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Headline Rhymes

Climate deniers once topped the charts with all their sneering at science

But biology balkers have a hit on their hands with their gender blender defiance

Views on the news, delivered in twos. This week’s inspired by:

Misunderstanding a New Kind of Gender Dysphoria

Interview with Debra W. Soh, Sex Neuroscientist

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  1. Stromboli says

    I don’t understand this post. Is it an accidentally published draft?

    • Graham Verdon says

      No, it’s not a mistake! But I can see how one might think that. It’s nothing more than a bite-sized bit of fun. I take it you don’t like it! 🙂 cheers, Graham


    Climate deniers once topped the charts with all their sneering at science? Seriously? “Science” requires “Proof”, show me the experiment that proves the GHG Hypothesis is valid anywhere except is an incomplete math equation that excludes critical data sets, such as Solar Cycles and the atmosphere is “static”, that environment does not exist on Earth. Furthermore CO2 is 0.0004 (1/2500th) of the atmosphere and the human contribution is 4% of that at 1/62,500th, that requires “Magic” based on the Laws of Physics.

    • Graham Verdon says

      Yes, the science is complicated. Many people disagree. The people I was speaking about, in a rhyming couplet, remember, were the ones who don’t know science like it appears you do. 😉 I take it you’re up on human biology, too, so we’re probably mostly in agreement!

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