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What the Alt-Right Gets Wrong About Jews

For many on the alt-right, every grievance is, at root, about Jews. Andrew Anglin, host of the most popular alt-right/neo-Nazi website, explains: “the only thing in our movement that really matters [is] anti-Semitism.” If only the Jews were gone, he argues, the white race, freed from bondage, would immediately overcome all of its problems. Where does this attitude come from?

Jews are a conspicuous people, small in number but large in footprint. As Mark Twain wrote in 1899:

If the statistics are right, the Jews constitute but one quarter of one percent of the human race….Properly, the Jew ought hardly to be heard of, but he is heard of, has always been heard of. He is as prominent on the planet as any other people, and his importance is extravagantly out of proportion to the smallness of his bulk….What is the secret of his immortality?

For many people throughout history, the answer to Twain’s question was simple: Jews conspire among themselves to dominate and disadvantage gentiles. This answer fell out of fashion, at least in polite society, after World War II. Since the 1990s, however, the conspiratorial account of Jewish prominence has taken on a new, more meretricious form in the work of (now retired) California State University, Long Beach psychologist Kevin MacDonald, known affectionately among alt-righters as “KMac.” According to Richard Spencer, the inventor of the term “alt-right” and unofficial leader of the movement: “There is no man on the planet who has done more for the understanding of the pole around which the world revolves than Kevin MacDonald.” And: “KMac…may be the most essential man in our movement in terms of thought leader[ship].” To understand the alt-right’s anti-Semitism, we must understand MacDonald’s ideas, particularly as outlined in his most influential book, The Culture of Critique.

According to MacDonald, Judaism is a “group evolutionary strategy.” Jews possess both genetic and cultural adaptations (including, on the genetic side, high IQ and ethnocentrism) that allow them to develop successful intellectual movements that undermine gentile society and promote their own group continuity. “Jewish intellectual movements,” MacDonald argues, are led by charismatic figures analogous to rabbis. They attack white nationalism while promoting Jewish nationalism, and use pseudoscience to “pathologize” anti-Semitism, which in reality is a justified response to “Jewish aggression.” According to MacDonald, Jewish intellectual movements include Freudianism, Frankfurt School critical theory, and multiculturalism. These movements, MacDonald claims, taught white gentiles to reject ethnocentrism and accept high levels of nonwhite immigration to their countries while tolerating Jewish ethnocentrism and racially restrictive immigration policies in Israel.

MacDonald’s theory and the anti-Semitism of many on the alt-right are largely reactions to the perceived liberalism of Jews. One of us (Cofnas) has just published an academic paper that examines MacDonald’s most influential book, The Culture of Critique, and finds that it is chock full of misrepresented sources, cherry-picked facts, and egregious distortions of history. MacDonald and the alt-righters are, nevertheless, correct that many liberal leaders over the last hundred years have been Jewish. We’d like to offer an explanation for this phenomenon, as well as determine whether Jewish liberalism is the cause or the result of anti-Semitism.

A Historical Perspective

People who learned everything they know about history from MacDonald’s books may be under the impression that traditional gentile society was marked by “hierarchic harmony” (his term) before Jews began their intellectual assault after the Enlightenment. This is a gross distortion of history. Gentile radicals have been around for centuries, doing exactly what MacDonald thinks is characteristic of Jews. Consider Edmund Burke’s comments on European (gentile) radicals at the time of the French Revolution:

Nor is it in these clubs alone that the public measures are deformed into monsters. They undergo a previous distortion in academies, intended as so many seminaries for these clubs, which are set up in all the places of public resort. In these meetings of all sorts every counsel, in proportion as it is daring and violent and perfidious, is taken for the mark of superior genius. Humanity and compassion are ridiculed as the fruits of superstition and ignorance. Tenderness to individuals is considered as treason to the public.

The French Revolution itself was an entirely successful movement to overturn whatever “hierarchic harmony” had existed in France, and it was led by gentiles and inspired by gentile philosophers. (Many of the gentile philosophers who laid the groundwork for the Revolution, such as Voltaire, were committed anti-Semites.) Radical French thinkers like Rousseau are completely ignored by MacDonald.

MacDonald analyzes the Frankfurt School in great detail and argues that the ideology of the school was constructed to advance Jewish interests by promoting nonwhite immigration and in general undermining white culture. (MacDonald does not mention that, incidentally, many of the Frankfurt School’s fiercest critics were Jews, like Karl Popper, who mocked their work as pseudoscience.) But French existentialism was a movement that was analogous to the Frankfurt School in every important respect…except that the leaders—Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and Albert Camus—were white gentiles.

Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre in Beijing, 1955

Sartre was a leading critic of France and America, and strongly supported nonwhite immigrants in France. The French existentialists produced radical critiques of traditional gentile society and, like the Frankfurt School, advanced pseudoscientific ideas (making demonstrably false claims about human nature and refusing to subject these claims to any test).

It is easy to find gentiles independently developing ideas virtually identical to those promoted by “Jewish intellectual movements.” MacDonald quotes Foucault’s statement: “If I had known about the Frankfurt School in time, I would have been saved a great deal of work. I would not have said a certain amount of nonsense and would not have taken so many false trails trying not to get lost, when the Frankfurt School had already cleared the way.” For MacDonald, this shows how influential the Jewish-dominated Frankfurt School was. But it also reflects the fact that, while the gentile Foucault was influenced by the Frankfurt School, he was independently thinking along the same tracks.

Still, in the past hundred years or so Jews have clearly been overrepresented among the leaders of liberal movements. They were overrepresented among communist leaders and revolutionaries, among prominent immigration advocates, and so on. Even if liberalism is not the Jewish invention that MacDonald claims it is, we still should explain why Jews appear to be disproportionately attracted to it. And is anti-Semitism a response to Jewish liberalism?—or could it be the other way around?

IQ, Persecution, and Political Identity

Mark Twain’s explanation for Jewish intellectual prominence was that “Jews have the best average brain of any people in the world.” Though they make up far less than one percent of the world’s population, Jews have comprised more than half of all world chess champions, about a quarter of Fields medalists in mathematics, and more than a fifth of all Nobel Prize winners. Social scientists have found that Ashkenazi Jews score, on average, around 110-112 on IQ tests (compared to a mean of 100).

Gregory Cochran, Jason Hardy, and Henry Harpending argue that high Ashkenazi IQ evolved during the Middle Ages in Europe due to gene-culture co-evolution. Prohibited from entering many blue-collar occupations like farming, Jews turned to finance, particularly money lending, to survive. Records from around the year 1270, for example, report that almost 80 percent of adult male Jews in Roussillon (what is today southern France) made their living as money lenders. Finance requires a relatively high level of verbal and mathematical intelligence, and the hypothesis is that Jews who could not cut it in business tended to drop out of the community or starve.

On Cochran, Hardy, and Harpending’s thesis, these restrictive conditions selected for verbal and mathematical intelligence, not for the ability to engage in the sort of conspiracy against gentiles described by MacDonald. If Cochran et al. are right, we would expect Jews to be overrepresented in science and in the leadership of political movements, as these are both cognitively demanding activities. There is no particular reason to expect Jews to be overrepresented only in liberal movements.

David Horowitz

Indeed, MacDonald and his followers largely ignore the fact that Jews have been conspicuously overrepresented among the leadership of all sorts of right-wing movements: anti-communists like Herman Kahn, John von Neumann, and Edward Teller; libertarians like Milton and David Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, Robert Nozick, Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, and Israel Kirzner; traditional conservatives like Allan Bloom, David Horowitz, and Richard Posner; and Donald Trump’s senior policy advisor and perhaps the most influential anti-immigration activist in the United States, Stephen Miller.

But MacDonald seems to be right that Jews were disproportionately involved in radical leftist political movements in the twentieth century, and in the US Jews tend to vote Democrat. We think this can be explained by the high average IQ of Jews in combination with their being a persecuted minority, which has tended to push them toward political views that emphasize social toleration and the free movement of people. In other words, MacDonald reverses the correct order of causation: rather than Jews inviting persecution by advocating cosmopolitan policies that thwart the interests of Europeans, Jews advocated cosmopolitanism as a predictable response to persecution.

Persecution of Jews began for religious reasons in the Middle Ages and morphed into political persecution as Jews began to climb the social ladder, and political leaders saw them as a useful out-group to use as a scapegoat for people’s economic and social woes. For example, when Italian traders inadvertently brought the Black Plague from Asia to Europe, thousands of Jews were murdered in retaliation when Christian peasants decided that the Jews had deliberately infected them.

Fettmilch Riot: The plundering of the Judengasse (Jewry) in Frankfurt on August 22, 1614

George Orwell understood the psychological benefits of directing disdain toward an out-group in order to foster social cohesion among an in-group. In his great novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, he gives the character who would receive “two minutes of hate” every day among the proletarians a Jewish name: Goldstein. It is obvious why. Orwell’s implication was that the Soviet Union and other regimes were capitalizing on a human need to have some group to hate in order to foster loyalty and obedience to the leader of the in-group.

There is some evidence in political psychology for a correlation between high IQ and liberal political beliefs. So we might suspect that Ashkenazi Jews, with the highest average IQ in the world, would lean liberal. Interestingly, though, IQ correlates positively with classical liberalism, which emphasizes both social and economic liberty. This seems to be because those with higher intelligence tend to exhibit personality traits like openness to experience and tolerance for different ways of living. But those with higher IQ are more likely to support free-market economic policies (“liberalism” in the old sense of the word). Intelligence is required to understand how trade can be a positive sum game, and how order can emerge from individuals freely interacting with one another.

There are also obvious historical reasons why Jews would tend to gravitate toward liberal and cosmopolitan political philosophies that emphasize the protection of minority rights. In the early twentieth century, socialists rejected natural human hierarchies and urged persecuted minorities to overthrow their oppressors. To many Jews, socialism meant doing away with the legal and social barriers they had faced for more than a millennium. While socialist societies didn’t live up to their promises in practice, the values they espoused were easy for Jews to identify with. The Holocaust reinforced the feeling among Jews that nationalistic movements were dangerous, and that salvation lay in liberal cosmopolitanism.

Can MacDonald Save His Theory?

Popper’s famous criterion to distinguish science from non-science was “falsifiability.” Any legitimate scientific theory, he said, should specify some state of the world which, if it is observed, would make us logically compelled to reject the theory. One of the problems with Popper’s criterion is that there is no such thing as falsification in the strong sense that he envisaged. Any theory can be salvaged in the face of any evidence, though this may require some fanciful theorizing. In practice, we just have to use our judgement to decide which of the competing theories we are considering explains our observations in the most sensible way. As far as MacDonald goes, no single one of the numerous factual errors documented in Cofnas’s paper can be said to “falsify” his theory. Nor can any single example of right-wing Jews or radical gentiles. We just have to use our judgment to decide whether his conspiracy theory is a better explanation of Jewish liberalism than the simpler high-IQ-plus-persecution theory that we advocate.

No amount of evidence can disprove a theory. But as the influential Jewish philosophers of science Thomas Kuhn and Imre Lakatos argued, eventually the number of ad hoc assumptions we have to make in order to sustain a theory in the face of counterexamples becomes so large that the theory shows itself to have no predictive or explanatory value. Maybe MacDonald has an ad hoc explanation for why the most liberal countries in Europe, which in the past few years accepted the largest number of immigrants relative to their population—Sweden and Germany—have a very small number of Jews. Maybe he has another ad hoc explanation for why Jews like Noam Chomsky are the world’s leading critics of Israel. And for why gentiles who were not under the influence of Jews, like Rousseau and Sartre and countless others over the past couple thousand years, have been political radicals. As to whether these ad hoc explanations are convincing, we will have to use our judgment.

We don’t think MacDonald will be able to rescue his hypothesis, built as it is on misrepresented sources and distortions. But for some dishonest alt-right leaders, the literal truth of his ideas is probably not that important. They need an enemy to unify their movement. There is no more convenient a people to play this role than Jews.


Jonathan Anomaly is a core faculty member of the Department of Political Economy, and Assistant Professor in the PPEL Program, at the University of Arizona.

Nathan Cofnas is reading for a DPhil in philosophy at the University of Oxford.


  1. Boilerplate. Ironically affirming one narrative about the JQ: ie they are paranoid about white collectivism…despite Nazi Germany being fought by the Allies who all had the kinds of White First policies the AltRight would want.

    This would cast Jews as another grabby minority who cares more about the West being open to them than their hosts, which is the best case scenario.

    • Michael K says

      I actually think many people would be more open to the altright if it said “Jews push selfish policies to create a safer environment for themselves” rather than “Jews are biologically pre-disposed to subvert their host societies.” The first opens liberal Jews to legitimate criticism, the second opens Jews to genocide (since, after all, what do you do with something biologically determined to destroy you?). But to do this, you’d have to reject Kevin MacDonald’s theories, which is a problem since they have been the backbone of the altright.

      If the altright actually cared about its people rather than hating Jews, it would also spend more time analyzing its own societies ala Douglas Murray’s *The Strange Death of Europe* to better understand the current zeitgeist. You completely ignore European leftists’ self-sabotage of their societies. Regardless of Jewish culpability in Europe’s problems, Europeans themselves (specifically European leftists, European capitalists, and European leaders) have been more than happy to invite in more and more Muslims for cheap-labor and political power. Not to mention that Europe has pursued pro-human rights policies (aka egalitarianism and pro-immigration) at best case due to genuine universalistic desires and at worst case out of a need to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority.

