religion. 2) Leftists treat every underdog as a delicate hothouse flower that needs constant care and protection. Unfortunately, much like the Venus Flytrap, the Islam flower devours the unsuspecting and naive who get too near.

    • Anonymous says

      “and should not enjoy special deference simply for belonging to a “marginalized community”.”

      That’s the bullshit progressive pretext – Muslims don’t REALLY get special deference because they belong to a “marginalized community” – they get special preference because people fear that THEY WILL FUCKING KILL YOU if you upset them.

      • Sydney says

        @E. Olsen @Anonymous

        It was quite the narrative trick that Muslims were labeled (by themselves and by the left) a ‘marginalized community,’ ‘minority,’ ‘underdog,’ and such.

        Muslims number about 2B/about a quarter of the global population (choose your stats as they vary by year and source) and growing (according to left-leaning American NPR). And there are 50 Muslim-majority nations on the globe.

        • E. Olson says

          Sydney – I didn’t say it Muslim underdog status made sense, but your stats do point to some realistic underdog angles: 25% of the global population and how many Nobel prizes (or Oscars, Emmys, or Grammys) have Muslims won? 50 Muslim majority countries and how many of them are politically stable and economically prosperous?

          • Sydney says

            @E. Olson

            That reminds me of books (all penned by Muslim authors): ‘The Trouble With Islam Today’ (originally titled ‘The Trouble With Islam’), ‘The Tragedy of Islam,’ ‘Infidel: My Life,’ ‘The Satanic Verses,’ ‘A God Who Hates,’ and others…

            The rest of our nations/cultures/faiths aren’t perfect; but, Houston, we have a problem…

    • Sydney says

      @CHinese in Montreal

      “I guarantee that those who cry “the europe is lost” has never met a muslim in his entire life, and all his impression of muslims come from reading twitter or facebook…”

      Really? You need to check your guarantees. Many of have lived, had friends/family, traveled, and worked very widely. Please don’t insult us or make a fool of yourself.

      You don’t need to pay attention to pesky, racist non-Muslims complaining about Islam; indeed, you can follow any number of Muslims and ex-Muslims who are critical of their faith/ex-faith and community/ex-community.

      Start by checking out Iran-born Australian Imam Mohamad Tawhidi for a wake-up. His regular criticism is so dangerous to Muslims that they spend their time trying to kill him (he goes everywhere with bodyguards) and bash his credentials. (I’ll bet he’s never met a Muslim! I’ll bet he’s only ever seen one on FB!)

    • Victoria says

      “I guarantee that those who cry “the europe is lost” has never met a muslim in his entire life”

      This arrogant presumption is at the heart of a lot of non-Muslim Islam apologetics. A common variant is the assumption that the critic has never studied Islam.

      I’ve lived in Turkey, so I’m pretty sure I met at least one Muslim. Of course, I’ve had meaningful interactions with dozens of Muslims, from friendship to attempted sexual assault. My general view is that Islam a civilizational enemy of Western, Hindu, Buddhist, and Confucian civilization and should be treated as such.

      The very fact you use “Chinese” in your username makes clear that where your ethnic and political loyalties lie, which is perfectly fine. I imagine the Han must smirk at the Baizou committing civilizational suicide through multiculturalism because we all know who will pick up the pieces.

      • CHinese in Montreal says

        The context of my comment is obviously the West, i.e. Europe and North America, so why bring up Turkey? and it is quite funny you and several folks here took umbrage at my assertion that most people here commenting has never met a muslim in their country when a few comments above you have someone willingly admit she/he has never met a muslim in her life and harbor negative sentiment towards muslim because twitter said so. Obviously my observation is an exaggeration, but it has merits, and is based upon extensive academic research, not anecdotal evidence. In fact, outside of a few metropolitan cities, something like 90 percent of the counties in the UK are “non-diverse”, and it is similar in other countries like USA and Canada. And the most strong anti-muslim sentiment in the west comes not from metropolitan cities like Toronto or New York, but from rural areas that lets face it, are predominantly occupied by people who has never met a muslim in their entire life.

        I am not even trying to defend the action above or a lot of the egregious examples of fundamental muslims that riled people up, and merely pointing out an obvious fact that most muslims are not fundamentalists and observing that my real life interaction with them, unlike the portrait of them on twitter or facebook, are quite pleasant. ( no, I obviously has more than one muslim friends)

        And somehow I am being attacked for urging perspective. This really shows that the distinction between quillette and breitbart is really getting quite thin, and Claire’s feeble protest at the label alt-right is getting more and more hollow. Are you going to remain unsatisfied until I admit there needs to be a final solution for muslims?Is there no middle ground between “there is nothing wrong with Islam” and “Let’s ban all muslims”?

