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A Racial Shakedown in Portland

PORTLAND — In a 30-second video recorded on Oct. 28, a female pedestrian holding a bicycle helmet is seen making a phone call. She’s complaining about a car blocking a crosswalk on a busy street in Portland, Ore. The phone call ends and the car’s occupants—a young black man and woman—walk up to her and take her to task for reporting them. Some angry words are directed at the bicyclist by the man—“go back to your f—ing neighborhood”—and then the video ends.

If this encounter had unfolded in a normal part of the world, this would be where the story ends: Just another squabble in the battle between drivers and non-drivers over public space. But Portland is not normal. This is a city where antifa mobs are allowed to set up roadblocks and mob elderly drivers, all with the mayor’s apparent acquiescence.  

The latest, above-described victim is a 28-year-old white woman who was captured on video during a phone call with the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s non-emergency parking hotline. The car belonged to Rashsaan Muhammad, who was with his partner, Mattie Khan. They parked improperly on a North Portland street while ordering food from a nearby burger restaurant. While filming, Ms. Khan accused the bicyclist of being “another white person calling the police on a black person.” She wasn’t. Portland Police have no record of that phone call taking place.

It is hard to know how the pedestrian, derogatorily christened “Crosswalk Cathy” on social media, could have known the race of the car’s owners. Portland doesn’t offer its residents race-tagged parking permits (yet), and the incident occurred on a busy business street. But that didn’t stop Portland Mercury news editor Alex Zielinski from writing a provocative (and wrong) story with the headline, “Woman calls cops on Portland man’s parking job. She’s white. He’s black.”

The report, video, and misinformation went viral and spawned a series of other stories targeting the woman. “Portland, Ore., couple Rashsaan Muhammad and Mattie Khan were running to grab a quick bite to eat at Big Burger (sic) when they spotted a woman bearing the skin color of an American terrorist standing across the street looking at their parked car,” read one unsubtle story at The Root. “White lady dubbed ‘Crosswalk Cathy’ called cops because she didn’t like how black couple parked,” headlined another on BET. Newsweek was slightly more charitable, saying she had “allegedly” called the cops. They were all wrong.

Last week’s race controversy ignited by Portland Mercury is not the first time the progressive alternative paper has published race-baiting content. Last year, it ran a libelous (and subsequently retracted) column accusing various restaurants of religious and cultural appropriation—and suggesting they were guilty of “culinary white supremacy.” The predictable result of that column was the siccing of a mob on the female owners of Kook’s Burritos, the business featured most prominently in the piece. They deleted their social media accounts, shut down their food cart, and went into hiding.

“Tribal hatreds are a dangerous thing to stoke,” said Heather Mac Donald, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of The Diversity Delusion. She says most Americans are naïve about the tribal violence that defines much of the historical and modern human experience. “In the worst case, [victim ideologues] are fueling the fires of violent civil strife.”

The genre of “white people doing something to black people” is, by now, a well-established media genre that generates easy clicks. But there is also an unsettling subplot that few seem willing to discuss. The two people of color who star in last week’s viral video both act abominably toward a young woman they’ve just met. In a city where too many bicyclists and pedestrians have been struck and killed in car accidents (2017 was one of the deadliest years with 45 killed), the woman did her role as a good citizen by calling a non-emergency hotline to report the car blocking the crosswalk.

And it was Ms. Khan, not the pedestrian, who instantly racialized the incident, while her male partner called the woman an “idiot” and told her that she doesn’t belong in the neighborhood. Who’s the racist—not to mention segregationist—here?

The couple’s abominable behavior didn’t end after that encounter and the publication of the video on Oct. 29, however. Within hours, Ms. Khan named the bicyclist publicly and posted her photo on social media. Friends and followers of Ms. Khan then continued the doxing, publishing more photos and personal details of the woman. Twitter activist “@Sahluwal,” who only identified himself to me as “Simar,” reposted the video in a tweet watched over 200,000 times. “Twitter, do your thing and identify this woman,” he wrote. Simar told me he was not a witness and did not verify the claim in the video.

Sha Ongelungel, who was recently profiled glowingly as a racial justice activist in The Guardian, published the woman’s employer information on Twitter and encouraged others to call or email them. They obliged and demanded that she be fired. Ms. Ongelungel stopped responding after I inquired if she took any steps to verify the couple’s (false) allegation.