      Growing up, I actually had Europeans shame and mock me because I told them they should limit Muslim immigrants to their nation. “but muh nationalism is evil!” I remember feeling a sense of betrayal that Europeans had promised to stop nationalist anti-semitism, yet had invited in millions of anti-semitic immigrants. The fact that you turn around a generation after mocking us and set blame for your current situation at our feet is just a sad red-pill that my ancestors were right in the Talmud about how remarkably simple and stupid some of you are.

      • Xenophon says

        You have a fairly shallow knowledge of the Alt Right, self criticism of white gentile pathological altruism is extensive, as is critique of white gentile cultures (for a lighthearted example of this see the Eternal Anglo meme)

        • Michael K says

          how common is that Xenophon? I really only see it on the fringes. seems the mainstream AR figures don’t really touch it.

          I think my people are up for fair criticism, I just ask that the same standards are applied to everyone.

          • Mischling says

            It’s very common. KMac makes reference to “pathological altruism” all the time, he may have even coined the term. Have you even read Culture of Critique? He talks about this in the preface: North West European people have a tendency to judge members of their in group harshly and be more forgiving of out groups, as they view everyone as individuals. This is in some way a positive trait but it makes them vulnerable to highly collectivist out groups: For example, if a whole Somali village resettles in Sweden and many members of that village commit crimes, Swedes will dismiss it as the act of individual Somalis and point to all the individual Somalis who haven’t committed crimes. Meanwhile, the Somalis themselves are highly collectivist and ethnically insular, they feel no empathy towards the Swedes, which is why they have no guilt about collecting welfare paid for by Swedish taxpayers. Somali culture, unlike Swedish culture, is not a culture which values out groups over the in group. Basically, individualist societies only work if everyone is an individualist, otherwise you have groups of people who are more loyal to themselves than society at large, who come along and take advantage of the society’s generosity.

      • Jazu says

        “If the altright actually cared about its people rather than hating Jews, it would also spend more time analyzing its own societies”
        “You completely ignore European leftists’ self-sabotage of their societies. ”

        You’re incorrect as this is probably an even bigger point of discussion among the Alt-Right but the two topics are not unrelated as you try to frame it rather craftily.
        To solve a problem you must figure out what causes it, and the reason for the belief all the problems of the white race would be fixed if Jews were gone is because they recognise our inherit weakness is our civilised nature, we’re more empathetic and therefore easily manipulated into feeling guilty for things we should take pride in, and to instead make the act of betraying our own race the very thing to give whites that sense of superiority and accomplishment. Jews infiltrate institutions thanks to their “fellow white people” routine and use their position to set whites against eachother while propping up the identity of everyone around us.
        In the entertainment industry, almost anything involving blacks, especially if it’s anti-white in some way, is bankrolled by Jews.

        In post-WW2 era this has been done via Cultural Marxism, but the behaviour of Jewish people has been consistent for their entire history with Europeans, and it’s why Jews were driven out of so many places in Europe.

        • Naruto says

          When the sum of your self-criticism amounts to “I’m just too damn nice” you should suspect that you’re not really trying.

      • “Jews push selfish policies to create a safer environment for themselves”

        That is interesting as where I live — in Germany — Jews are under an increasing threat from muslim migrants. So if they are behind mass immigration then their IQ is not as high as it is said or there is something going on which I am not smart enough to understand.

        • KSA says

          jews are behind mass immigration into Europe. They gloat about it. jews have always had a genocidal hatred of Europeans born out of their innate jealousy towards us. jews are completely willing to suffer a few insults by their semitic Muslims cousins if it means that Germans and Europeans in general get raped, bombed, terrorized, and miscegenated out of existence. jews just go to Israel if things get too hot, leaving Europe in ruins, as jews leave everything in ruins in their destructive, parasitic wake.

          • KSAisBTFO says

            Uh, pretty sure the Jews weren’t behind the Germans inviting the Turks in under their guest worker program in the 1960s, or the French inviting all the Tunisians, Moroccans and Algerians in from 1950 on, or the British inviting the West Indians and Pakistanis in the 60s and 70s, or manipulating Merkel in this century. Yeah, pretty sure that was actually your kind, loser.

          • KSAhasaverylowIQ says

            Oh, the one sociologist said so therefore it MUST BE A JEWISH PLOT hypothesis.

            Can’t argue with stupid.

          • KSAhasaverylowIQ says

            Did ole Babs have a time machine to go back and tell the Brits to invite the Pakistanis in? Go goosestep around for a while and see if you can find an explanation.

        • They hate ethnic Germans most of all, and now they have an ethnostate to run to should things go real far south.

      • Among all the other industries they monopolize, guess who publishes the textbooks that children’s malleable minds absorb?

    • Dennis says

      David, you sound like the kind of person KMac writes for: gullible and incapable of focusing on how to rebut a clearly articulated argument. If you want to actually solve the problems facing Europeans, such as mass migration and spiking crime (from third world migrants) focus on how to deal with them practically.

      There aren’t secret meetings by European Jews to thwart your interests. Most Europeans Jews are conservatives, and vote that way. Merkel is your problem, and other EU elitists who don’t actually live in the neighborhoods who they invite third world immigrants to inhabit.

      • Michael K says

        In the wake of WW1 and WW2, European leaders renounce nationalism and promise to reject anti-semitism forever==> European elite invites in millions of non-Europeans for cheap labor, human rights, and moral preening==> turns out Muslim immigrants are staggeringly anti-semitic. European leaders cuck to Muslims anyway, demonize Israel as anachronistic nationalist state==> Merkel invites in millions more Muslims ==> altright blames Jews for Europe’s problems. (there are only 1.4 million Jews in Europe out of a population of ~750 million. that’s 0.2%)

        the blood libel is real

        • Ilia Toli says

          Blood libel? It is not a libel, it is a fact. Read the book “Blood passover” by Ariel Toaff, the son of the most famous grand rabbi of Italy, Elio Toaff. Elio himself couldn’t have enough of White genocide through mongrelization. Not what he wants for Jews.

      • The Jewish conspiracy theory argument is a strawman. This isn’t actually what anyone is even arguing, not even MacDonald. The argument is that it’s an ethnic conflict like any other and that Jewish hatred, paranoia, and grievance is what’s behind their misconceptions of gentiles as well as their “diversity” politics. One ethnic group dominating another is the norm everywhere in the world, yet only in the case of Jews does recognition of power get recast as a conspiracy theory.

        • Against Arthur says

          Arthur, maybe if you picked up a history book you’d learn what Orwell understood. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Rothschild Affair, and countless other incidents were literally propaganda created by governments that alleged Jews were conspiring in secret meetings to dominate the world.

          The obvious reason this would be attractive to some people is that Jews are smart and were in positions of power — in academia, in law, in medicine, etc. That creates envy in the general population. Leaders exploited this envy countless times in the 20th century by alleging that Jews were actually conspiring to do bad things to gentiles.

          MacDonald may not say there are secret meetings by Jews, but he uses some of the jargon of evolutionary biology to say something very similar. If you’d actually read your history, and not gotten it from neo-Nazi websites, you would know this. Stop writing blog posts and start looking in the mirror and asking yourself, “Do I want to be a pawn in this historical narrative that counts on my ignorance, or do I want to figure things out for myself by reading credible historians, evolutionary biologists, etc?”

          • What part of “strawman” do you not understand? Nobody is saying it’s a conspiracy. Wouldn’t a conspiracy by definition be secret? There’s nothing secret about why so many Jews support multiculturalism. They have told us why in no uncertain terms. For instance, Jamie Kirchick writing in Tablet Magazine explained it this way:

            “It’s long been said of anti-Semitism that it always starts but never ends with the Jews. With the rise of Donald Trump, I fear we are seeing this phenomenon in reverse. Jews are one of the most popular minorities in the United States and it’s inconceivable to most Americans that “it could happen here,” that the sort of violent anti-Semitism so sadly familiar throughout history and pervasive around the rest of the world might rear its ugly head on our shores. It is inconceivable that a leading presidential candidate could ever get away with saying the things about Jews that Trump currently says about Mexicans or Muslims.

            Yet that assumption is not one that we can reassure ourselves with any longer. A staple of anti-Semitic complaint from the Nazis to Donald Trump’s newfound friends in the Klan is that Jews are always and everywhere the devious orchestrators of racial integration. Rootless cosmopolitans, Jews allegedly promote immigration and miscegenation so as to bring about a more diverse society in which they can sublimate their own ethnic difference. Through this “mongrelization,” Jews will precipitate the demise of white, Christian communities, thereby destroying the last vestige of resistance to their assertion of pernicious control.

            Unlike other anti-Semitic memes, there is truth in this observation, though not of course for the reasons that Nazis and white supremacists think. Jews have indeed played disproportionate roles in struggles for racial equality, from the movement against South African apartheid to the cause of civil rights in the United States. And while Jews felt called to these movements by faith, universalistic political commitments, or an innate sense of justice, doing so was also in their communal self-interest. A country that is politically pluralistic, open to new ideas and new people, ethnically diverse, and respectful of religious difference, is a country that will naturally be safer for Jews than a country that is none of these things. This, I believe, is why so many Jews, foreign policy hawks or not, innately fear Donald Trump.

            These last few weeks, I’ve come to appreciate the Jewish identification with liberalism (both in its classical and modern American political form) more than at any other point in my life, and in a way no history book or sermon by a rabbi could relate. The fate of Jewish life in the West is inextricably bound to democracy, pluralism, religious tolerance and ethnic harmony. If there’s a silver lining to the resistible rise of Donald Trump, it’s that it has forced us to realize this truth.”

            Now is it a secret? What has he said here other than “Jews should push for mass immigration because it’s dangerous for us to be a conspicuous minority. Therefore, there can be no conception of nationhood which might potentially exclude us.”

            This is not in our interest. It’s irrelevant if Jews genuinely believe themselves to be the good guys in pushing “tolerance” and “diversity,” the grim fact on the ground is that it means the dissolution of our social fabric, the reduction of our society to warring ethno-religious camps, each of which believes it needs to co-opt the state to protect it from all the others. It means nailbombings of our children, a permanent non-white underclass that the left will incite against us for political gain, and grooming gangs which we can’t even acknowledge without being accused of racism and having our lives and careers destroyed.

            There is no accusation of conspiracy. There is a legitimate criticism of Jewish politics and the very real Jewish power which advocates for that politics.

            “The obvious reason this would be attractive to some people is that Jews are smart and were in positions of power — in academia, in law, in medicine, etc. That creates envy in the general population. Leaders exploited this envy countless times in the 20th century by alleging that Jews were actually conspiring to do bad things to gentiles.”

            I dealt with this argument elsewhere in the thread. I said:

            ‘”Well, Jews have higher IQs than us and live in cities. They lucked into their power and influence or acquired it through hard work because they’re scrappy underdogs. Or they were forced to become financiers and wealthy bankers by evil, mean, backward Christian gentiles who excluded them from farming or whatever. I guess that settles it: We’ll have to flood our country with immigrants that they incite against us and we’ll have to fight Israel’s multitrillion dollar wars now!”

            Is this what the author expects non-Jews to say? The truth is doesn’t even matter why Jews are in power, all that matters is that they are and their perceived interests conflict with our interests.'”

            Did you really think that the alt right is unfamiliar with this “you’re just jealous” argument and that we had no response to it? Did you think that if you just served up this bit of tiresome boilerplate, we’d say “oh! I never thought of it that way before!”

            If you actually thought this – and clearly you did or else you would have been able to anticipate my response – then you have an embarrassingly shallow understanding of our politics and indeed of the arguments Mr. MacDonald advanced in his books.

          • Reziac says

            While we’re grinding out conspiracy theories, I find it …peculiar… that the Protocols gained prominence at about the same time as was spawned the Muslim Brotherhood, which is indeed a subversive anti-Western conspiracy (see Stephen Coughlin et al.) and is achieving the very feats commonly ascribed to the Evil Joos. And I wonder how much modern anti-Jewish rhetoric is covertly fueled by Islamic sources.

          • Bolshevism was a Jewish movement. Communism writ large was. It is you who does not know history, friend.

      • Dave Bowman says

        And Merkel, of course, is… umm… Jewish.

    • Anomaly says

      The unusually large number of incoherent, conspiratorial, anecdotal, and downright bizarre comments that follows this article is due to the fact that we sent it directly to alt right websites and leaders. Many of their readers, as you might suspect, have a lot of time on their hands and are not especially sophisticated.

      My bad.

      • Dave Blowman says

        Just spitballing here but there may be an IQ issue involved as well.

