Best of the Web, September 17, 2017

Best of the Web, September 17, 2017

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How Congress Ignored Science and Fueled Antibiotic Resistance Maryn McKenna Wired

My IRB Nightmare SlateStarCodex

The Neuroscience of Intelligence: Dr Richard Haier Jordan B Peterson, YouTube

Nuclear the ‘only option’ to replace coal and gas: Michael Shellenberger Graham Lloyd, The Australian

The Gender Gap in STEM is NOT What You Think Alex Tabarrok, Marginal Revolution

Politics / Foreign Policy
Caste is Stunting All of India’s Children Diane Coffey and Dean Spears, Foreign Policy

Hillary Clinton’s book has a clear message: don’t blame me Thomas Frank, The Guardian

There’s No Such Thing As Islamophobia Pascal Bruckner, City Journal

Culture / Education
The Campus Left vs the Mentally Ill Clay Routledge, The Wall Street Journal

 “The neurodiversity case for free speech” with Geoffrey Miller Nico Perrino, So to Speak: the Free Speech Podcast

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