        P.S. I don’t consider myself loyal subject of China, my pseudonym is a play on a popular TV shows in China. I like intelligent, honorable people no matter their ethnicities or religion, and I am certainly not going to refrain from criticizing China/Chinese if warranted. I think I perhaps feel more at home in Canada then back in China. Though stuck between a censorious left and an ethno-nationalistic right, CCP doesn’t look as bad as I used to think.

        P.P.S If you ask Chinese what Baizuo meant, most will stare back at you with baffling look. Most Chinese are not that political and I would venture to say 99% has never heard that term, even though obviously there are hyper-conservative Chinese who use it. There are probably more AMerican who use that term than Chinese. It just goes to show you the narrative twitter/Facebook//Tucker Carlson/Breitbart tries to sell you are extremely unreliable and should be taken with a heavy grain of salts. (The same goes for NYT/WP/Guardian/CNN etc. ) Making sweeping statement is always risky; making sweeping statement based on narrative someone else sells you(who invariably benefit from getting more clicks and attention) is certainly problematic, weather it applies to Chinese, muslims, or white male.

        P.P.P.S I don’t think China would be happy if Europe or AMerica gets into trouble. 2007/8 originated in Wall Street, but millions of Chinese lose jobs because of it. We live in a globalized world and I hope AMerica/Europe all the best, because unlike your president and quite a few folks, I don’t think trashing down others make me look good and other people’s failure is my success.

        • Shamrock says

          “In fact, outside of a few metropolitan cities, something like 90 percent of the counties in the UK are “non-diverse”,”
          This is a bs statement. How do you know how diverse these counties are unless you go and interview many of them to find out their life experiences, their wealth and points of view?

          Of course you don’t really mean diversity, what you really mean is 90% of UK counties have too many white people. This is the modern day racism:
          too many white people=bad
          Add lots of non-white people=good

          • dirk says

            @Shamrock: my impression here in the NLs is also that muslims don’t seem to like rural counties and areas, nature, wild parks to live or to dwell around, but in the city parks, yes, you can see them often picknicking. I still don’t know why that is. Because, in their ancestors homelands, they mostly lived in mountain villages and rough areas.

        • Western Bluebird says

          “I am not even trying to defend the action above or a lot of the egregious examples of fundamental muslims that riled people up, and merely pointing out an obvious fact that most muslims are not fundamentalists”
          Merely wrong China as attested in the 2013 Pew Research Poll: https://www.pewforum.org/2013/04/30/the-worlds-muslims-religion-politics-society-overview/

          Also considering your barbed jib at Western Countries:
          “something like 90 percent of the counties in the UK are “non-diverse”, and it is similar in other countries like USA and Canada.” – And exactly how “diverse” is China?

        • Northern Observer says

          In a way that is the true social horror of islam. It takes things that are natural like family, like friendship and weaponizes them at a moments notice. Meaning the nice Muslim guy I work with is great and he loves hockey and bacon sandwiches just like I do but there is no guarantee that his kid or his grandkids won’t commit acts of mass violence against my children, my nephews and nieces, all because they are non Muslims.
          The problem is not Muslims it is Islam and Islamic institutions. Canada should prioritize Islamic apostates and persecuted Islamic sects like the Ahmadis. Dissenters from Shia Islam should be welcome as well. But mainstream large school Sunni Islamic immigration to the west is simply a death wish. It is a bad idea and should be shut down and their mosques should be shut down if possible. They are temples of division and race/ cultural hatred. Most Canadians have had good experiences of Muslims because the first wave were islmailis who are fully westernized and pacifist. They are not representative of Islam as a whole or what we are receiving now from Afghanistan Pakistan and Syria. We need to stop this risky behaviour now.

  10. Ned Flanders says

    I wonder if the Nobel committee will consider Jaleh Tavakoli for a Peace Prize.

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  12. I don’t think sharing a link to a video of the beheading is defnesible. Simply stating that thr two women had been beheaded and that a video had been posted online would have been suffiicient. Having said that the ecision is wrong and the reasons given are very worrying:

    ‘five reasons:
    1.her (pending) criminal charge,
    2.her sharing of the video
    3. her activism’s effect on the child
    4. her failure to act as a “digital role model”
    5.the risk that her public exposure can be traced back to her family. ‘

    1 and 2 are the same and double counting seems dishonest in intent. This offence alone and in isolation should not be enough to remove her child. A case could be made that this violates article 8 of the European convention on human rights.