And like the owners of Kook’s Burritos the year before, the victim at the center of the video has deleted her social media presence, taken down her website, and gone into hiding. Her email is no longer listed at her employer’s page. Even some of her family who share the same surname have done the same. This sort of disappearing act now happens regularly in Portland—a new form of excommunication.

While Ms. Khan’s behavior may seem cruel and anti-social, there is a sort of rational logic to it: Progressive Portland is a city where even the most absurd claims of racism are taken seriously and prosecuted hysterically by the media and public.

In May, for instance, a black woman named Lillian Green launched a web campaign against Portland’s Back to Eden Bakery after the vegan shop declined to serve her after closing hours. In the video, she was admirably forthright about her motives for telling the world about this experience: Using the hashtag #LivingWhileBlack, Ms. Green—a doctoral student at Lewis and Clark College—explained that she wants to “blast their ass” on Facebook.

And blasted it was. The owners fired the two women working that evening and offered Ms. Green a job training the remaining employees in “racial inclusivity.” Such incidents send a clear message: Shaming white people, with or without merit, works. People will treat you as a hero. And you will get what you want.

Mattie Khan is now selling clothing merchandise of “Crosswalk Cathy.” She announced the sale on Facebook with a video of Rashsaan Muhammad modeling one of the hoodies at $45 a pop (t-shirts are $25).

In a city whose guilty whites seem ready to roll over on any pretext, no complaint is too absurd to become fodder for race hustling.


Andy Ngo is a subeditor at Quillette. Follow him on Twitter @MrAndyNgo.


  1. PDX is Dead says

    As a fellow Portlander, thanks for bringing light to this nonsense. Being continuously aware of who ought to be shamed and what to be outraged about are the primary social currencies here. Good people are hurt all the time on social media in Portland by these mobs. They won’t listen to reason, and if you tell another side of a story you’re immediately accused of “gaslighting.” Never fails.

    • I really can’t imagine what it’s like to live there, with these maniacal Hindenburg egos running the show. This is why the right calls liberalism a “mental disorder.” I used to roll my eyes back in like 2010, but lately the left is checking far too many boxes. It’s gone from ‘schoolyard insult’ to ‘potentially legitimate clinical diagnosis’.

      The thing is: if you can get people fired for not reopening a business for service, send them into hiding for reporting a blocked crosswalk, park wherever the hell you want, not only are you not oppressed, you’re setting a new bar for privilege. Meanwhile the “privileged” are fired, threatened, and exiled, along with identifiable kin in some disproportionate North-Korean-style generational vengeance. The only consolation is that every white progressive will eventually be swallowed up by their own masochistic witch hunt, and perhaps even march to the gallows with alacrity.

    • Alan D White says

      They have not stopped you from leaving the city, but maybe you should before it’s too late..

      • Courtney says

        U as well Alan, given that your last name could very well make you a target in such an unreasonable environment. It’s quite narrow minded of you to suggest such a thing. This is America and no one should feel threatened because of their skin color & certainly not to the point of being run out of town. People have children in school, jobs, family…others who depend on them. Maybe toy are not familiar with being a person upon won others can depend.
        Telling someone to just move as if that’s a legit option for everyone is a ridiculous suggestion that could only be offered by someone as simple and thoughtless as the fascist mobs running the city of Portland.
        In this country, we don’t run away. We stand our ground for the freedoms that make the US such a wonderful and inclusive place. The city of Portland seems to have been led astray and it’s sad to watch the liberal leadership churn out something that is so ugly and unrecognizable to America and it’s ideals. Be better than the mobs, Alan.

        • @Courtney

          I’m sure you mean well but you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve lived in PDX since the mid-90’s, am “of color” in a same sex relationship and guess what…my wife & I are saving to move away from this place ASAP. We’ve fought for years here from speaking to human rights bureaus, politicians, city council, to writing letters, discussing issues with businesses, working directly with campaigns & more. Nothing is better and all is worse.

