Quillette Podcast 19 – Assistant Psychology Professor Bo Winegard on Hereditarianism, Centrism and the Great Awokening

Toby Young talks to Bo Winegard, long-standing Quillette contributor and assistant psychology professor, about three of his articles: On the Reality of Race and the Abhorrence of Racism, Centrism: A Moderate Manifesto and The Preachers of the Great Awokening.


  1. jimhaz says

    Wonder why the podcasts don’t get many responses.

    Bo’s a centrist worth listening to.

    • alan white says

      Enough good material here to warrant having the podcast transcribed as a printed article for the benefit of those who misheard crucial words or phrases; IMHO.

  2. Jim Good says

    I couldn’t listen for long because this is all back-to-front! For example, the “anti-racists” want equal outcomes, not equal treatment, which is an important point in a discussion about equal and differential treatment. Advancing the knowledge that there are differences between groups will reduce racism by leaving the progressives with no basis for their quota systems. I’ve not heard any Race Realist demand different treatment, only an end to race-based privilege.

    Jared Taylor, who was mentioned, recently did a video on differential treatment (When Blacks Won’t Follow the Rules, 19 December 2018), which focused on the multi-legalism in the USA. Examples provided include the legalization or decriminalisation of marijuana and fare dodging on the grounds that most people who break those laws are not white; and San Francisco’s refusal to publish footage of subway crimes because the perpetrators are mostly not white.

    More recently the deletion of the Chicago Gang Database made the news. It was deleted because most gang members are not white. There are also school policies based on the “disparate impact” model, which restrict the number of non-white (and non-Asian) students who are disciplined, because most of the disruptive students are not white or Asian. Then we get to the quota systems which benefit one race over another; restrictions on public contracts being given to companies owned by white people, and so on. Differential treatment is a way of life when race realism is ignored.

    Taylor and others do not support the current state of differential treatment, or want to reverse it in favour of their own kind. They accept that different races will behave differently and demand to be treated differently, and that they will be granted the privilege to do so by self-styled progressives who are currently able to maintain the fiction that all differences are a result of racism on the part of whites. If race realism was part of the culture, these progressive racists would have nowhere to practice their racism. Advocacy for nationalism comes from the acceptance that differential behaviours and ways of living exist and are disruptive when combined, it is not based on hate or a desire to subjugate.

  3. Num num says

    This podcast really got fun when Bo turned the tables and took an interviewer role, because Toby has some deep ideas and knowledge, and it becomes more of an engaging discussion than a imbalanced interrogation, as many of the podcasts trend to be.

  4. Groucho says

    If you subject any group to live their lives with 10 lbs weights strapped to their arms all their lives eventually you will find their offspring will have genetically longer arms

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