    3 and 5 are basically statements that any controvrsial political activisim is sufficient to prevent you fostering a child which is clearly against article 10 of the european convention on human rights.

    Is if anything even worse saying that if you fail to be a role model you are unfit to parent. This is without doubt in conflict with article 8 of the european convention on human rights.

    • Whitler Spinks says

      On the other hand, the child is a foster child, and the assumption there is that you will lose the child when parents are found, although you’re welcome to apply to adopt; and, this woman has a bomb with her name on it, her days are numbered, and the child may well be with her when the end comes. The agency has to think of the child, not the future of Europe.

      • Craig Willms says

        @Whitler Spinks

        You are completely correct. There is very potential child endangerment happening here.

        • Jay Salhi says

          Was that sarcasm?

          Child endangerment will come if this child is dragged kicking and screaming away from the only mother she has ever known.

      • Jay Salhi says

        “The agency has to think of the child, not the future of Europe.”

        If the agency put the child’s interest first, this would be a no-brainer. You don’t remove a child who has spent 8 years in a home posting a link to a video tape. The agency is putting politics ahead of the interest of the child. This is not the first time the Danish state has tried to punish this woman for holding the “wrong” point of view.

  13. Kessler says

    This is qhat scares and disgusts me about Nordic countries. Children there are property of the state. So if you make the “wrong” choices, like decide to homeschool them, children can be taken away as punishment. It’s one step away from submit to our ideological dogma – or we take your children away.

  14. E. Olson says

    Approximately 1/3 of the 10% of immigrant Danes are from Europe, most commonly from Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Poland. Funny how we never hear of some crazy Pole or Swede immigrant going on a rampage over a Danish newspaper cartoon, or shooting up an intellectual gathering, or stabbing police. Perhaps they are too busy working and earning a living?

    On the other hand, the 2/3 of the 10% who have non-Western backgrounds (i.e. 6-7% of the Danish population) receive 33% of the welfare spending in Denmark, and about half are employed with the lowest employment coming from Muslim countries. Certain kinds of diversity comes at a high price (see the link).


    • Victoria says

      Diversity is the greatest strength.

      That’s why Brazil and India are the wealthiest, healthiest, and highest functioning countries in the world, with robust civil societies, whereas Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are nightmarish cesspools of crime, pollution, official corruption, and poverty.

      • E. Olson says

        Victoria – just think how happy the already happy Danes will be when they become a minority in their own (but much improved by diversity) country.

  15. dirk says

    Jalah really is in the wrong nation there up north. A nation without a colonial tradition (or almost without), a cozy nation of Hygge, sameness and cohesion. Now, they want to force the newcomers (from 2 years onwards) into Danishment, Christmas trees and eating smorebrot, yes, you can try so, it succeeded very well with earlier individual newcomers, and even with a few Greenlanders. Forget your language and culture, be one of us, otherwise severe restrictions follow.
    This worked quite well until shortly. But no longer. Radicalisation and even Jihadism found a fertile soil in Europe (free this and free that, even free salafist schools and mosques ), it seems it is spreading around the globe now, and even paid for with Western money from the Arab oil supply.

    • dirk says

      And I love Andy’s picture of woman in niqab in Copenhagen. Just imagine the completely different outfits, plus additional mental disposition I must think. One man even with long hair and without socks….without socks! Who are here the happier Danes?
      In the NLs, niqabs are also forbidden, but the mayor of Amsterdam has alreay said she is not going to enforce this law on dress code. I never saw a niqab outside Amsterdam (and here above also in the capital), in the rural areas no niqabs, and not even muslims. What attracts them so much in these capitals? Sodoms and Gomorrha’s I think they must appear to them, but still, there they walk around, between the sockless , jeans , T shirts and with their rucksacks. So funny!!

      • Etiamsi omnes says

        Are you sure that long-haired, sockless person is a man, and not some Danish Walkyria? If so it would seem to indicate that, in Denmark, neither the local Brunhildes nor the niqab-clad immigrées have much taste in footwear…

        • dirk says

          I’m sure it”s a man, Etiamsi, just look yourself at the plump figure. By the way, if it comes to style, the burqa wins the contest, look only at those other miserable passers-by, then I go for the burqa. But, esthetics only? That’s not enough, of course, there is more on this world. What hell is going on in those heads?? I often think, when I see them in a street or somewhere!

