Headline Rhymes

Headline Rhymes

Graham Verdon
Graham Verdon
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One Halloween I wanted to be Lando Calrissian
My mom said, son, it’s time for some listening

She said, you are white and Calrissian’s black
I said, I figured that out a while back

I told her my black friend was gonna be Skywalker
She said that was different and things turned awkward

She explained how we all didn’t always live free
I said, okay, how ’bout I dress as Apollo Creed?

She said, you’re not getting it, go talk to your father
I threw on a Yoda mask ’cause I couldn’t be bothered

I’m much older now, and maybe a little wiser
But I think I could still use a costume adviser

Can we don the outfit of a black film star
As long as our faces stay the colour they are?

Can my son play a hero from the film Black Panther?
I don’t know if anyone has a definitive answer

I’ll continue to read up on the latest rules
I hope that by next year Calrissian is cool

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