          I literally cannot take a walk in my neighborhood or go to a store w/o some virtue signalling’s sign reminding me that certain lives matter, how “safe” someone is because “all (fill in aggrieved group here) is welcomed” or that “In *Our* America” leftist ideology is the right kind of divine faith. I cannot leave my home without getting a lecture on someone’s car, home, or business. And when my concern is expressed (that such signs serve to divide, adhere to self righteousness, and demonstrate Vaclav Havel’s Green Grocer example) my supposed downtrodden status is thrown out the window because of thoughtcrimes for being moderate.

          And let’s not even get started on the censorship here at bookstores, cultural events, and cultural centers regarding anyone or anything that leans even the slightest bit away from all things liberal. When minorities who question socialism here are automatically called fascists, it’s time to reconsider what bizzaro world you’re living in. There are people trying to fight the censorship but it’s dangerous & I simply cannot say more because of it.

          Trust me Courtney, there is a time when the writing is on the wall and literally it is in PDX. In spite of all the yard signs, bumper stickers, and business flyers telling me otherwise, I don’t feel safe and many here don’t. My wife who is butch is literally being called “fucking dyke” with regularity by trans people and “fucking white faggot” by black guys. Does anyone help? No. No matter how much you think your intersectionality street cred will protect you here it won’t. Nor will leftist conformity if it’s perceived you made a mistake. It’s no wonder Oregon has the loosest abortion laws, suicide laws, teen transition surgery laws, and an ability for doctors/family to override a patients Advanced Directives. Portland has become a place of racialized rot, eco-nihilistic eugenics and hyperbolic hypersensitivity that makes living here a chore, a burden, and some days a nightmare. There are just too many stories I could tell you Courtney.

          The free minded are simply not welcome here. Sometimes its best to save yourself & get the fuck out.

          • Mrs. Q, I experience the same censorship, the same fears, the same pain. But when my family looked into other places to live we found it was there too. We could not afford to throw away our life savings only to experience the evolution of the same process in an unfamiliar place. There are groups of like-minded individuals in Portland who would welcome you with open arms and stand with you. Conservative groups on Meetup (you do not have to be actually conservative to be welcomed, by the way), and the #WalkAway Campaign as it prepares to start its local chapters. Those of us who stand up to this often do so alone because the others who agree with us simply won’t stand up with us. Please don’t leave us alone. We need you.

          • Mrs. Q

            Let me get this straight, no pun intended. You are a lesbian woman of color, living in the Northwest, arguably the most progressive part of North America, and you want to get out as fast as you can?

            Wow….I am just flabbergasted.

            Looks like the Northwest is getting a taste of what it was like in early Communist Russia. Some folks may call people who leave cowards but I say get the fuck out and let those people self destruct.

          • deafening tone says

            @ Ms. Q

            I am a straight, cis, white, Christian, generally conservative male. If I saw anyone doing that to you or your loved one, I promise you, I would help. I have a track record of doing this already, actually.

          • Sebastian says

            Mrs. Q, I feel your frustration and fear completely. I’m in an interracial gay relationship as well (I’m white, my husband is Hispanic). Though he and I are both slightly right-leaning moderates, we had been friends with far-left-leaning individuals for years. However, in the past several years, we have lost many friendships due to our politics. We haven’t changed, but our “friends” have. We have been called “sellouts with internalized homophobia” more times than we can count, all because we voted for SOME Republican candidates. It didn’t matter which Democrats we voted for. It only matter that a single “R” was clicked on a ballot.

            I, too, am afraid to speak up in the more liberal areas of my city, for fear that that I will be attacked for not being the “right kind of minority.” Because I am gay, I am assumed (and mandated) to be purely liberal/progressive. Nothing else about me matters to the cult of intersectionality. The fact that I am a son, a brother, an uncle, a father, a teacher, a coach, a friend, a neighbor, a community volunteer…none of that matters. To the increasingly totalitarian left, all that matters is that I am white, male, and gay. Which one they care about, however, changes based on their mood.

          • Thank you Sebastian for responding & know you aren’t alone. For decades minorities who have questioned leftist groupthink have been accused of being traitors, hypocrites and so fourth. The point of course to keep us silent & maintain the appearance that minorities clamor for progressive “protections.” From Richard Wright & Burgess Owens to Tammy Bruce and Milo Yiannopoulos, many have experienced first hand what happens when minorities don’t conform. We’ve lost friends too but the blessing is the ones we have in our lives know how to lovingly disagree & that is such a treasure these days.