          • Etiamsi omnes says

            You spoiled my Cinderella moment. But Cinderella is not Andersen’s and not Danish and therefore even less relevant to the story. Sorry.

  16. Hestia says

    Europe will last only until the offspring of these Muslim invaders will take over. Europe will end, just like the Roman Empire after it was taken over by the Severans, a non-Roman dynasty.

  17. Village Idjit says

    Apparently quillette didn’t appreciate my “honk honk” comment way earlier in the thread.

    Don’t see why, this is blatant clown world tier stuff

  18. Morgan Foster says

    I imagine that fostering and adoption in Denmark, as elsewhere, are two very different things.

    Personally, I would not have taken the child from her, but I can’t help but wonder why Tavakoli failed to improve her legal position years ago by adopting the child. Was it not possible for her?

  19. Western Europeans have become sheep and the barbarian is not at the gate, but already in the house.
    Irony abounds, considering say, the VisiGoths were largely responsible for the establishment of the French nation.

    • TarsTarkas says

      Sorry, it was the Franks who are mainly responsible for the French realm. The Visigoths barely had time to start putting down roots when Clovis drove them out, and what remained of their holdings along the Med were later taken over by the Caliphate.

  20. And this is one of the countries that is part of “the free world”, the good guys, the “Western world” that many Quillette pundits love to name in their essays, and without first giving a clear definition of what “West” means. It is implied that life outside this Western world is misery and oppression (even though El Salvador is presumably also part of “the free world”).

    This is an example of the things that just do not happen in countries of the former USSR. Having your child taken away by the government because you said some bad things about Islam?

    Good luck, “free world”.

  21. I recently re-watched Episode 1 (“By the skin of our Teeth”) of Kenneth Clark’s “Civilization” on Youtube. When I first saw it, more than 50 years ago when the so called West was at its zenith, I thought it was interesting in an academic sort of way.

    Now it appears that Europe is collapsing the same way Rome did.

    Best to dissolve NATO immediately. Theres’s no benefit to being shackled to the European Eloi.

  22. How do you measure happiness? My assessment of Scandinavians would be more “complacent”. I don’t see much LOL going on. But you don’t get highs without lows.

    p.s. islam sucks.

  23. E. Olson says

    I must admit that I have frequently said something such as: “where are the reformer Muslims who openly criticize the atrocities and weaknesses of their religion, and who condemn the actions of Muslim extremists?” Yet this case and also that of Hirsi Ali demonstrate just how difficult being a moderate/reformer Muslim is, not just because of Muslim extremists, but more worryingly by “woke” Leftists.

    Meanwhile, I wonder how many children that Danish social services has rescued from “Danes” who go off to join ISIS and Jihad and then return to collect more public assistance?

    • Shamrock says

      I have wondered how many were getting welfare while fighting for Isis in Syria.

  24. Victoria says

    Great work by Andy as usual.

    While I admire Quillette for publishing these articles, the truth is the Quillete staff and their prominent IDW allies are what enable Islam’s assault on Western civilization. Lehmann, Jon Kay, Helen Pluckrose, the Weinsteins, Cathy Young, etc. are all fervent internationalists, raring to tear down borders and immigration restrictions.

    On Twitter these individuals parrot and amplify Muslim victimhood narratives, which is two steps back from any parallel commitment to allegedly countering multiculturalism.

    Just look at how they attacked Dave Rubin last week because he has the common sense to vaguely side with the ‘evil conservatives,’ that is people still committed to civic nationalism, the rule of law, and who recognize Islamist as an adversarial force (or can actually name it for that matter).

    • Sydney says


      I did not know this. I’m on my Twitter account infrequently (I find Twitter very hard on the nerves). I’m glad you pointed it out, and thanks.

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  26. scribblerg says

    Of course this is outrageous. It’s happening bit by bit across the Western world. HoweverI think we are getting too stuck in the pearl clutching and details of how this affects this woman’s life, despite how tragic and immoral her lot is.

    The truth that most Westerners don’t want to confront is just how depraved the Iranian regime is. How utterly dangerous Shia Twelverism is. How many of you understand that the Ayatollah Khomeni’s ascent to the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran was about introducing a new, apocalyptic version of Shiite belief and dogma? That they are trying to bring about Armageddon – as an actual goal of their government. How many of you know just how deeply Iran has been involved in murder and mayhem in Lebanon? Syria? Yemen? Even supporting Al Qaeda at times against us, and Hamas and other revolutionaries. They trained Jihadis in the Bekaa Valley to then send on to Iraq to fight for the Shiite insurgency there as well. The level of violence and terrorism and destabilization they engender globally is incredible. They do so much evil in the world, whether providing oil to North Korea or many other horrible regimes they prop up, like the Maduro regime they support in Venezuela.

