Help Support Our Fundraising Goal

Help Support Our Fundraising Goal


Since January 2017, our traffic has been growing rapidly. We’d like your help to continue to grow, expand and keep producing quality content that is scientifically literate. We believe that this is more important than ever.

Mainstream news media is tribal and polarized, and universities have cemented their own monoculture. For this reason, spaces and platforms that are committed to free and open debate are worth protecting.

This year, when The Guardian and New York Times published glowing reviews of a new book disputing the biology of sex differences, Quillette published a review written by the lead author of the biggest study of brain sex differences to date. When various news sites such as Slate and Vox misrepresented the work of the social scientist Charles Murray, Quillette provided neutral analysis from two psychologists familiar with the subject area.

Although we feature writing from esteemed academics, we also publish essays from students and freelance writers. And our writers gain recognition. After her essay was published on Quillette, Carrie Pritt, a freshman at Princeton, was featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Notable and Quotable pages. And after featuring regularly on our website Toni Airaksinen, also a student, now writes for various publications including USA Today.

We would like to increase our funding to be able to pay all of our contributors and support the editors to pursue the highest standards of editorial oversight they can.

Our goal is to reach $US2000 of funding per month.

Reviews of our website can be seen on our Facebook page. Here is what readers have said about Quillette:

“A lot of good reads on a wide variety of topics, many less-known perspectives, healthy criticism and nuanced analysis. In this day and age, it’s trully refreshing to find a place with high quality writing and debate. A salute to all the Quillette’s team.”

“Excellent content. A knowledgeable, in-depth look into controversial subject matter that other media outlets are content never to address or even acknowledge. Thank you for being willing to slay the dragons within the global tyranny of the inoffensive.”

Quillette is providing a space for critical thinking and alternate perspectives for those who value discernment and have no fear of new or controversial ideas.”

“A must read website. High quality content and tackling of controversial matters with the subtlest way possible.”

“Critical thinking. A rarity in this dogmatic day and age.”

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