    • buenos says

      Some jews believe that screwing ower their host is for the benefit of all their fellow jews. Then they act on this belief when pushing post modern neo marxist propaganda through the media and academia. This PMNM ideology is an anti-white anti-nationalist ideology. The problem is some jews, like those who run ADL, believe that they can be pro-jew only by brainwashing whites to become anti-white (aka making them neo marxists). These people are not doing this for their individual self-interests, rather they are self-appointed saviours of all fellow jews. Basically ADL is
      the neo-nazis of the jewish ethnic group, but they are allowed to get away with it (that is problem #2). Just like some whites (skinheads) want to hurt non-whites, some jews (ADL types) want to hurt non-jews. They are not even Zionists, as they are not focusing on Israel, but rather on the benefit of non-Israeli jews. What other jews outside of ADL (and its sister groups) think is another question. Some believe that all jews support this ADL-like direction, others (like me) don’t. This movement does not even have a proper name, and that is the reason why so many people confuse them with all jewish people. So, lets name this group that thinks they can further the well being of fellow jews by destroying their host societies, so then no innocent (jewish or gentile) people have to be attacked. We need a new name for them, a catchy one. Of course these ADL-types are not the single source of the anti-shite movement, plenty of leftist whites further the anti-white movement through their self-hatred and white guilt. Do we have to mention the “ADL-jews” specifically while discussing about the anti-white movement or not? TBD. The anti-white jews get away with it more than the anti-white whites, because they can hind behind accusations of anti-semitism. They are shooting from behind a shield, like a sniper over a crowd, it’s not a fair game. Name the subgroup, and stop them, otherwise someone will destroy their whole group. That is actually the real best interest of non-ADL jews. Otherwise the backlash to the wrongdoings of the ADL-jews may destroy all jews. ADL have to be called out on the whole story, for example: “we jewish people are just fine in gentile societies, without you ADL wanting to destroy our neighbour-gentiles, we never asked you to hurt them, we dont need your so called help”. But that is not happening, does it?

  2. Vincent says

    A bit of a meandering article that’s lacking a narrative, perhaps purposefully. WWII is an interesting case sample of whether ‘Jewishness’ is a thing, noting the British soldiers with Nazi blood on their hands who were then murdered by Jews who did not fight Germany. Same goes for the present day Jewish extremists – they appear well-represented as both allies and enemies of nationalism; the IDL and antifa, respectively.

  3. Xenophon says

    “Indeed, MacDonald and other anti-Semites largely ignore the fact that Jews have been conspicuously overrepresented among the leadership of all sorts of right-wing movements”

    Yes, but all of those “right wing” movements have acted to funnel right wingers away from collectivist ethnic identitarianism and into atomised individualism (see Rand for a particularly egregious example of this)

    So the right wing movements that Jews have been involved in have acted as a safety valve for right wing energies to prevent resurgence of white gentile ethnic identity. This perfectly well lines up with McDonald’s thesis.

    “MacDonald reverses the correct order of causation: rather than Jews inviting persecution by advocating cosmopolitan policies that thwart the interests of Europeans, Jews advocated cosmopolitanism as a predictable response to persecution.”

    This is an academic distinction; either way they oppose white ethnic group interests, and they are exceptionally capable as the article admits. This legitimises the Alt Right’s anti-Semitism from a pragmatic point of view. Jared Taylor tried the strategy of “hey Jews, you can be white too, come join us!” and it didn’t work.

    • Jay says

      Right Xenophon, and the fact that half of American Jews are atheists, and about half marry outside of Judaism, that’s just more evidence for your thesis that Jews conspire to promote their group interests. Seems pretty ineffective to me.

      Since you’re so into conspiracy theories, please subscribe to this one: vaccines cause autism, so vaccinations are bad. That way you and your gullible loved ones will die off. Have a nice day 🙂

      • Danny Boy says

        Jews are an ethnicity and just because a lot marry gentiles doesn’t mean they don’t dislike and want to deconstruct gentile society. It is clear many Jews do.

        The vaccine straw man is just dumb. Only a moron would compare those 2 things.

        • Pro-Semite says

          Danny Boy, you are an asterisk in a movement of angry losers. If you had any insight you would be writing something original for quillette rather than regurgitating the blood-soaked cum of neo-nazis in the comment section. Jews invented much of the technology that dumb people like you now use to condemn them.

          Friendly advice: stop blaming the most productive people who have ever lived for the fact that you’re a deeply unhappy person. Maybe chill out, make some popcorn, watch a Jordan Peterson video, and make a conscious choice to do something good with your life.

          • Big Al says

            I wonder how many white identitarians would truly forgo Jewish medicine, Jewish physics, Jewish software, etc. What do they imagine they would be left with?

            Another thing I wonder, if you go along these lines, is that the genetic stock for the white nationalists appears to come from Scottish, Welsh, and Irish peasants, not the elite of Europe from an identity politics perspective.

          • KSA says

            ” the blood-soaked cum of neo-nazis”

            What is it with you jews and your obsession with bodily fluids?

            “Friendly advice: stop blaming the most productive people who have ever lived”

            What have jews ever built? Where is your great civilization? Where is your art? All the ancient buildings in Israel were built by the more advanced peoples who conquered you such as the Romans. All you jews have ever done is move from country to country and live off of the labor and good graces of the host society, who you then victimize and persecute until they’ve had enough and kick you out.

  4. Xenophon says

    “Maybe MacDonald has an ad hoc explanation for why the most liberal countries in Europe, which in the past few years accepted the largest number of immigrants relative to their population—Sweden and Germany—have a very small number of Jews.”

    Almost no one on the Alt Right posits Jews as the sole explanatory factor for white displacement. There is a wide discussion of particular traits being heavily endemic in Europeans (especially in North-Western Europeans) which make them vulnerable to universalistic altruism.

    • Danny Boy says

      Jews are to blame for mass immigration though. Where does the idea that we need mass immigration come from? Where does the liberal ideology that allows this invasion to happen and continue come from and who pushes it hardest?
      Answer: Jewish press, and Jewish intelligentsia. They are the major factors in all this, it wouldn’t be happening without them, we all know it.
      And I don’t believe that “genetic altruism” theory. The white race was brutal in conquest and war this altruism started not too long ago. I’d link this swing toward altruism directly to women being allowed to vote.

      • Günter says

        You might want to read a book other than Culture of Critique. You might want to read about the roots of liberalism in Protestantism. You might want to read about mass immigration policies in European countries where there are virtually no Jews. You might want to notice that the main person in the administration leading the battle against mass immigration is Jewish. You might want to notice that leading anti-immigration sites like VDARE have numerous Jewish writers, and always have.

        Nah, never mind, just read Culture of Critique again. It’s infallible after all. All a person needs to know.

        • You might want to read about the roots of Protestantism in Jewish thinking, how Cromwell treated Catholics as contrasted with how he treated Jews, about Calvin and usury, etc., all the way on through to the Scofield reference Bible and how it got written, published, spread around, and embraced by the likes of men like Hagee and Pat Robertson. Then look into how Jewish thinking affected how Vatican II played out.

        • bob says

          Both of you fall for the fallacy of the single cause. By the way, if there is a bad idea, it is not only the fault of the person who came up with it, but also the fault of everyone who spreads it. 99% of the people who spread anti-white propaganda, are whites themselves, 1% are jews. It is sad, but it has to be tackled as a phenomenon. Genocidal self-hatred, it is a thing. Most people refuse to believe that such evil thing exists (it is like satanism), so the ones doing it get away with it (and get re-elected like Merkel). Jared Taylor and Douglas Murray talk about this. If there were no white race traitors, then jews, muslims, blacks and others could not hurt us. It is one thing for another group to have opposing ethnic interest, it is another thing for someone inside an (ethnic) group to undermine their own group from behind the protection and trust that group provides to its members. Having adversaries, or having traitors are different in severity.

      • augustine says

        Rubbish. If there were no practical “use” for large scale immigration, if it were an economic net negative, it would not have been gaining the last five decades. Mass immigration has been pushed by Republicans to funnel in cheap labor (to keep certain U.S. industries peopled) *and* by liberal diversity mongers, a rather strange and possibly synergistic mix of ideology and practicality.

        The deeper rationale behind modern immigration innovations is that American citizens have been slacking off in the family and children department, so we need to import those who are not born. This has opened up opportunities for pushing diversity and multiculturalism. The same goes for Europe. Without these interrelated developments I think anyone could look around this country and see that we have enviable levels of all kinds of human diversity, even in 1965. Not having enough warm bodies to fill millions of jobs is more difficult to circumvent.

  5. Lorri says

    I have nothing of substance to add to this interesting article. It is good to point out that the subject is not straightforward, so the conclusions of the alt-right are often erroneous.

    However, on a personal level, I have always been struck by how single-minded Jews are to preserve their own culture. They usually are open about their preference to marry other Jews, and insist that any non-Jew fiance(e) converts to Judaism. Some Jews don’t conform to these preferences and endure the disapproval of other Jews. There are plenty of essays online written by Jews who don’t want to see their bloodlines or culture watered down by too much inter-marrying.

    Unlike gentiles, there seems to be zero embarrassment at holding such sentiments.

    Nationalism is bad, except when it comes to Israel. Closing ranks and keeping to your own culture/race is bad, except when it comes to Judaism. Expecting someone to give up their own religion is bad, except when it comes to gentiles marrying Jews.

    I knew a Jewish woman who was best friends with a German guy that she knew from work. They were as close as two friends could be without it being a romance. (He was gay.) Yet, when it came time to plan her Jewish wedding, she balked at inviting him because he was not only a non-Jew; he was also German. She could not envision him there among her Jewish guests. She told me this privately.

    I managed to convince her that his heart would be broken, and the friendship would be over if she didn’t invite him. She saw my point and invited him. He never knew she didn’t want to. He attended and danced his socks off at the reception in blissful ignorance.

    There does seem to be a bit of hypocrisy in how Jews regard gentiles and themselves. Perhaps this double standard is evident to alt-right people, and then they find it easy to believe bad scholarship?

    This subject would require a lot more research to even begin to crack open the truth.

    • Michael K says

      70% of American Jews are getting married to gentiles. A lot of what you said in terms of ethnic separatism is anachronistic.

      Personally I don’t mind at all marrying a gentile (I actually like them better) but would prefer my future wife convert to Judaism. Why is this a problem? I would also prefer my future wife become an American citizen (and proud patriot) if she were born overseas. How is this any different?

      As for the double standard, yeah it exists. This is for the same reason as the existence of Black History Month but no White History Month; theoretically, when Whites are the dominant cultural group, there is no need for a special month. However, this sentiment is also now anachronisticsince Whites are no longer really dominant in America. Thus, there’s no problem with European clubs/interest groups IMO.

      • Forcing your wife to convert is a problem because you’re saying that her religion is inferior to your own and she must change.

        Forcing her to change her citizenship is no different to be honest. Let her do whatever she wants.

        • Michael K says

          for sure. it’d be entirely up to her. I’m speaking of a non-Jewish woman who has little-to-no attachment to her religion

        • Ann says

          Let her do whatever she wants…? so what do they celebrate Sabbath or Sunday, and when they have children then what teach them to brush their teeth, ride a bike, read, all the important things but let them do whatever they want when it comes to choosing the “right religion” , do we even choose our religion, most of us are born into it and have the same as our family. Besides, he said : prefer not force, and as the prophet 🙂 JB Peterson, rightly stated : ” Life is hard, man” no need to complicated further. It’s practical to prefer that our spouse has the same religion.

          • That’s it? Sabbath or Sunday? Yes you can teach your kids both religions and let them choose. It’s not hard. My cooworker is married to a Jew and they are doing just fine without her converting. The children celebrate both religions. Another woman I know is Hindu and she married a Jew and because both are secular the kids are basically secular. Most Jews who marry outside of their religion are secular to begin with.

            This conversion mindset is toxic and outdated. Islam is the worst offender, but the rest of you have it too. There is a reason why Singapore banned this type of conversion/marriage practice. Notice that Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs all can intermarry with no issue. All of a sudden when we marry a Christian, Muslim or Jew then we “need” to convert to avoid “complications.”


      • Santoculto says

        Non-ortodoxh jews…

        The future of american jewdaism is ortodoxh.

        And many jews marry out of tribe because it’s a way to create perfect hybrid types to deceive their mentally enslaved goyim, of both ideological sides, both.

        • Jay says

          The fact that you’re saying this, santoculto, proves that you are a Jew. You’re trying to convince us that non-Jews conspire with Jews to make us believe they’re not really promoting Jewish interests when they really are. Sounds pretty Jewish to me. You are a Jew promoting Jewish interests by creating Jewish puzzles. Very clever of you.

          My head hurts from reading these stupid comments. The article, on the other hand, spot on. I’m sure KMac will respond with ad how assumptions with barely more sophistication than santoculto’s retarded retort.

    • Joe says

      I seem first compelled to note that anecdotes are not data. Also, it’s one thing (egregious bigotry IMO) to say that one will only do business with or hire or generally associate with people of their own culture or race or whatever. It’s a completely different thing to say that one insists on forming a deep, intimate, and hopefully durable bond with a person who shares their deepest values and cultural commitments. It’s also not that uncommon. It’s not particularly uncommon to meet someone who feels that their Christianity is so central to their lives that they demand a life partner who shares their personal relationship with Jesus. Maybe it’s just because I live in the American South, but around here people are quite open about their commitments to Christianity and their low opinion of those who’ve rejected the one true light of their religion. It’s certainly not true of every or even most Christians around here, but it’s far from uncommon to encounter that attitude, and cliques based around particularly large churches are centers of political power here.

      We may or may not find such things silly, but they don’t strike me as being particularly harmful or even worthy of public concern.

      Even to the degree your post rings true, it drips with hypocrisy. It’s like old justification for quotas on admission of Jews to college because “they cheat.” It’s true, but it’s true of everyone else as well.

      At least your first sentence was spot on.

