Quillette Podcast 10 – Jesse Singal talks about the reaction to his controversial Atlantic story on transgender adolescents

Canadian editor Jonathan Kay talks to Jesse Singal, a New York-based writer, about the reaction to his controversial cover story for The Atlantic about transgender adolescents. Among other things, Singal interviewed a number of adults who have “detransitioned” – had a change of heart about switching genders after undergoing irreversible medical procedures. This provoked accusations of “transphobia” from trans activists, who argued that highlighting these cases would make parents and mental health professionals needlessly sceptical when reacting to children’s self-diagnoses of gender dysphoria and make it more difficult for those children to get medical treatment.


  1. anonymus says


    I’m an avid Quillette reader but i have to admit that the Podcast’s sound quality is awful. Please stop recording “over the phone” interviews, A bad sound quality turns the public away in a matter of seocnds. You can use a software/app like Discord to improve the sound quality: https://discordapp.com/


  2. Num num says

    If gender and sex are social constructs, why have surgeries to conform to them? Trans ideology is a rat’s nest of contradictions. I think Jesse errs to permit that any transition for minors is acceptable. Ethical therapy would always be helping people be happy with their natural normal bodies.

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