            “If you stray from the party line or challenge what the “community” feels is best, the very essence of who you are will be maligned. You will no longer belong.” -Tammy Bruce, lesbian and former feminist leader

            “My comrades had known me, my family, my friends; they, God knows, had known my aching poverty. But they had never been able to conquer their fear of the individual way in which I acted and lived, an individuality which life had seared into my boots.” -Richard Wright, writer who left the Communist party

            “Saved, who wants them saved? What earthly good would they do us alive?” -Leader at the execution night vigil of Sacco & Vanzetti (2 men who committed murder but were turned into a cause celebre as persecuted immigrants).

          • I’ve lived here since the 80’s. If you think you have it bad as one of the “chosen people” of the Left’s intersectionality politics, imagine what it’s like being a white dude.

          • Elina Safro says

            Mrs Q, I read your post with a sense of rising dread. I live in Australia, and it’s easy to believe that we’re too far away for a similar situation to arise here, but for how long? Do you believe there’s a chance of reversing the status quo in Portland and if so, what practical measures would it take?

        • Thank you, Courtney. I agree. I’m sick of people’s knee-jerk offers of advice to “just” leave, or “just” take my kid out of public school. Even if one could walk away from one’s home, one’s job, one’s friends and family–which is a big if–what makes people think that this poisonous ideology is limited to Portland? Are they blind? Portland may do an unusually good job of it, but this kind of stuff is happening everywhere, spread through the public schools at our expense, taught by educators who themselves were taught in college how to spread this ideological possession to children because it’s losing ground with adults. Those who dismissively blow this off as Portland’s problem are kidding themselves. Yes, Portland has a plank in its eye. That makes it easy for others to see around the splinters in their own for now. But at some point one has to stop pretending this will “just” go away if we turn our backs to it and allow it to fester. That’s not how mob coercion works.

          • deafening tone says

            @ Ms. Q: I forgot to mention: I live in the Portland area.

    • billm says

      I ride a bike daily in the neighborhood this was filmed in. You’ll notice this woman has a bike helmet in her hand, leading me to believe she’s more cyclist that pedestrian. Many motorists seem to believe that obeying laws designed to protect cyclists and pedestrians are “optional” for them, but in my experience on a bike over the years, a larger percentage of black motorists are such scofflaws.

  2. Portland huh? Don’t know much about it but learning. I’m not sure where else in the world a man is considered a hero for getting in a woman’s face and saying “Go back to your f**king neighbourhood” because she’s report his sh*t parking.

    ‘Crosswalk Cathy’ didn’t rise to the bait and stuck to her point and held her ground and showed them up.

    Anyone with eyes in their head and sense can see how bullying and dissipated the people with the car are, and yet we are not supposed to see that?

  3. codadmin says

    it’s scary to think about how entrenched anti-white hatred is in the mainstream, leftist controlled media.

    Even the daily mail, which is supposed to be right-wing, demonises white people with the same sort of click bait.

    Where does it end? The fascist left hate white people like Nazis hate all Jews. It’s not an ideology that can be reasoned with.

      • codadmin says

        True, but do they hate them for being Jewish or for being white?

        • deafening tone says

          They are undecided. I have been keenly observing and asking this question for some time. The only thing keeping ideological leftists from putting Jewish people at the top of the white nationalist patriarchy is the bickering amongst themselves. The Palestinians are engaging in a media campaign to harness all intersectionality adherents under their “chosen [indigenous, oppressed] people” banner. Many are reluctant to give their power away like that.

          It still may be coming.

  4. Amazing article and a perspective that is sorely lacking in media. Keep up the great reporting

    • D Bruce says

      Not at all surprising to Colin Flaherty followers – on
      Denial, deceit, delusion …

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  6. Matthew says

    I’m really beginning to hate this town I’ve lived in for the past 18 years.

  7. Walter says

    “If this encounter had unfolded in a normal part of the world, this would be where the story ends”

    Amen to that. But I can’t resist the urge to go Rashomon and give my patriarchal take, based solely on the short video:

    1) The caller couldn’t just let the bad parking go? I see cars parked in fire lanes from time to time, but I have never felt the need to call anyone. I just shake my head and silently mock the prima donnas.

    2) The other female couldn’t let the incident go? Why escalate and bring up race? (Answer: She’s been well trained by the media.)