  6. Günter says

    The alt right made a fatal mistake in hitching their wagon to anti-Semitism and it is about to destroy them completely. It was an unforced error. Their movement could have been squarely against immigration, or stressed protecting the cultures of Europe now under threat. But instead they formed a cult around a book most of them hadn’t read, which hadn’t been challenged in the normal way academic works usually are. When a critique came in the form of a mild, scholarly paper, we saw a temper tantrum befitting the most hysterical of SJWs. Each alt right figure is currently undergoing their own individual meltdown. Perhaps the “all powerful Jewish lobby” has arranged all of their self-destruction, for instance by forcing them to cuck each other in trailer parks? Or maybe future populist movements should try actual pragmatic populism instead of scapegoating, degeneracy, and insanity.

    • ga gamba says

      Each alt right figure is currently undergoing their own individual meltdown. Perhaps the “all powerful Jewish lobby” has arranged all of their self-destruction, for instance by forcing them to cuck each other in trailer parks?

      Indeed. But the alt-right then spins this with more conspiracy theories and cries of “controlled opposition”. Unless one is actually rounding up Jews and stoking the ovens’ fires no alt-right ideologue is as pure as many demand.

      • There is no conspiracy theory, unless you believe that its only an organized conspiracy which enables one ethnic group to dominate another. Why would there need to be an organized conspiracy for us to consider the consequences of Jewish power? Or are we still pretending Jewish power itself is conspiracy theory, even though it’s empirically verifiable?

        It is not a conspiracy theory, it is a criticism of the ethnic politics of organized Jewish groups. Only in the case of criticism of Jewish power do people get confused about this. We wouldn’t be confused about it if we were talking about the power of organized white European, Asian, or Black groups. Everybody understands that there is an ideological spectrum particular to every group, perceived interests that belong to those groups which may or may not conflict with the interests of other groups – except Jews apparently.

        People like yourself will say “you can’t criticize Jewish politics because there is no Jewish politics. Jews disagree with each other! They’re just like everybody else, you antisemite!” Except every other group does have a politics specific to it, and if Jews didn’t, this would make them quite unlike every other group. So which is it? Are Jews just like everybody else or are they unique in having no set of perceived ethnic interests of their own?

        If you want to choose the latter argument, then you’ll have to explain to us how a group that has no set of perceived ethnic interests specific to it could have more organizations and more money devoted to it than any other. You would also have to explain why it is that Jews themselves will publicly tell us they have interests specific to them. They will even admit the disproportionate level of influence they have had until somebody suggests that this influence may have been negative, in which case recognizing their influence becomes “conspiracy theory” again.

        Is it really that hard to imagine that what Jews believe is in their interest may actually conflict with the interests of other groups? If so, then why is it that people only have difficulty recognizing this in the case of Jews? These aren’t rhetorical questions. I’d like an answer please.

      • Answer this question: What criticism of Jewish politics can we make that would not be disregarded as antisemitic conspiracy theory? If you can’t answer it, then what you’re telling us is that Jews – quite unlike every other group – are above criticism. They alone possess a politics that can’t be criticized. That’s especially absurd when we consider their wealth and influence. What you would be telling us is that the single wealthiest and most disproportionately influential ethnic group is beyond criticism. Does that sound right to you? Because it doesn’t to anyone else.

    • Günter says

      Your movement is doing great! CF. Paul Nehlen who is sure to destroy Paul Ryan and bring the JQ to the floor of the House for debate. He will singlehandedly then pass new Nuremberg laws to limit nefarious anti-white Jewish influences and make sure that maggots like Stephen Miller can no longer spread their parasitic Jewish ideologies that won Donald Trump the election. From this platform, Nehlen along with his chief advisors Andrew Anglin and Azmador will begin his ascent to the Presidency. Once ensconced in the White House, Nehlen will preside over a new Reich and the Jewish influence will be forcibly removed. It’s going to happen and no amount of scholarly papers refuting Culture of Critique will stop it.


  7. NickG says

    Good article. One critique it does underplay Jewish clubishness… tribalism. The ethnocentrism for me but not for thee that one sees amongst ‘progressive’ Jews all the time.

    • GNick says

      No doubt many Jews are clubish. But clubishness and ethnocentrism are human universals. Jews are no different than most groups on that count.

      • But when everyone but Europeans are allowed to fight for or even merely defend their interests, it’s a problem. Any attempt on the part of Europeans to defend their cultures is automatically labeled “racist” in the media and in academia. It’s not that way for ANY other group, most especially Jewish groups, which can be so blatant with the double standards that it’s almost (or should be, anyway) shocking.

      • Heads_and_Thales says

        I would think the difference relates to religious finance laws. Jewish law prohibits jews from lending to other jews. This is a big difference that seems overlooked to me

  8. Steve Sailer says

    Our society is currently obsessed with rooting out “white privilege,” with invisible manifestations of white racism, and with Hollywood being so white.

    Perhaps the authors will next say, out loud, that these concerns are just another example of conspiracy thinking by the less sophisticated and that the real cause for the gap in whites tending to have nicer things than blacks — such as wealth, power, and influence — is higher average white IQ? Or does the fate of James D. Watson suggest that it’s less dangerous to one’s career to mention the white-black IQ gap than the Jewish-gentile IQ gap?

    On the other hand, our society worries vastly more about “white privilege” than it does about, say, “Jewish privilege,” which is a phrase that barely even exists despite the fact that standard EEOC metrics would point toward apparent disparate impact in, say, the Forbes 400. Perhaps, therefore, our culture has made more progress toward eliminating “white privilege” than it has toward eliminating “Jewish privilege,” since well-funded and prestigious forces are working toward the former and only the most marginalized are concerned about the latter?

    • Sailer is a cuck says

      You’re an idiot, Sailer. Both of these authors have talked about group differences other than the ones that you obsessively focus on. You’re projecting your preconceptions onto them.

      • How would Sailer’s belief – right or wrong – about whether the writers have talked about the aforementioned group differences or not make him a “cuck”? Do you know what the word means?

    • Heads_and_Thales says

      In 2014, he decided to auction off his Nobel prize medal in view of his diminished income after the 2007 incident and to use part of the funds raised by the sale to support scientific research. The medal sold at auction at Christie’s in December 2014 for US$4.1 million.

      The medal was subsequently returned to Watson by the purchaser, Russian tycoon Alisher Usmanov, who stated that Watson deserved the medal and that “a situation in which an outstanding scientist has to sell a medal recognizing his achievements is unacceptable.”

      those evil Russians!

  9. Sea otter millionaire says

    There’s a short series of well-made videos summarizing Culture of Critique by a YouTube account called The Leftovers.

    I was influenced by MacDonald’s takedown of Stephen Jay Gould, a childhood hero of mine. One of the videos discredits The Mismeasure of Man, a book critical of IQ, by explaining how Gould’s own measurements of cranial capacity were “biased” (the word used in a ~2011 NYT editorial), as well as Gould’s commie upbringing. Interesting that the authors of this essay use IQ differences to explain group differences in success.

  10. In Reading this article, it sort of dawned on me that the radical left are not the only ones guilty of postmodernist ways of thinking, and that the alt-right are equally guilty of it too. Just take any statement an alt-righter would say about the system of oppression, and rreplace ‘jews’ with “white patriarchy”. I consider myself a moderate conservative, and I find the alt-right to be alarming. Extremes of course exist in both sides of the spectrum and should be examples carefully.

    • Mischling says

      Yes, Jewish power as described by KMac works much the same way as “White supremacy” as described by SJWs.

      I would say there is one major difference though.

      Jews actually are disproportionately represented in positions of influence. Non-Jewish Whites are not.

      You may laugh at first at the idea that Whites are not over represented but when you take out the Jewish Whites, you will find that non-Jewish Whites are extremely under represented in the media and academia and places that are important for guiding public opinion.

      • It is true that the parallel doesn’t entirely work because jews are over-represented and white males are not. I only drew the comparison because, as with the extremes on either side of the spectrum, it’s flawed identity politics that blame one group on all their perceived oppression. The alt-right likes to point to one group and say everything wrong with the world is because of them. They may even go as far to say that you don’t necessarily have to be jewish to be part of it, as you can be their puppet. The SJW will point to white males as a whole and claim everything wrong with the world is because they are in charge. When you point to women and minorities in power who don’t share their sentiments, they will argue they are puppets of the patriarchy or have internalized misogyny. Both extremes are drawing false comparisons and conclusions based on flawed narratives.

        • Michael K says

          I’m glad someone else noticed the similarities between the radical Left and the radical Right when it comes postmodern thinking. To the far Left, everything is proof of ‘white privilege’; pretty much this image: The postmodern rot is so deep that even criticizing the term ‘white privilege’ is in of itself proof of ‘white privilege.’I actually had someone tell me recently that anyone who says “I don’t want to talk about politics” is just exerting their white privilege. These people are so ideologically possessed that it’d almost be comical to watch, if it wasn’t for the fact that so many good people have fallen for it.

          The altright plays the same game; everything is proof of ‘Jewish subversion.’ One time I posted a very substantive comment explaining how tail ends work on IQ bell curves, and my opponent’s response was not to respond to the substance of my argument but rather to say that my comment itself was an example of ‘Jewish subversion’ since my email address was the name of a famous gentile (in other words, he thought I was appropriating a gentile’s name intentionally in order to ‘fool the goyim’ into believing Jewish lies). Likewise, I’ve seen altright twitter posters argue that Cofnas’s new article is just another example confirming Kmac’s theory, since allegedly Confas is pursuing Jewish interests.

          and for the altleft and altright, there’s no way out of this original sin but for Whites to either admit guilt and repent (aka ensure their own demise) or for Jews to stop existing, respectively.

      • Mischling is Missing the Point says

        Mischling, you seem to have missed the point of the article: IQ. It matters. That, for the most part, is why Ashkenazi (but not Sephardic) Jews have achieved so much in the sciences, medicine, mathematics, even literature and the arts. “Positions of influence,” as you put it, tend to attract smart people — at least in free countries. Hence, members of a group with the highest average IQ will tend to be in those positions in large numbers.

        • The disproportionate influence isn’t just due to IQ; by sheer numbers, there are more European geniuses than Jewish ones. Usury, fractional reserve banking, central banking, the Federal Reserve, and nepotism play a role as well.

        • KSA says

          What have ashkenazis achieved in literature and the arts? They have no great poets, novelists, writers, painters, or composers at all. Who do they posit as “great?” Philip Roth? Allen Ginsberg? Philip Glass? Who are they compared to Shakespeare, Homer, Goethe, and Beethoven?

  11. Mischling says

    A couple thoughs:

    A lot of Cofnas’ paper seems dedicated to proving that Jewish people are disproportionately in positions of power because they are high IQ and they live in cities.

    This doesn’t actually conflict with MacDonald’s hypothesis at all. In fact, I’m sure he would agree with it.

    MacDonald’s hypothesis is not that Jews are disproportionately powerful (that’s just a fact, although some people do find it uncomfortable to talk about), it’s that liberalism, particularly liberalism on the issue of immigration, is a manifestation of Jewish interest.

    You seem to be basically agreeing with him, only you’re saying “it’s justified because of persecution”.

    So is being liberal a defense against anti-Semitism or a result of hostility to Whites?

    Probably both, the two things fed into each other. Jews saw liberalism as a way to undermine potentially genocidal goys. Anti-Semitism rose as a result.That in turn made Jews even more determined to undermine potentially genocidal goys.

    The important thing to point at at this juncture is this: Most Whites no longer harbor any negative feelings towards Jews, so Jewish people, please stop advocating to make us minorities! I know it’s not all of you but it’s a lot of you and the ones who are doing it are very influential because they own TV stations and newspapers.

    Lastly, I will say that the idea that Jews harbor anti-White sentiment does not require a conspiracy by all Jews, as you imply it does. Just as non-Jewish hostility to Jews (anti-Semitism) does not require a conspiracy by all Jews.

    • Zealot5 says

      It’s great that you think this is true. As a Jewish American I want to live in harmony with my gentile neighbors.

      But the alt right, which is who this article addresses, don’t want that. They picked this fight and made Jews their enemy.

      Jews are going to push back against that. Contrast the power of American Jews with that of the alt right. Who’s winning? Yea I like our odds.

      But when the alt right decides to make peace with us, we’ll do that too.

      • Michael K says

        Under KMac’s theory (at least from what I’ve gathered), it doesn’t really matter that you ‘want to live in harmony with your gentile neighbors.’ Your evolutionarily programmed to undermine the gentile, and you’ll do it naturally even if it’s completely unintentional. I’ve even heard KMac argue that Jews may have been selected for traits that blind us from self-recognition of our own efforts at subversion. It seems that the logical conclusion of this theory is that all Jews must be eliminated.

        on the other side, I will note that there are some Jews that are so scared of anti-semitism, that they do seem to bring it on the rest of us. this is kinda like a guy who is so scared of rejection at the hands of a female that he smothers her, eventually causing his own rejection. jews that attempt to “fight anti-semitism” by advocating a neo-Marxist/anti-‘Whiteness’ agenda that disenfranchises Whites are not helping us

      • Dave Bowman says

        You’ll “make peace” ? Really ?

        “The White race is the cancer of the earth. Sooner or later it simply has to go” – Barbara Lerner Spectre, White-hating racist Jewish “sociologist”, who runs a Jewish affairs institute in Sweden – entirely at Swedish tax-payers’ expense.

        • Ima Whitecuck says

          When you confuse one obscure sociologist with the entirety of a people, you may be a low IQ individual.