    More relevant to this woman is the nature of the revolution and the conversion of Iran’s highly Westernized society into an observant, fundamentalist theocracy. It was was not done by asking nicely. It was done with massive political prisons and systems of oppression and terror. Rape as torture and punishment, for women who were sometimes proxies, getting raped for their brother or father’s sins. This went on for decades. And depraved levels of political oppression continue to this day. I’m not talking a bad day or week of clampdowns, I’m talking to the institutionalization of oppression. Basij militias, cruising around on motorcycles, attacking protesters and dissenters. Hijab police, black Burqa wearing women who patrol and punish women who violate Islamic law in their dress or other behaviors. Sometimes these violators are beaten in the street.

    This is what we should be talking about, the horrendous nature of Islamic rule. Cuz it’s not much better elsewhere, fyi…But hey, being honest about the world is not really that popular. I’m supposed to believe that Islam is harmless and just a different flavor of religion like being a Buddhist or something. Nope, Islam is an organizing impulse for a civilization and has been since its founding. It’s supremacist, imperialist, colonialist, totalitarian and authoritarian as a socio-political system. It masses power in a very poorly defined and organized clergy and see’s conquest of infidels (that’s you and me, anyone non-muslim) as their purpose.

    After all, Islam means “to submit”. To be a Muslim is to be “one who has submitted”. Me? I’m a Kafir, a proud, armed infidel.

    What an absurd world we live in. There is another ex-muslim in Canada who’s anti-Muslim and vocal about it and she’s in trouble too. Can you imagine us doing this to communists? Or imagine it was a Christian cult she’d escaped, would full-throated criticism of Christianity not be welcomed and cheered on?

    All of this comes from the Left, not the Right. Get that. If you consider yourself a Leftist, this idiocy is on you and your’s. Any of you standing up your deranged leftist political communities and objecting to playing footsie with Islamists?

    • the gardner says

      Have you noticed how skilled Muslims are at turning the tables and making their guilt into victimhood? Ilhan Omar, for example, spews anti-semitism then claims she is the target of threats, and calls herself a victim. CAIR is also very adept at this technique. Until we are able to call out and debunk this sort of deflection, Muslims will always have the upper hand. Americans sadly are too quick to don the mantle of guilty oppressor. Enough!

    • David V says

      The Islamist regime in Iran postulates as “anti-imperialist”, yet it has sought to extend its influence to nearby countries and bring them under its control. They persecute ethnic and religious minorities within Iran – Christians, Sunnis, Zoroastrians, Bahais, Jews, Shiite dissenters.

      The Left’s hatred of Western and especially Anglo-Saxon civilisation manifests in its embrace of radical Islamism, black power and the evident duplicity of its belief that some ethnic groups have the right to an identity and self-determination while others do not.

    • Northern Observer says

      The demented islamophillia of Western Elites must come to an end if we are to survive as a culture with living in. The left should be leading the fight for islamorealism but they have lost themselves in their europhobic racism and christanophobic bigotry. May they wake up soon.

  27. Bre says

    If you sleep with dogs you get their fleas and Europe has invited the Islam dogs into their houses.

  28. NickG says

    In the aftermath of El-Hussein’s terror rampage, Danes actually laid flowers at a memorial site where he was killed. <

    Perhaps why it’s called Stockholm syndrome.

    • dirk says

      Stockholm is the capital of a Scandinavian nation, Nick, yes, but it happens to be another one than Denmark. Bit up more north!

  29. Alan Gore says

    Denmark’s richest man lost three of his children in this week’s Sri Lanka massacre. How is the Danish press playing this story?

  30. Jezza says

    Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 34 909 deadly terror attacks since 9/11; in other words more than 34 000 people around the world have been murdered by muslim thugs; more than 100 000 have been injured, many permanently. With these facts in mind, the recent murders of Christians in Sri Lanka may be regarded as just part of the jihadi continuum, not a reaction to the Christchurch massacre.
    When I heard of the events in Christchurch I was shocked and revolted by the thought that a fellow Australian could do such a thing. It was the most egregious example of cultural appropriation I’ve ever witnessed. Leave massacres to the muslims, I say!

  31. Jane says

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