Become a Patron to Receive our Weekly and Monthly Newsletters

Become a Patron to Receive our Weekly and Monthly Newsletters

Claire Lehmann
Claire Lehmann
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Dear Readers,

I’m excited to announce that Quillette will soon be launching a weekly and monthly newsletter for our generous patrons:

Weekly Quillette Newsletter

We will be featuring a short summary of the articles that we have posted on Quillette during the week so you can catch up on any articles you may have missed.

Monthly Quillette Newsletter

We will feature our top-read articles of the month, some of our top reader comments, ‘best of the web’ links, plus an exclusive interview with one of our writers.

These newsletters will only be available to patrons, and will be sent out via the Patreon website. Automated Quillette emails from WordPress will cease, as of this week.

Additionally, we are going to start posting selected articles first at Patreon so that our patrons can have early access to them. This week we have the following articles scheduled for early release:

Leftist Hypocrisy about Islam and Malignant Humor: Setting the Stage for Violence, written by Jeffrey Tayler.

Evergreen State and the Battle for Modernity Part 2: True Believers, Fence Sitters and Group Conformity, written by Michael Aaron.

The Snake Oil Solution: “Unconscious Bias Training” and why Corporations Use it, written by Claire Lehmann.


If you have any feedback you’d like to give please let me know at

Claire Lehmann



Claire Lehmann

Claire Lehmann is the founding editor of Quillette.