      • KSA says

        “But the alt right, which is who this article addresses, don’t want that. They picked this fight and made Jews their enemy. ”

        A typical jewish lie. You jews washed up on our shores and hadn’t taken five steps off your lice-infested boats when you started agitating for communism, feminism, and mass immigration into our land. Europeans put up with your criminality for 2,000 years until they finally had enough of you. We Whites have every right to do to you what we want. If you don’t like, it leave our lands and go to Israel where you belong.

        • Ima Whitecuck says

          Somebody sounds upset. Getting cucked in the trailer park again? I blame the Jews!

    • This whole article is based on strawman arguments that nobody on the altright is actually making.

      “Well, Jews have higher IQs than us and live in cities. They lucked into their power and influence or acquired it through hard work because they’re scrappy underdogs. Or they were forced to become financiers and wealthy bankers by evil, mean, backward Christian gentiles who excluded them from farming or whatever. I guess that settles it: We’ll have to flood our country with immigrants that they incite against us and we’ll have to fight Israel’s multitrillion dollar wars now!”

      Is this what the author expects non-Jews to say? The truth is doesn’t even matter why Jews are in power, all that matters is that they are and their perceived interests conflict with our interests.

      • Straw Man says

        >There is no conspiracy
        >Jews are in power
        Pick one.

        • Not a straw man says

          Straw man: you invented a false dichotomy. We have a simple explanation for why Jews are in powerful positions: Ashkenazi Jews score higher, on average, on those mental abilities that predict success in the modern world. Simple. Arthur Jensen and Charles Murray are right.

          • Straw Man says

            Because if there is no conspiracy then any power Jews have comes from their high IQ and other personality traits.

  12. I’d be curious about your hypothesis on why modern American antisemitism is dominated by the Left. The right wing antisemites are a tiny fringe, the leftist ones have high positions of power in the Democratic Party.

    • p m says

      The Left, it seems to me, is not dominated by antisemitism. Its positions are determined at 35,000 feet, driven by Underdog-ism. The Palestinians are championed simply because they’re underdogs to Israel. No deep dive necessary. It’s why the Left champions any poor person to any rich one. It’s why it prefers muslim immigrants to European citizens, labor to management, seabirds to Big Oil, women to men and on and on. It’s why, in America, the Left’s unflagging support of ‘people of color’ only means black and brown but never – and I say this for argument’s sake – yellow. Asians in America are generally too successful to be in an underdog position, therefore, ignored. Its a fairly predictable, fairly rudimentary, approach to issues.

      • Note that I said “antisemitism is dominated by the Left,” not “the Left is dominated by antisemitism.” Part of their trope is that antisemitism is a right wing phenomenon- the premise of this article- but I would submit that Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Keith Ellison, Danny Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Linda Sarsour, et al are far more powerful and well-known than the few pitiful fringe figures mentioned here. I wonder how much longer Team Blue will “own” the Jewish vote and activism, but I don’t underestimate people’s willingness (or even eagerness) to ignore their actual self-interest out of a cultural-reflexive response..

        If I want to find a philosemite, I have a much greater chance at a meeting of Evangelical Christians than at a Women’s March. Yet the former is “icky” to mainstream Jews, the latter is where you’ll find our female rabbis marching (though without a Jewish star on their banners, that symbol having been banned).

        • Alfred Loafah says

          How is Farrakhan a leftist? Just because he’s black? He’s an ultra-conservative Muslim.

    • Dennis says

      Modern leftists hate achievement. They see disparities of outcome and assume anyone on top must have gotten their position by taking it from someone else. They believe in a cosmic egalitarianism and can’t stomach the obviouy true claim that biology predisposes some groups to be smarter than others, or better at some socially valued task.

      • Aro says

        Victim-hood is a powerful psychosis. If you have problems in your life and someone is selling you reasons that don’t involve self-reflection or self-improvement, but rather a collective lynching of someone easily enviable then I think that becomes an easy sell. Especially if you bundle it up properly with cognitive dissonance.

        There are just as many people below average as above it and nearly everyone is susceptible to envy. Look at how many people spend so much time on Facebook trying to paint a picture of how great their lives are. Why do they do this? The democratic vote is a numbers game. You don’t need to be right. You need to convince more people. And this is an easy sell.

  13. Free Speech Matters says

    Not only do you ignore MacDonald’s voluminous writings on right-wing Jews but you ignore that Jews have the dark triad of psychological traits. It’s not just IQ, bud.

    • Jay says

      If Jews have a “dark triad of traits” it sure does manifest itself in strangely socially beneficial ways, like Jewish surgeons saving lives directly, Jewish physicists transforming the world in ways that add wealth and technology and a sense of wonder, etc. if you can’t see that you’re not trying very hard and you’re probably engaged in motivated reasoning.

      Pickup science books by Carl Sagan or Richard Feynman, listen to music by Rogers and Hammerstein, hell, maybe even venture out of your mom’s basement and get to know some Jews and you might find that they’re not the caricature you think they are.

      • Frans says

        European Whites are responsible for most achievements in history, Greek miracle, Roman law, Medieval invention of universities, Renaissance, Discovery of the World, Modern Science, etc, etc, while Jews were members of a cultic Talmudic society. Later, during Enlightenment times, Whites freed Jews and allowed them to achieve success inside White-created nations. Jews never had the character, manliness, vitality to create a nation state until Whites benevolence allowed to create tiny Israel.

    • Kurt says

      RE: “Jews have the dark triad of psychological traits”

      I used to know a guy that would sit on a bar stool and say things like that – Bobby. He was a loser too.

    • Wait, what? That would predict Jews are very good at seducing women, considering how well the Manosphere argues that Dark Tryad traits are very seductive to women? But in reality all the Jews I see are Woody Allen type virgin “nebbis” types.

  14. John McKenna says

    As someone who’s been among Alt right circles for many years now I really welcome this article and the paper on MacDonalds book. I’ve always been agnostic on this question and while I did read Culture of Critique I felt it was so caveated by its own author that there was no way to draw a conclusion that it was the Jewishness of particular figures that was indeed the cause of their leftism.

    It is indeed a problem that the movement put so much weight on this one particular book but even if MacDonalds book turns out to be bogus I don’t think the Altright needs to give up its advocacy for European self interests because ultimately that’s what we are about.

    While Orwell was correct to say that it was politically expedient to have an “other” for ingroup unity it certainly is not absolutely necessary. You only need love for each other. I have experienced this in many parts of the world where more isolated peoples value their kinship greatly above the material advantages they would have by moving to the west.

    If you honestly are an advocate for Europeans then the make up of those who attack you are of no importance. You’re cause is noble so long as you act noble. So long as you are noble you have every right to defend yourself.

    • Kurt says

      “As someone who’s been among Alt right circles for many years now”

      What did they call themselves before the summer of 2016 when nobody had ever heard of them?

    • Danny Boy says

      “Hello my fellow alt-righter, as a fellow white person I think you should really stop talking about these Jews. What a silly thing to talk about Jews aren’t doing anything, nothing to see over here.”


  15. Santoculto says

    for sure 😉

    expected coming from ”neo-centrism”…

  16. Emma says

    Do Jews have a monopoly on persecution? I don’t see Armenians, Rwandans or Sri Lankan Tamils advocating for mass migration in countries that gave them refuge, and their livelihoods.
    The 3 most important donors of the Democratic Party, and by extension, mass migration of Mexicans and Muslims into the US (and for Soros, Europe also) are Soros, Steyer, and Haim Saban.
    Sabam companies control the most media market share in Germany and he is openly boastful about influencing foreign policy towards Israel –
    “I’m a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel,” he said in his first extensive interview in years.”

    Never mind he controls Univision and other media properties.

  17. James says

    Total smokescreen.

    A highly inbred population (you see it with the mendelian disease rate) has less scope for reciprocal altrusim/kin selection than a highly outbred population.

    • Dr. James? says

      James, we might be inclined to listen to you when you’ve finished your doctorate in genetics. Until then, we’ll trust Cochran and Harpending, who find otherwise. Read the chapter on the evolution of Ashkenazi intelligence in their book, The 10,000 Year Explosion. Then chime in again when you know what you’re talking about.

      And no, reading Daily Stormer shitposts from a bunch of losers who wear swastika panties and get hard when they watch Hitler speeches on Youtube does not mean you can make legitimate claims about Jewish genetics.

  18. Jim Austin says

    Ideas have consequences. Some ideas absorbed by a culture result in a fairly benign, free, civilized, prosperous society. Other ideas so absorbed result in malevolence, squalor, tyranny, terror, mass murder.

    Many of former ideas were generated during Western Europe’s Age of Enlightenment, ideas valuing reason, science, technology, prosperity, freedom, civilization. Due to the works of great Jewish philosophers from Moses Maimonides to Moses Mendelssohn and others whose names weren’t Moses, Jews have become strongly identified with Enlightenment values, with the Enlightenment itself.

    Led by the likes of Jean Jacques Rousseau, the left reacted against the Enlightenment. Rousseau taught that science was bad, that technology was bad, that civilization was corrupt and that innocence was to be found in primitive existence. The far left, along with Nazis and Moslem terrorists, who have a malignant hatred of Enlightenment values will always have a special hatred of Jews.

  19. the Supreme Gentleman says

    (Crossposted from UR)

    A subject that wasn’t raised in the article, but that I am very curious to hear commenters’ opinions on, is Jewish out-marriage.

    According to MacDonald, Joyce, Anglin, lots of random Twitter accounts with Groyper/Pepe/anime avatars, and so on, Jews are an extremely ethno-centric group who constantly collude, consciously or not, to advance their own interests at the expense of Gentiles. Furthermore, Jews see themselves as non-white, though they lie about this to Gentiles for nefarious purposes. (Remember, this is completely different from when @fashy_pepe88 describes himself as “white” in one tweet and “Italian” in another.)

    However, according to relatively recent numbers from Pew, the Jewish outmarriage rate is 58% overall, and 70% for non-Orthodox Jews (who are the vast majority of influential Jews in media, finance, academia, et cetera.) Furthermore, non-Orthodox Jews have fertility rates below the 2.1 replacement threshold.

    How can this possibly be squared with an account of Jewish behavior secretly being Jews aggressively promoting their interests as an ethnic group? Surely Jews have to exist as a distinct ethny to have interests to promote? Doesn’t it strike you as bizarre that, say, promoting feminism is somehow part of the “Jewish group evolutionary strategy”, but having Jewish offspring is not?

    Indeed, consider the shocking disconnect between alt-right views on Jewish demographics and non-Jewish white demographics. According to white nationalists, from Jared Taylor to Andrew Anglin, miscegenation is a huge threat to the white race, and indeed is often alleged to be aggressively promoted by Jewish advertisements and entertainment media. To virtually all white nationalists, having more white children is a, if not indeed the , top priority (as the infamous 14 words suggest.) Whites, particularly women, who marry non-whites are considered to be disgusting racial traitors, as for instance in the Daily Stormer’s frequently printed articles on the matter.

    Yet Jewish exogamy is around 6 times the white rate of 10%! Imagine the reaction white nationalists would have if a majority or super majority of white marriages were to non-whites! Would they say that whites were doing an excellent job promoting their ethnic interests vis a vis non-whites?

    As I recall, MacDonald had an extremely unconvincing response to this point in one of his books, and there are other matters I’d like to elaborate on later, but this will have to do for the nonce. I look forward to reading reasoned critiques, vitriolic personal attacks, et cetera, in response to my comment tomorrow.

  20. Jan says

    I study the alt right and this article does nothing to deflate their arguments. I wish someone would prove their concerns wrong and this article isn’t it. Jews are over represented in universities by 2500%. They enjoy the highest salaries second only to East Indians. They are wildly over represented in media, banking and social media. Jews coined the phrase Master Race for themselves and it only takes seconds to find videos of Israeli Hasidic Jews explaining how each one of them will have 20 gentile slaves after Jews destroy Europe.

    Personally I don’t care about equality of outcome and I attribute Jewish success to culture and education. But if Social Justice and equality of outcome prevail Jewish privilege will have to take a gigantic cut. There is no question that Jews enjoy extraordinary privilege and completely escape criticism for it. Disgruntled rural whites have a reason to be jealous of Jews. Perhaps they would be wise to emulate Jewish culture and give them competition. Failing that we should all recognize Jewish privilege and stop leaving it out of the conversation.

    • ericdondero says

      Some of us Jews are Alt Right. Yes, the Alt Right is flooded with NeoNazis. But not all Alt Right. We Jew Alt Right fight back as much as we can against the national SOCIALISTS. NeoNazis are leftwingers at their core and despise capitalism and freedom.

      • Danny Boy says

        “I’m a Jewish infiltrator that tries to steer all talk of Jews onto something else.”
        Only a Jew would think capitalism and “freedom” (that is what Jews call freedom not white men) are above the people themselves.
        Only an outsider with no connection to the people could think this way, you aren’t alt-right.

        • No Cuckbox? says

          Wait, are you saying us alt right Jews aren’t invited to stand on the cuckbox watching our wife’s boyfriend in the trailer park in solidarity with you?

        • It’s like you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. If you’re Jewish on the alt-right, you’re an infiltrator. If you’re not part of the alt-right, you’re clearly against white interests!

    • Aro says

      Jewish values include doing something valuable for the world…so Jews push their children to be doctors, etc. I can’t say that’s true for any group of ‘whites’ — especially considering many of them have abandoned their religion (or take a shallow understanding of it, which is probably worse than abandoning it) and value things presented to them by the media — partying, ‘following your heart’, ‘be happy’ etc. None of which are particularly useful behaviours.