    3) The man tries to defuse the situation, “Come on, Matty, come on.” Exasperated at the two females’ persistence, he gives his blunt opinion, which is probably a valid summation of the reality of parking at that location.

    4) Everyone remained even-keeled. It was not a huge deal.

    The aftermath — calling the incident racist, doxing the caller, trying to get her fired — is an embarrassment to everyone who took part.

    • Area Man says

      Yeah, it’s easy to let it go, but when everyone lets it go there’s nothing correcting shitty behavior. People use disabled parking spots, double parking, talking in the movie theater, etc. becomes accepted. I think we owe it to each other to call out anti-social behavior, even when the calling out seems disproportional to the harm of a single incident.

      • Lawrence says

        There seems to be a trend of flustered people pursing their lips in public and then unleashing fury online after having let the rage fester within.

    • When walking at lunch hour through the crowded Park Blocks of Portland over 35 years ago, I was greeted by a smiling group of young men, so I paused. They closed around me and their leader grabbed my wrists, threatening to rape me. I was speechless. He eventually said that since I was wearing a wedding band, out of respect for my husband, he was letting me go. I ran from the group, and it took a while to recover from the scare. Being a well-bred Portlander, I never considered reporting them, because they were black. I believed that black men were disadvantaged, and didn’t deserve consequences, especially since they didn’t carry through on their threat.

      Those young men are probably now grandfathers. I sometimes wonder if I had spoken up if it might have altered their perception of invincibility. Letting things go is a reasonable short-term strategy, but what does it do over the long term?

      • Andrew says

        “Letting things go is a reasonable short-term strategy, but what does it do over the long term?”

        Why did you suppose that holding black people to a lower standard than the social norm would be beneficial to black people?
        What is the theory, and do you still hold to it?
        Could you entertain the opposite being closer to the truth?

        • Yes, I now entertain the opposite, Andrew. I’ve learned that my initial reaction of all-consuming empathy is not healthy for anyone involved. I’ve learned my greatest lessons when facing the hard truth, and I now assume that’s true for everyone else.

          • I’ve got a theory, Andrew, that extreme empathy is rooted in a need to control others. We all have methods to control our environments, but some of us attempt to do so by ‘nicing’ others into better behavior. It can be a pretty passive-aggressive behavior. On the surface, Harvard admission standards appear to be a mechanism for social improvement, but could also be rooted in a desire for control.

          • Nick Ender says

            Boundless empathy is pathological. It’s the mother who consumes their children’s independence out of fear of loosing them. It is definitely a form of control. I’m not sure it applies to Harvard’s admissions standards. That appears to just be the bigotry of low expectations.

      • here in Texas, we whip out the Mace or S&W revolver to alter their perception of invincibility

    • Courtney says

      Embarrassing, yes. Especially the part where the “oppressed” couple decided to make shirts and profit off of a situation that was supposedly traumatic and hateful.
      But I’m not surprised… that’s what the so-called leaders of the black community do everyday. Tragedy profiteers, i.e. Al Sharpton, only stoke hatred in lieu of actually solving any of the issues.

      Also…Everyone hates a selfish driver who parks as if he is entitled. EVERYONE.

  8. Ernie from Encino says

    Coming to a neighborhood near you if you allow Progressive politicians to take root in your city, county or state government.

    Minnesota? Beware…this is Keith Ellison territory and he’s just itching to shame 5 million white Lutherans and Jews into giving up their souls to the Cause after he shames them, charges them, and abuses his office.

  9. Chris Rhee says

    This is what happens when you create a “protected species.” Enjoy the insanity Portland. You brought it upon yourselves.

    • Aerth says

      Now the only question is – will white citizens of Portland get brainwashed into being completely fine with it or will someone say enough at one point and things get ugly.

  10. The projection here is unreal. How on Earth would she have known the ethnicity of the car owners?

    Some people really aren’t living in reality.

    • Morgan says

      You are not intersectional enough.

      If it had turned out to be a couple of dudes, the fury would be about a feminist standing up to the patriarchy.

      And if those dudes could have been in any way be connected to Trump (say, an unconfirmed but alleged sight of a MAGA cap on the sidewalk), she would have also fought Fascism itself.

      Instead, hero to zero.

  11. MarWes says

    Whom the gods want to destroy, they make them mad first.

