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Headline Rhymes

One who says ANTIFA is a righteous organization

Must also truly believe a punch is a good form of persuasion

Views on the news, delivered in twos. This week’s inspired by:

Mobs on the Menu: Restaurateurs and the Culture Wars

Behind the Mask: Inside the Black Bloc

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  1. Mike Walsh says

    ANTIFA don’t want to persuade; they want to punish.

    • Graham Verdon says

      And before this poem starts gets up to speed, just like that, it is done-ish? 🙂

  2. Sydney says

    Hi Graham, I sadly have no time,
    to spin this week’s clever little rhyme.
    But I wanted to self-congratulate,
    Re the Khashoggi murder debate.
    Recall I made fun of UNHRC thugs?
    Saying they rolled their dead enemies in rugs?
    Guess what happened to Khashoggi of MB?
    Saudis tucked him in like a ‘Brother’ tucks in family.

    • Graham Verdon says

      Nicely done! You have a knack for rhyming. I plead the fifth on the content, but rugs and thugs is good! 🙂

  3. Lisa Cusack says

    Two lumps of sugar, or three?
    Would you like sex with your tea?
    Cakes and consent for the night–
    Disappointment and a spoiled appetite.

    • Graham Verdon says

      Ha!! With this quality, we’ll have to start a contest someday… Thanks for playing, Lisa!

  4. Sydney says

    I don’t mind some competition fair,
    but today honest contests appear to be rare.
    Juries are rigged toward ‘equity’ promotion
    in this era of fanatical ‘intersectional’ devotion.
    First prize in a women’s bike race went to a biological male;
    If I say, ‘Stay in your own lane,’ the left will give me a FAIL.

  5. Rebekah says

    Red and yellow, green and black
    Every one a civil hack
    Jesus loves the little children of the world

    (Lyrics, ideally)

  6. Graham Verdon says

    Ladies and Gentleman, a rap battle has broken out on Quillette. 🙂 Alert the authorities.

  7. Sydney says

    “Don’t be civil! Go low!” American Dems call to their hysterical army.
    So, were the fake-bomb packages sent by some liberal barmy?
    Are Democrats and international supporters trying to brew a civil war?
    If not, then why bring military-aged male foreigners directly to America’s door?

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