      But the world is complex. I would wager that the warning by two US presidents about the military industrial complex and secret societies suggests that there are some pretty serious conspiratorial groups out there trying to rule things. I would wager that the historical examples of elite groups of people taking power by various means and holding it among themselves is not ended in history but continues in this day. I would imagine that corporatism and the idea that money is god would drive many people to do many evil things in pursuit of money and power. Even drug lords have manipulated society, politics, law enforcement etc and continue to do so in order to establish their empires. The world is a big place and it is full of these things.

      So it’s hard to say “jews” do this and “white people” do that and “liberals are like this”. There are certainly major movements and lines can be drawn all over the place — but the more significant distinction is not between people but within ourselves. Each person has the potential for malevolence be them Jew or Gentile. And as such, you will find evil among every group.

      MLK Jr did cleverly coin the phrase, “by the content of their character”, and that’s really what we should be looking at.

      As for Jews, they have a very rich and significant biblical history — one which both Christianity and Islam are completely dismantled without, and many wise men have reasoned that protecting that is an important mission / light to the world. And I would have to agree. Italy has a rich history, and pasta is delicious, but we forget everything about Italy I think the world would be alright. Judaism, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about… No old testament means no new testament. It means no Mohammed. No objective morality for the world to structure itself by. It means the basis of western law would be forfeit. The significance is far greater than most people can comprehend. The Jews safeguard that tradition. As such, Jews are supposed to watch out for each other. It’s a fraternity and sorority.

      But all you need to do is study the Christian Old Testament or the Torah and you will see that the Jews are just people. God grants them gifts. Jews prosper. Jews make some big mistakes and sin, God punishes them. This happens again and again and again….what makes you think history isn’t repeating itself? That there aren’t some Jews who have taken things a little too far, or have been blinded in the pursuit of power that they believe the ends justify the means?

      I think the biggest reason the Jews get attacked all of the time is because they are an exclusive group. I didn’t understand why for a long time, but after learning more about Judaism I can understand why.

      Unfortunately, it’s very easy to turn someone against something they don’t understand — especially something that they aren’t part of. And all throughout history this has been the case. But you can’t understand something without a lot of work — and a lot of people aren’t capable of it and a lot more don’t want to bother for one reason or another.

  21. John C. Reddick says

    “Persecution of Jews began for religious reasons in the Middle Ages and morphed into political persecution as Jews began to climb the social ladder, and political leaders saw them as a useful out-group to use as a scapegoat for people’s economic and social woes. For example, when Italian traders inadvertently brought the Black Plague from Asia to Europe, thousands of Jews were murdered in retaliation when Christian peasants decided that the Jews had deliberately infected them.”

    I would dispute this to some extent. Anti-Semitism was not invented in the Middle Ages, after all; there are clear signs of it going back to antiquity. “‘Vin tu curtis Judæis oppedere?’ ‘Nulla mihi,’ inquam, ‘religio est.’” Though religion obviously played a major rôle in the justification of anti-Semitism, the primary motivator was the same as that which always motivates violence in mobs: sheer intolerance for that which is different, coupled with envy of those who were economically successful. Exactly the same sort of violence broke out against any group of “strangers,” e.g., the riots of “Evil May Day” in London in 1517 — no Jews were involved (the victims were mostly Flemings and Italians), but the mob rose in exactly the same manner against them. The poor among them were accused of stealing jobs from Englishmen, and the rich of usury and shady business practices.

    Political leaders could and would use any scapegoat that they could find from time to time; however, far more often both they and the religious authorities would actually protect “their Jews” from mob violence — they recognized the contributions (in every sense) of their Jewish communities. Even the illustration from the Fettmilch Riots there demonstrates that; it says that the riot was started by journeyman handicrafts (not the world’s most pious types), who left one citizen and two Jews dead (with many more injured), until it was put down by the citizenry – that is, exactly the respectable (and most likely religious) bourgeoisie. It wasn’t so much “the Jews” who were the target, as “the rich.” Even during the Black Death, the authorities attempted to shield the Jews, until they themselves were threatened with death by the mob.

    I would also argue that “peasants” is perhaps not the mot juste to describe those who rose up against the Jews and others — then as now the urban mob is far more likely to resort to catastrophic violence than the countryman. Riots against the Jews and others are associated with places like Frankfurt and Strassburg, not with places like the Hunsrück and the Eifel.

  22. Emblem14 says

    As someone who is “jewish” in lineage and cultural upbringing at most, reading some of these comments is disconcerting. Whoever pointed out that the “Global Jewish Conspiracy” is to altrighters as “White Supremacy” or “The Patriarchy” is to SJWs, put their finger on why I think Richard Spencer himself claims that the movement he represents is the “mirror image” of the far left identitarians. He seems to be savvy enough to realize that these two polar extremist movements are actually mutually beneficial to each other – their influence, popularity and self justification are tied together in a recursive feedback loop.

    This is an impending disaster for people who want to maintain civil society.

    If one buys into a theory of inter-group competition that assumes the inescapability of brutal darwinian zero-sum conflicts, the end point of that logic is always war, genocide and tyranny. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy if enough people are convinced. It is a self-generating intersubjective “truth”. The determining factor of its “truth” is the success or failure of extremist rhetoric in crowding out voices of moderation and sanity.

    I think those on the alt-right or the far left either haven’t thought their positions through to their ultimate conclusions, or actually welcome the idea of massive social upheaval, war and violent conflict as a kind of epic, romanticized solution to a crisis of meaning in their lives.

    The thing is, I can understand that feeling, so I know how tempting it is to invest yourself in a grand mission or crusade with high stakes, a noble purpose, a clear manichean dichotomy between good and evil, and a chance to leave a mark on the world. It’s a supremely dangerous fantasy.

    For the sake of our species and all that is good, we must not let groups of people who are possessed with that kind of fervor (no matter their ideological origin) take control of our political discourse. Those of us who are interested in preserving our most valuable collective accomplishments need to have the courage and foresight to stand up to fanatics of all stripes.

    • ga gamba says

      I think those on the alt-right or the far left either haven’t thought their positions through to their ultimate conclusions, or actually welcome the idea of massive social upheaval, war and violent conflict as a kind of epic, romanticized solution to a crisis of meaning in their lives.

      Good point. I fear it’s the latter. It seems to me this wished-for upheaval enchants them both. Since the left controls the institutions of cultural capital I suspect some of them appreciate the antics of the violent far left as a way to push the Overton Window further left – anything that’s far left and non-violent seems reasonable by comparison to the public eye. An example of this was all the punditry by mainstream leftists stating punching Nazis like Spencer was understandable. “I’m not calling for violence but…” and likening Nazi punchers to the soldier on Omaha beach. We also see the embrace of censorship by many who consider themselves centre left.

      These play into the hands of authoritarians. I think the left-right dichotomy obscures the libertarian-authoritarian one.

    • Emblem14 says

      I can see your side just fine. I even understand (short of sympathizing with) your frustration with the double-standard of how some groups are “allowed” to engage in overt collective interest seeking (see most minority groups in western societies, Israel) while others (see “white” people) are heavily penalized for it.

      Of course, the standard argument is that white people, being the dominant group in a society, do not need overt collective organization to protect their group interests because they’re already in control of the levers of power. Also, the creed of universalist liberalism precludes ethnicity or religion as being a legitimate basis for stratifying social or political status. In other words, the enlightened West has rejected ethno-nationalism as a organizing principle in favor of democracy and individualist equality, so historically dominant groups are expected to relinquish power to the degree that demographic or democratic changes reflect an evolving distribution of social and political stakeholders.

      Tribal self interest is tolerated among minorities because they’re not yet in a position of parity with the dominant group, are not a “threat” to the liberal order, and because the dominant group using their power to suppress the interests of minority groups is considered a violation of liberal principles. The implication is, the handicap of explicitly tribal collusion is OK as long as members of a group are playing catch up with the rest of society to achieve parity of opportunity, which would presumably change once they were on equal footing. No one argues now, for example, that educated Asian Americans need to “stick together”.

      The underlying premise is, under liberalism, no group should feel threatened by another group gaining power because we’re all supposed to agree to protect the rights of minorities and there is no “natural” order to how society should be structured, only the result of whatever happens when everyone is free to pursue their self interest in peace, safety and liberty.

      I understand why more and more people aren’t buying this narrative.

      However, you mocked my concern about extremism by restating my point as

      “And [your]Jewish neuroticism associates white people thriving and doing what is best for themselves with genocide.”

      As if this was an unreasonable fear. Then a few sentences later, you said:

      “Fuck you, your statement above proves Jews are not only an enemy but unable and unwilling to even see our side.”

      So am I being “neurotic”, or do you actually see me as part of an enemy organism that has to be purged from society in order for white people to prosper?

      This was my point about extremism being self-reinforcing. You imply that I’m an enemy because i’m not on board with a white enthno-state. I confirm that I’m not on board, (for obvious reasons) which proves to you I’m an implacable foe who must be eliminated. Your absolutism is intrinsic to your ideology, and it leaves no room for pluralism or compromise or live and let live. It must end in either defeat or conquest.

      What choice do people have other than to oppose you when your own framing of the conflict makes everyone outside of your in-group an enemy by default?

      Some of us would like to simply live in peace – we’re not the ones putting ourselves in biologically determined categories that assume an inevitable antagonism towards others. When we’re put in that box, how are we supposed to respond??

      Michael K said above:

      “I actually think many people would be more open to the altright if it said “Jews push selfish policies to create a safer environment for themselves” rather than “Jews are biologically pre-disposed to subvert their host societies.” The first opens liberal Jews to legitimate criticism, the second opens Jews to genocide (since, after all, what do you do with something biologically determined to destroy you?).”

      If you give credence to the 2nd hypothesis, then you are a mortal threat to me, my family and my community, and there is NOTHING I can say or do to convince you otherwise, no evidence I could present to debunk it, since the presupposition that I am predetermined to be your enemy, and will use lies and subterfuge to deceive you, is based on an unfalsifiable, self-reinforcing suspicion, and any objection I raise to the idea only further validates it.

      There is no way to disprove the hypothesis, and so long as you consider it credible, there is no way for you to discover if you’re actually right or wrong.

      So, if people like you ever wield power, its perfectly rational to worry about things like genocide, since that’s the “final solution” your ideology leads to as a matter of course.

      The bottom line is, if you think war is inevitable, war IS inevitable. But most people don’t want to relive the horrors of the 20th century.

      If you do, then you are not only making me and millions of other people minding their own business your enemy, you’re an enemy of civilization itself. Of course, you’ll say you don’t want to destroy civilization, you’re just trying to “protect” it or “restore” it to an idealized state. The tragedy is you are willing to plunge everything good we’ve collectively produced, the fragile stability that allows us to lead our own lives in the relative peace we take for granted, into flames – all to bring about your abstract fantasy of a white utopia.

      This makes you no better than any other narrow-minded murderous revolutionary, who only knows how to destroy.

    • Jan de Jong says

      One of the few comments here I totally agree with. And a “gentile” too…

    • KSA says

      It’s incumbent on you jews to stop openly promoting White Genocide. You’re living in our lands. We’re not living in Israel. If you don’t, we will defend ourselves from you and your Muslim cousins.

      • Emblem14 says

        Why don’t you take the final step and just openly advocate genocide of “Jews”? By that I mean, the systematic elimination of any ordinary human being who happens to have the wrong family tree, in your view. I apologize for having a slightly different phenotype than you – I had no idea that I’m biologically programmed to infiltrate and destroy “your” civilization.

        Question – do all white people operate according to some collective tribal unconscious, or is that phenomenon only present in Jews and other minority groups? It seems like “white” people have plenty of cultural and ideological diversity and conflict within the boundaries of their own racial ingroup.

        Maybe you hope that instead of having to round us up for slaughter like your predecessors did, we’d all flee to israel so you can take the tidy route and nuke the whole region once we’re all in one place – why not kill 2 birds with one stone?

        Honest question – are you a regular reader of Quillette or did you get linked here from some neo-nazi forum?

        • KSA says

          jews routinely and openly advocate for the genocide of Whites, and they aren’t at all subtle about it.

      • RememberMunich says

        KSA things we’re worried about some fat slob living in his Mom’s basement with no job and a VPN to troll comment sections all day.

        We control the world you pathetic gentile vermin, haven’t you heard? The Mossad will have a good time tracking you all down when the time comes. Bring it on, goy George.

  23. Hisif Efoh says

    I don’t want to live in the same country as Jews. Where can I go?

    • ericdondero says

      And I don’t want to live in the same country as Jew-haters like yourself. Where can I go?

  24. ericdondero says

    Excellent piece. I’m a Jew and I consider myself Alt Right, certainly Pro-White and MAGA Pro-Trump American Nationalist. Also a US Military Veteran.

    Firstly, Spencer didn’t invent the term “Alt Right.” We Punk Rock Republicans were using it way back in the 1980s in the libertarian wing of YAF and in the Right wing of the Libertarian Party.

    Secondly, Jewish intelligence and extremely high IQ has much more to do with simple Charles Darwin/Evolutionary Science. It’s called an Evolutionary Bottleneck. We Jews passed through numerous pogroms Europe-wide over the centuries and then the Holocaust. Who survived? The cleverest and most cunning of Jews to pass on their genes.

    I speak a dozen languages, fluent in 5. Taught myself. Did I work hard at it? Yeah, sort of. But it came naturally to me. My extreme linguistic abilities comes from my genes.