  12. E. Olson says

    Good thing cross-walk Cathy was stopped – no doubt her next call would have been to the Portland chapter of the KKK. Everyone except racist whites knows that black people have a legal and moral right to block cross-walks, since the white painted bars of the cross-walk lines clearly represent a legacy of 300 years of white oppression and slavery of black people.

  13. Farris says

    The Left has been stuck in this same narrative for over 40 years, where justice is determined by the tribe of the participants, not the actual facts. Recall “ Bonfire of the Vanities”.

    • Or “Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers” (1970), which is more on point and also by Tom Wolfe.

      • Area Man says

        “Roquefort cheese” is a limousine liberal dog whistle.

      • Alan D White says

        Yes, indeed. It’s good to be reminded it happened all too often in the last century but the Internet wasn’t there to make it go live

  14. Lee Floyd says

    Americans…you’ve given so much to the world. Perhaps stop, now.

  15. George G. says

    One positive note. The responses on Zielinski’s tweet are 99% critical. Perhaps the majority of people are not as crazy as we think…

  16. This is incident is a great jump off point, illustrating the hyperbolic nature of PC infused discussions of racial schisms. Greater exposure of this inanity could be a useful tool in curtailing this destructive practice.
    Whilst the discussion being had is worthy of presentation, another issue is at play here that non Portlanders may not be aware of – one exclusive of racially charged vitriol. There exists in this city a nearly religious zeal for moral grandstanding. In our local hierarchy of proper behavior, pedestrians/bicyclists are given carte blanche over motorists to be ruefully indignant over any perceived sleight.

    As both a motorist and bicyclist and am keenly aware of the privilege I & other have to do as we please if on foot; It’s is too much. All responsibility for my life is that of others if I am walking or biking. This places an unwieldy amount of power in the hands of individuals with a penchant for sanctimony, in a city known for it “passive aggressive” nature.
    Petulance is a regularly exhibited and rewarded, if within the sanctioned structure of moral hierarchy. While the incident being discussed is a superb vehicle for the greater narrative of disproportionate reactivity in one narrative it’s also evidence of the classic “hall monitor” syndrome evinced by those who’ve been too long suffered, such that they’ve become convinced of the absoluteness of their position.

    The smarmy self-righteousness of self-proclaimed ambassadors of proper behavior is an unsettling undercurrent tainting many social interactions here in Portland, and there are times when it simply exhausts one’s patience. Human behavior is not ‘quantize-able’ to a neat prescriptive nature; many interactions require a sense of nuance, and Portlanders would do well to err on the side of agreeable understanding (empathy maybe?) rather than the vindictive error scouting positions taken by those who would truly be a thorn in society’s side. I would argue that the race “issue” here was merely incidental.

    • Asenath Waite says


      Ah, so the pedestrian here thought she had a prime opportunity to indulge in some sweet, sweet sanctimony over a heathen fossil fuel burner, but had the tables turned upon realizing that her target actually belonged to an even-holier-than-thou minority group. Like a mongoose attacking a snake which turns out to actually be a tiger’s tail. Not sure if that analogy is ecologically sound or not.

      • Estoy Listo says

        Only, it aint no joke. I think you nailed it exactly. There is a hierarchy of correctness that must not be transcended. Oddly, it reminded me of the comic image of the snooty ultra-wealthy who look down on everyone else. I was there over the weekend visiting my kids, and I felt twitchy every time we went out.

        • Chief, the overwhelming sense of validation you’ve just typed out!

          That caricature of snootiness & the “twitchiness” induced: it’s been nagging since day one. It’s also produced a painfully unbearable sense of cognitive dissonance.

          I grew up in a surprisingly humble upper middle class, millionaire neighbors & relatives who lived like “peasants”. One would have no clue until invited to their vacation spot, fancy boat, “small party”, etc.. Living here in Portland with “Nuevo Rich” who feel the need to be showy & feign superiority, confuses & infuriates. “Look B, you aint that rich & YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE!”.

          Looks like Texans aren’t that crazy after all, & hispanics can win without anyones pitiful condescension.

    • Thirdphase you’re quite right that the pedestrian was likely a snot on wheels (not that that excuses the follow-up behavior of the colored couple), and no one likes a snitch. Going forward snitches will have to do their snitching, if they dare, silently, from around the corner.

