Headline Rhymes

Headline Rhymes

Graham Verdon
Graham Verdon
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As 2018 puts its coat on and finally leaves the building
We must admit the place is a mess, the climate a little chilly

Now, surely we can’t change everything, after all, we’re not blank slates
But 2019 is unwritten and the future is ours to make

May this be the year we remember that everyone gets to speak
Geniuses, fools, insufferable tools, freaks, the strong and the meek

Let’s hope corporations stop de-platforming competing visions
Like they’re playing at being the mafia, disappearing the competition

How ’bout we judge each other by character and action
In a good ol’ fashioned court of law, and not before the facts are in?

And let us stop breaking apart what for millennia has worked
To appease the feelings of a tiny minority with nihilistic quirks

That doesn’t mean denying dignity or forgetting our compassion
But it does mean a staunch rejection of unproven flights of fashion

As any sort of reasonable compass or reliable foundation
For any person or policy, any group or any nation

May we learn to debate our differences with an open ear, and kindly
In real-world conversation or when typing here online-ly

May we stop being Cottonheaded Ninny-Muggins and reactionary haters
And this year rediscover the best of our better nature

Views on the news, delivered so smooth. This week’s inspired by the year of Quillette.

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