    Thank you for recognizing that not just conservative leaders are Jewish, but many Libertarian leaders are, as well like Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Ludvig von Mises, Murray Rothbard. (I knew Murray well in the early 1990s before he died.)

    Eric Dondero, Fmr. Senior Aide
    US Congressman Ron Paul 1988-2003
    Fmr. Libertarian National Comm. mbr
    Founder, Republican Liberty Caucus

    My site:

  25. 2dogs says

    There is a very simple explanation why jews in the US tend to vote democrat. Overall, jews have the same politics as the rest of the population. But right wing jews are nationalistic in respect of Israel, and so many choose to live there. This leaves mostly left wing jews staying within other Western countries.

    • 27chaos says

      Interesting argument, thanks. I wonder if we see similar patterns with other immigrating groups – we’d probably want to exclude Mexico for that analysis, as an outlier due to ease of convenience and difference in wealth.

  26. Zachary Reichert says

    Here’s the tl;dr version.

    “What the alt -right gets wrong about jews.

    Pretty much everything.”

  27. Danny Boy says

    To think so would be an anti-semitic conspiracy theory.

    • LaughingAtYou says

      SJW logic. Wypipo can’t talk about black people because they’e wypipo.What’s the difference? Any time a wypipo talks about people of color its to boost their white supremacist system. The alt right fanboys seem to have IQs in the same range as Black Lives Matter. Sad!

  28. Re: Jewish over-representation in western societies:

    The article is confusing apples with oranges. We are not talking about over-representation in science, the arts or the financial sector in the abstract. The thrust of MacDonald’s argument is that Jews are never over-represented in organisations or movements that represent the interests of the ethnic majority, only those that weaken that majority.

    • Quite Wrong says

      Which is of course nonsense, considering how many Jews are involved with organizations like Amren and how many are leading researchers in the genetic component of intelligence.

      • No nonsense at all! There’s no single Jewish organisation that promotes Aryan preservation: only Jewish organisations that promote white genocide through mass immigration. (The IQ and genetic studies you mention are not oranges but apples, as Ashkenazi Jews are ranked highest in such scales.)

        I challenge you to mention a single, influential Jewish organisation that promotes white interests (you’ll only find ADL, SPLC, etc., that do exactly the opposite).

        • Quite Wrong says

          This would seem to be true if in fact there weren’t, as I mentioned, numerous Jewish individuals who work with organizations from Amren to VDARE.

          Whites only have a handful of organizations that favor white interests. Your actual quote was “Jews are never over-represented in organizations or movements that represent the interests of the ethnic majority.” Yet there are only a few organizations that represent the interests of the ethnic majority, and a decent number of Jews can be found in all of them — except the ones which are expressly anti-Semitic.

          The only part of your point that is true is that some Jewish organizations are hostile to white interests. And many Jews don’t support these organizations except when they take on anti-Semitism.

          • KSA says

            Literally everything that harms Whites- culturally, physically, and spiritually- is promoted as a moral good by jews. Try again, shlomo.

          • > “Yet there are only a few organizations that represent the interests of the ethnic majority”

            Untrue: there’s no major Jewish organisation that promotes Aryan interests qua Aryan interests. (Isolated individuals, like say the late Larry Auster whom I used to correspond, are the exception that confirms the rule.)

            Prof. Kevin MacDonald is working in a formal reply to the above article anyway…

          • Ima Whitecuck says

            A couple of years ago people like “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” may have seemed edgy or intimidating. Now you’re just weak scum flailing around in a paradigm you don’t even know is dead yet. You had your moment. It’s over.

          • Quite Wrong says

            Work on your reading comp CT. There are hardly any pro-white organizations at all is what I said. Why would those be Jewish? But they have Jewish members, high ranking ones. Do Jewish orgs have a lot of gentile members? You’re not evening making a little bit of sense.

            KSA, you should try some gefilte fish. Hopefully it will harm you both physically and spiritually.

  29. Lafountaine says

    To say that higher IQ confers verbal/math advantage, but not the ability to conspire against the general public seems pretty absurd. It’s like saying that because there’s a ethnic group who are much taller, it doesn’t mean their ability to play basketball is better. One leads to the other.

    And in fact, money-lending is just the kind of occupation which requires conspiring against the debtor to extract more interest. Money-lending is giving someone something in order to gain in the future, which is exactly the same mechanism MacDonald suggests happens with the propagation of Jewish-promoted ideas. Notice I say promoted, not invented. It is in fact better if the promoted philosophy has roots in gentile culture – Rousseau etc – because then it will take better. Whatever part of the political spectrum can be adopted and weaponised – from multiculturalism on the left to neoconservative war-mongering on the right.

  30. The alt-right juxtaposing of White and Jew as two orthogonal categories is logically fallacious while at the same time purely racist in the ugliest form of homicidal racism.

    I am Jewish and with my Polish roots, I am also white. Jews can be white, black, blown, yellow, while whites can be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhists, and so forth.

    What is the alt-right end goal with the Jews?

    Do they want to turn Jews into the European equivalent of the Untouchables of India, banned from any reach in society? Do they want to physically eliminate all Jews? Just the Ashkenazi ones that are claimed to be smarter than them or all of the Jews, regardless of color? Would they take down just ‘pure-blood’ Jews or also ‘mixed-blood’ Jews? Would they kill the converts, and in both direction? And who would do the dirty work? And what about those that don’t share the alt-right plans, would they also get processed? Weren’t the lessons of the 20th century tragedies enough?

    The alt-right is symptomatic of the sick Western society. The fatal decline of Europe as seen in the devastation of churches, the rolling back of the achievements of the West, the acceptance of living in lies to oneself and to the other, to refusal to look inwards and take responsibility for one owns failures.

    For years, the white Brits let Muslim immigrants from retarded countries rape their daughters (and we just heard about a new multi-decades saga of rape and sexual assault). The police and politicians were afraid to take action for fear of being called ‘racists’? Really? No way, that is because they are stupid, and coward and decadent lairs. They were not cooped by any Jews.

    The alt-right movement in the US and Europe and the identity politics they play and a mirror image of the alt-left movement with its own decadence manifesting in LGBTQ* gender breeds, its single moms families that grow dysfunctional kids, its suicidal eagerness to remove all borders and bring in the worst cultures on earth.

    It’s somewhat encouraging that in reality the vast majority of the people are rather close to center and not to the freaking alt-left and alt-right. It is good that in this very troubling time, luminaries like Dr. Jordan Peterson give people a good dose of truth and antidotes to the looming chaos.

    Go and see his lectures on YouTube – with enough people waking up from the radical nightmares the’re living the may be a chance to save our world/

    • Addendum:
      With the recent Polish law seeking to cleanse Poles and Poland of their responsibility for participating in the Holocaust, a Polish journalist has published a scathing piece intended for Polish audience – a translation is available at

      This honest document is relevant to the discussion, showing both the significant role of Jews in the culture they were part of, and at the same time the resentment and hatred of the society toward the Jews, with the inevitable hell that ensued.

  31. Jeremiah 23:3 “I myself will gather the remnant of my flock out of all the countries where I have driven them and will bring them back to their pasture, where they will be fruitful and increase in number.” Like it or not these are GODS people and he blesses , they matter , you don’t!

  32. Emblem14 says

    Just an FYI to everyone here, Quillette is deleting certain posts which I presume they think cross the line into blatant anti-Jewish invective and hate. I’m Jewish, and I wrote a long and comprehensive response to one such post that I believe was important for that kind of poster to hear. Now his post, and my response, have disappeared.

    I understand why Quillette didn’t want this article’s comments section to become infested with neo-nazi bile, but I find the arbitrary and unexplained removal of posts disconcerting, especially for this site.

    At the very least, deletions should be made conspicuously and not covertly, so everyone can see what was done, and perhaps acceptable content policies should be published for the commenting community.

  33. Dart says

    None of the people you listed as examples of right wing Jews are even right wing. They are libertarians and neoconservatives. This actually supports the argument of the alt right, that Jews have destroyed the traditional right wing. The entire reason it is called “alternative right” is because it is an alternative to these leftist political ideologies (libertarianism, “anti-communism,” neoconservativism, civic nationalist patriotardism, etc.) that have undermined the traditional right. And all of them created or cultivated by Jews.

    • Naruto says

      Either Jews support the burning of Jews in ovens or Jews deserve to be burned in ovens for looking out for their own interests too much. Amirite????

  34. Anonymous says

    Well, this article literally proved nothing of what the alt-right gets wrong about jews. Jews were instrumental in leading civil rights, feminism, and racial ‘equality’. Everything that has weakened and essentially destroyed white christian male dominance has been beneficial to jews. The jews use their media to sick ‘minorities’ like blacks against white people. The jews promotes myths like ‘white supremacy’, ‘white privilege’ to attack white heritage and white pride. In fact jewish wikipedia tells us only neonazis believe in white pride. Whites should not feel any kind of love or appreciation for their own people or their own culture. Oh wait what culture? That’s right the jewish media tells us white people have no culture.

    The jews use their movies such as ‘Hateful eight’, and ‘Get out’ in order to promote racial hatred and animosity against white people.

    The jews sow divisions amongst our own people by blaming white people for being ‘colonizers’, ‘slave owners’, and we are constantly told on a daily basis that we should always feel guilty for the sins of our forefathers.

    The jews were instrumental in creating the porn industry in order to weaken our faith in the Christian God.

    These are facts you cannot disprove. Hollywood and the mainstream media is dominated and controlled by jews. The porn industry was created and is dominated by jews.

    Oh and for my favorite quote by a jew: “Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed—not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.” –


    WEAK and no logic.

  35. Andrew Miller says

    To understand Jewish supremacy and Jewish privilege, it suffices to take almost any mainstream rhetoric about “white privilege” and “white supremacy” and replace “white” with “Jewish.” This method has its drawbacks (i.e. it’s not really applicable to discussions of the “pre civil rights era South”), but it applies to most topics pertaining to the present day. Jews tend to project the most toxic Jewish traits and behaviors onto their hapless white goy victims, very few of whom have any intellectual or intuitive ground from which to defend themselves against merciless attacks by Jews.

  36. Strange how readily the author promotes the fallacy of a genetic cause for the slight variance in IQ levels favouring Jews. This is so typical of the deluded level of debate on race within the United States. Americans are so determined to cling to the Horatio Alger myth of equal opportunity that they are persistently and willfully blind to the class system that defines their nation. Everything in the US, including education and standardized testing is designed to unfairly favour the wealthiest. Jews happen to have higher average incomes than most other religious groups in the US, hence are better educated and score higher on IQ tests. Guess which religion tops the IQ poll in the USA. The Anglicans, (WASPs), Ivy League educated ruling class elite.

    • Naruto says

      Being clever and being able to understand complex things enables you to get what you want in our complex society.

  37. Sapere Aude! says

    I’ve always thought the KMac hypothesis was bunkum.

    But that doesn’t mean there aren’t questions that need to be addressed. The fact is that Jews hold an enormous amount of power in the US (and thus the entire western world) relative to their population – especially in those institutions and organisations which shape culture. There are probably perfectly innocent reasons for how this situation has arisen, but I think liberal Jews should be seriously asking themselves if pushing identity politics is really in their long-term best interests. By constantly calling out the supposed “privilege” of whites, they are opening themselves to have their own privilege called out in turn. And as possibly the most privileged group in America, the results may not be beneficial for them.

    • Sapere Aude!, pushing identity politics is in no ones long term interest, even of those fools that promote them. Having higher IQ may carry some advantage but that not protect its owners from being stupid

  38. Jared Taylor used the same IQ-argument, only he is dismissed as a complete and utter nazi for doing so.

    The reason is of course the trauma of WW2 and perhaps because the neo-Marxists deemed ‘white men’ as their new bourgeoisie oppressor class who have to to be overthrown. Nevertheless, you all see the unfair hypocrisy right?

    • Just to be clear, I think the alt right gets it wrong too. I’m not sure about IQ-based explanations either, especially in comparison to socio-cultural and economic factors. In the end, many in the alt right as well the radical left are involved in identity politics which, I think, by definition has racist elements.

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  40. Joe Winter says

    Hilarious. Judging by these comments it looks like the editors at Quillette were unaware how many of their readers are anti-Semitic and identify as alt-right. They’d do well to keep to their usual articles t bashing leftists.

  41. Not a fan says

    Is that another example of all the high Iq I keep hearing about agina and again and again….so many lies in this article, so much unscientific googoogaga I have been hearing for over 20 years. F is for failed.

  42. Gabriel M says

    Confas is basically correct, but I believe he oversimplifies by missing two points.

    1) The structure of Ashkenazi intelligence is skewed towards elaborate theories and against gritty fact checking. This is necessarily so if Richard Lynn is correct that high Ashkenazi IQ was at least partially forged by positive selection for ‘pilpul’ oriented Talmudic scholarship.

    2) The unfortunate coincidence of the underground Sabbatean movement and Jewish emancipation created a large pool of people ripe for every form of Left Wing craziness. ‘The Messianic Idea in Judaism and other Essays on Jewish Spirituality’ by Gershom Scholem is required reading for anyone who truly wants to understand the JQ. The Jewish predisposition to Leftism is partly a result of persecution, but not wholly.

    • Naruto says

      Or, Jews just tended to be grateful to movements that gave them rights as citizens and didn’t want to kill them?

