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Headline Rhymes

One Halloween I wanted to be Lando Calrissian
My mom said, son, it’s time for some listening

She said, you are white and Calrissian’s black
I said, I figured that out a while back

I told her my black friend was gonna be Skywalker
She said that was different and things turned awkward

She explained how we all didn’t always live free
I said, okay, how ’bout I dress as Apollo Creed?

She said, you’re not getting it, go talk to your father
I threw on a Yoda mask ’cause I couldn’t be bothered

I’m much older now, and maybe a little wiser
But I think I could still use a costume adviser

Can we don the outfit of a black film star
As long as our faces stay the colour they are?

Can my son play a hero from the film Black Panther?
I don’t know if anyone has a definitive answer

I’ll continue to read up on the latest rules
I hope that by next year Calrissian is cool

Views on the news, delivered so smooth.

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  1. Leif Clements says

    These are tough questions for today. I hope that one day it won’t matter what color you are. I feel like in the late 90’s we were living into the MLK dream and then some how went too far and now the color of our skin matters more than the content of our character. This saddens me.

  2. Kennedy James says

    Have you forgotten race always mattered? When it favors white people.

    • ern49 says

      Chinatown, Little Italy, the polish section of town, the Russian section of town, the Muslim section of town. People have a tendency to be drawn to their own cultures. There is nothing racist about it. With that if given a choice most people will choose their own for a particular job or task. because that is their comfort zone. In America roughly 20 % of the population is non white. So the vast majority are white as it stands now. How just by the sheer numbers will the choice on any given thing not be white in most cases ? By the breakdown 20 to 80 you are never going to get this equality fantasy in jobs or anything else, the numbers do not allow it. American culture favors whites – duhh yes it was whites that founded it and are the majority Italy the same, England the same, Russia the same, Germany the same its not rocket science !! If the population was split 50/50 then maybe you have an argument but it is not. Are there racists – yes in all groups. Is this society as a whole racist – no. Thats my opinion, I could be wrong !

  3. ern49 says

    Christians were enslaved, Jews were enslaved, Asians were enslaved, etc. at some point in history most if not all peoples were enslaved in one way or another. Your Mother was correct in that we all did not always live free. The difference is there is only one group constantly playing the victim card. Trying to take advantage of their ancestors suffering. Other groups have moved on though they do not forget they do not use the past as a battering ram to gain in the present. They put it behind them and contributed to society through hard work and perseverance not as perpetual victims.

  4. Brenda Tucker says

    My headline rhyme is on the subject of evolution theory
    We must go back in time, reread, rethink, and not get weary

    In Eighteen Eighty-Eight, women did not have the right to vote,
    Theosophy to date, is still undiscovered and remote.

    Science needs a spark to begin the path to a new frontier,
    Bring us out of the dark. but the future is not to be feared

    A new kingdom on earth deserves a name and a place,
    To be of great worth, this new understanding Is of a future race.

    We are not alone, inside of us lives a great being.
    It’s light has shone, among a population far-seeing.

    Girasas is a first race, living, kingdom inside the human
    Human, the fifth race, intent on being illumined
    Reaches upward and inward and embraces a new being on earth
    And this being once heard, begins a descent ending in birth.

    Two kingdoms in one body, a novel idea for evolution
    The future is not too shoddy, with advancement the only solution.

    Name this kingdom girasas, get to know them, their ways and their process
    Teach this in all of our classes, it’s no crime to die on crosses.

    Ascending and descending in a cycle, the creation at a fifth race phenomenal
    Another kingdom, not the human, has begun life on earth as a noumena.

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