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Headline Rhymes

To hell with what we learned from the hero of Mockingbird, the preeminent Mr. Finch

Believe Women dictates Tom’s guilty of rape and Atticus must also be lynched

Views on the news, delivered in twos. This week’s inspired by two columns in National Review and:

On the Fallibility of Memory and the Importance of Evidence

How An Anonymous Accusation Derailed My Life

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  1. ThereAreDozensOfUs says

    The Grievance Studies Scandal,
    Bizarre though it may be,
    provides us with ample proof:
    sense has left the humanities

  2. Sydney says

    ‘I am a woman so you must always believe me,’
    wasn’t a great tenet for black men of Tennessee.

  3. Sydney says

    Kavanaugh is awful and I wouldn’t want him as a judge,
    But Ford and friends are awful, too, and facts they seem to fudge.

  4. Sydney says

    Thank you, Graham, but please don’t encourage me. It’s like offering drugs to a junkie [at a legal, PC, safe-injection site, mind you.].

    The UN Human Rights Council is once again ‘peoplekinded’* with thugs,
    The kind of characters that kill their enemies and roll them in rugs.

    *Canadians were admonished by feminist Jihadi Justin to stop saying, ‘man,’
    Yet he goosed a cute female reporter and on that subject there is a ban.

  5. Sydney says

    Hi Graham, I saw a tweet by Andy Ngo and this came to mind:

    Look what the pink-hatted cat dragged in through the door;
    a rabid, foaming, intersectional thing called Linda Sarsour.

  6. Ouch! Well rhymed! My enjoyment of your rhymes should not be taken as an endorsement of their content! 🙂 It shouldn’t not be taken as an endorsement, either. 🙂

  7. Sydney says

    Kind thanks, Claire.

    It’s tough to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving Day (non-pagan);
    since Antifa attacks it for being patriarchal, colonialist, and anti-vegan.

    It seems like its politics are hotter than the feast going on the table;
    so we must give thanks for Claire’s Quillette, served up through our router and cable.

  8. Graham Verdon says

    Hi Sydney, oops, that last message was not from Claire, it was from me. I was doing work in her account when I responded. Sorry. But I will make sure she sees your rhymes! I’m a Canadian myself and having any cable news on during Thanksgiving dinner is no-go! cheers, Graham

  9. Sydney says

    Thank you, Graham! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. (Whoops; I meant the actual, physical cable that plugs into computer.) Claire, Graham; Graham, Claire. Not a problem. 🙂

    No matter the name, type, or which employee,
    I’ve stopped thinking in terms of identity.

  10. Mitch says

    My entry is inspired by the simple, yet rhythmic construction you may hear protestors using in their chants (which always end with ” has got to go”). At least that is what they do Down Under:

    Believe accusations
    Forget due process
    Take affirmations
    Use infinite regress

    Accept this new ethos?
    Most certainly no!
    This new appeal to pathos
    Has got to go!

    • Graham Verdon says

      Welcome Mitch! We have a worldwide poetry slam happening. Ha! Thanks for playing!

  11. Sydney says

    Hi Mitch, Yay! Someone else in the game!

    And, yes, when I was on the left – and I see the same thing today here in Canada and in the US – they’re still chanting the same, old, ‘Hey, hey, ho, ho, XYZ has got to go.’ And another all-time top-10 hit is, ‘Whaddowe want? XYZ! When do we wannit? Now!’

  12. Sydney says

    Insults and vitriol hurled by CNN Democrats at Kanye West,
    Are like the angry, abusive spouse whose partner is leaving the marriage nest.

  13. Sydney says

    In the news this week… (Was there a particular topic this week? I stuck to headlines, though not those of federally funded MSM sources!)

    Why does ‘Islamic Relief Canada’ get taxes from St. John’s to the Georgia Strait?
    Independent reporters wonder if Justin would like to build a new Caliphate.

    • Graham Verdon says

      Hi Sydney, I saw this one and the other one about the rabbi. You have a knack! If a few more people show up, this might become a party! 🙂

      • Sydney says

        Hi Graham,

        I’m afraid the only way to get people here to make up rhyme,
        Is if we lure them here with offers of free beer and wine.

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