  17. Puggles says

    Diversity + Proximity = Violence
    Jam different cultures together, tell them they have no need to integrate, and they are victims.
    I would say Portland needs more “When in Rome, act as the Romans do” but no sane person should act like a Portlander.

  18. “Snitches get stitches” seems to be taking over social media. Should I just never get involved if I see something wrong? Or if anyone involved is black? We’ll get back to Kitty Genovese-style crimes in the near future.

    • Asenath Waite says


      Yes. Unless you see a white guy talking to a woman at a bar, in which case you should report a rape immediately.

  19. Thank you for publishing this piece. It’s hard to find these perspectives in the media because the only thing that gets published is anti-white clickbait. Like you said, it’s popular and generates a lot of ad revenue. It’s dangerous and white people have absolutely no chance of responding through publications like these because our voice is taken from us and we’re afraid of being labeled as racists or bigots. I really appreciate that you’re taking this risk on the behalf of the truth and fairness. Godspeed and God bless.

  20. Vince says

    How can it be legal to make a profit from what is essentially libel? Bizarre.

    • Marino says

      I wonder if she’d actually have a case for that. I’d love nothing more than to see these clowns lose every dime they have.

  21. johno says

    What does race have to do with this? We have an inconsiderate person blocking a crosswalk, and a busybody, not impeded by said lousy parking, taking it upon herself to play policeman.

    Both of them are wrong. He shouldn’t park like that. She shouldn’t stick her nose into something that doesn’t directly concern her.

    • Marino says

      Race didn’t have anything to do with it. That is until the black woman brought it up of course. How does this not concern her? She’s a bicyclist who encountered something blocking the bike path and did exactly what society deems reasonable in this situation.

  22. Marino says

    Beautifully written. It’s nice to see a level head bobbing amongst the ocean of idiocy and far left rhetoric that is Portland Oregon. If I wasn’t a broke college student I would’ve hit that Patreon button 15 minutes ago; in the near future hopefully. Thank you Andy.

  23. This example is necessarily in a single place (Portland) and happens to concern alleged racial victimisation but is actually a natural consequence of victim culture.

    Victim culture is characterised by the identification of allegedly oppressed groups who are supposedly disadvantaged by systematic discrimination. The ‘oppressed groups’ use their status as victims of discrimination as a means politicla influence and as aa mechanism for obtaining priviliged treatment on a day to day basis. The disadvanatge that is thereby placed on teh allegedly oppressing group is described as impossible due to teh systeamtic natur eof their oppression.

    This has several effects:
    1. The encouragement of grousp to consider themeselves as victims and to consider all set backs or issues as arising from their victimisation.
    2. Increased tension between ‘the victimised’ and ‘victimising’ groups as this becomes a lens through which libes vicissitudes are viewed.
    3. The weakening and damaging of the victim group as they are encouraged to follow personal strategies which reduce the chance sof having successful lives by claiming assistance and giving up when faced by relatively minor problems.
    4. The demonisation, abuse and discrimination against the allegedly oppressing group who are not allowed to claim vitimisation or discrimination.
    5. Widespread false claims of discrimination with the criteria set so low that almost any negative interaction is classified as discriminatory. Frequently the false accuser themselves believes the accusation valid even though their own account of it makes it clear that no discrimination or unreasonable behaviour occured at all.
    6. The suppression of non-victim viewpoints through claiming thaat simply disagreeing with teh victim culture narrative is itself oppresive and unacceptable..

    All of this has sprung up within my lifetime and is extremely damaging if not frightening considering the long term consequences if this world view becomes even mor epervasive and entrenched.

  24. These incidents always start with some black person engaging in behavior that is unacceptable, but expecting to get away with it because they are black. Bad parking. Wanting to be served after closing hours, causing a ruckus in a public park, dancing on stage during a graduation ceremony.

    Blacks lack the self control to abide by white standards of propriety, and we are all suppose to accept it without complaint no matter the imposition. “The strong do as they wish, the weak suffer what they must.”

    • @adsf – You are a troll that does not belong here at this excellent, moderate, thoughtful publication… Your invective does not help sort through a legitimate discussion on matters of race and privilege…. Go Away…

      • Is anything I’ve said untrue?