      • Gabriel M says

        You are wrong because
        (1) The Left for most of the 19th century was strongly anti-Semitic, but instead of being put off Jews plugged away and showed their worth to the Leftist movement until they were welcomed and valued.
        (2) There are plenty of Rightist movements that were/are not anti-Semitic, but nevertheless got minimal Jewish support. Even today we find very few Jews willing to joining the aggressively philosemitic MAGA movement, while they make up an absolute majority of NeverTrump loons.

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  44. KDM says

    (Sorry for the long post)
    This is a looonnnggg overdue conversation. Anytime anyone even dares to mention that there does happen to be a lot of Jewish people in power in the U.S. the ADL comes out with it’s customary knee-jerk reaction of ANTI-SEMITISM! And now you have them coming out saying the word Globalist is anti semitic, you can’t talk about the Israel Lobby, you can’t have a non-violent BDS movement, you can’t use the word NeoCon, ect… I’m actually more philo-semitic than anti-semitic but the more Jewish advocacy groups try and smother any discussion at all about Jewish power, the more conspiracy will grow. Sunlight makes the best disinfectant.

    Jews all over the world really do have an inordinate amount of power, this is incontrovertible. I think overall they are a net benefit to a country (esp. America) but we have to be able to freely question certain Jewish interests like, say, the Israeli Lobby without fear of slander and losing our careers.

    This is from the late 1990’s but very applicable today: (some excerpts)

    Jewish Power, Inside the American Jewish Establishment
    By J.J. Goldberg

    “There was, of course, the sovereign power of the state of Israel, a smallish emerging nation with an outsized military reputation. But that was not the half of it: when diplomats and journalists spoke of Jewish power in the late twentieth century, they were usually speaking of the American Jewish community. It was here that the Jews had truly emerged as a power in their own right, acknowledged and respected around the world.
    From the Vatican to the Kremlin, from the White House to Capitol Hill, the world’s movers and shakers view American Jewry as a force to be reckoned with. At home the Jewish community is sought out as an ally–or confronted as a worthy rival–by political parties, labor unions, churches, and interest groups as diverse as the civil rights movement and the Christian Coalition. The New York offices of the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League have become obligatory stops for presidents and prime ministers visiting the United Nations or passing through en route to Washington. More than a dozen foreign embassies in Washington have diplomats assigned to a semi-official “Jewish desk,” in charge of maintaining friendly ties with the Jewish community.
    “Part of the new mythos of American Jews is that we’re not a minority anymore–we’ve become part of the majority, and psychologically, that means something fantastically subtle,” says political scientist David Luchins, a vice president of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America and senior aide to New York’s Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. “We are accepted now. We have access. The president of the United States meets regularly with the Jewish leadership. There’s an incredible thing. You look back on the last twenty-five or thirty years and you have to stand in awe that this really has happened–in my lifetime, it really happened. We have arrived.”
    As for concrete evidence of the Jewish community’s clout, it is not hard to find. There is, to begin with, the $3 billion foreign-aid package sent each year to Israel. Fully one fifth of America’s foreign aid has gone to a nation of barely 5 million souls, one tenth of 1 percent of the world’s population. Analysts commonly credited this imbalance to the power of the Jewish lobby.
    Coupled with financial aid is the familiar fact of Washington’s staunch support for Israel in the diplomatic arena, at what sometimes seemed like great cost to America’s own interests. And there have been threats to those in Washington who opposed Israeli policy: the senators and representatives sent down to defeat, like Charles Percy and Paul Findley, for defying the Jewish lobby.

    But American Jewish power does not begin and end with Israel. Even more dramatic than foreign aid, perhaps, was the Jackson-Vanik amendment. Passed by Congress in 1974, it made U.S.-Soviet trade relations conditional on the Soviets’ treatment of their Jewish minority. The amendment remained on the books even after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990, effectively giving the Jewish community a veto over America’s commercial links with Moscow.

    Jewish power is felt, too, in a wide variety of domestic spheres: immigration and refugee policy, civil rights and affirmative action, abortion rights, church-state separation issues, and much more. Local Jewish communities from New York to Los Angeles have become major players on their own turf, helping to make the rules and call the shots on matters from health care to zoning.”

    “In a way, the American Jewish community is a vanguard of the new chaos. In a national political system that is increasingly balkanized, dominated by feuding interest groups that seem more concerned with their own agenda than with the common good, the Jewish community can fairly claim to be the pioneer. American Jews were the first ethnic or religious minority to win power and influence within the larger body politic by trumpeting their own weakness and victimhood. More recently, they have led the outcry against balkanization of American society–even as they have advanced the science by pioneering special-interest lobbying techniques that combine street protest with targeted political giving and backroom backscratching.”

    The above is from a prominent American Jew, but if the average Joe (white or black) would’ve written it, it would be derided as conspiracy theory fodder. Worse even than the Protocols of the Elder Zion, I tell you! This is the problem with Jewish American power. The only people that are allowed to talk about it are Jews. This needs to end, the sooner the better (and maybe we can stop the conspiracies from taking on a life of their own)!

    • Anonymous says

      that article is great. thanks for sharing. also:

      ‘For most of the last two millenia, Jews lived as a tiny, hated minority in Christian Europe. They were regularly restricted in their places of residence, in their work, and even in their rights of marriage and procreation. They were repeatedly accused of manipulating economies, poisoning wells, sacrificing children, and, of course, murdering God.’

      where is the lie? 50-60 years ago everyone understood jews (or the pharisees) murdered jesus. it is written in the babylon talmud and it’s written in our bible. just because jews subverted the christian churches and now we have a weird mix of talmudic teaching that jews are ‘gods chosen people’ and zionism in america that doesn’t mean the truth has changed. the truth has always remained the same – jews murdered jesus. they accuse him of being a ‘magician’ and they accuse mother mary of being a whore and a harlot. it’s in their teachings and in their holy books.

  45. KSA says

    Every single jewish “debunking” of MacDonald’s work has been a purely emotional response in the vein of “I don’t like how he’s talking about jews.” The excuse usually given is that jews are just smarter than Whites, which is nonsense, as jews do not have any great writers, poets, philosophers, painters, or statesmen who can compare to those of Europe. jewish “genius” is solely relegated to parasitic money-making, intellectual fraud (Marxism, Boasian anthropology, Freudianism), and national sabotage. jews have contributed almost nothing positive to the world in their entire 3,000-year history and have never elevated any people they’ve lived off of, only brought them to ruin.

    “The Jew is not a liar: he is the lie itself. From this vantage point, we can say that the Jew is not a man. … He lives the pseudo-life of a ghoul whose fortunes are linked to Yahweh-Moloch. He employs deception as the weapon with which he will exterminate mankind. The Jew is the very incarnation of the unearthly power of destruction.”
    -Ludwig Klages

  46. augustine says

    Below is a link to an insightful contribution by the late Lawrence Auster on the nature of Jews in America. It is perhaps worth noting that of all the subjects relevant to traditionalism that he wrote about extensively, the subject of the “Jewish question” was one of his lesser concerns.

    Referring to the 1906 Christmas school debacle in Brooklyn over Christian vs. Jewish sensibilities, he writes:

    “As was the case with the campaign against Christianity in the public schools, there is a vanishingly thin line between the Jewish desire to be protected from the majority culture, and the Jewish desire to destroy the majority culture. For many Jews, white gentile society, in and of itself, is a threat.”

    • Steven says

      This type of hysterical nonesense of really the key to anti-semitism. Jews have existed in white gentile societies for hundreds of years. The people who see Jews as threatened by it are simply hatemongers seeking to justify their antisemitism.

  47. Big Al says

    There’s not really any debate regarding the success of classical liberalism in the United States and elsewhere.

    While you can make a good case that some belief systems (Islam) are not compatible with the tenets classical liberalism, I really don’t understand the point of identitarianism.

    Put aside the irony that Stephen Miller is the country’s most important anti-immigration voice and Ben Shapiro is probably the most important conservative media figure for those younger than 40 appears to be lost on people.

    In the 21st century you don’t want the benefits of innovation driven disproportionately by Jews, Asians, and immigrants in terms of engineering, tech, biomedical research, etc.? Who do you think is going to staff the cardiology departments in less desirable US locales if not brown-skinned immigrant physicians?

    Is identitarianism a salve for losers who can’t compete successfully economically? For desirable mates?

    So what’s the message identitarians? Get on the LOSING team? Don’t take advantage of the amazing opportunities the 21st century has to offer?

    If you don’t like the self-hating rhetoric of Hollywood and the academy, fine. That doesn’t mean you have to retreat into a loserdom that, again ironically, confirms your inferiority. Read some Russian novels, watch some Jordan Peterson videos, and go out for a run. You’ll feel a lot better.

    • Anonymous says

      the benefits of identitarianism include

      – pan europeon
      – no self hate
      – love for our own people and heritage
      – the preservation of borders, nations and biodiversity
      – the continual existence of white people
      – no conflict between white europeon nations (eu has got to go. it is destroying europe)

      also take your jordan peterson and shove it, loser. i’m sure your ‘individualism’ will save you when your country is overrun by the 3rd world and you are a hated minority just for being white. and yes you will be hated just for being white because the jews in control want you exterminated. white genocide is happening worldwide and ‘movement’ or ‘mass migration’ doesn’t occur naturally. white people just want to be LEFT ALONE to live in peace amongst themselves in our own country without barraged by endless accusations of white privilege or white supremacy. or constantly being fed white guilt or that we should hate ourselves forever and ever.

  48. Michael Layden says

    As a Scottish gentile of Catholic origin, a citizen both of the U.K. and of Australia, when I consider the Jews I see something almost miraculous. They have never been more than a tiny people; today there are fewer Jews in the entire world than there are people here in Australia. Yet their contribution to the betterment of mankind is nothing short of enormous. In jurisprudence, medicine, physics, psychology, music, literature, movies, even in the profession of arms – the great Australian General John Monash, who did so much to turn the tide of WW1, was a Jew – has been vastly disproportionate to their tiny number.

    More fundamentally, the Jewish Bible is the source of the most important foundational ideas of Western civilisation. The idea of the intrinsic value of every individual human being comes to us from the Book of Genesis, as does the idea of a covenanted nation, on which the American founders based the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

    They cleave strongly to the original covenant of Abraham, informed and developed through Millenia of hard, self-critical questioning. It has given so many of them, even those who suffered and survived the Holocaust, the capacity to rebuild a future without bitterness after the greatest of catastrophes. Unlike their Abrahamic brethren in Christianity and Islam, they have never been driven to impose their faith on those around them.

    They should be celebrated.

  49. TMLutas says

    Phrenology is a good example of a theory that has exited the realm of respectability. Marxism and other socialisms have not. Race prejudice against Jews is an edge case, I would submit, in large part because Marxism et al (at least its non-explicitly anti-jewish variants) retains its disproportionate support among Jews long past when it should have been comparable to phrenology in intellectual appeal and social acceptability.

    The above average smart Jews should have been among the first to catch on and could have provided good service to steer the left away from a tragic philosophical dead end. But we’re still desperately in need of a philosophical “clean up on aisle six” operation, something I see Pope Francis as attempting to provide.

    The dissonance between the smart Jew and the Jew hawking this set of dead end ideas long past their sell by date needs an explanation. We should be able to do better than something involving racial conspiracy theories. Few seem to be stepping up to the challenge except for the alt-right which seems to be of a divided mind on the subject of race but on its lesser days falls back on the simple minded answers of shouting “Jew!” as an explanation for troubles.

    Whatever the eventual explanation, articles like this aren’t going to solve the problem and so long as Jews don’t mock other Jews for Marxism advocacy as much as they would Phrenology, the issue will keep cropping up. It’s a problem that endangers Jews but simply is not taken seriously.

    • augustine says

      You might consider encouraging others by mocking Pope Francis, your strange philosophical exemplar, for Marxism advocacy…

  50. Big Al says

    To start, two critical turning points we can all agree on: After decades of lies and apologism (“Russians hungry, not starving”) communism was irreparably morally discredited with the Gulag Archipelago and was then administratively disassembled after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    Despite this communism is a millenarian idea that will not go away. So what was to become of Marxism? Two things: first, Marxist class war in the US was packaged in the guise of racialist identity politics, a fit given America’s sins of slavery and treatment of descendents of its slaves, and second, continentally and in the US, Marxist authoritarian urges were hidden under layers and layers of linguistic obfuscation:

    Marxism’s special appeal to many intellectuals is in no small part due to its promises of complete redemption and authoritarian power-sharing with the intelligentsia.

    The alt-right narrative blaming Jews for Communism and it’s Marxist descendents is a simple libel from simple people. Yes, Jews are more likely to be intellectuals, and yes, they’re more likely to be liberal. But without the Frankfurt school, Foucault and contemporaries would have come to the same conclusions. Similarly, neo-Marxist viruses would find their way into contemporary culture irregardless of what degree there was Jewish approval or opprobrium.

    The way to address re-emergence of some of the worst ideas of the 20th century is to address them and scrape through the thin veneer of identity politics and critical theory nonsense. It’s not that hard. Despite the musings of a few third-rate alt-right PhDs, we don’t need to 21st century construct of fascism to hold off the cultural Marxists. Ese your eyes: the scenes last year of reenacted street fights of the Weimar Republic were pathetic. A bunch of losers on both sides.

    tl;dr if you prefer the world view of Kevin MacDonald over that of Milton Friedman, it likely says more about your life predicament than anything else.

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