        There have been a few of these “blacks do something bad, white calls them out, twitter mob destroys whites life” articles on Quillette. In fact the things I listed I believe are all summations of events that led to Quillette articles, though I’ll admit if any of them were a five minutes of hate that Quillette didn’t cover.

        What exactly makes Quillette’s coverage of this moderate. That that author does have the wrong identity? That they make reference to the unfortunate side effect that sometimes non-white males are the victims of these events? That even liberals sometimes aren’t “woke” enough, and thus one of the good guys might get eaten by his own side? That any criticism of these kinds of overreaches must be buried under pages of “of course I’m not one of those…” or “of course there is tons of systematic (blank) out there, just not this one instance…”.

        The people in this instance didn’t do what they did because they haven’t heard a convincing argument why they shouldn’t. They do it BECAUSE THEY CAN. They have the power. And as long as any criticism of them has to be coached in the language of a weaker party begging a stronger party to leave them be they will always pick up on the fundamental subtext (they fear me, I am the stronger, and when push comes to shove I can get away with ruining someones life for an emotional rush and charging $25 for a T-Shirt).

      • Tommy Udo says

        I’d like to hear what adsf has to say. Everything so far sounds reasonable. Or, we could start squealing about hate speech and run to a safe zone.

  25. The hive mind strikes again. These people should terrify you more then any imaginary white nationalist boogeyman. A clown like Richard Spencer speaks to audiences of 50-100 people. These nuts are legion in certain parts of the country. Lets out some woman for the crime of (not) tattling on traffic violators with the hopes she gets some kind of real world comeuppance for her ghastly crime. That poor black couple!

  26. tommy mc donnell says

    do people realize that this happens to white people all the time too but the media doesn’t report it. that it happens to white people doesn’t suit the political agenda. hell if the media reported all the times it happens to white people blacks wouldn’t want to kill white people. another example of how unethical and immoral the journalism profession is.

  27. Trajan Fanzine says

    For those not familiar with he term Shaming and its Maoist progeny, its not pretty in act its pretty gruesome.

    You’d think 50 million or so dead would be enough to prevent mimics etc….

  28. J. Quinton says

    America is well known for our abhorrent criminal justice system. Where we focus on punishment instead of rehabilitation. It really should be called the criminal punishment system.

    This animating desire for vengeance seems to be in the water supply, since social justice activists appear to behave in the same way. Similarly, just like we should call our criminal “justice” system a criminal punishment system, these types of social justice activists should really be called social punishment activists.

    If America has a culture of punishment instead of justice and rehabilitation, then it is no wonder that these activists are following suit. Ironic that these are the same types of people who say that we have to beware of our cultural influences when looking at issues, when one of the biggest cultural influences we have in the States is the desire to punish those who we feel have broken some social or moral law.

  29. Everyday in a country of 325,000,000, thousands of people experience insults, misdeeds, and injustices. Attributing race as the cause of these events erodes scientific thinking, and the results speak for themselves.

  30. Jonfrum says

    It coudln’t happen to better white people. Portland? The more bad things that happen there, the better. What could go wrong when the social justice worn turns?

  31. Andy continues doing “the lord’s work” with his reporting on Portland’s madness from WITHIN the madness. As a fellow Portland resident (thankfully not born and raised), and as an employee of a Portland-based media company that faithfully (and embarrassingly) upholds “The Narrative” with each and every issue, I find it thrilling that someone in this town has the ability to speak critically. Keep up the good work! I’ll always need a reprieve from the stultifying brain-death that is Portland progressive ideology.

  32. This is so wierd .
    Btw, don’t confuse this with communist Russia or just the Soviet union. It was different there, but not like that. This is something different, even if it is quite if not very collectively authoritharian.

  33. Condo says

    10.31.2018 Cover story headline on “Willamette Week, Portland’s Newsweekly”

    “Racist skinheads beat Mulugeta Seraw to death on this Portland street. Thirty years later, the crime still echoes.”

    The crime took place 11/13/1988

  34. Harold Armitage says

    Barak Obama has appropiated my culture.
    He oughter be wearing a grass skirt, not white men’s clothes.

  35. Charles K says

    Andy Ngo is about the bravest, coolest guy around, hands down.

  36. Marty Barrett says

    She also could have just minded her own business and none of this would have happened.

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